Would You Just Log On Already?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – bucket of coffee – In the final days of Club Penguin before Club Penguin Island exacts itself upon all of us, possibly destroying the community, it’s the right time to discuss a psychological aspect of the troops.

Before this post continues, please try to go to any army-related XAT chat and ask the troops if they want to log onto Club Penguin, and just watch the reaction to follow. This will be relevant towards the end of the post.

Over several years, troops have always logged on obediently and followed through with their commands; however, there is a good chance that the troops feel as though they’re being tortured. Even that feeling has influenced yours truly back in the days where the Ice Warriors were high in the Top Ten every week. Whenever somebody mentioned events, it was dreadful. To drop everything you’re doing and log on is a pain in the neck, you can’t watch Youtube videos, do homework, or anything else other than the event. Why is this the case? Because any amount of distraction wasn’t tolerable.

Even if everyone didn’t have that mindset, there’s destined to be a group of people in this community that feels dread whenever they have to log onto Club Penguin, but the rationale has to be more than just a simple dislike for the gaming platform, if these armies revolved around League of Legends, Minecraft, or Roblox, there’s always going to be many community members that experience dread in logging into the game.

There was an amazing philosopher by the name of Splasher, he tackled this same conflict nearly three years ago, and his research is worth digging deeper into.

I personally believe there’s a few answers for this psychological mystery.


A deep community in the disguise of childish appearance


To start off the personal research, there is something that must be revisited: the fact that everyone is bonded by Club Penguin, but in what way?

For one thing, everyone was recruited here (and there’s a huge chance that a majority were kids) in different ways, whether it was via social media or hearing about this on Club Penguin itself. An age-old psychological mystery begs a simple question: if a majority of community members dread logging onto Club Penguin, why even be here? Why even join? It’s clear as day that whoever joins the community signed up a metaphorical contract to log onto the game when commanded.

That’s just it though, it is only through command that troops log on, and they still dread logging on. It’s even worse when an unscheduled event is announced in the chat room, and as per usual, nobody expects it and dreads logging on.

While many people may not be aware of it, the subconscious of a majority of the troops feel that this game is too childish for their time. To re-establish the ongoing research, Club Penguin’s age range is exclusively for children, and the age range has quietly dropped rather significantly. It went from targeting the 6 – 14 age range to the 5 – 8 age range as evident by the countless Disney-sponsored parties and dumbing down parties to the point where there is little to no plot. They even treat their players like toddlers nowadays.

It’s embarrassing, degrading, and boring to log onto Club Penguin, and that’s a lot coming from a former Club Penguin fan when the parties happened. Many would ask why such a description would be needed to apply to the troops, and there’s a good reason for it.


When troops have to log on late at night.

Highlighting ongoing research, it’s embarrassing for people to log onto the game due to childish appeal, and while children and tweens will want to try out the game, older individuals will either laugh at the person recruiting them, think nothing of the game, or straight up bully the recruiter.

This is why troops don’t want to recruit! In the subconscious, there’s a feeling of embarrassment each time they have to put themselves out there just to gain a few more members, and that research should be a post in itself.

Many people would ask why it’s degrading to log onto Club Penguin, well.. that stems from Club Penguin moderators. They have forgotten (or are unaware of) the more mature members of the community other than the famous users one can find on Twitter and Youtube, and they treat everyone else like young children each time someone communicates to them via E-mail.

Even if it wasn’t degrading, it’s torturously boring to log in. Let’s face it, there’s no plot in parties anymore, the chat filter is so restricted that it’s obviously dead from choking on all that programming, the mascots (and even Herbert) are dumbed down to the lowest of all levels, there’s no more EPF missions, etc. The only thing the community logs on for now is to mainly attend all these events.

If Club Penguin is so horrible, why do people keep coming here? Why do we care so much for the community at all? Why even bother dreading the feeling of logging on? It just makes no sense!



The level of confusion exceeds that of the orange penguin. But the green penguin isn’t wrong..

For as much as the community is confused, there is a rewarding system involved in this research.

Going off of Splasher’s ingenious research conducted roughly three years ago, everyone is bound together by one thing that nobody (except for the relatively newer and younger troops) likes at all: Club Penguin. There are plenty of reasons to dislike it as much as this community does, even when there is a plethora of mass bans that have occurred in the last few years.

Why are we still here?

We’re all here because of XAT. That’s right, a simple chatroom website is the adhesive in this community, and why is that? Social life.

“Chris, not everyone is social. There are plenty of anti-social people in this community. They just want fame or to accomplish something.”

Any way a person looks at it, it always relays back to social life.

Person + real time chatgroups = needs for social interaction being met. Even those that work for the Club Penguin Army World Media are aiming for gains in social life, for example: person + role in a significant organization + production of the best posts to influence the community or gain positive reviews = social life needs are being met.

Let’s not forget this either: person + wanting fame + fame involves people liking a person = a social life.

It’s important to remember this too: person + accomplishing something for themselves + that accomplishment being linked to self esteem + self esteem varies on how peers treat an individual + increasing self esteem through personal achievement = a social life.

The real reason for why we’re here is because we want to be social, it’s in our neurons! The only reason why people choose to log on is due to logging in being a requirement for maintaining a rank and not getting fired, as evident by these logical equations.

Person + log on = rank maintained. Rank maintained + not getting fired = they stay on the chat group, maintaining a social life with their friends.

Person + does not log on = demotion. Constant demotions = firing. Person fired = an aspect of their social life being forcefully taken away. When a person is fired, they’re banished from ever returning to the chat room where their friends reside.


A group of friends

Splasher, are you still here? 

You asked for a solution when you conducted your research roughly three years ago. 

The truth is, there is no true solution to Club Penguin being the condition for maintaining an aspect of a person’s social life. 

But I- no, we have found the answer to the age-old question. 

We’re only human

Here at Club Penguin Army Central, we want YOUR opinion! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian 

9 Responses

  1. So true, brother. Well said.


  2. How many times do people have to be told that CPI was confirmed to only be for mobile?


  3. Sad truth has been wonderfully described in this post. The reason why the interest in this game is dying for the majority of members, and already dead for many. A must read for everyone who cares about this community and its glorious past 🙂


  4. CP Island is in closed beta right now. I don’t think our days are numbered just yet. Sometime in 2017, it will be in open beta, then it will be public. Plus (I know Ryan said it already) CP Island is mobile-only for now. Maybe browser based CP will stay up.


  5. From the viewpoint of somebody who been around since before most people that play now, (in fact, I’d say I’m probably one of the last 2007 people left that still comments) I’d probably focus more on constructing third party CP, or seeing if the old CP will stay up. If worse comes to worse, then atleast transform CPAC into a shrine to this awesome part of internet culture, which for many of us, (myself included) was our first jump into the wilds of the internet,considering almost all of us at the time were in elementary school, and I’m now in my second year of college!

    I remember laughing with Woton, the guy who created this site, and remember him saying “It’ll be great, having one central site to report Army battles, and we’ll even have a ranking for the best armies, we’ll call it, a top ten, hopefully people will take it seriously! XD ”

    Heck I remember Boomer becoming a thing, and being first time noobs with Ganger90! I still have the post up on my old wordpress blog about a CP Robot army me and him were going to create. 😛

    It really does suck being part of this community for so long, yet having bigger things, (major health problems) stopping you from reaching any truly great heights in this community, Ganger90, Cowboysfan13, Flipmoo, Wgfv, Woton. They’re my friends, their from my generation, and they’ll all be remembered.

    If theres one regret I have, its not sticking with Ganger90 and his CP army the Orange Warriors(I think it was called) he got an amazing career out of his own army, and I didnt join in because I wanted to be apart of Nachos at the time. My physical health has screwed me over so many times, both irl and in my CP army career, I can’t even count them all.

    My biggest accomplishments are being leader of the short lived major army the Orange Rebels, 3ic of UMA, Leader of the medium sized army the Elite Romans, and a tactic I made that really is not even used any more.

    I don’t even know most of the people that run the main 5’s (ACP, UMA,Nachos,RPF,IW) websites anymore.

    I’m still young biologically and mentally. (19)

    But by this communities standards, I’m the equivalent of the one old guy who stayed behind, watching as everything changes around him, wondering where everyone has gone, and what they have accomplished elsewhere, then he goes to a nearby statue, commerating the legends of the CPAs and whatnot.

    Did not mean to post this here, but as I was typing this comment, it kind of grew into my own look back on what has happened all these years.

    It’s been almost a decade.

    Wow, time flies. I really miss the golden days, the OG golden days, of 06-08.

    I miss my friends.


    • I understand how you feel, I’m in my last year of high school and I’m feeling really nostalgic nowadays. When I first joined, I was a child, I was a pain in the neck towards my peers, and as I grew up, I was noticing that the greatest people I knew were actually leaving the Ice Warriors. I miss those people as well.

      The Ice Warriors was my home, I had a family there. Now, the chat is empty and the army is never coming back. I miss Icey the most, he brought me here.

      December 23rd will be my 5th anniversary of joining the community, but now.. I have no place to call home in terms of joining an army.


  6. 2010-2012/January 2013 – CP it was been game of my life.
    2015-??? – events are “copy-paste” and Diseny doesn’t add ANYTHING NEW TO GAME. *intensive laughing*


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