CPAC Christmas Chaos || Quarter-Finals || ACP vs WW

This battle raised a lot of controversy in ACP and WW, and this result is quite an interesting one. I was called in to judge with Blue2 at the last second, the winner is….

WW and ACP both Advance.

ACP Size 30+

WW Size 20+

A very close battle indeed, however a controversy was striked in this battle, when the judges ended the battle as an “ACP Victory” early, however WW and ACP thought this was quite a shambles and it caused a lot of arguing, so for the first time in the Christmas Chaos we will have a…THREE WAY BATTLE….With ACP and WW both going through, the next battle will be ACP vs WW vs Nachos. Just to show you the sizes, heres a picture from the battle.

– James/alfy3, CPAC Reporter

17 Responses

  1. they gave up after 15 minutes. seriously immature.


  2. ACP logged off way too early


  3. ACP was pretty small come to think of it :L


    • But still ACP would have won. I delcare BS :D. They shouldn’t have logged off though. Ima debate with this between my imaginary friend bob. *hours of bickering later* we’ve come to a conclusion. I NEED TO STOP DRINKING COFFEE. -.-


  4. A tie with sizes that distance, unless ACP did 0 tactics and WW overloaded with a tactic or two a minute with a highly successful rate, a tie is NOT possible


    • Uh der it is acp gave up after 15 minutes. So all that work they did failed. Plus it was acp 30 ww 25. honestly acp cant take a tie! imagine a loss, cry babies.


    • There was still 15 minutes left in the battle. WW still had time to miraculously have 20 more members show up and join their army. Even if it’s highly unlikely, they are entitled to it.


  5. *that distance apart


  6. I understand why you think it’s a tie but ACP won


  7. I was not expecting this! I was offline spending time with my parents, but wow looks like WW shocked us all. Cudos to them.


  8. Ehhh, I’d like to see ACP lose…


  9. When ACP were originally told they were the victors, half their troops logged off. :l


  10. Who the heck are you


  11. IM A BANANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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