30 Most Influential Leaders: #5-1

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The topic of the most influential leaders of all time is a controversial one at best, with many different opinions of people who experienced CP Armies over different time periods. Many have not met, experienced or understood the influence of some of our older leaders, who held a great impact and shaped the way CP Armies run today. We have taken and evaluated the top leaders over the past 11 years based on their influence on armies to construct a list counting down to the most influential leader of all time. In the final part of a six part series, we conclude our exciting column of the 30 Most Influential Army Leaders as you find out who’s the most influential leaders in the history of CPA.

Last week, we looked at the leaders ranked 10-6 on our influential list. We kicked of the latest edition with an appearance from Shadow2446 who has the title of one of the best Nachos leader of all time. We then saw Explorer appearing in the next spot, mainly for his creation called the Romans. On the top 8th spot, we saw Puckley who turned the Nachos into a world power force. Next, one of the most important figures in armies, Elmikey, took the seventh spot, for his outstanding work in the Rebel Penguin Federation. To conclude, Person1233 took the sixth spot for leading the Nachos to become one of the biggest forces in the community.

With that all summarised, we can now move onto those who were positioned on the final part of the list. This list has been devised using the knowledge of multiple army veterans and CPA Central administration as well as the recommendations and nominations from the Army Community. We’ve only focused on one thing for making this list, influence. While influence does generally go hand-in-hand with leadership ability, this list does not show the Greatest Army Leaders in the community, it shows those who are the most influential. Furthermore, it cannot be said enough that so many of the ranks in our list of 30 are easily interchangeable, which made narrowing this list down a lot harder and very difficult, with a clash of opinions from everyone who was involved in the project. Please enjoy the final edition of the most influential leaders of all time.


5. Boomer20

It is crystal clear that Boomer is one of the greatest leaders to ever walk the face of this community. Boomer led the ACP to their greatest era ever, in fact, Boomer was such an amazing leader that they’ve named his era, the ‘Boomer Era’. Boomer led the Army of CP throughout the years of 2008 and 2009. Throughout his term as commander, the ACP won ‘army of the year’ back to back as well as walking away with the trophy of the Decade End tournament in 2009.

Boomer did not just lead any normal army, he has also broken records that are still not broken today. Boomer is most notable for leading the Army of CP to sizes of 150 during one of their events. This has not only gave them major attention but also marked the peak of ACP greatness. During his leadership, the Army of CP was seen as unstoppable and powerful. Boomer has not only been influential in the Army of CP but he has also been credited for creating numerous successful political alliances, most notably the CP Army council. Boomer pioneered this project, uniting the army community and creating a new era of organisation and discipline. During the days of the council, Boomer was seen as the boss of the community and he has helped the community to become a better place for all.

It is certain that Boomer is one of the greatest faces we have seen in this community. His time in the ACP shattered all records and turned the army into a world power. He had an aim to unite the army community, at a time of high tension and difficulty. Boomer has not only shown capability of leading an army but he has shown that he can unite people. He taught us to never give up, regarding what situation you are in. Now retired, the legacy and example that Boomer created still lives with us today.

– Sammie, CPA Central CEO


4. Pink Mafias

In 2007, Pink Mafias created the Underground Mafias Army by means of his CP Cheats wordpress. Within a week of creation, Mammoth was swarming with hundreds of penguins wanting to join this underground movement. He was solely responsible for the start of WW3, when a group of UMA ambushed an ACP meeting. The result of this war would lead to the largest conflict ever recorded in CP Army history, and establish the creation of RPF, the rise of the Nachos, and many others. Pink Mafias would create and lead UMA through it’s golden age, and to little knowledge, record the largest army sizes in CP Army history.

He was the original ‘bada**’ persona armies saw and carried on for years after his exit from the community. Pink was widely known for hacking during his time in armies. Although his original penguin was banned for such acts, he still carried on his goals to achieve dominance with his prized army. With the help of friends and workers from his website, Pink was able to bring UMA to unbelievable sizes in 2007 army standards. Thanks to his cheat site, he had a large player base to recruit from whenever he wanted to. His fans looked up to him due to his popularity in the world of Club Penguin.

Without Pink’s usage of his CP Cheats site to gather new recruits, UMA may not have been what they are known as today. On top of this, many key figures in armies would have never joined the community. Pink revolutionized the way armies were run, and was icon in the army world throughout his time, he had the image of a mafia leader. But despite this image, Pink Mafias proved to be a key figure in the development future armies. With this, Pink is placed in the top 5 of our list of most influential leaders.

– Shadow, Major Army Legend


3. Commando717

Few people in the army community have seen success like Commando717 has, joining Club Penguin Armies in December 2006 and managing to become one of the most revolutionary figures in our community’s history. Commando decided to join the Underground Mafia Army as a low ranking member working his way up in the army as a general. Despite which version of the truth you elect to believe, we’re led to believe that Commando decided to rebel from the UMA following disagreements with their tactics. This rebellion led to one of the greatest armies of all time, still having a place in the community today – the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Commando found himself serving in World War III, uniting the Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation in an attempt to bring down the UMA. His effect was not only on UMA and RPF however. Commando gave the community the concept of nations that we still have today. It was his vision that allowed for servers to become such an embedded part of our culture while helping to promote the popular use of XAT as a communication basis for us, still being used as the preferred method of communication in a majority of armies. In his army career leading RPF, he was also responsible for hosting the first Practice Battles in the community’s history – a great list of things that shaped the very foundation our of community.

Establishing a clear set of rules for the community as well as a server map to make the prospects of war that bit easier to engage in were also major goals of the Army Leader, almost managing to be successful in doing this during 2016 teaming up with CP Army World Media to establish the map. Commando remained ever loyal to the Rebel Penguin Federation always providing it with support and assistance as demonstrated with the orchestration of such events as the Renegade Rebellion or the Next Gen Rebellion.

– Zing King To, Former CPA Central CEO and SM Army Legend


2. Iceyfeet1234


No matter what era of CP Armies you were in, be it the founding years or the last generation, everyone knows and respects the impact that Iceyfeet has had on our community. He is known for his creation of the Ice Warriors, one of the most influential, largest and important armies in our history, officially leading them for six years until his ‘retirement’ in 2012. Even since then, he has worked with the next generation of leaders to ensure the continuing performing of the Ice Warriors and I can safely say that he is one of the most incredible people I’ve worked with when I was Ice Warriors leader. Through his tactical knowledge and ability as a leader, he managed to contribute to multiple tournament victories with his army winning three Legends Cup tournaments and multiple other tournaments. His army became known as the strongest performing army in all tournaments hosted by CPA Central across the past seven years.

His army was not only known as a ‘tournament army’, with strong performances in wars that shaped our community. Iceyfeet managed to lead the Ice Warriors to victory in countless wars beyond the initial World Wars, including the spearheading of the so-called White Alliances against the Black Alliance, effectively helping to save the Army of CP from abyss. Without the leadership of Iceyfeet, many of our war outcomes would be so much different and our community would be much worse-off. The Ice Warriors were known as his army and known for him and his long-spanning leadership still goes down as one of the most impressive and incredible leadership spells in Army History. He holds the record as the longest time spent as a Top Ten Army leader by a massive margin, with no leader coming close to this spell.

Iceyfeet1234 has tried to use his influence on CP Armies by assisting with projects to improve the unity and structure of armies, with varying success, but people always looked to him when change was needed. Without Iceyfeet, the Ice Warriors would not exist, putting him as arguably the second most important creator behind Oagalthorp. His creation of the first ”warrior” army was also important, with several notable armies following suit such as the Dark Warriors and Night Warriors, who both are in the Top Ten of All Time. Iceyfeet is undoubtedly one of the best and strongest leaders in CP Army history and this sees him listed in second on the Most Influential Army Leaders of All Time.

-Kingfunks4, CPA Central CEO and Major Army Legend


1. Oagalthorp

After creating and leading the biggest army in all of Club Penguin Armies, and playing a massive role in the establishment of the community, Oagalthorp has proven that he is truly the #1 most influential leader on our list. In the early stages of ACP, Oagal created a miniclip sub-forum for the army to keep in touch with troops outside of CP. In the start of 2007, Oagal took the means of communication one step further, and created the official website for the Army of Club Penguin. With a platform used solely for the purposes of the ACP, Oagalthorp was able to bring organization to a whole new level in the community.

Following the creation of the ACP website, other armies soon followed, and it became a normal habit of creating a website for all new armies. With a website, leaders can post events for troops to see, create pages to display the army ranks, forms for troops to fill out in order to join, battle pictures, and much more. As a leader, Oagalthorp was one of the most mature individuals in Club Penguin Armies. Troops looked up to him as a role model, leaders of other armies wanted to be as great of a leader as Oagal, and enemies were pushed to their limits to beat ACP in battle. After ACP was successfully able to overcome the enormous sizes of UMA in early 2007, Oagalthorp recruited many new troops into armies. By solidifying Mammoth as the official war server, average Club Penguin players could log onto the server, join armies at almost anytime of the day, and battle it out at the Dojo. Without a war server to ‘advertise’ during the early stages of armies, the Club Penguin Army community may not be what it is today.

Thanks to Oagalthorp, armies were able to evolve from the miniclip forums and into what they are today, an organized community that has seen tens of thousands of troops pass by. As he is commonly known as the father of Club Penguin Armies, Oagal will be forever immortalized as an essential figure to the founding of this community. With a powerful figure, strong sense of judgement, and mature personality, Oagal was the right person to create the Army of Club Penguin and establish their dominance in our community. For someone who has been in this community for 10 years, I confidently and gladly rank Oagalthorp as the most influential leader in all of Club Penguin Armies.

– Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Creator and Major Army Legend


That concludes the Most Influential Leader all time series. Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed this series. A massive thank you to the CPA Central administration, CPAC legends and others for coming up with this list. A huge congratulations to Oagalthorp for being the most influential leader ever. CP armies have produced some pretty amazing leaders so it was really hard to include everyone. Thank you for tuning in! And maybe one day, someone in this community may be the most influential person on Earth…


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer 

25 Responses

  1. why wasn’t flipmoo on here
    he was one of the most influential leaders on here for sure


  2. Where shall we go?

    Type “N” for nation states

    Type “CPR” for Cp Rewritten


  3. Boomer is too high up, Commando should be swapped with Icey


    • Boomer is the greatest leader in CP Army History by a long way, and he held a lot of influence over the community after his retirement by both being the effective controller of the army and also he helped several coalition projects, most notably stopping the BA vs WA world war in 2012 for quite some time to help the community recover.

      If anything, Boomer has a case for being above Pink Mafias.


      • Greatest leader for leading the most powerful army at the right time? Aha.. ACP was strong before Boomer took place, and maxing 150 in an army that had so much influence and control is laughable. You guys give too much credit to Boomer, the guy failed in every other army.


        • Boomer was older in age than almost everyone in armies, and led the right army at the right time. Whenever I hear about Boomer. the most notable thing they mention about him is how he led to 150. If the sizes he led to were so praise-worthy, then Waterkid maxed just short of 40 to Boomers record in an army that had very little control over the community, and at a time where CP was nothing but dead. Abiding by everyones logic, Waterkid deserves top 5 as much as Boomer. Really makes you wonder… If Boomer was your average age teen in 2014-2016, would he really shine over the people around right now, cuhhh he really didnt have much success in any other army (he failed) Prove me wrong


          • the sizes werent the only thing he did better than anyone else. dude knew how to put together diplomatic alliances with everyone and he even managed to convince nachos at the time to ally with acp (thanks person), he also was here inducting 90% of the legends, he drew up constitutions that other armies followed, has been more readily accessible over a long period of time, and shaped acp every step of the way even after he left due to the panel of guardians nonsense

            dont get me wrong, the dude and i have no storied history together, but i can see why he got as high as he did in the rankings


            • Never denied he’s a good leader, but #5 is too high for someone like Boomer. Like I said, do you really think he could perform better than the leaders nowadays?


          • Also, before Boomer took over as leader the ACP were in their biggest depression in their history at that moment in time, he took the ACP back to their prime and beyond. Without him the ACP would not have had such a strong and rich history.


    • You are crazy as hell if you think Boomer didn’t directly push armies into what it bloody became. If anything he should be higher up along with Shaboomboom lol


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