Smart Penguins Respectively Cease Operations

Ice Breaker, Former SP Capital- As of October 12th, 2016; the Smart Penguins have ended yet another generation. They experienced perpetual success, as well as continuous downfall as their generation came to an end. Click “Read More” to find out more information about their recent closure!

The Smart Penguins have had several generations since late 2013, the first of course being their opening event that had taken place on September 19th, 2013.


Smart Penguins’ first event

Since then, they have had several generations. The most recent generation was established sometime in early August, and has since been concluded. Throughout this generation they had seen multiple wars, those engagements being with the Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation. The following is a picture taken from a training session that took place in August:


SP maintaining sizes of 19+

For a decent period of time, the SP maintained consistency with their events. Consistency in the sense of tactics, formation and size. These characteristics aided them in their inevitable rise. Yet, the absence of these characteristics led to their downfall, and eventual closure. Their last event seeing these sizes shown above, was a mining expedition that had taken place on the 17th of September. Seen below:


SP maintaining sizes of 13+

Soon after their highest placement in the top ten, 5th, they started to strongly decline in event consistency and overall activity. Only having 1-2 events week, at the most, the Smart Penguins would remain momentarily dead for a few weeks, than have a few sporadic events to secure a position in the weekly top ten. Below taken from the October 9th edition of the top ten, where we the SP make an appearance for the last time:


SP secures the 9th position

Superhero123, former leader of the Smart Penguins, made a post regarding the closure of SP, and the possibility of a final generation to come. In this post, he vows that he will return to once again lead a future generation of the Smart Penguins. He claims that this alleged return will happen in less than a year. An excerpt from this post can be seen below;

I am writing this to inform everyone that SP WILL return one day, and that will be in less than a year. I also want to state that till then the only ones who have the right to give permission to someone to revive SP are Vivek, Astro, Dinesh and myself. Every generation made without proof of any of those legends agreeing is false and unofficial. Finally, I want to state that the next generation of SP will be my last one in armies, and that after it I wont be coming on xat at all and neither checking SP site and CPA news sites. I will disappear once it ends once and forever.

As seen in the excerpt above, Superhero seems very confident in the future leadership’s abilities with SP. He is also very content on establishing future generations as soon as possible, rather than not establish any further generations, period.

I found it essential to interview a former leader, while searching for a former leader, I found myself with no one to interview, as all of these leaders have been inactive for quite some time. Rather than leave an interview out, I interviewed former SP LIT, SilentSniper, who was present throughout the army’s rise as well as inactivity. The following is an interview with SilentSniper, former Smart Penguins’ LIT.

Interview with Silent, Former SP LIT

CPAC: As a former LIT, how involved were you with SP performance wise? Were you aware of their inevitable shut down ever taking place?

Silent: I was aware because SP sizes were decreasing, and we took a very long break throughout September, and that weakened SP greatly.

CPAC: Do you believe the leaders made the least bit of an effort to keep the army from facing it’s expected death?

Silent: Yes I did, I believe Super and Astro were going to great lengths to keep the army alive. Autotyping simply wasn’t keeping the army alive, which led them to their downfall, sadly.

CPAC: It is claimed by several former leaders that the SP will be revived before the year’s conclusion, do you see the SP ever returning as a strong unit once again?

Silent: Sadly no, with the decline in CPA, I do not see the SP returning.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Silent: libris et asinum genas

Silent mentions that he was aware of the Smart Penguins’ size decrease throughout this most recent generation. He also claims that this “size decrease” was due to the major instances of inactivity that often took place within the Smart Penguins. Silent also believes that Super and Astro, former SP leaders, gave their best in efforts to keep the army afloat. He finishes saying that the SP will be unable to return, due to the major decline that is currently present within our community.

How did the Smart Penguins make an impact on the community throughout their most recent generation? Will the SP revive themselves once again in the forseeable future?Comment “YOUR”opinion in the comment section below!


CP Army Central Editor-in-chief

7 Responses

  1. Superhero123 is a crap leader on his own. Astro was the main man for recent SP.


  2. The recent gen started in April rather than August 😛


  3. POST ON RF Returning –


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