Club Penguin Pickup Lines


KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ, Mach’s Office – Have you ever wanted to find a full proof way to gain yourself a significant other? Do you spend the majority of your day “not” playing Club Penguin? I’ve got the perfect thing for you, and it’s not roofies! In this post, I’ll show you just how to use your normal lifetime experiences with Club Penguin in the real world dating scene. You look excited enough, so let’s get right to it.

Are you an admirer of a classmate? Do you find yourself seeing them constantly during your classes? For all those scholars out there, I’ve got some perfect flirting tips for you.

  • Hey girl, wanna waddle along and be my lab partner?
  • I flap off to you underneath my desk every day.
  • Wanna raid my snow forts at lunch?
  • I’ve got an ICICLE if you’re in TOWN. 😉
  • I had an event in my pants and it wasn’t a pen 😉

“Readings” at the “Dock”


Some people, however, might be seeking out a significant other at the working place, which is perfectly fine. If that’s you, and you somehow still manage to spend hours playing Club Penguin, then here are a few lines for you.

  • Wanna come over to my iggy after work?
  • Put an autotyper on your computer so we can go have fun on another server 😉
  • You’re such a good worker that you tip my berg!
  • Wanna go out for some E+C sometime?
  • I heard one of your coworkers got you some E+L the other day :O
  • I’d hire you for my Elite Penguin Force, if ya’know what I mean 😉

Workin’ hard


Alright, so maybe none of these apply to you. You don’t go to school, and you don’t work either. You’re at home all the time, bags of Doritos piled beside you, seeming as though they will never disappear as you constantly play Club Penguin. If you fall under this category, and some people do, then I’ve got the perfect material for you, since the closest thing to a significant other you’ll have is a temporary relationship with someone on Club Penguin.

  • I’m 3600 days old in this game, and that’s your age in real life. We’ve got a lot in common 😉
  • I like your username, do you like mine?
  • Girl u so fine I wanna buy you some clothes at the Gift Shop 😀 #OGCPer
  • Wanna complete my ‘PSA’ mission? It ‘sucks.’
  • Ride my roman helmet!
    • You caught me, it’s Spartan 😦
  • Let me inspect your Vagina, I’m the Vi-King
  • I’ve had a lot of puffles but I wanna pet yours 😉

Flirting game on point


With these lines on your side, you should have little to know problem getting the hookups in real life (or even in Club Penguin.) If you have any additional pickup lines, feel free to comment them below, and tell me which one you’re gonna use first 😀 Now get out there and get that girl/guy/it!!!!!!!!!


ᴄᴘᴀᴡᴍ ᴀᴅᴠɪsᴏʀʏ ʙᴏᴀʀᴅ ᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ

22 Responses

  1. I’m loving this post!! It contained some SWEARING!! Hee hee!! Boobies!! Haha!!! Wow, you guys are so edgy and obviously love to STIR UP TROUBLE on Club Penguin!! 😉 Please do more!! (I also love how ORIGINAL AND INSPIRED the post is!)


  2. This post made me E+2. I’m totally going to take my girl out for E+C and buy her E+L because she is so great in bed at my E+I.




  4. ayyy see-pee


  5. just got a girl , thanks mach ❤


  6. e+5 when i bust a nut on her e+1


  7. instructions not clear, was arrested for sexual pengsalt


  8. Good post




  10. hay gurl
    i’ll lick your E+Q all E+N gurl
    ill never leave ur E+I 😉


  11. Thanks to this post, I got laid.


  12. /r/bannedfromclubpenguin


  13. ur definitely on my top 10 list wink wink


  14. LOL


  15. I might have some philosophical pickup lines for those of you who love writing:

    Hey girl, if you were a cup of coffee, I’d drink you up first.

    Are you an ink pen? Because I’m gripping you as if you were one.

    You’re totally an ink pen, you’re looking all “write”.

    You’re so sweet, my coffee’s giving me a cavity just thinking about you.
    I’ll turn you on in a better way than one would turn on a computer for their posts.

    I think, therefore, I am so taking you home with me~

    Liberty consists in doing what one desires, so I’m just gonna take the liberty to say that I want to be yours.

    When it comes to being with me, you don’t have to struggle with guesswork, I’m a historian with the ability to be read like an encyclopedia.

    Let’s face it. I’m bad with pickup lines.


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