Legends Cup IV – The Awards

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – Following one of the best legends cup tournaments, comparing to the original Legends Cup in 2010, which saw the Rebel Penguin Federation take glory, we have the awards for the tournament. These awards are not an open voting for the viewers and are decided by myself, with assistance from Bluesockwa. These are of course open to opinion and debate, but we advise that you don’t rage too much over this.


  • Biggest Army
  • Most Tactical Army
  • Most Overachieved Army
  • Most Disappointing Army
  • Closest Battle
  • Biggest Defeat
  • Most Shocking Defeat


Rebel Penguin Federation

The RPF, who went on to win the tournament, hit the biggest sizes of the tournament in the final with sizes of about 50-55. The Nachos, the other candidates for this award, had ever so slight smaller sizes, of about 50, meaning that the RPF narrowly took this award. The Doritos, who hit 40 at the final, came third in this category.



Again, this award was mainly between the Nachos and RPF, who both had some of the best tactics through the tournament. The Nachos have revolutionized the three line tactics, hardly ever used in the past and now used by the RPF in the final. They also used a circle with a line down the middle and several letters. In third, came the Dark Warriors.



This army was the shock army of the tournament, arguably beating the Ice Warriors twice in the tournament and narrowly losing to the Dark Warriors to go into the Redemption Semi-Finals. They were the only Qualifier army to even get to the Quarter-Finals, surprising everyone. In second came the Doritos, who beat the Nachos and ACP to reach the final. A far way behind in third place came the Dark Warriors.


Ice Warriors

The IW, who were tipped by many to reach the final of the tournament due to two previous wins in this tournament, only managed sizes of 15 twice and lost to both Chaos and Dark Warriors. Without Albert and Iceyfeet leading, they struggled and were beaten by the overachieving army of the tournament, In Second came the Water Vikings while in third came UMA.


Army Of CP vs Water Vikings

Not included the one draw that occurred, the ACP and WV were battling for a place in the Semi-Final against the Doritos.  Both armies had 20+ and both armies had good tactics while the judges voted 5-4 in favor of the Army of CP. In second place came the UMA vs DW battle, while in third place came the Nachos vs RPF vs DCP battle.


Snow Ninjas vs Nachos

In a crushing win, the Snow Ninjas had about 5 soldiers while the Nachos had a strong 40+. The Snow Ninjas had beaten the Pirates in the previous round and had no expectations for this battle. In second place came the RPF vs ST battle, with ST losing and the WV vs CPPD battle, with CPPD losing.


Nachos vs Doritos

In a battle that almost everyone was tipping the Nachos to win, we witnessed the biggest shock of the tournament as the number one seeds were forced into the redemption rounds.  The DCP had great sizes of 30-35+ and the Nachos narrowly lost. In second place came the IW defeat to Chaos and in third came the WW defeat to CPPD.


The Legends Cup is over for another year, with some great sizes and competitive sizes. Thank YOU for making it one of the best Legends Cups to date and congratulations to the Rebel Penguin Federation for becoming the third army to win the tournament in four years. On behalf of Bluesockwa, I would also like to thank all the judges who helped to officiate these battles as we need everyone who helped to make a great tournament.

What do YOU think about the Legends Cup IV awards? Where the right armies/battles connected to the categories or would you change one of the award winners? Comment YOUR opinion on the Legends Cup IV awards and the tournament as a whole, which has been very successful.

-Kingfunks4 Former CPAC Head 

16 Responses

  1. bored.


  2. Nachos reached 60 in the finals. Bigger than RPF’s 55.


  3. The 2nd biggest battle was ST vs WN…. ST 25+ vs WN 9… RPF 25 vs ST 15..


  4. what a great award IW got… (wary)


  5. They also used a circle with a line down the middle and several letters. Actually at one point Nachos had a circle with 2 lines going down. Here you go:


  6. chaos likes beans


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