Live Blog: The Final Day

 All the latest updates as armies prepare for the closure of Club Penguin. 

3/29/17: 5:25 PM – Armies are coming to a close after today. Club Penguin is almost gone. And now this blog. From all of us here, good night. Enjoy the last day on Club Penguin, ever.

3/29/17: 12:00am PST – Club Penguin is preparing to shut their doors and penguins are to be taken offline for the last time. Club Penguin will be offline at 12:00am Penguin Standard Time, enjoy the last day of Club Penguin. Several posts to come out within today and tomorrow from the CPA Central regarding the state of the community, stay tuned and check in regularly.

3/28/17: 4:51 PM – The Ice Warriors are holding their final event on Wednesday, they’ve relocated their chat to the original and the Ice Warriors site is accessible again.

3/28/17: 3:58 PM – The Nachos are holding their final event now, one of the last events in the CPA community. Shiny has retired from the RPF.

3/28/17 3:29 PM – ACP final event is in 2 hours. The Nachos and RPF log on in 30 minutes to wave goodbye. All other armies are dead.

3/28/17 3:19 PM – People are gathering on xat to wave goodbye to Club Penguin.

3/28/17: 2:25 PM – Unlike other armies, Wild Ninjas will be moving to a CPPS.

3/28/17: 12:37 PM – AR, DCP, UMA, Teutons, Kings, Thugs, Golds and others are now confirmed dead. ACP to invade Mammoth today. Nachos and RPF to hold final event today.

3/28/17: 12:24 PM – It’s the final day of CP armies. Enjoy it while it lasts!

3/27/17: 8:07 PM – SWAT announces their final event. CPAC would also like to send our best wishes to the Ice Warriors. Please don’t click on any suspicious links.

3/27/17: 12:31 PM – The Ice Warriors have been defaced. CPAC also on high alert. 2 days remaining.

3/26/17: 4:06 PM – Golds and Ice Warriors had a battle. Victor is undecided. A final gathering is being held on the CPAC chat.

3/26/17: 12:01 PM – The final top ten has been released. A very emotional day for armies.

3/26/17: 11:02 AM – The community has waved goodbye to the Doritos. A truly legendary army. Few hours until the final battle.

3/26/17: 9:33 AM – CPAC will be releasing their final top ten today as well as the final edition of the most influential leaders. Keep checking back!

3/26/17: 6:59 AM – The final battle is today. If your army is still alive, make sure you come.

3/26/17: 7:44 AM – To all armies who are still holding events, the UK clocks have moved one hour forward. 8pm UK is now 3pm EST as normal. Please note this for the final battle today.

3/26/17: 7:25 AM – The Kings have now shut down, UMA are now confirmed as dead. Nachos plan for final event on Tuesday.

3/26/17: 7:23 AM – Morning CPA! 3 days to go! Updates from last night are above.

3/25/17: 7:14 PM – Army of CP have held their final weekend event. Teutons, Doritos, Army Republic and Light Troops have now been confirmed as dead.

3/25/17: 7:04 PM – After the DCP final event, Toy, DCP leader said that ‘Today, we all witnessed former Doritos and new ones reunite as the family we are. Our final goodbye, our final chance to reunite one last time. I don’t think we could have had a better turnout, and I seriously cannot thank every single one of you enough. For the last time, I salute you all.’ 

3/25/17: 6:55 PM – Nachos and RPF final battle was bot raided. Sources tell us this battle will be rescheduled. Smart Penguins and Imperial Argonauts Empire confirmed to be closing down.

3/25/17: 6:53 PM – Sorry for the long wait! The Doritos and Army Republic have held their final events and are now confirmed to have closed. From CPAC, we thank the Doritos and the Army Republic for bringing something amazing to this community. RIP.

3/25/17: 7:16 AM – Teutons have announced that they are now closed. Click here for more details.

3/25/17: 7:11 AM – RPF and Nachos to battle in a final showdown. Tune in at 4:00 PM EST to see who wins it all!

3/25/17: 7:08 AM – Doritos, AR, Nachos, & RPF to hold final events today.

13 Responses

  1. bruh, trying to recreate CP Armies…. Anyone wanna join Bandit Brothers? Leaders, and mods are needed


  2. Army of Club Penguin Rewritten has been created.


  3. I’m a former Ice Warriors 3ic. I know it may sound crazy, but I want to start my own new army on the private servers. Anyone else have a similar idea?


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