Nachos Site Restored By Person1233 Following Defacing

FJORD, Nachos Empire – Yesterday during the morning in the United States, the Nachos site went through a dramatic site defacing with inappropriate pictures being the only thing found on the Nachos Website. Person, former Nachos Leader and Army Legend, was quickly contacted and he restored the website back to almost full working order.

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Top Ten Armies: 8/21/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week was riddled with battles, with over half of the armies in the Top Ten involved in wars somehow. Despite this, most scores dropped from last week. Here’s how things turned out.

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Mustapha10 Removed from Doritos

DISPUTED TERRITORY, Doritos Headquarters – In a shocking turn of events, Wwebestfan, Doritos creator and legend, has removed Doritos leader, Mustapha10 from the DCP leadership. How will this effect DCP?

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DW Declares War on SP

UPDATE, 10:21pm GMT – SP release a response post, which can be viewed by clicking here

FROSTY, DW Nation – In a period of time where war is in no short supply, the Dark Warriors have declared war upon the Smart Penguins. The Dark Warriors have released a declaration of war post, but no response has been posted on the Smart Penguins’ site.

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Doritos Declare War on the Water Vikings; Tensions with UMA

UNSPECIFIED SERVER, Doritos Empire- The new generation of the Doritos Army has been kicked off with a bang, after declaring war on one army, and have increased pains with another.  How will this pan out for the Doritos? Continue reading

Project Super Secret: The End of Club Penguin?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – For a few years, Spike Hike (kind of) left Club Penguin to develop the supposed next stage of the aforementioned gaming platform. Instead of a new feature or a new web series, there will be something that will bring Club Penguin to the next level.. or will it bring it to an all time low? 

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Legends Cup V: Nachos vs Ice Warriors: A Look Back in History

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As Legends Cup VII Finals draw closer everyone becomes more eager to see who will be the victor. However, before we get to Legends Cup VII let’s take a look back at Legends Cup V where Nachos of Club Penguin faced off against the Ice Warriors to try claim the gold and be victorious. Let’s once again hop on our time machines and take a look back to two years ago when the Legends Cup V Finals took place!

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Smart Penguins Declare War on Golds

ICE BREAKER, Smart Penguin’s Empire – Yet another war has broken out. This time it’s Golds and Smart Penguins after SP declared war on Golds on August 17th. What will happen now?

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Legends Cup Finals VI: Water Vikings vs RPF: A Look Back in History

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Legends Cup VII Final is boiling up to be a huge battle between Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation. However, this isn’t the first time they’ve faced off. They also faced on in the Legends Cup VI Final last year. It’s time to hop into the time machine and take a look at the battle they had last year!

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KLONDIKE, 6789cool’s recording studio – After working on it for 2 or 3 days, I’m proud to release my next video – THE TOP TEN ARMIES RANT. In this video, I poke some fun at each of the top ten armies in what turned out as some sort of strange cross between Sir David Attenborough and LeafyIsHere.

Below is the embedded video – if you enjoy it, it would help me greatly if you could visit the youtube page to like and subscribe!

My next upload will most likely be another face-cam video. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for it!


Former Nacho Leader and CPA Content Creator




Madhav Achieves SP Leader

Ice Breaker, Smart Penguins Capital – Madhav2 has been welcomed as a leader of the Smart Penguins. How will this turn out?

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Legends Cup VII – Finals Predictions

0hLdX1p 10.38.39 AM

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – A tournament that featured the best of the best facing off to claim the Legends Cup VII trophy has now been narrowed down to only 2 competitors. With both armies prepared to give, everything they got to capture this much-anticipated trophy, the CPA Central upper staff have cast their own predictions weighing insight on this final.

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Verum Fired From Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors’ Nation – In a shocking turn on events, Verum, who was Dark Warriors leader, has been fired from the Dark Warriors. Why did this happen? Only one way to find out!

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Underground Mafias Army Returns to the Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Underground Mafias Empire- A historical army that has been embedded in many important moments in our community has recently returned, and is already making some moves to contend for the top spot on the top ten. Continue reading

The Buddy Controversy: What Really Happened?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As the community know, Water Vikings were struck with a vile act as one of their leaders, Buddy, who had decided to give WV’s chat password to RPF as well as attempt the merge of Water Vikings into Rebel Penguin Federation. Today we take a closer look into the build up of the carnage and what was going on in Buddy’s mind building up to the events.

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