Champions Cup V Final Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After several weeks, the Champions Cup V finally draws to a close in an intense battle between the Night Rebels and the Rebel Penguin Federation.

In preparation for the final battle, RPF had no events in the past week, missing out on a spot in the Top Ten entirely. NR, on the other hand, beefed up their activity and sizes, hoping to take their first ever tournament victory.

Room 1: Stadium

The battle began at the Stadium, where RPF troops, wearing blue, attacked the room with an E+9 bomb. The Night Rebels entered and began to form a plus. RPF also moved into a plus formation after their entrance, and the two sides began their tactics. Shortly after, RPF troops piled up on the right stands, then did an ‘RPF OWNS’ bomb while NR did E+K in formation. RPF switched to an E+K waterfall, then formed three vertical lines as NR put up E+G. The sizes were fairly close, but NR was definitely ahead with about 25 compared to RPF’s 21. The Night Rebels changed to an ‘X’ formation, and RPF moved into two lines across the rink. After a few tactics, NR did an E+F clover bomb, which RPF countered with E+5 in their lines. Then, NR got into a triangle formation, and RPF troops did an E+8 and E+9 combination bomb.

Room 2: Ice Berg

15 minutes in, the battle moved to the Ice Berg, where the RPF did a joke bomb, and NR went straight into a circle. RPF briefly doubled up on the circle, then moved into a plus formation. They did a few tactics in these formations, then NR troops switched to an ‘X’ formation. RPF next stacked at the top of the Berg, then quickly let out an E+9 bomb, while NR troops scrambled to also form a pile. After the bomb, RPF swiftly moved into an upside-down ‘T’, doing E+G while NR unleashed an E+2 bomb. The size gap closed a bit in this room, with both sides maxing around 22.

Room 3: Mine

The last room for the final battle was the Mine. NR entered the room doing an E+9 bomb. RPF was doing an E+9 bomb as well, and they moved into a circle. NR got into a plus formation. The two armies exchanged more tactics and threw snowballs at each other, then NR changed to a circle. Here, both armies had diminished in size, but were still very close, making tactics the key factor.



As expected, this battle was a close one. The Night Rebels did have the edge in size at the Stadium, but it began to drop off as troops got locked out and the first room change happened. At the Ice Berg, the sizes had evened out, and RPF was picking up the pace with their tactics, changing formations and attacking with bombs rapidly. Here, the momentum of the battle moved to RPF, who would carry it into the final room, the Mine. Although NR fought hard to hold them off, the RPF managed to keep their comeback strong. The judges decided in a 2-1 vote that the winner of the CPAC Champions Cup V is…

The Rebel Penguin Federation

Congratulations to RPF for their victory, and thank you to all armies who participated in this year’s Champions Cup tournament! The action will continue this weekend as the next tournament, the Christmas Chaos VI, begins. Stay tuned for the first round schedule post.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO

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  1. !nrop evol I


  2. Congratulations to the RPF as well NR for making it to the finals! Great battle to participate in.


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