CPA Central Person of the Year 2016


The title of Person of the Year is one of the biggest honours that can be bestowed during your time in CP Armies – past winners since the inception of the award include big names, with Waterkid, Elmikey, Flipmoo and Mustapha achieving the title over the past four years. To win this title is to simply mean that you had the greatest impact on the community throughout the whole year and, with many influential figures to choose from, it does mean a lot. The Person of the Year is often very difficult to decide and, more so than any other year, this one was one of the most difficult choices we have ever had to make. We had many names to choose from and our list changed many times, but the administration at CPA Central did eventually manage to decide on the winner and following nine runners up. Some extremely influential figures that failed to make the list included Antonio, who consistently took the helm as Golds Leader through the year, to make them one of the top five armies statistically this year, as well as Drake, who was leader during the successful Night Warriors generation through the months of spring. Other names who were also considered for the list were Trader, known for his controversy and big leadership, RPF Leaders Ghost and Silverburg, Water Vikings leaders Buddy and Jack283, and Waterkid, who had a successful spell as leader of the Light Troops towards the start of the year. These people, and more, had a great amount of influence, but were unable to make the final list.

There have been many misconceptions in the past about what the title of Person of the Year actually means. It’s not a measure of the positive impact you’ve had on the army community, but instead it is a measure of how much influence you’ve created, good or bad. Controversy and strong leadership both are discerning factors that influence the positioning of individuals on our list. Person of the Year isn’t the “Best Leader” or “Most Achieved”, since both have all positive connotations. Person of the Year falls into its own category, one that my former co-CEO Zakster coined as, “Most Widespread Influence”. Without further adieu, I give you the Person of the Year and, from order 1-10, the other nine that make our top ten this year, with words from Bluesockwa1, Tax1, Zing and myself.


The Tamed Viper

Not willing to let up on his status of one of the more controversial figures in armies, Badboy has had a year of transition finding himself at the helm of several top armies in the community. Always one to find himself in the centre of opportunity, Badboy’s extensive list of leadership ranks this year has gained him influence over armies such as the Doritos of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation and more.

Badboy has led a year covered in scandal and allegations but always remaining a huge talking point for the community. From the way in which he conducts his business at the top of an army to the way in which he communicates his desires, he has continued to attract attention from all comers in the community and always managed to find himself back on top of an army taking whatever opportunity presents. Badboy has led his armies into battles and wars with the most recent example being that of the ‘Grinch War’ taking the opportunity to try to defeat the RPF.

He’s also dipped his toe into the media this year currently holding the rank of reporter on CPA Central. Serving during both Goblin’s and the duo of Jodie and Tax’s terms – Badboy has been known to voice his opinions in a manner consistent with his actions as a warfare leader. When the opportunity to lead and the opportunity comes to throw an army into a state of relevance, history shows us that Badboy will be there. For these reasons, Badboy has been named as the Person of the Year for 2016.

– Zing King To, SM Army Legend, CPAC Executive Producer


The Frustrated Revolutionary

As someone who achieved quite a bit in this community, I have always been fascinated by the idea of Army Legends returning to the community long after their eras of greatness have passed. The Rebel Penguin Federation, upon its return to greatness in 2013, was perhaps an entire army based on this ideology. Elmikey and Commando led countless RPF veterans and legends back into the ranks of the army, promising a new end to the story of one of the most powerful armies of the First Golden Age.

Commando seemed to revel in the newfound respect he gleaned from being a walking god in the community, and understood that it could be used to his advantage. His chief concern, then, and one I feel became more important to him than being Elmikey’s even-tempered stepbrother, was the preservation of the warfare community. Commando had his own theories about how this was to pass; he first brought them to me when he had just returned to the community and I was CEO of CPA Central. He, essentially, proposed an entire overhaul of the way we played the game. At this point, it was the Second Golden Age, and I was far from sure that destruction was upon us, so I dismissed Commando’s ideas as too ludicrous, and too complicated, to ever come to be.

Over two years have come and gone since then, and as my influence and the influence of Boomer 20 waned, Commando717 became the chief architect of warfare’s preservation. In the first few months of 2016, we were able to see how Commando’s grand vision would play out as he captivated armies with the release of the CP Army Server Map. The map returned stakes and politics to a warfare community that was afflicted with boredom syndrome, and for that, his CP Armies site garnered a great deal of attention, even, at times, harboring more attention than CP Army Central.

However, Commando’s demise ultimately came for the same reasons I had always felt it would: 1) he was always unable to completely separate his favoritism of RPF with his vision for preserving warfare, and 2) the preservation of the CP Army Server Map ultimately hinged on his continued involvement with the project. Commando is, by all metrics, now an adult, and warfare was lucky to experience his fleeting return as long as it did — however, it could not (and did not) last. What exactly the failure of this project means will hinge on how CP Armies fizzle out. If we are a victim of Club Penguin itself shutting down, Commando could not have saved us; if we die because all the stakes, all the politics, all the things that make warfare fun, are gone … then perhaps Commando could have saved us, after all.

— Bluesockwa1, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO


The Enduring Leader

Kingfunks4 continues to make history on this list, by still being the only person to appear on every CPA Central Person of the Year post since the concepts inception in 2012. This serves as a true testimate to his ability to endure as well as find an answer to the ever-present question of how to remain relevant. Funks has been able to remain a prominent figure in what remains to be the apex of this communities media, CPA Central, taking a role as Interim Manager of CPA Central.

He contributed to the maintenance of stability following a rocky path taken by former Chief Executive Officers. He played host to such events as tournaments and award ceremonies. Even following the retirement of this role, he continued to be present in the media and also in the army community. Kingfunks4 had a very successful run as leader of the Water Vikings once again, helping to usher in yet another ‘Blue Summer’. The army managed to dominate this summer, with impressive sizes and results that managed to place his army on top once more. He worked with several formidable troops to establish a strong force that managed to reach the Legends Cup Final and achieve 8 weeks at first during a 10 week spell during the summer.

Funks was most influential in the community through the second half of the year becoming a key player once again in not only the media but Club Penguin Warfare too. His role in the Water Vikings led to yet another successful generation of a historical army. Funks not only led CPA Central but commanded a respect from both staff and readers managing to gain him a place on the Person of the Year list 2016.

– Zing King To, SM Army Legend, CPAC Executive Producer


The People’s General

Known as a pioneer of the golden age of 2014, Toysoldier has remained a controversial and a pivotal figure in Club Penguin Armies. Toy and I have been friends ever since he took me under the wing in Night Warrior’s. I have had the experience of leading with him in Night Warrior’s and serving under him in Dark Warriors. He has had his fair share of controversies that seemed to center around DoSing several members of the community and RATing RPF Leader Elmikey. He was also exposed for multilogging two penguins in Night Warriors earlier this year, he is much like Waterkid, seen as a legend to many, but a villain to others.

Toy managed to achieve one of the biggest sizes of 2016, hitting up to 50 at events in a time when the community was on a downfall and it seemed like armies were dying. While many may disregard this due to Night Warrior’s use of bot recruiting and claim that he isn’t a great leader, but someone who risked the community’s survival in order for his army to succeed in the long-term, he still has made his mark. He led Night Warriors to the Champions Cup final where they lost out to Nachos. Toy’s leadership style is known for mass recruiting and is centered around creating a friendly environment for recruits. His style can be compared to that of Elmikey and other armies.  His army had very few moderators and owners but decided to focus on training their recruits to take up these positions similar to what was done in the Agents Era of Dark Warriors.  Night Warriors participated in various wars against the Nachos, Water Vikings, and the Army Republic.

Toysoldier’s ability as a leader has not been shadowed by his controversies and he still continues to strive to making his army the best. Whether you see him as a revolutionary, or as someone who has brought the community into decline, you can’t deny his ability as a leader.

– Verum, Nachos Leader, CPAC Staffer


The Failed Unifier

Of all the people who I have appointed since my retirement to steer the ship of CPA Central through these continuously troubled waters, Goblinguy was perhaps the one who gave me the most hope. My immediate post-retirement appointees, and the subsequent administrations that led with them, had driven CPAC from its highest peak in history to its pre-2012 levels of mediocrity. To put things very lightly, I was not a happy camper. And how could I have been? My legacy was all but destroyed, the site was floundering, and CPAC was failing to do its primal duty: to be a beacon of light for the community, especially when it is in a state of disarray and confusion.

My hope, then, became infused into Gobby, for in him I saw my style, my drive, and my form of leadership. To this day, as he works alongside me as CPAWM Vice President, I continue to see parallels between the two of us. Above all else, Gobby understood what the mission of CPAC was, cultivated powerful investigative journalism and hard-hitting editorials, and sought to unify the community. One of my only posts this year was one extolling the importance of the Coalitions Project, and reminding the members of army warfare that more was at stake now than ever before.

We all, however, know how this story ends. Gobby left the position of CEO, burnt out, rescinded his duties on a whim and threw the site into brief chaos before I stepped in to appoint new leadership. He has, since then, returned to the site and taken a major role in advising its CEOs, sometimes taking the duty of site manager upon himself. I appointed him to CPAWM because I don’t need to give him step-by-step, hand-held, directions. Goblinguy’s greatest quality, and a quality too often untested in leaders, is his common sense.

However, we also all know that Gobby will not go down in the pantheon of the greatest CPAC CEOs ever to live. I have pondered, time and time again, why someone who reminds me so much of myself did not have the success that I did during the Second Golden Age. In the end, I find the answer to be a powerful harbinger that speaks more about the future of warfare than it does about the career of Goblinguy: if I were to return today, I would not be successful as CPAC CEO, because cronyism and obsession has replaced intelligence and philosophy, and for that reason, I would kill to transport Goblinguy to 2012 CPAC. If nothing else, he could grasp, for the first time, that he always was equipped with exactly the skillset I wanted.

— Bluesockwa1, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO


The (New) New Kid

It is incredible to think of the rise of Chip within the past two years, as never did I think he would become quite as influential as he is in such a short space of time. There was no doubting his ability when he was originally in the Ice Warriors while I was at the helm, he was easily one of the best moderators I had. He soon moved to the Water Vikings with me, to become a key part of my ownership and eventually advisory team – without him I wouldn’t have achieved a lot of what I did in both of these armies. His ability to show strong leadership was coupled with an intelligent mind, two qualities that are key in discovering success. 

Since the end of the Water Vikings, Chip has found success as leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation. With the slowly dwindling influence of Elmikey and Silverburg within the army, he managed to take the mantle as one of the key leaders of the army. Under his leadership, they managed to dominate the Top Ten and the Army Community, winning the Champions Cup in the process and reaching the Christmas Chaos Final. While other armies have struggled or even died during recent months, his leadership has managed to keep the army afloat with impressive results. He has been linked with some controversy over the Summer with his work in the Water Vikings, but his overriding ability to determine those who continue to break the rules within the community managed to make him a key figure in the modern-day community.

He has never been afraid to speak his mind or make controversial decisions and statements, putting him in the headlines throughout 2016. There is no doubt, however, that he is a talented leader, with his ability to control his troops and mentally beat his opponents being a key asset. For these reasons, and for all his influences both good and bad, Chip has earned a place on the Person of the Year list.

– Kingfunks4, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO


The Aging Preacher

Elmikey has continued to be one of, if not the most controversial person in armies showing no signs of slowing down or going away any time soon. The Rebel Penguin Federation figurehead has continued to rule the army with an iron fist disputing rumours that he’s been carried over time. The reinventer of recruitment has continued to dominate the running of RPF throughout the year clashing with some of the biggest names in the community such as Sprite, Toysoldier and Drake.

His continued showing that he can withstand the test of time armed with the key traits of loyalty and passion has earned Elmikey a spot hanging on the edge of the communities proverbial tongue. When RPF have found themselves coming against a huge test, Elmikey has always found a way to insert himself into the frame whether it be tournaments or wars. His tunnel vision approach to armies is one that’s subject to many debates with him not being afraid to take charge on chat.

Rebel Penguin Federation managed to obtain the rank of 1st place in the Top Ten Armies of the Year viewable on CPA Central. Elmikey significantly contributed to this and other successes that the RPF managed to enjoy in the year of 2016 and shows no signs of going anywhere next year. He truly has become part of the RPF wood work gaining him a place on the 2016 Person of the Year list.

– Zing King To, SM Army Legend, CPAC Executive Producer


The Financier

DrMatt is most noted during his six-year career in armies for his leadership of the Light Troops, a position he purchased from Waterkid in a first for CP Armies. He managed to lead the army to impressive sizes of over 60+ during their peak, in which they achieved first on numerous occasions. His ability as a leader and his strong personality was without a doubt an important factor in their growth. He was also known for his leadership of the Blue Miners Army during his time in armies, where he helped to push them into the top three.

During 2016, DrMatt was part of the final Light Troops generation as he helped them to reach first throughout Spring in one of the strongest performances of the year.  He was also leader of two other successful armies during the year, including the Underground Mafias Army in March, in which they went through a fruitful spell and achieved much success. He was also leader under the final generation of the Ice Warriors, in which they managed to achieve first at the start of the summer.

DrMatt has developed a lot over the past year as a leader and has found success in several armies through the year, with his ability managing to steer several key and influential armies to success. His nomination for CPA Central Legend as the first signifier of his growing influence and as a leader he continues to grow, while learning what it makes to be a strong leader in the community. With all considered, Dr Matt makes his first appearance on the Person of the Year list for 2016.

 – Tax1, CPAC CEO


The Voice of Small Armies

For a long time through her career in CP Armies, Jodie has played a big part in the Small and Medium Army community. She played a key role in keeping SMA Central running for as long as it did, with site activity being impressively high in an increasingly dwindling community. When SMAC died, her attention then switched to CP Army Central, a place where she has continued to show how she can get the best out of limited resources. She has managed to gather a strong team behind her and rejuvenate the website within recent weeks following a decline under the previous administration.

Her decision to merge SMAC into CPAC following the Summer was a key one in determining the current and future nature of how armies work. The end of this website was effectively the end of separation between Large, Medium and Small armies, and it was Jodie who made the final and inevitable decision. She became Interim Manager of CPA Central alongside myself during the summer, in an attempt to bring the website back to its potential, and with her help we managed to achieve that with impressive site activity and an increase in quality. Her return as official CEO of the website recently has seen a similar improvement in output and quality, bringing the website effectively back from the death.

Jodie has greatly enhanced her influence over the second half of the year, becoming a big player in the large army community. Her move between the websites effectively signified the end of Small/Medium Armies, while she boosted the quality and performance of CPA Central under her two short spells as Interim Manager and Chief Executive Officer. Jodie’s influence continues to rise and, for the first time, this manages to place her on the Person of the Year list for 2016.

– Kingfunks4, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO

Super Edwin

The Leader from a Past Era

The Army of Club Penguin has changed greatly over the past four years since its decline from domination. In an attempt to regain power, the army has often thrown away its morals, appointed outsiders straight to the role of leader, and been involved in several investigations and controversies. Through all of this, Super Edwin has been loyal to the army – being in and out of retirement under many leaders throughout the past half-a-decade. I still remember him as a troop in my time as leader of the ACP in 2012 and 2013, he was quiet but loyal and hardworking, exactly what is expected of a typical ACP troop. 

The promotion of Edwin to the role of leader is somewhat a return to the old ways, but during a new era of CP Armies. He is a greatly underappreciated leader, he sticks to the laws, gains the respect of his troops and stays loyal to the army for a long period of time. He has replaced the old ”career leaders” such as Trader, Bam and others to have led the army within this time period, to become the ACP Leader of old – one who slowly worked their way through the ranks to eventually achieve the spot they have been waiting so long for. The army under the leadership of Edwin was named the second best army of 2016, behind the RPF, on the latest Top Ten of the Year. This was very much down to his ability to stabilise the army and keep them together through very hard times for the community as a whole.

He has now been leader of the ACP for seven months, placing himself above Mchappy and I as the seventh longest-serving leader of the army, and it seems like he could reach the lengths achieved by Flen, Slime, Boomer and maybe even Oagalthorp. His loyalty and consistency makes him the perfect leader for the army, with his popularity being key amongst the troops of the army. His consistent leadership of the ACP places him, for the first time in his career, on the Person Of the Year list.

– Kingfunks4, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO

And so the Person of the Year 2016, as well as the year itself, comes to a close. It took many hours of discussion and debate amongst the staff at CPA Central to produce this list, but we feel that these are the ten people who shaped the year moreso than anyone else. Between them they lead armies to high levels of success, attempted to revolutionise the way in which we play the game and caused new levels of controversy never seen before. All in all, it has been the most difficult year for armies to date, with record low scores and sizes signifying the slow decline of our community, but it is testament to our strength and belief in ourselves that we are still here. Even those in retirement such as myself are continuing to support and attempt to rejuvenate the community, but it is those still leading and contributing now that are keeping the spirit of CP Armies together. Remember when being a part of CP Armies that, above all, you are here to unwind, have fun and enjoy yourselves. Have a happy new year and thank you for reading CPA Central for another year. 


Former CPA Central CEO


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central CEO

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Staffer

B1 & B2

CPAWM Board Chairmen

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      • Congrats on POTY. Still a legendary leader in DCP. I mean you got fired from DCP because of allegations of multilog and the fact you weren’t “trustworthy” enough but that’s what it is. Allegations. And you winning this POTY just proves that those allegations could just go and f themselves pretty much at least what I think.


        • Thanks steven, and yeah that are just allegations because its been 5 days and no proof has been released anywhere, 13 just simply doesn’t want to lead with me lol


        • Thanks, and you’re right, they’re just allegations because its been 4 days and no evidence has been released anywhere. 13 just simply didn’t want to lead with me lol


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  9. Edit DrMatt’s description and change it from yellow to dark blue. I’m tired of this guy stealing my credit for my work in the Light Troops. All he did in the Light Troops was give me money so he can hold the title as leader. He was useless as an owner and he was useless as a leader – you can confirm this with any Light Troops owner.

    If you really think DrMatt is a LT legend is respected by me, Roberto or Ioioluk then read this:


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