A Look into the Past: Allagi’s Story

Note: It may not be a bad idea to write down the bolded terms in order to remember them, as some of them I don’t use as often.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With the popular idea of moving to a CPPS, I’ve decided to look into the past to see what could possibly go wrong. Once upon a time, there was an Army member who I’ll refer to as Allagi. Allagi was an experienced individual, having been in several small and medium Armies, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Army of Club Penguin respectively. Before quitting the ACP to create his own Army, Allagi had been relatively high-ranking.

Unfortunately, Allagi’s Army was never that successful or even known about at all. It was always a small Army that never made it into any Top Tens. Allagi struggled because of the many problems in the Army Community that, sadly, still remain relevant today. This is when Allagi decided to turn his Army into a CPPS Army and cut ties with our community in hopes of being more successful. How did it go?

Allagi found he faced competition from three other CPPS Armies that weren’t affiliated with the Club Penguin Army Community. Strategies we view as criminal today, such as multilogging, were normal to these Armies, which is why Allagi frowned upon them. Allagi managed to briefly avoid contact with these Armies, calling them the Untouchable Armies, and grew an Army of similar sizes to today’s small/medium Armies of the Top Tens. At this point, the Untouchable Armies viewed Allagi’s Army as a threat, and they were mad that an Immigrant Army was stealing their glory. Therefore, they created an alliance, which Allagi called the Pariah Alliance, and declared war, which Allagi called World War VII.

The battles were messy and disorganized. Allagi’s Army used our traditional tactics and didn’t autotype, use bots, or multilog. The Untouchable Armies used fantasy violence (i.e. *slashes Allagi across chest*) as well as autotyping, bots, and multilogging. Autotyping, botting, and multilogging were especially easy on CPPSes, autotyping because there were no filters, botting because CPPSes weren’t as equipped to deal with them as Club Penguin, and multilogging because all you had to do was log in via a new tab. The warring Armies often caused the CPPS to lag and even sometimes crash, so the staff members started banning Army members en masse. Allagi, wanting to keep his status as a good and honest Army, surrendered many battles. At this point, however, all the warring Armies had been cut down to size. Allagi called these battles the World War VII Phase I Battles, or WWVIIPI Battles for short.

Allagi called for negotiations between the four Armies. The leaders of the Untouchable Armies, who Allagi called the Three Charlatans, accepted his request. Allagi told them about the ways of our community, and requested the Untouchable Armies to adopt them. The Three Charlatans laughed at the idea of giving up autotyping, botting, and multilogging, saying that these strategies were not only a part of their culture, but they used them frequently and it helped a great deal with keeping their Armies alive, especially since it wasn’t easy to recruit on CPPSes. They did, however, agree to use servers, despite the CPPS having only four, and were willing to learn about Allagi’s Army’s tactics. They agreed on how to divide up the servers, and Allagi, priding himself on his fairness, taught the Untouchable Armies all the tactics he knew. At this point, the Untouchable Armies had become exactly like our Armies, but they cheated. There was a time of peace between the four Armies, which Allagi called the World War VII Peace Phase, or WWVII Peace Phase for short, but it didn’t last.

One day, Allagi found out that the Untouchable Armies, in an effort to fill up their Armies with more real people, had begun to harass members of the CPPS. Allagi was upset, considering this act of harassment dishonorable, gathered his entire Army, and assigned each of his three divisions one of the servers of the Untouchable Armies to invade. This set into motion what Allagi called the World War VII Phase II Battles, or WWVIIPII Battles for short. During the battles, nobody could agree on who owned what server, and this caused the end of the Pariah Alliance. All four Armies were officially at war with each other.

The Phase II Battles were nasty. The four Armies had horrible relations that fights would even break out between opposing Army members even when the Armies weren’t battling. This caused the community of the CPPS to become toxic and hostile toward the four Armies, and nearly all of them started to refuse to join them. Staff members continued to ban anyone in Armies without mercy, giving the Untouchable Armies an advantage that Allagi’s Army didn’t have. Allagi refused to cheat, and the Untouchable Armies didn’t. Thus, Allagi’s Army continued to shrink while the Untouchable Armies grew by using bots and multilogging. When Allagi’s Army was down to only ten members, Allagi regretfully ordered his soldiers to adopt autotyping, botting, and multilogging tactics. This is what began what Allagi called the World War VII Final Phase Battles, or WWVII Final Phase Battles for short.

The Final Phase of World War VII was the shortest of all the phases, and all the four Armies displayed the worst performance they ever had displayed. One of the Three Charlatans hacked the CPPS and banned most of the members of the other Armies. The CPPS founder managed to take back the CPPS, IP-banned the leader who hacked the site, and unbanned the members that the leader banned. The Untouchable Army with the banned leader struggled to survive, and eventually got defeated in a battle with Allagi’s Army. There were only three Armies left. Battles went on as normal, and the lagging and crashing they caused worsened, so the CPPS founder put a limit on how many people could be logged onto each of the four servers, making it easier to ban Army members. This ended World War VII and started what Allagi called the Dwindling Days. During the Dwindling Days, as a last ditch attempt to be the ‘best Army’, one of the Three Charlatans hacked, defaced, and shut down the other two Army sites. Eventually, the three remaining Armies crumbled. It was over for Allagi.

So, what do YOU think? Does Allagi’s story tell us that we shouldn’t move to CPPSes, or do you think this is unlikely to repeat?

Onlooking Snow

CPA Central Reporter


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