Ask Shab Answered (Finally)

Apparently I forgot to post this when I finally answer these in 2014…..this has been a long time coming.

So apparently back in 2011 I did an “Ask Shab” post and never got around to actually answering the questions so I decided there’s no time like the present, why not answer them now! (so many memories) Disclaimer: I didn’t answer them all because there were way too many so I tried answering at least from everybody!

1a3t: Why do cows go moo? 

Magic Charizard58: Dear Shab, can you beat up a real ninja? Not sure but I’ll give him the glaring of a lifetime

TheBester5: Dear Shab, what is the acp chat password? Back then I think it was something to do with the world cup….WorldCup14 ?

Kingfunks4: Dear Shab, can you force flipper/ken to give me 3ic? They said sure! You start tomorrow 😀

Splasher: Are you epic? yes

What’s your password? ••••••••

Favorite Burger? Krabby Patty 7

7Hockey: Shab, do you think Fort still has his virginity? I think Tori took it

Wexfief: Dear Shab, Why is the sky blue? Waterkid causes children to cry and their tears pool up there

Who’s cooler: Ken or Flip? Me

Does Seanehawk suck? Yes

Are you having fun reading this? No, this was a terrible idea

What is 1x0x9x8x6x7x5x4x3x9911x725 equal to? 3

Are the Puffle Warriors going to die? Yesssssss

Who’s cooler: Funk or Funks? Funk

Do you like pizza? Yes

How about bagels? Yes

Or doughnuts? Yes

Bananas are good, aren’t they? Oh yes 😉   You can ask Tori

How come Alb is a fail at making parties? Alb is too busy looking at himself in the mirror

Who are the WW leaders right now? No one 😦

Will WW become a Top 3 army soon? Never again….

Aren’t you getting sick of CP? Yes

Or are you annoyed by my questions? No, bit bored

Are you a hacker? Yes, the greatest haxor ever

Will ACP get hacked and die soon? Lord Pain shall bring destruction down upon ACP upon which point we might take him seriously

What is the 16th moon of Saturn? Pluto

What is the capital of North Korea? Pluto

Should there be a server limit that should be enforced? No, first army to get all the servers wins cp armies

Should we do another Order 67? Yes, order 67 was lots of fun with the crying and screaming that we should do it again because people really got the idea of it last time (they didn’t, it was a fantastic idea, just poorly carried out)

Does the top ten really mean everything? Yes, if you aren’t in the Top 10 you can’t eat lunch with the cool kids

Tap Dancer36: Dear Shab, Is Khimo Gay? Well he’s Mchappy’s Valentine so I guess it depends on who is playing the part of the girl?

Well that’s all I felt like doing, I hope the people from 2011 appreciate me finally responding :p

If you’d like to ask my opinion on something, ask a CP related question, or etc… feel free to comment it and I’ll either add it to this post, respond in the comments, or make a new post!


6 Responses

  1. Oh my god my question


  2. “Yes, if you aren’t in the Top 10 you can’t eat lunch with the cool kids” a bit ironic considering ACP were like 57th last week…


  3. Shaboomboom…Shakalaka?


  4. i dont even remember asking that omg


  5. shadboomboom this post was so shit I dont know why you bothered


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