Ryan Issues Apology For Bot Raids || RPF Resume War With Nachos

Tuxedo, RPF Nation – Over the past few months bot raiding has been a large problem in our community and on Club Penguin after the sudden rise of Cloud Penguin (CuP), today we see Ryan, who had raided armies over the summer under the alias of Qarv apologizes for his bot raids on the Rebel Penguin Federation.

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War Review: Thugs vs. Night Rebels

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – For 10 days now, the Thugs of Club Penguin and the Night Rebels have been battling in war. Giving the Thugs of Club Penguin an advantage is the Night Rebels’ recent inactivity.

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Rebel Penguin Federation Declare Victory Over Army of Club Penguin

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – The war commonly known as the ‘Pain War’ has hit yet another twist in events with the Rebel Penguin Federation believing that they have now been able to take all ACP servers rendering their nation effectively completely removed. In this post, I’ll aim to establish whether this is actually the case.

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Penguin Army Force Declares War on Arsenal of CP

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Penguin Air Force Capital – The Penguin Army Force, who seem to be rising lately, have taken it one step further in terms of building their legacy. The PAF leadership has decided to declare war on the newly made, Arsenal of CP. Let us find out what happened.

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Nacho Army and Army Republic Clash Over Disputed Invasions

UPDATE: Despite being told otherwise by MemeBean, AR Leader – the Nacho Army have produced a screenshot claiming that AR did not have ‘Iceland’ on their Nation Page. MemeBean told CPAC that Iceland was there’s when Nachos scheduled the invasion so we now invite the AR to prove through their revisions that they did indeed have a claim to ‘Iceland’ and that on Wednesday 4th January – Thursday 5th January was in fact on their Nation Page.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Nacho Army Empire – The Nacho Army and Army Republic have taken a break from fighting on Club Penguin to having a war of words on both communication software, XAT and also their respective blogs. The Nacho Army has claimed that the Army Republic have no land and therefore can not invade, while the Army Republic has disputed this.

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Nacho Army Declare War on the Army Republic

FJORD, Nachos CapitalAfter the banishment of Ryan, the Nachos have been going through several changes in terms of their administration. As Verum is settling into his leadership position, the Nachos have decided to declare war on the Army Republic.

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Doritos of Club Penguin and RPF Call Ceasefire in ‘Grinch Wars’

KLONDIKE, War Rooms – Following a couple of days of fighting, false promises and flame posts, the Grinch Wars have now ended as the Doritos and the Rebels have signed a ceasefire to halt the fighting. The ceasefire is effective immediately and has now begun.

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Dark Knights Return || Threaten Army Republic With War

PARKA, Dark Knights Empire – Since being banished from the Army Republic a few days ago, Flame has decided to revive the Dark Knights along with Earthing. Dark Knights have already announced their intention to fight against Army Republic, but will this generation be a failure and cease to exist in a few days, or will they make it as a consistent army?

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‘The Pain War’ Coverage

DISCLAIMER: This post will go off what it says on the sites of the armies involved. If you believe there is a mistake in the War score, then please come and talk to me or leave a comment on this post. I’m not bias, just possibly having a hard time watching multiple armies! If all armies agree on a winner, the winner will get the point but if the armies fail to agree on the winner, the point will be contested. CPAC is not the judge of this battle so it is not our place to choose a winner, so we’re going to let you do that – we just report on your decision.

Allies (1) – RPF (3) – Contested (7)

KLONDIKE – War Rooms, CP Army Central Headquarters – In an effort to keep up with news in regards to the ‘Pain War’ between the RPF and the Nacho Army. We have decided to make this coverage feed which will constantly be updated with around the clock updates in the war hopefully as it happens. This will also hopefully help to keep a score on who is winning. If this project is successful, CP Army Central may indeed do this for future wars.

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Epic Master Hops Between Christmas Chaos Rivals

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – Following a recent CP Army Central news report on Epic Master joining the Rebel Penguin Federation, we can now report that he’s already decided to take leave changing loyalties to RPF’s Christmas Chaos rival, Doritos of CP.

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‘The Pain War’ – Overall Recap || RPF vs. ACP/Nachos/AR

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters  – As the RPF/ACP War rages on and the Nachos Army and Army Republic join in, most invasions until now have been mostly one-sided or ended with the other army ignoring the battle. Let’s do an overall recap of what all has happened so far.

CP Army Central are not judges for your battle, we simply observe and publish the results that the armies come to. For more in dept coverage, check out ‘The Pain Wars’ – War Coverage.

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ACP Invades RPF on Half Pipe

HALF PIPE, Rebel Penguin Federation – As the RPF and ACP War rages on, many battles have occurred between these two armies. Most invasions until now have been mostly one-sided or ending with the other army ignoring the battle. Continue reading

Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation Call Christmas Ceasefire

KLONDIKE, War Rooms, CP Army Central Headquarters – While this has been updated in the ‘Pain War’ coverage feed, it is big enough news to warrant its own post as the ACP and RPF have called a temporary ceasefire.

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The Army Republic Declares War on Kings

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic’s Capital – After being allies with the Kings of Club Penguin for a few months now, the Army Republic of Club Penguin has decided to declare war on Kings. Let’s go further more into this topic.

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Teutons Declare War on Several Armies

NORTH POLE, Teutons Capital – It has been a rocky past few weeks for the Teutons, so to spice things up, they have decided to declare war on several different armies which include the Night Rebels, Army of CP and more.

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