Taking a Look at Club Penguin Private Servers

It is well known the resentment CPPS communities hold towards Club Penguin Armies. They view us simply as spammers. On the other hand, the Club Penguin Rewritten community, including both staff and members, are not this way, especially considering they have some of their own Armies. What may come as a surprise to us all however, is that there are exceptions even on mainstream CPPSes.

On CPPS.ME, there is a group that calls themselves the Pro-Army Parade, and they petition for Club Penguin Armies to move to CPPS.ME, their CPPS. One of the members, Drewthemech, told me they have around 30 members. Some of their reasons that I could find out were that 1) CPPS.ME is, after its long and successful years, starting to lose popularity, and Armies would boost membership. 2) The CPPS.ME community increasingly becomes more toxic and inappropriate every day because they have nothing better to do, and Armies would give them something better to do.


This is a picture of the Pro-Army Parade’s two leaders. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get an interview.









This is a picture of one of the Pro-Army Parade’s smaller, but unscheduled, parades I got from Drewthemech. Oddly, they don’t appear to be saying anything.


This is a picture of one of their bigger parades I got from Danbog, where members were told to spread out around the Town, and didn’t have to wear uniforms.

So, that’s definitely interesting. What the Pro-Army Parade doesn’t understand however, is a serious problem Armies suffer from that they would not like: colorism. You see, all Armies have a color theme that its members must follow. This is very discriminatory against other penguins of color. Armies need to welcome all penguins of color, not just one. They need to judge penguins by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.

Anyway, on Club Penguin Rewritten, they have their own Armies, which use warfare resembling ours in 2007. As far as I know, these are all the Armies: the CPR Mafia, the Trees of CPR, the Pizza Cult, the EPF, the Squids, the Miners, the Tubas, and the Vikings. I was able to get an interview with someone from the CPR Mafia, who is also a part of our Armies.

Interview with EhRoyals81, CPR Mafia 2ic

Onlooking Snow: What do you think about Club Penguin Rewritten having Armies?

EhRoyals81: I like it. It is less organized, which led to us getting around the size of a bottom 5 Army. It is also more fun, since the meetings and things are actually on Club Penguin Rewritten.

Onlooking Snow: Do you think our Armies would get along well with Armies on Club Penguin Rewritten?

EhRoyals81: No. Honestly, the warfare styles wouldn’t mesh. We’d have to change our warfare in order for that to happen. It is 2007-style, and Armies here don’t like change.

Onlooking Snow: Earlier, I wrote a letter to the staff on Club Penguin Rewritten, giving them feedback that if implemented, would make Club Penguin Rewritten perfect for Armies. Do you like the feedback I wrote in that letter?

EhRoyals81: Yes, but I doubt it will be incorporated, due to the fact that they’ve had an argument already about features. However, Oasis reopened, and they reopened the snowball war room.

Onlooking Snow: If Club Penguin Rewritten implemented these suggestions, do you think more Armies would go over there?

EhRoyals81: I don’t know really. It depends on if our Armies aren’t already dead as a whole.

Onlooking Snow: Why did you choose the CPR Mafia?

EhRoyals81: I don’t know. I was recruited in by a troop. I’ve been considering making my own Army though.

Onlooking Snow: Are you liking the CPR Mafia so far?

EhRoyals81: Yeah. We haven’t had anything yet, but that’s because the leader has school.

Onlooking Snow: Is there anything else you would like to add?

EhRoyals81: No.

The CPR Mafia is led by SwegLord, and the capital is Sleet. Their base is the Dance Lounge. They are allied with the Trees of CPR, and are enemies with the Pizza Cult and the EPF. The CPR Mafia started not long ago on March 11, 2017.


The CPR Mafia Uniform

On March 11, SwegLord had a meeting with the Trees of CPR. He asked them why they were rioting all over CPR. The current leader explained by expressing their dismay for the supposed mistreatment of trees on Club Penguin Rewritten, then went on to say that their Army would not make a deal with the CPR Mafia. This started a war. The Trees of CPR frequently resorted to espionage. Eventually, the war ended in peace when they decided to become allies in order to fight the Pizza Cult. They won the first battle. For the second battle, the CPR Mafia and the Trees of CPR snuck into the Pizza Cult’s base using their uniform, then changed out of their disguises and attacked. The Pizza Cult countered by making a pact with the EPF in order to take over the CPR Mafia’s current base, the EPF HQ. They succeeded, and the CPR Mafia moved their base to the Dance Lounge. Presently, the CPR Mafia have become inactive, but are picking up activity again.

I have a doc that will link to other docs that explain in detail the many different elements of Club Penguin called In the Memory of Club Penguin. There is nothing up yet, but the link is https://goo.gl/8YtNKD. Also, if you are sad about Armies closing, click here. The link is http://bit.ly/2nzEjda.

So, what do you think? Do you think we should listen to the Pro-Army Parade and move to CPPS.ME? Do you think our Armies would get along well with Armies on Club Penguin Rewritten?

Onlooking Snow

CPA Central Reporter

30 Responses

  1. I see a problem with moving to CPPS.me, as they dislike colorism. Many, many armies are named after colors. (LT, Aqua Vikings, Golds, Arctic Troops.) It would be impossible for us to abandon the colors for those armies in particular.


  2. Stop.


  3. Colorism? That paragraph about the epic CPR war? Are you daft or did you just forget to add the “Satire” tag?


    • The only satirical part about this post was the paragraph about colorism. CPR Armies actually exist. I hyperlinked to some of their websites in the paragraph after the paragraph about colorism.


      • Your posts are borderline satirical at this point.


        • You think that because you don’t agree with them. Also, satire means “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices”.

          Sounds like you just called yourself stupid. 😉


          • You’ve been spewing your idiocy since the beginning of February and it’s pathetic that you’ve decided to continue making a fool out of yourself through this equally pathetic topic, even in spite of all but perhaps a select few agreeing with you. That’s all I meant, pretty much.


            • If wanting to solve cheating (which nobody ever provided alternatives to) and not commit community suicide is your definition of idiocy, that is. Also, it’s pathetic that presidents keep campaigning even after polls show they’re highly unfavorable, I mean it’s not like they’ll ever become president, right? 😉


  4. armyofcpr.wordpress.com


  5. If you would like to know more about CPR armies, let me know. I have plenty of info


    • Bruh. You told me Mafias wasn’t an army. And we (UMACPR) rekt you guys yesterday…


    • And you know nothing about leading and army. You don’t know how armies work. The Mafias aren’t even an army in the first place. I had to tell you how to BATTLE. Ok? You told me and Ehroyals that is was like a “club” for people to “hang out”. You shouldn’t be telling people you know things about CPR armies, cuz apparently you don’t. Me and Ehroyals have made the UMACPR and we will continue to defeat you, as we did yesterday. We have declared war on the inferior Mafias. You will get rekt. When we attacked you yesterday you said “RETREAT” and “GO TO THE SECRET BASE” which isn’t a secret lol, it’s the dance lounge. We have made troops from Mafias loyal members of the UMACPR. The UMACPR is growing in members, so get ready to see the Mafias fall. Don’t go around saying the Mafias are an army, you told us that it wasn’t.


  6. muh private servers


  7. So ACPR and UMA merged, becoming the UMACPR. Our website is ehroyals81.wordpress.com. The next link is the battle (we won) against Mafias: https://ehroyals81.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/war-vs-mafias/


  8. This is so great U would definitely do this


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