The Top Ten Armies of 2017 – Statistical Overview

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – The year is only just short of three months in, but with Club Penguin shutting down in three days time the final Top Ten to ever be made on CPA Central was posted earlier today, signalling the effective end of competitive CP Armies. As we have each year, in the most significant year for CP Armies, we have compiled a statistical list of the Top Ten Armies of the Year.

 Armies had their worst statistical year to date in 2016, with record low size and Top Ten points averages, showing the evident decline of CP Army Warfare. This made evident the declining nature of our community and Club Penguin as a whole and since the announcement of Club Penguin’s closure armies have accepted their fate and individually announced closure. However, the announcement did see a spark in performances with many armies returning and several stepping up in performance and sizes, most notably to win the final Legends Cup tournament, eventually won by the Nachos.

While the year was short lived, it could still be separated into several eras of dominance. It started with strong performances from the Rebel Penguin Federation, who continued their domination of the previous year to take several weeks of first placements. Their domination faded slightly, with the Nachos and Doritos taking turn to take their spot at the top and then, following the announcement of CP’s closure, the Light Troops and Ice Warriors returned to take late control of CP Armies. There was also consistent performances from the Thugs and Wild Ninjas during the year, while the Army of CP, Army Republic and Penguin Army Force were consistently in the Top 15. With all of the factors considered, the statistics were calculated and a Top Ten of 2017 was produced.

The Top Ten Armies of 2017

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [226] [2.31]

2. Nachos [+1] [202] [3.23]

3. Doritos [+7] [201] [3.27]

4. Thugs [NEW!] [196] [3.46]

5. Wild Ninjas [+3] [185] [3.88]

6. Army Republic [-2] [175] [4.27]

7. Army of Club Penguin [-5] [144] [5.54]

8. Ice Warriors [NEW!] [135] [5.81]

9. Light Troops [NEW!] [109] [6.81]

10. The Penguin Army Force [NEW!] [106] [6.92]


Close to Top Ten:

11. Golds [-6] [85] [7.73]

12. Night Warriors [-3] [79] [7.96]

13. Kings Republic [NEW!] [60] [8.69]

14. Special Weapons & Tactics [NEW!] [51] [9.04]

15. Takis [NEW!] [45] [9.27]


The Rebel Penguin Federation continued their control of CP Armies into 2017, holding onto their position from the previous year. They managed to achieve the most first placements through the year and pipped the Nachos, who performed well in their final year, to the top spot. The Doritos, Thugs, Wild Ninjas and Army Republic were notable armies to follow, with all four armies being a strong presence through the final months of CP Armies. It was the most disappointing year to date for the Army of Club Penguin, with the army put at the top of our Top Ten of All Time failing to perform and finding themselves outside of multiple Top Ten lists in the closing months of our community. The Light Troops and Ice Warriors find themselves in a low spot on the Top Ten, but this is mainly due to their late revival and failure to achieve any scores in the first half of the year statistics. Several armies who were around for short periods were listed just outside the Top Ten, but well behind the ever-present Penguin Army Force.

To explain the numbers next to the army names, first take note that the number of change next to an army’s name ([+0], in the case of RPF) indicates the change in placement from the Top Ten Armies of 2016. It functions the same way as our regular Top Tens, just over a much longer span of time.

The next number is the army’s total score, which was calculated based on a scale of 20 — meaning 20 points was given for first place, 19 points for second, etc. This scale was used for the past two Top Tens of the Year, with the numbers continuing down the ”Close to Top Ten” section until there were no armies remaining on the list.

The third number is the army’s average ranking. This number was found by dividing the total score by 2 and dividing that score by 13, the number of weeks in the year, then taking the quotient of that and subtracting it from 11. The number at the end is the average ranking. For example, 226/2 = 113, 460/52 = 8.69, 11 – 8.69 = 2.31.

Above is the table splitting each Top Ten army into their performance through 2017, with the RPF dominating in all three areas, showing some strong performance. The Nachos, Doritos, Thugs, Wild Ninjas and Army Republic also featured in the majority of the Top Tens through the year, with the Nachos and Doritos featuring heavily in the Top Five. The Army of CP only achieved a top five spot once, while the Ice Warriors managed joint highest level of first placements, but with lower number of top ten and fifteen places, meaning they were slightly lower than their late dominance suggested.

Top Ten Scores & Scores Graph

Every year CPA Central compiles a list of the Top Scores in our Top Tens through the whole year, where we can judge who and where the strongest performances were. Generally the performance was similar through the three months, with a slight increase in scores as we went into late February and early March, with lower scores generally in late January. Below are the Top Ten scores for the year of 2017 as well as a graph showing the changing nature of the Top Score and 10th Score in each week.

1. Light Troops [85.50] [February 12th]

2. Light Troops [82.00] [March 19th]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [75.21] [January 8th]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [75.13] [January 15th]

5. Ice Warriors [73.00] [March 5th]

6. Ice Warriors [71.70] [March 12th]

7. Light Troops [71.00] [March 5th]

8. Ice Warriors [70.00] [March 26th]

9. Nachos [66.91] [January 22nd]

10. Rebel Penguin Federation [66.15] [February 5th]

The Light Troops managed to achieve the two highest scores of the year, with both scores fairly far ahead of the rest. This showed how strong the army managed to perform in the closing month, just missing out on Legends Cup glory with impressive Top Ten scores. The Ice Warriors similarly managed to find several spots on this list, with their strong revival changing the landscape of our Top Tens. The Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation, listed in the Top Two of the year, managed to make up half of the Top Ten scores of the year. With the graph that followed the Top Ten scores list, this showed how there was a slight increase through the year in our Highest Scores, changing from low 60’s to mid 70’s, while the score required to enter the Top Ten also increased on a similar scale from low-mid 30’s to low-mid 40’s.

First Place Calendar  

Like last year, we here at CPA Central have compiled a graphic that displays who received first by the month, which can be telling of who was the most dominant during each time frame. Below is that graphic, which we call our “First Place Calendar”.


So with the final Top Ten earlier today and the final Top Ten Army of the Year list, this brings the statistical analysis and listing of army performance to an end. It was a pleasure to be involved in the weekly, monthly and yearly top ten lists, with data collection and analysis an interesting section of CP Armies that I enjoyed a lot. A big thanks to everyone involved in the creation of Top Tens since 2009, as well as the public for joining in making the column so unique and special.

What do YOU think about the Top Ten of the Year? Did the Rebel Penguin Federation assert their dominance through the final months, will the Army of Club Penguin be disappointed with how they performed? Comment with YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central CEO


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