CPAC Special Report: Deception Within the Ranks

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — As many of you now know, last night, for several hours, the CPA Central site was under the control of a group of defacers, who were alleged to have entered the site using Woton’s account. This was the story that has been spread to many of you through members of the CPAC Upper Staff. That story is a lie. The defacers got onto this site by direct action of and with the implicit approval of two members of the CPA Central administration.

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CP Army Central – Present and Future

Hello, comrades.

In case you didn’t know, I’m Jodie. I CEO’d Small and Medium Army Central between 2015 and 2016, and have been a part of CPAWM’s Board of Directors since January. Over the past year or so, the past few months in particular, the community and media sector has been described as many things: dying, worthless, boring and pointless. While all of this may be true for some, it’s important that we deliver you the most quality possible content during what could be our final generation here in the Club Penguin Army community.

I urge you, as a member of the public, to continue reading this post.

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Special Report: Badboy Confirms Multilogging and Treachery in Doritos

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – For the past year, many have been accusing the Doritos of not playing fairly. But after months of accussations, deductions and multiple exposure posts, the Doritos have finally been confirmed of multilogging.

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BREAKING NEWS: Water Vikings Multilogging Penguins Leaked


Update- Due to a lack of evidence, Change and Bep have been cleared of any accounts accusing them of cheating.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters- The Water Vikings army has recently closed down and this makes us all wonder, was it just the September drop or entirely something else? Usually, around September all armies begin to fall and sometimes close, but with recent events, it makes it hard to believe that was the case for the Water Vikings. Continue reading

CPAC Special Report: Caught On Thin Ice – Trader and Badboy Fired In Ice Warriors Multilogging Scandal

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – The appointment of the new leadership created doubt within the army community. The majority of leaders that were picked to lead the new generation had history of multilogging accusations and last night evidence emerged from the Night Warriors suggesting that this was again taking place. Following a subsequent investigation by Andrew, Ghost and Dr Matt, Badboy all-but admitted to multilogging within the Ice Warriors, leading to the firing of Trader and Badboy from the army.

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CPAC Special Report: Everyone Multilogs

Note: Part III is a collective and thus acts to catalog evidence, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all originally written, as most of the evidence and statements come from external sources, that is why they are in a collection.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In a society, any for that matter, not just our community, not just during our time period, there is a desire for order, and this order is only achieved by one, unanimous pact: law. Club Penguin Armies, an escape from organized society and the seriousness of real life issues, has struggled in the past, as well as with modern times, in ever being able to set anything in stone, and abiding by it. If the Council were to outlaw cheating, the Council would be ignored; if CPAC were to deduct for cheating, CPAC would be boycotted. However, the topic of this post is the fact; a theory, if you dare plead innocent, that just about every army engages or has engaged in multilogging, and that there is so much ignorance in this community, that the issue may very well never be solved.

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The Launch of CP Army Servers

PLEASE READ:  The Christmas Chaos Semi Finals have been moved to next weekend. We at CPAC sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Zakster will be sure to speak to all army leaders affected by this problem. We are currently working on releasing the Tournament times sometime tonight or tomorrow. We will make sure that this does not happen again.

>>> Register Troops Today <<<

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Ladies and Gentleman, I can now announce as of 6th December 2015 – CP Army Servers is open to the Club Penguin Army Community! This is not a move for the army community, but something completely different.

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CPAC Special Report: Dark Warriors Caught in Daylight

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Nation – With no surprise, another army has been caught cheating once again. This time in the frame, we find the Dark Warriors. The Dark Warriors have slowly been making a comeback following the hiring of Cargo and Verum as leaders. It was only a few days ago when evidence surfaced of the Dark Warriors multilogging. Evidence will be shown below to support the case. Click read more to follow on.

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CPAC Special Report: Here We Go Again

Note: We apologise for the delay to the Top Ten but due to fairness, we had to make this our main priority so that no one gets ranks that they are undeserving of.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – A number of weeks ago, a special report was released concerning the multilogging accusations surrounding SWAT, which were proven true after several confessions. However, people inside SWAT seemed to unanimously pin the fault on Verum, who was leading SWAT at the time. Now, sans Verum, SWAT finds themselves in the same position again.

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CPAC Special Report: ACP Caught Green Handed

BREEZE, Army of Club Penguin Empire – With several other armies recently being exposed for the crime of Multilogging, we are once again forced to investigate an army that has seen a rather unprecedented rise into the Top Four of the CP Army Central Top Ten. Read below for more on this investigation.

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CPAC Special Report: Don’t Freeze Up

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Only a week after SWAT was exposed for multilogging, another army now has concrete evidence turned against them. This time, however, evidence suggests that this case is relevant to the entire year, as opposed to SWAT’s case of only being recent. Read below for more on this investigation.

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CPAC Special Report: SWAT’s Great Gambit

NOTE: Sunday’s Top Ten will be released later than usual. We apologize ahead of time for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: A confessional/apology has been released on the SWAT site, along with a notice that SWAT will be shutting down permanently. 

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After a couple of weeks of accusations thrown towards the upstart Special Weapons & Tactics army, the claims have been thoroughly investigated and a decision has been made. Read on to see the results of our investigation.

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CPAC Special Report: The Dorito Dissection

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Doritos have been held at a high standard among our community recently, becoming the poster army for the year of 2015 in swift fashion. This hasn’t gone without controversy, however, as several scandals have plagued the army since its renaissance early this year. Some of these “acts of defiance” have been confirmed, while some have been debunked as false. Now, with the Doritos firmly entrenched as the top dog of the community, an old claim has been revived. This time, however, it seems to look different.

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A Life Without CP Armies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – There comes a day when everyone in this community retires or leaves unexpectedly.  Most worry about life without CP Armies, life without something they have grown up around.  This post plans to shine light on this unknown beast that everyone is bound to encounter.

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CPAC Special Report: Inside the Water Ninjas Multilogging Scandal

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – In our latest Top Ten, you most likely saw the announcement that stated that the Water Ninjas were found guilty of multilogging at events. We had suspected this for some time, but only recently did actual evidence surface that truly convicted the Water Ninjas of multilogging. The extent it was in may surprise you.

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