2017 Final List of Dates

As Club Penguin will be shutting down soon I thought I would release the final list of dates. This will only includes the months January, February, and most of March. If some events or posts were not included it was because of the deface.

Project Leader: SH
Project contributors: No one because I decided to do this on the last day



  • January 1st: Greeny promoted to Doritos leader
  • January 1st: The Rebel Penguin Federation get 1st on CPAC’s first Top Ten Armies of 2017
  • January 2nd: Nachos declare war on the Army Republic
  • January 2nd: Denazification of Nacho Army Begins
  • January 2nd: Brigade3 Admits to Multilogging in Teutons || Darklink Denies all Botting Allegations Against him
  • January 6th: Mikester Removed From DCP || 13 & 32 Step Down From Leadership
  • January 7th: General Trader Joins Nacho Army
  • January 7th: Security Leaves Doritos of CP || Redemption Force Return Rumors
  • January 7th: DrMatt Rejoins Night Rebels Leadership
  • January 10th: West Joins Doritos Leadership || 13YearsOldN00b also returns
  • January 10th: Wozza Retires from Club Penguin Army Community
  • January 10th: Nacho Army and Army Republic Clash Over Disputed Invasions
  • January 10th: Heat Warriors Return
  • January 11th: Penguin Army Force Declares War on Arsenal of CP
  • January 11th: Rebel Penguin Federation Declare Victory Over Army of Club Penguin
  • January 11th: Inactivity Plagues Night Rebels
  • January 12th: Redemption Force Shut Down
  • January 13th: Doritos Army Isolate from CPA Central Top Ten
  • January 14th: Trader Departs From Nachos and Jumps Over to Doritos
  • January 16th: Night Rebels release statement on Inactivity || Ultimatum from Kyle103
  • January 18th: Lord Pain Makes Temporary Move to Advisory Position
  • January 20th: Jodie Retires From CPA Central
  • January 21th: Night Rebels Army Shutdown
  • January 21th: Battalions Of CP Enter The Community
  • January 22nd: Army of CP (2) Form
  • January 23rd: 13YearOldN00b, Trader and Greeny Joins Thugs Leadership
  • January 23rd: Heat Warriors Close
  • January 24th: Shadow Reacon Army Announces Their Return
  • January 27th: Army of Club Penguin (2) Closes
  • January 28th: Zingkingto Made CPAC CEO
  • January 28th: Verum Temporarily Retires From Nachos Army
  • January 29th: Bam117 Rejoins The Doritos Leadership
  • January 29th: Night Warriors Go Inactive
  • January 29th: Lime Green Army Return
  • January 30th: Club Penguin Announces Shutdown
  • January 30th: Golds Close Their Doors
  • January 31st: Lime Green Army Chat Taken Over by Thugs


Note: Many posts were deleted and not restored after the February CPAC deface.

  • February 4th: Mustapha10 & Brad Rejoin Doritos Leadership
  • February 5-6th: CPAC is Defaced
  • February 10th: Arctic Troops Return
  • February 11th: Nachos Declare War On RPF
  • February 11th: Bounce Retires From The Rebel Penguin Federation
  • February 12th: Green Ninjas Returns To The Community
  • February 12th: Imperial Argonauts Empire Returns For The Final Time
  • February 13th: Ku Klux Clan Collide Into The Community
  • February 13th: XxToysoldier Joins The Doritos Leadership
  • February 14th: SWAT Return To The Community
  • February 16th: Blue Troops Returns To The Community
  • Febuary 16th: Ryan Issues Apology For Bot Raids || RPF Resume War With Nachos
  • February 17th: Green Ninjas Chat Taken Over


  • March 5th: Notorious Bot Raider, Zuke, Threatens Shadow Troops
  • March 7th: Zingkingto is fired from his CEO spot
  • March 8th: Snow Ninjas Slide into the Community
  • March 10th: Top Ten Armies of All Time Voting Starts
  • March 12th: Underground Mafias Army Returns
  • March 12th: The Return of the Special Weapons and Tactics Army
  • March 18th: Teutons Return to the Community
  • March 20th: Light Troops Shut Down
  • March 26th: The Final Top Ten Armies is posted
  • March 29th: Bluesockwa1, 2, Kingfunks, and Tax1 release the retirement posts
  • March 29th-30th: Club Penguin Shuts Down.


Well that’s it for the final year of CP Armies, hopefully everyone can move on.


Former CPAC Executive Producer

6 Responses

  1. Not much happened in the three months.


  2. Lol you have great memories, SH. ;P


  3. You shouldn’t also link to these posts. 😛


  4. U missed everything about the legends cup man


  5. I was CPAC’s greatest reporter


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