ACP Alpha Division v.s. RFW PB

Today the Alpha Division of ACP battled the RFW in a PB. It was a very close battle, with both sides taking the lead at times. Here is my review:

Both sides logged on 30 minutes before the battle to recruit. Right now, RFW has the size advantage.

At the start of the battle, ACP’s size increses, putting the two armies pretty much even.

ACP moves to forts and makes a line. RFW the charges forts.

ACP clover charges, then RFW makes a line and uses war faces, which ACP counters with a fart bomb.

Both armies now form lines.

RFW use a joke bomb, showing great size.

ACP uses an ACP bomb, which RFW counters with an E8 bomb.

At this point ACP outnumbers RFW.

ACP uses a fart bomb, then both armies regroup.

ACP uses a Hamster bomb, then RFW uses an E6 bomb.

At this time we reached the halfway point of the battle. It seemed to me that ACP might be the victors.

ACP uses a clover bomb, and RFW counters with a joke bomb.

ACP tries to make a line under the clock tower, but RFW stops them with a joke bomb.

ACP does an igloo charge, however, as you can see, many of their soldiers aren’t active on CP.

10 minuntes to go. Though ACP still has the size advantage, the tide of the battle seems to be turning.

RFW joke bombs again, then makes a line under the Clock Tower.

Both armies make lines. ACP uses an E6 bomb, RFW counters with a “Were still here” bomb.

RFW uses both a Hello and a Goodbye bomb, which ACP counters with clovers.

RFW regroups in another line right before the battle ends.

In the final seconds of the battle, RFW charges with War Faces, and ACP counters with Clovers.

It seems like it was a pretty close battle, with ACP having a lead in the beginning, but when some of their troops became inactive, RFW began to take the lead. So who was the victor? I think that the RFW may have won in the end, however, the victor also could be ACP. But what do you think? Vote in this poll to determine the winner!

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Activeness – What Should be Considered Inactive / Can You Be Too Active?

Blue2′s Edit: Sorry, didn’t see the edit on yesterdays post. Also, I’m not sure if anyone already edits in this color, if someone does, please tell me. If not, I call this as my edit color.

KyL’s Edit: ❗To All CPAC Staff ❗ All discussion related posts are suspended, please only write posts based on current wars, battle reviews, and invasions. As said yesterday, Delcrux and I both agreed to suspend this type of posting, as we are losing visitors and we don’t want to end up losing our jobs. So please, if there is war going on, don’t post this kind of stuff!

Ok so first of all, hi, I’m Bluesockwa2, one of the new Authors on here, and my first post will be about being active in armies.

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