Tax1 Retires from the Dorito Army

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Summit, Doritos Capital – After a long month of leading the Doritos of Club Penguin & recreating it to its former glory, Doritos Leader & CP Army Veteran Tax1 has retired from the army.

On December 24th, 2016, The Dorito army faced up against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Christmas Chaos VI Finals. The battle was built up to be the biggest battle of the year by both armies but ended up with something much less of that. A small tactical error from the Rebel Penguin Federation leaders gave away the victory for the Dorito Army after just seven minutes. Before this battle there was a rumor going around that Tax1 was going to retire from the army after this battle, although there hasn’t been an official retirement post he announced it in their results post of the Christmas Chaos Finals.

Here’s the statement the Doritos Leadership made in their results post;

Sadly, we also say goodbye to army legend Tax1, he took part in this amazing quest to help DCP become the best army and he definitely did the job. We say farewell to him and we wish him good luck in his future. Thank you Tax for everything. -The Doritos Leadership

In Tax1’s final event as leader of the Doritos they claimed to have maxed 50 on clubpenguin with lockouts, sizes the army community hasn’t seen for months. It was the perfect send off for Tax as he’d be proud to have led an army that could become so big.

Tax1’s final battle as leader of the Dorito Army vs RPF.

Although he has retired from leading armies altogether, Tax1 plans to stay working as a part of Club Penguin Army Central. We’re glad he isn’t leaving us as he’s an exceptional hard worker for us and if he was to leave he’d be deeply missed. Which is how the Doritos will feel after yesterday’s battle as they’ve lost a great leader & worker who’s put so much time & effort into their army. Tax1 joined the Doritos just after the leadership of the Doritos began with the ‘recreation of the Doritos‘ after Mustapha10 was coup’d from the army following a large multi-logging saga that took place for almost two years all to become the best army out there. We at Club Penguin Army Central were shocked of that news and were glad that such actions had been stopped before it was too late, as CP Army Central were beginning to ban armies (including the Doritos) from the top ten had their cheating continued.

Over the past two weeks of Tax1 being the leader of the Doritos he led them in major battles whether it was in the Christmas Chaos tournament or if it was just a practice battle, Tax led them against armies like the Nacho Army & The Rebel Penguin Federation, two quite large armies in today’s army community. We’ve been given info that Tax had joined the army to mainly help them win the Christmas Chaos VI Finals & he did what he promised he’d do.

We also have a picture of the Doritos just before they began battling the Nacho army;

I managed to grab a quick interview with Badboy00932, Currently the Doritos Leader


CPAC = Blue

Bad = Orange

Bad, Why do you think Tax retired from the Dorito Army?

He was only here for the tournament, and promised he’d help us to win it, and he was more than enough help to us and everyone here in the Doritos is grateful for his service.

Will Tax’s departure have a positive or negative impact on the army? 

I don’t see it effecting us negatively. Tax will still be advisor and will probably be very active up until the end of Christmas, but we’ll see I guess.

Will Tax’s departure put the Dorito Army at a disadvantage going into the war with the Rebel Penguin Federation.

I don’t think so. We’re stronger than RPF with just two leaders, the Rebel Penguin Federation needs seven leaders to get 30+.

Any other comments?



As you can see, Badboy the Doritos Leader thinks that Tax’s departure will not effect the army in a negative way & that his army will be stronger than the Rebel Penguin Federation in the war following Tax’s departure. It turns out Tax had just joined the army to help out with the Christmas Chaos tournament.


Personally, it will be sad to see Tax go as he was such a key figure in many armies like the Doritos & Light Troops. Having worked under him in both armies I can gladly say he was a great leader & friend to work with and I think he’s made a great impact on the Club Penguin Army Community. Wherever he goes, whether it’s retire for armies for good or joins another army I wish him the best of luck in his future.

So what do YOU think of Tax1 retiring from the Doritos? Do you think Tax will return to lead an Army in the community once more? Will he become an even bigger figure in the Army Community? Here at CP Army Central, We need YOUR opinions!

๖̶̶̶ۣۜEpic Master

CPA Central Associate Producer

4 Responses

  1. This post is extremely inaccurate, we were already 1st 2 weeks ago without tax.


  2. Tax didnt really take part in the recreation either, he came afterwards


      • Lol, most of this post is exaggerated. Tax was leader for a good 5 days. Bad and I were the ones who basically transformed an already dead fabricated mess into a world power (with the help of many, of course). Tax was a decent leader, but his leadership was short lived.


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