Rising to The Occasion: Inauguration of Atticus

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Following the retirement of my former colleagues, Jodie and King Funks, the opportunity has arisen for a new leader of this site. On September 26, 2016, I am proud to officially announce my promotion to the rank of Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central.

After joining the ranks of SM Army Press as a reporter just two years ago, I never fathomed the thought of being the head of one of the most prominent organizations in Club Penguin Armies, CPAC. Although I have already been the head of both SMAP and SMAC, I can say this moment is special.

Since joining this community, I can always remember my odd fascination with the media aspect of armies. I can even remotely recall joining every possible small news site in order to gain some sense of recognition from the staff over in CPAWM. I did of course eventually after multiple application failures join the ranks of SMAP and then continued to work my way up to the rank of CEO. However, to prevent any of you from having to hear each and every detail of my media career, I asked myself one simple question before I took this job –

Why do I stay in this community, and more importantly, why do I continue to provide news for this community?

I pondered this very question for a couple days. What keeps me in this community? Upon going through this thought process, I did indeed go back to the time period in which I was considered a novice of sorts. Racing home from school every day just to attend an army’s event or waiting impatiently for the start of the Legends Cup Finals. It might sound silly, but at one certain time, we all truly loved this community.

After continuous thought, I did come to a conclusion. The reason I stay in this community is because I want another little boy or girl to enjoy the same community I grew up to love and cherish. Believe it or not folks, I don’t work here for myself. I don’t gain any  worthwhile accolades. I’m taking the spot of CEO because I want to ensure whatever glimpse of hope remains in this community, can be passed down to that child just trying to have a good time. I’m not saying I can change this desolate environment, but I want to know that I did everything I possibly could for you, your friends and that one individual just trying to get his army into SM Army Central.

Nowadays, you hear all of these politicians telling you what he is going to do to make his jurisdiction a better and safer place. He’s going to do this and he’s going to do that; however, when it comes down to action, that everyday politician isn’t going to practice half of what he says. Ladies and Gentleman, I’m not your typical politician. I’m not going to butter up my resume with empty promises just to ensure you like me. The CEOs that end up failing to complete their jobs are the ones who behold a vision that sounds amazing, but unrealistic to the point that none of it is going to happen.


Taking the role of the new Chief Executive Officers are Lorenzo and I. In addition to this, Jodie will take the role of an adviser for the both of us. Although I can’t speak for Lorenzo, getting CPA Central back to where it use to be is going to be difficult. But even if it turns out to be an uphill battle, we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure CPAC continues to be premier media organization for all of CP Armies, hosting tournaments, providing up-to-the-minute army news, and weekly Top Ten Army rankings and statistics.

With all said and done, I call upon all of you to help us in this journey. Without the help of all of you, none of our goals are possible. This website ceases to exist without you. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prevent the death of this community; however, are you? Let’s make the best of what we have. As the eleventh CEO of Club Penguin Army Central, I now know we are headed for an incredible revival or we may sink to the bottom of irrelevancy. You decide what you want. I’m only here to guide you along the way.


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer

17 Responses

  1. Congratulations Grasshopper!


  2. Goblin’s inauguration post was the best


  3. Congratulations!


  4. Grats


  5. Good luck to both of you, I have faith in you both. If not, you’re both gonna be spanked.


  6. Congratulations! 😀


  7. No mentions of where u were born and raised at all 😦


  8. Atticus kik me immediately


  9. congrats, hope ya do well with it. best of luck mate.


  10. Congratulations, Atticus. I look forward to working with you once again under your CEO-ship. ❤


  11. Congratulations my friend.


  12. Holy Shit Atticus its been a fucking long time


  13. Congrats old pal.


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