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Club Penguin United Nations

Greetings to all!

Dee here. It has come to my attention that Know Your Meme has an entry on it’s website called “Club Penguin Armies”. It mentions the Club Penguin United Nations a great deal and has been viewed over 10,000 times. I’ll share a link to the article below.

The article basically covers the history of Club Penguin armies – from the Color Wars to the aftermath of Order 67. Note that even though Order 67 marked just the beginning of our organization’s history, the events that transpired were probably some of the most important of all Club Penguin Army History. Here is a snippet of the article detailing the CPUN response to the ANTA decision:

On July 9, 2008, the Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW issued Order 67. Order 67 was a declaration of war on small armies by the Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW.

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The End of Our Incredible Story

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Why This Mattered

“Club Penguin armies”, some retirees never fail to say, “is a waste of time”. Some more enamoured with the supposed wisdom of the elders believe them. Many others still invested in the game, of course, do not. How could anyone say that all hours they spend every day were meaningless? All the time spent chatting on Xat, recruiting in unscheduled events, attending battles and reading CPAC posts: is it all for naught?  Continue reading

2017 Final List of Dates

As Club Penguin will be shutting down soon I thought I would release the final list of dates. This will only includes the months January, February, and most of March. If some events or posts were not included it was because of the deface.

Project Leader: SH
Project contributors: No one because I decided to do this on the last day

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#4DaysTillDeath: Are You Ready For The End?

KLONDIKE, Flen On KingFunks4s’ Desk – Since the creation the Club Penguin Army Community, we have gone through a lot of challenges. Whether it be Bot Raids, Hackers, Defacing, Doxing and so on, we’ve always grown out of the situation and moved on together. Continue reading

Legends Cup VIII: Light Troops vs Thugs Video

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As we draw closer to the end of CPA and CP, we see Light Troops and Thugs battle to try become a victor to move onto the next round of the Legends Cup VIII.


CPA Central Reporter

The Return of the Special Weapons and Tactics Army

UNKNOWN, Special Weapons and Tactics Empire – Almost a year after the closing of the Special Weapons and Tactics Army, word goes out that Ganger90 has once again opened up the doors of the army, and in this case, for the final showdown of armies.

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Legends Cup VIII Semi-Finals: Ice Warriors vs. The Nachos

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup Arena – Tensions ran high today as two ancient rivals, the Ice Warriors and the Nachos, squared off once again on Klondike as they viciously battled one another for a spot in the Legends Cup Finals.

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The Top Ten Armies Of All Time (Voting)

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Into the Vault: The Light Troops vs. The ACP – Battle of Breeze

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As club penguin’s end comes even closer, we decide to look back at even more old battles from the past. We feel that bringing people back to the days when armies had started or when armies had great sizes people feel happy looking back on them. They bring back old memories, good memories (and sometimes bad ones). Today we look at a rivalry between armies that lasted for years. Two of the biggest armies to ever exist; The Light Troops vs The Army Of Club Penguin ~ The battle of breeze (2014). Without further ado, I give you the fourth edition of; Into the Vault!

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Snow Ninjas Slide into the Community

BELLY SLIDE, Snow Ninjas Nation – Yet another Army has returned to the Club Penguin Army Community. It seems the inevitable end of our favorite game has sparked – how about we call it – the 2017 Apocalyptic Army Rush. Who is this new returning Army, you ask? Excellent question! It is the Snow Ninjas, with Zach 11 at the helm for their new generation. What does the leader have to say about their return?

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30 Most Influential Army Leaders: #25-21


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – One of the much debated topics in Club Penguin Army history is that of “Most Influential Leader” calling for a multitude of different opinions. The newer troops would not find themselves exposed to some of the faces embedded in the older generation’s minds believing the likes of Olimad or Super Edwin would be on the list. For an entire existence, we have seen many great leaders come and go but only some have had unmatched influence in their time within the community. For the purpose of this list, we have taken every leader into account since the dawn of armies. Thus, we bring you a six-part series that we are very excited to begin: The Top 30 Most Influential Leaders of All Time.

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Notorious Bot Raider, Zuke, Threatens Shadow Troops

UPDATE: Major Army Legend, Iceyfeet1234 has now made good on his promise and has fired Zuke from the Ice Warriors, demoting him to member following his threats against Shadow Troops and involvement with Whale Republic.

UPDATE: Ice Warriors Creator, Iceyfeet1234 has promised to deowner Zuke following seeing the proof of Ice Warrior owner being completely inappropriate in actually threatening armies. Whether this will happen or not, is yet to be seen.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Shadow Troops Empire – Whale Republic bot raider, Zuke has recently decided to threaten yet another army in regards to attacking them with Bots and this time, he’s decided to attack the Shadow Troops threatening to begin bot raids on them, potentially in order to aid the Ice Warriors in the Legends Cup by getting rid of a powerful combating army.

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Top Ten Armies: 3/5/17

UPDATE: Shadow Troops added to Top Ten as 10th.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With the last month of armies now upon us, we see many shifts in the top ten.

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Club Penguin to Shut Down Later This Month

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After almost 11 years of armies, Club Penguin is expected to shut down later this month, which will officially mean the end of CP Armies.

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