The Ideal Picture For The Legends Committee

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Is anyone else fed up of hearing some CPAWM big-wig saying that they are going to sort out the Legends Page and then not doing so? Yes? Good, because I’m fed up of it too. With that, I also intend to do something about the current state of the Legends Page by hosting a Legends Induction at the start of March, and recounts in some cases.

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Analysis of the SM Army Legend Status

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Earlier today I happened to be on the Army of Club Penguin’s chat in which I saw a rather interesting debate taking place in regards to the SM Army Legend status that is awarded to some by the Legends Committee around the same time that the Major Legends are inducted.

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December S/M Army Induction Results

Remember when we did that thing we did where we inducted people to Large Army Legend Status? Wasn’t that fun? It was so fun we decided to do it again but this time with S/M people! Click that read more to find out who is now a S/M legend! Or don’t!

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December Legends Inductions 2016 Results

Okay so, we have this page. On this page, we list people who are legends, right? Every few months, we have those legends vote on who should be a new legend. Then we get votes from all of you guys, we put all those votes in a blender, and then we add new people to that page based on those votes. This is the time when you guys find out who the new people on that page are. Ready?

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Winter 2016 Legend Inductions


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Finally, it’s time to vote for who you think should be a Legend! This winter, things work differently, we now have two sections, which are the large army section and the small/medium army section. There are 14 candidates in the large army section and 12 candidates for the small/medium army section. Each of them is looking to be inducted as legend along with the other legends.

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The April 2014 Legends Inductions Results

After multiple days of deliberation and voting, the members of CPAC’s Legends Committee, along with you, the viewers, have spoken — four new CP Army Legends will be joining the current group on the page.  Continue reading