Picture Perfect: ‘The End of Nachonnia’


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters, Zing’s Office – Welcome to the first edition of ‘Picture Perfect’, where I look back at some of the biggest and most important pictures in the history of Club Penguin Armies. 

Picture Perfect || Edition 1 ||

People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this statement couldn’t be any more true. Each week, right here on CPA Central, I will take a look at a picture from the community and see how I do in getting a one thousand word post from it. This picture can be a screenshot of a chat, or a treaty, or a still image from a Club Penguin Army battle – it can be many things and each week we will look and provide analyse for a different picture.

With CPA Central’s continued interest in communicating with the readers and getting their feedback, I will be open to suggestions on what photographs I should cover. I will make an attempt to use as many of them as I can if they are good enough and I can indeed fine the photograph that you are referring to. You can comment below on any of these posts an idea and they will be received in my wordpress mentions box.

I hope that you enjoy reading this column and it will be published every Monday! I will always inform the community if the article will be published on a different day for a reason but please try to check back here on a Monday to see a brand new edition of Picture Perfect.


The picture we are going to look at today is the main body of a treaty signed between the Army of Club Penguin and the Nacho Army on the 3rd January 2015 that put an end to not only the ACP/Nacho War but also to Nachonnia – the regime that Shivertoe and Camperjohn had ushered in to the Nacho Army.

Towards the final months of 2014, the Nacho Army knew that it wanted a war with the Army of Club Penguin and they knew it wanted the war to be one-on-one. In doing this, they asked many of the Top Ten Armies for a NAP – Non Aggression Pact that would ensure the Nacho Army could fight the Army of Club Penguin without either side being able to gain the access of allied forces. While some armies accepted the NAPs quietly, others required war.

The Ice Warriors and the Water Vikings would for some reason not give the Nacho Army NAP’s so subsequently, wars were declared against each. The war with the Ice Warriors lasted just 19 minutes before the IW gave in to the requests in a UK Battle defeat. The war with the Water Vikings lasted longer but the Nacho Army eventually got what they wanted. This gave a clear path for war with the ACP.

At this time, former Nacho Army Leader Beeky was still leading with Shivertoe and Camperjohn. With all major Army of Club Penguin servers in the hands of the Nacho Empire and smaller servers falling to the Nachos once more, Beeky decided to retire from the community at the start of the New Year. This left just Shivertoe and Camperjohn in the army who were changing the image of the army in more ways than one.

While the Nachos pushed on in the war, the Dark Warriors had risen and began to threaten the Nacho Army. The Nacho’s were not fearful of the threats that the Dark Warriors would align with ACP in February when the NAP expired – but the retirees were. The day of 3rd January, throughout the chat there were rumblings of a possible coup that could take place and then on the afternoon, it did.

I remember I had gone offline to have my dinner and then when I came back on, I was a guest. I was quickly made member rank and then moderator as I questioned what had happened. I remember being told by Beeky that Shiver and Camper had been coup’d from the Nacho’s and I enquired about my rank of UK Leader which was given back to me by Chrisi Blule. The chat was absolutely hyped with retirees and people from other armies coming to see what had happened. There was so much confusion as well as things seemed fairly uncertain.

– Eye Witness Account from UK Leader, Zing King To 

Nachonnia had fallen and Chrisi Blule announced the end of the Nacho Army/Army of Club Penguin war giving back their capital server and the other servers that had been purged. After a few days of hype leading to successful events, the hype soon wore off and inactivity of the new leaders followed. There were small rebellions on chat of Nachonnia’s most loyal and new rules put in place that damaged the Nacho Army. Troops that remained loyal to the Nachonnia were removed while Darkman pushed forward with his plan to “let the Nacho Army die.”

Camper: Dark, think about it logically. Have the Nachos gotten anywhere except to the bottom?

Darkman: They’re gonna die either way.

– Conversation between two former Nacho Army leaders, Camperjohn and Darkman

The army that had started to rise so high in the end months of 2014 had fallen so far under the inactivity of the leadership who begun to announce their retirements. The army that had looked so strong against IW, ACP and WV just months later struggled to find a placement on even the SM Army Press Top Ten. The coup had ultimately failed in the long run. While the army were no longer worried due to their new found alliance with the Dark Warriors, the threat was deemed unnecessary as Dark Warriors had also fallen in February of 2015 – just as Nachonnia predicted.

Well, Camper and Shiver had taken over the Nacho’s. Shiver was open about how he thought multilogging was good and his political views were what could be described now as the Alternative Right. Chrisi being a libtard cuck decided to coup Shiv and Camper. When they took over, the army basically died and maxed 5 or 6 for straight months and then everyone involved in the coup decided to retire straight after.

– Current Nachonnia Chancellor Verum looks back at the failed coup.

While the coup appeared to rid the army of Nachonnia for good, signs of it coming back stayed in the Nacho Army with the retirees still having a lot of control. The Nacho veterans, mostly referred to as the revolutionary guard of the Nacho Army boasts the signature ‘SS’ symbol in their names for the most part and has been seen to be making a return which now appears to have happened once again.

Vonchiefer: I am gonna go out on a limb and say this coup was not the best idea, mostly because both Dark and Chrisi are on Hiatus uuuuuhhhhghgggg

Beeky: They both are?

Vonchiefer: So I am, for the time being, sole leader of the Nachos

– Conversation between former Nacho Leaders, Vonchiefer and Beeky about the coup.


I managed to get an interview with the man who took over the Nacho Army following the Nachonnia removal, Chrisi Blule who spoke to me about his thoughts heading into both the removal and the signing of the ACP-Nacho war treaty.

Did the fact that the Nacho Army have control of Breeze not persuade you against signing the treaty?

Breeze did not factor into our decision making process. Ending the war with ACP was one reason why the coup was given the go ahead in meetings between the Nachos’ veterans. We were worried about the implications of facing both ACP and DW, since it had been verified that DW were going to attack us if we did not end the war with ACP, and we needed to focus on stabilising the army after such a major upheaval. Therefore it was agreed that we had to end the war with ACP immediately.

Following the retirement of everyone involved and the period of inactivity that followed, the coup could be considered a failure – Who or what do you think is to blame for the failure?

 I do not think it’s fair to wholly consider the coup a failure. We most certainly succeeded in our goals. We successfully removed Shivertoe2 and Camperjohn64 from their position of leadership, which was the ultimate aim. We brought stability to an army that was about to collapse in on itself. Once Shiver was removed from the chat the whole army had a much more positive atmosphere around it, removing the toxicity from the Xat that had existed since late autumn 2014.

However, I would accept that in the eyes of many that the coup was a failure, and I can see why they would think this. The Nachos simply did not achieve the sizes expected from an army of our calibre. Who is to blame for this? I wouldn’t like to completely blame an individual – having experienced the brunt of the blame myself, and knowing that it’s not a pleasant feeling – but I feel there is a considerable argument in Darkman’s level of activity as being responsible for our rather mediocre size. During the planning of the coup, and subsequent meetings throughout the months proceeding it, it was reiterated time and time again, Darkman was to be the army’s lynch pin, the main guy. He was expected to lead the army forward, to lead battles, to recruit and to give overall strategy. On the other hand, I was there to provide support, stability and advice, with the ultimate goal of allowing Darkman and Vonchiefer, who were both very raw leaders with amazing potential, to eventually take the reigns completely. Instead with Darkman’s inactivity this was not to be, I found myself having to be the ‘lynch pin’, this was incredibly difficult considering I was in my final year of school, doing my A Levels. Instead owners such as Laoise (and you Zing :p) had to try and plug the gaps as much as possible. This all paints a very grim picture, but we as an army in early 2015 achieved success in the March Madness and once we regained ground that we had lost we hovered around 7th place in the Top 10. Which granted, is not good, but it’s certainly not awful either. We were a very stable army at the time.

January 3rd 2015 – that’s the day it all went down. Talk me through that day, what was planned, what was discussed, who by? 

I had grown dissatisfied with the leadership of Shiver, his advocacy of multilogging, his neo-Nazi rants, the way he spoke to troops, and the posts he was writing. They really had no place within an army known for it’s fun atmosphere. Yet I had not thought about what I could do about it, I simply kept a log of pictures whenever I encountered his , very literal, Nazi outbursts on Xat. On the 2nd of January, I believe, Darkman messaged me on Kik, he described his plans to overthrow Camper. Now, I wasn’t a fan of Camper but I was neutral on whether he was overthrown or not. Me and Dark reached a deal, that we would plot against both Shiver and Camper. We had considerable support from both within the army and from veterans. Then a series of meetings took place, in particular with Puckley and Shadow, though there were others present. In the meetings we outlined the need for the coup, and what would occur afterwards. We were all in agreement. Puckley reset the chat, and removed Shiver and Camper from the site, and I posted about what was occurring and so the Jacobin Club within minutes had took back the Nachos.

If you could go back to that day, what and who would you have changed about both the coup and the treaty?

I should not have became leader myself but took on an adviser role. Instead we should have found someone else to be leader, Laoise was probably the most viable candidate. And with the aid of hindsight, perhaps we should have carried on the war against ACP, DW ended up crumbling not too long after the Coup and we could have probably defeated ACP. Though, given what we knew at the time, that the far larger Dark Warriors were going to declare war on us, I still feel it was the right decision to end the war against ACP. But, overall, I don’t regret the coup, the Nachos was better off for it. We removed two toxic leaders, who were hurting the Nachos and damaging the army’s reputation. We rejuvenated the army, and it felt like it fit into the community, whilst maintaining the chaotic, arbitrary fun that the Nachos are known for, once again.

You guys got rid of Nachonnia in the first instance, but now it’s back – what are your thoughts on that?

To put it bluntly, it’s a load of absolute shit. The name itself is ridiculous, considering the official name of the Nachos was always “The Nacho Empire” which sounds way cooler. But moreover, the name epitomises the rot that has set into the Nachos for around 4 years now, brought forth by Shivertoe. It is a manifestation of his bitter and warped attitude towards Club Penguin Armies, that they are somehow compatible with the politics of 1940s Europe and that somehow in this bastardisation of a children’s game that the Nachos should play the part of the Third Reich. I cannot help but be deeply saddened by the whole affair. I love the Nachos, and despite it being completely against my real life political stances I am a strong advocate of tribalism in armies. But in no way should it be carried out in this way. And to any reader who does not understand how the name “Nachonnia” alludes to Nazi Germany, well, I am afraid you have clearly not had a prolonged encounter with Shiver and his cronies. It it is a true shame that the current leadership has been swept up in this – the change in name clearly shows the influence Shiver is having upon them, they need to break free from him, not copy his every idea.

Never have I conducted such a thought provoking interview than the one I just did, I thank Chrisi Blule for that. Chrisi has helped to open my mind to what he was thinking with the removal of Shiver and Camper. The account of the day was obviously one persons perspective in the interview and it must be remembered as such, other people would recount the day differently.

When considering that this is the first Picture Perfect column, I really want to provide a stacked edition to get everyone talking so not only do we have an interview from Chrisi Blule, but for a special treat I’ve also managed to grab a word with former Nacho leader, Puckley who is known as one of the greatest Nacho leaders of all time. Here is what he had to say.


Who approached you with the idea to remove Camper and Shiver?

I can’t recall specifically, but a number of troops and high ranking officers were unsettled with the direction of the leadership and wanted me to address their concerns with a potential change in command.  Being retired, I typically stay away from the internal affairs of the army and community, and I’m only contacted if something serious is ongoing. You have to remember, they had good reason to be concerned considering certain abuses of power, an acceptance and advocating for potential multilogging (which thankfully never occurred), dangerous Nazi-type rhetoric and glorification, and a foreign policy that turned all of our great allies against us. It was quite apparent what needed to be done for the betterment of the army.

It’s actual quite odd how history can repeat itself in ways again and again when regarding the most recent events of late, but that’s a different issue.

Do you still maintain that it was the right thing to do following the period of inactivity that followed? 

I still believe it was the necessary thing to do, and I would maintain many others would still stand by that decision as well. The resulting inactivity that followed was unfortunate, however, and was not acceptable either. Had those leaders been more active and attentive to the needs of the army, I do believe things would have been different and much better. Obviously, that wasn’t the case, but it would also be unfair to still claim this as the wrong decision. It’s unknown what could have happen if nothing had ensued, and things could have potentially been far worse for the Nachos with the way things were heading.

Hindsight is, of course, 20/20. Had we known Chrisi and Dark would be so busy, perhaps we would have pursued different leaders and a different course of action. For what we knew at the time, they were both excellent choices, and the army was very satisfied with the decision. Ultimately, what needed to happen is something I’ll solely take the blame for, which was simply maintaining a presence throughout the entire matter. Even though I had my own schedule to attain to, I should have regularly checked in on the situation internally to ensure the transition was going smoothly and that people were doing what they needed to do. Had I done that, things would have been different. One who facilitates and oversees a type of overthrowal of power needs to see the process all the way through, end of story.

Did the fact that Nachos were winning the war with ACP not have any effect in your decision? 

The most important part of the decision was to factor in what was going to be best for the Nachos overall and in the long term. The war with the ACP had essentially been won, but the matter was becoming far more complicated if I recall correctly. Certain alliances were breaking and new ones were forming against us, mainly because of leadership. Remember, this was part of the reason why a change of power ended up happening. While battling ACP may have gone well, the Nachos weren’t in a position at the time to be leading an alliance against other top armies with the state that the army was in. Simply ending the war with the ACP allowed us also to manage to get out of the entangling alliance war while additionally saving diplomatic relations with other key allies. I must note that that this treaty essentially eliminated ACP from the alliance war as well. Our primary focus though needed to be shifted to the affairs of the army first before any other war – the Nachos itself were our first priority and it’s what the sole focus needed to be on in order to make the transition of power easier.

Why do you think the new leadership of Chrisi Blule and Darkman didn’t work out?

I mentioned this slightly above, but they were ultimately not able to be active enough to fulfill their roles as leaders. If things had been different, perhaps we wouldn’t even be having this conservation.

But I also think much of the criticism of that leadership is overblown and probably most of what you post will be quite negative based on your association then. They still deserve much credit for stabilising the army in undoubtedly a difficult time for the entire community. The time frame of their leadership occurred during of one of worst times historically for armies, when inactivity is usually the result of school. And ultimately, it wasn’t too long later when the Nachos were achieving large sizes again in March and dominating much of the March Madness tournament of that year.

In what I found to be a rather bizarre show of morale acceptance, Puckley actually went on record to blame himself for the failure of the coup believing that he should have kept more of an eye on it and possibly attempted to change the leadership into one more suited and one more fitting of what the Nacho Army needed at the time.

What do YOU think? What picture shall I look at next? Will the current rise of Nachonnia be put down by retirees once more?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer

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  1. Ok, I don’t really have much to comment on, but I will say, the emphasis for the reasons for the coup need to be placed on the attitudes of Shiver and Camper, rather than the war against ACP.


  2. all hail puckley


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