YouWrite: Does Leaving Club Penguin Ruin Armies?

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KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Not long ago, I posted an article on this news site detailing why we, the Army community, should move to NationStates in the following philosophical editorial article, The Ragnarok of Club Penguin Armies. This post is a follow on from that.

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YouWrite: Which Legends Should Be Removed [EDITORIAL]

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KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s fair to say that the Legends page is pretty cramped. It’s filled with people from 2007 who weren’t even witnessed but simply voted in by a clueless council, sub-par CPAC CEO’s who got voted in by their staff so they could get a promotion and of course your typical ACP leader who inherited success. As a huge re-vote is about to take place, I’d like to toss up some names that perhaps you should choose to vote to be removed from the Legends Page, and why you should do so!

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YouWrite: An Opinion on the AUSIA Division

Disclaimer: The following post was submitted through the CPA Central YouWrite feature. It is an editorial that features the opinions of the writer alone. It does not reflect the thoughts and ideas of CPA Central as a collective.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – A legendary revolutionist, the one who created this famous word “AUSIA” is no other than the CP Army Legend and Former ACP Leader, Flipmoo. The famous AUSIA division also known as the Asian and Australian force was created and dates back around in the early years of 2012-2013, mostly armies rely on USA and UK as their main division but not all users were equally divided among time zones themselves despite such inconsistency, Flipmoo began to stop conforming to the ideas of other divisions and created the AUSIA division to prove that Asian and Australians are not beside the line of competition.

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YouWrite: Why Security and Brigade3 is the greatest UK leadership in CPA

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KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In recent years we have CPA rise and fall during the summer and winter months. One division that was so dominant when I first joined CPA was the UK division but has seemed to trail off in recent years through leaders becoming increasing US-centric. Me and Security and perhaps the only leaders in current armies who have fought this trend and have allowed UK divisions to flourish.

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YouWrite: Our Plight to Reclaim Legitimacy

This post was written by reader Xxtoysoldier using the YouWrite Feature. To submit your own post, see the page.

FOG, Night Warriors Nation – I’ve never really thought I would be the one to take the stand. Out of many people in our community, I didn’t think I would be the one to finally do this. However, this is a matter I can’t simply let go by for any longer… I can’t stand looking around me and seeing the same exact issue in every corner. Here’s my call to the community.

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Editorial: Why I Believe the Light Troops are The Greatest

DISCLAIMER: This post was submitted through CPA Central’s YouWrite feature. It features the opinions of Waterkid101 and does not reflect the attitudes of all CPA Central staff members.

This post is just my opinion on why I believe the Light Troops is the greatest army to ever exist.

Recently I have been talking with former Light Troops members and legends. I’ve also had talks with my good friend, Roberto. We were talking about the achievements the Light Troops had and how we’re underrated for our success due to allegations of cheating by failed leaders in the community. For the remainder of this post I’ll be explaining why I believe the Light Troops deserves the title as The Greatest Army to Exist.

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Unrest in the Army of Club Penguin

This post was written by Dpd2000 through CPAC’s YouWrite feature.

OUTBACK, ACP Territory – With the absence of their main leader, the Army of Club Penguin is preparing itself for a possible rebellion during the most important time of the Summer.

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YouWrite: The Inevitable Demise of the Club Penguin Army

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Time. Time is the harbinger of the end to everything man has ever known. Time cannot be purchased, sold, or traded. It is nearly impossible to understand, yet explicable in every way shape and form. How does this apply to us though? While it is clear that with enough time, all Club Penguin armies will cease to exist, it is highly likely that anyone and everyone can increase the lifespan of the model for ages to come. Continue reading

YouWrite: Mach’s Guide to Leadership

This article was submitted by Mach using the YouWrite Feature. To submit a post, see the page.

Hello. As some of you may know, I am Mach. Usually I don’t do stuff like this, but I thought that giving some tips would be a great thing to do. Especially since these tips can help out a lot of people. So just keep reading to see what is in store. Also, don’t forget to comment things that you think would work as great, helpful tips for leaders. Whether they have years of experience or today is their first day as this extremely huge job. So please continue reading!

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YouWrite: Why Armies Aren’t Attractive to CP Players

This post was written by Veolata using CPAC’s YouWrite Feature. 

Throughout the beginning of CP armies different people have had different ideas on how to improve the community. Now I think it’s time to share mine. CP armies are suffering and its all your fault.

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YouWrite: What is Fun?

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Why Loyalty Has Fallen

This post was written by Veolata through CPAC’s YouWrite feature.


Over the few months loyalty has fallen, and in some armies barely exists. Why? Because more people are choosing to be loyal to their good ranks rather than their army. But who’s to blame?

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YouWrite: Army Minecraft Server

This post was written using the YouWrite feature (found here) by former CPAC Head Philosopher Shaboomboom

After reading Swimmer’s list of things ACP could do as part of its new leadership, the Minecraft server idea got me thinking. What if there could be a representation of armies on a Minecraft server? Could it bring wars and activeness back to armies? Would it even work?

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Reviving ‘YouWrite’

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Why the Army of Club Penguin Will Never Die

Recently, the Army of Club penguin has been going through a plethora of problems, all stemming from various parts which include the leadership, troop activity and overall army morale. Many of rumors have been spreading suggesting that ACP is near the brink of extinction. But, I am here to tell you from the honest opinion of an old veteran that too fought to destroy the ACP- without prevail. ACP cannot die.

The last thing I want is to sound cliché, but deep down we all know it’s true. This giant “green menace” (As we used to call back in the day with the Nachos), ACP, no matter how many alliances we can hastily create, no matter how many wars we fight, no matter the amount of “cold wars” we wage, ACP will never go. Why? Well I guess I’ll tell you.

1.       The Name

ACP was created (unknowingly?) with the most ingenious name ever to surface in the history of CP armies. I mean, how many little kids will see an army like, “The ACP” and “The Roman Fire Popcorn Battalion” and choose ACP? It is fact that 80-85% of the CP army population(s) are male boys from the ages 8-16. Of those, the ages 9-13 are probably the most predominant age group. At 9 years old, you want to be in the coolest group ever. So naturally, the easiest thing to do is to choose the Army OF club penguin, not the roman fire popcorn battalion (which represents the army that has no affiliation with the actual game that you’re playing (club penguin)). ACP has the gift of leading others to believe that they are the “official” army of club penguin, because “Army of Club Penguin” is their name. I mean, talk about false advertising, am I right? Nevertheless, it is a brilliant marketing move, which I must reiterate, was probably made unknowingly. This name will constantly bring new people in without fail.

2.       The History

Another giant upper hand that this army has is their history. Any new comer will see their eye-catching graphics, along with what shows in their left side bar:

“Welcome to the site of the Official Army of Club Penguin! We are the largest and strongest army in Club Penguin. If you would like to help us with our quest to protect Club Penguin…”

Naturally, you’d want to figure out how this army (supposedly) became the “largest and strongest army in Club Penguin” (more false advertising?). So, you’d go to their pages. And in those pages, you’d see stories ranging from Oagalthorp’s personal point of view when he created ACP, Boomer20’s story, ACP battle pictures, and other overwhelming things that bring to mind that ACP is one big happy family that never has problems. So, in search of that one thing we call “perfect” this new troop will join ACP in the hope that he/she will find what he/she is looking for, because of this rich history. Therefore, this boosts ACP’s troop count tremendously.

3.       The Color

I think this goes without saying. I mean, when you think, “colors of an army” you naturally (at least I do) think Green and Black. Again, by having the name they do, the Army of Club Penguin automatically reserves the color green in anyone’s mind, let alone the actual player. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety.  It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance. This another major factor in the success and immortality* of ACP.

4.       Troop safety

How many times have we complained how we got banned from ACP for just letting one vulgar word slip out? It’s this carefulness by the ACP administration to shield their troops from vulgar mouths that shows the new troops that they truly care for one another. Now, in my opinion it’s not wise to keep them so sheltered as to never say anything that will “offend” someone, because it infringes upon free speech. But, it’s this very dictatorial stance on language that makes ACP what it always has been. And, from the past, it is proven that it works.


Overall, it seems that the ACP has created itself to be a “perfect storm”. Why do I say this? Because with these factors stemming from their name, history, colors, and troop safety, they have set themselves up for continued success no matter what happens within the leadership, the troop’s activity, or the army morale. Now, this doesn’t sound like a storm, it sound more like “perfect”. Well, no. Over the years, because ACP has been on top for so long, they see themselves as a kind of, monitor of CP armies. Almost every attempt to form a type of government among armies has been suggested by one of their members or leaders. They see it’s their job to be the big brother in this crazy thing we call CP Warfare. I can tell you right now, that the reason they are so disliked in many armies, and often why they are targeted (to no avail) is because of this. It’s a burning jealousy by other armies to become what ACP is. Not what they are physically, but to be what we all see them as, the most dominant army in CP history. The one army that will never die due to inactivity or other common problems armies have today. I know It seems hard to hear (and write), but it’s true.

You may have seen me use the word “immortal*” to describe them. Well, that’s a little far-fetched. There are ways that, in my years as a major army leader would work to permanently cripple the ACP.

NOTE: I do not and will not condone the following methods to be used against the ACP. I have thought about these ways, and they have not happened and will not happen by my own hands.

1.       Disable their website, permanently.

The Army of Club Penguin website is the central command of the entire network that is ACP. If this were to be taken out, ACP would have no direction and years of history, ranks, join comments, previous posts, could all be lost in this act. This would cause a huge uprising within the leadership. If an owner rank on the site’s account were to be compromised, that owner would be yelled at, punished and maybe even fired for his/her carelessness. This would cause even more problems. Thus, ACP would tear itself apart before they could even set up a new site.

2.       Disable their chat, permanently.

It doesn’t seem like much, considering they probably have a backup chat- but their current chat, TheACP is historical and important to them. If somehow this were to be taken from them, along with the website, it would be disastrous. No communication could go on from the administration to the troops, thus creating huge masses of troop’s inactivity and loss.

3.       Creator shut down.

This would probably never happen, but what if one day Oagalthorp thought to himself, “I’m getting rid of them.” And just chose, in his own free will, to delete the site and to deem ACP dead forever. This would usher a wave of panic, and probably would bring other people to make knock-off ACP’s, but with no success.

These are methods that would be extremely hard to accomplish. There are probably more, but these in my opinion would be the most effective. I probably am not the first to think of these, but then again, maybe no one has thought of these because they’re practically impossible to pull off. This is another reason why ACP seems to invincible. Their demise is so obvious, but yet so far away, and impossible.


Now you see why the “green menace” will never go. And if it does, I will personally apologize to everyone in xat. You have my word. 😉

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