New Columns at CPA Central

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Here at CPAC we are committed to giving you the best and heading into 2017, CPAC will be taking a new drive on entertainment in hopes to once again breathe some life into the community. As part of this, we have announced several tournaments that will take place as well as Hunt and Kills. We can today announce the full list of columns starting in the new year.

Sunday at CPA Central:

  • Jodie will present ‘Top Ten Armies’
  • Sammie will present ‘Five Things’

Monday at CPA Central:

  • Zing will present ‘Picture Perfect’

Tuesday at CPA Central:

  • Epic Master will present ‘Into the Vault’
  • SH will present ‘Talking with Troops’

Wednesday at CPA Central:

  • Dr Flen will present ‘Army in Focus’
  • Max43810 will present ‘Interaction Insanity’

Thursday at CPA Central

  • Jodie will present ‘Ask a CEO’
  • Zoomey will present ‘Armies for Dummies’

Friday at CPA Central

  • Tax1 will present ‘Game Night’

Saturday at CPA Central

  • Bam will present ‘CPAC Comedy Central’

CP Army Central will still be posting news, these are simply just extra posts that will come out for your enjoyment. The majority of them have been taken by CPA Central administration members. In the absence of a staff member, a replacement staff member will attempt to finish the column unless requested not to do so. You can expect the columns above to be out weekly and they will be competing with each other to be your favourite.

More information about what you can expect from the above columns will be published by the specific authors of the column. The first columns, Top Ten and Five Things will come out January 1st and it will then be followed up by Picture Perfect on Monday and so forth. CPA Central looks forward to hearing your thoughts on each of the columns and invites you to give them a chance.

Each person has been given full control over their own column so for any queries, suggestions or thoughts on the columns above, please refer them to the author of that specific column.

What do YOU think? Which Columns sound exciting? What do you predict will be the best column?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer

3 Responses

  1. Nice idea. I can’t wait for “Talking with Troops”.


  2. Didn’t know I was doing that. That’s what happens when you die for 3 days lol rip haha xdxdxd triggered


  3. very organized


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