CPA Central Top Ten Armies [28/08/16]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters –  As we come to the end of our annual Legends Cup, witness numerous retirements and see a general decline due to school starting back up, a new army has claimed the top spot this week.

cpac top ten armies
1. Underground Mafias Army [76.53] [NEW!]

2. Water Vikings [62.83] [-1]

3. Army Republic [56.90] [+3]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [54.38] [-2] 

5. Teutons [53.77] [+3] 

6. Golds [51.00] [+3]

7. Wild Ninjas [48.88] [NEW!] 

8. Nachos [41.63] [-4] 

9. Army of CP [40.00] [-6]

10. Doritos [38.25] [NEW!]

Full Statistics Here

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Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Underground Mafias Army: The Underground Mafias Army held an AUSIA training session whilst maxing and averaging 16, then held a US training session maxing and averaging 30. The UMA held a US defense of Summit whilst maxing and averaging 35, then maxed and averaged 20 at an AUSIA training session. The army held a UK training session while maxing and averaging 30, then held another AUSIA training session in which approximately 35+ troops showed up. The UMA then held an AUSIA tactics session in which they maxed and averaged 20, then held an AUSIA invasion of Sasquatch with sizes of 18 as a max. The UMA then held an AUSIA invasion of Sardine whilst maxing and averaging 20, then held an AUSIA invasion of Glacial with once again sizes of 20 to end the week.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 5.24.36 PM

2. Water Vikings: Water Vikings have had a busy week. On Sunday they had 3 events. The invasion of Tuxedo, where they maxed 22, invasion of Snowmobile, where they maxed around 23 and the invasion of Snowback where they maxed 24. On Wednesday they had 2 events, invasion of Bobsled where they got a total of about 19 and invasion of Walrus where they got about 17 people online. To finish their week they had the Legends Cup VII Final where they got a total of about 45 people online.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 2.50.33 PM

3. Army Republic: Army Republic started off their week with the invasion of Crystal where they maxed 14. Next they done a training event where they maxed 8. Their next event was a training session which was raided by bot. At that event they got a total of 8+. For their next event they logged on Icicle. At that event they maxed 22. They then marched on Toboggan maxing 9+. Their next event was a training session where they maxed 15. Their next event was a u-lead session where they maxed 15. The next event was the defense of Toboggan vs Hippos where they maxed 4. They then defended Zipline.


4. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF started off their week with a training session where they got about 21 online. Their next event was also a training event where they maxed a total of 12. At their last event of the week they were at the Legends Cup VII Finals. At there not only did they manage to win but they maxed over 40+ in the process.


5. Teutons: The Teutons experienced an active week, beginning with an unscheduled UK training session where they maxed 12 and averaged 11, then held a UK patrol of Big Foot whilst maxing and averaging 10 in troop sizes. The army then holds an AUSIA training session while they max 10 and average 9, then held a UK invasion of North Pole with troop sizes of 10. The army maxes and averages 6 at a UK invasion of Rocky Road, then maxed sizes of 10 at an AUSIA training session. The Teutons held an AUSIA invasion of Glacier and maxed 15, averaged 13, then held a UK invasion of Snow Globe whilst maxing 12 and averaging 11. The aforementioned army maxes and averages 9 at a UK training session, then holds an AUSIA training session with a max size of 9 and average of 7. The Teutons held a UK practice battle against the Kings of CP army while the latter maxed 10 and averaged 9 to finish off the week.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 5.02.11 PM

6. Golds: The Golds begin their week with an unscheduled US training session whilst maxing and averaging approximately 8 in troop size, then proceeded with a US training session and maxed 9, averaged 8. The Golds then hold a US recruiting session and maxed 10, then had a US training session while they maxed and averaged sizes of 9. The Golds held a US training session and maxed 12, averaged 10, then ended the week with Jodie’s final event, wherein they maxed and averaged 17.

7. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas start off with a US training session whilst maxing 7 and averaging 6, then maxed 8, averaged 5 at another US training session. The army held another US training session whilst maxing 9 and averaging 7, then had a US training session while maxing 6 and averaging 5. The Wild Ninjas then maxed sizes of 3 at another US training session, then had an AUSIA training session and maxed 10, averaged 8. The army then holds a US training session whilst maxing 8 and averaging 5, then maxed 12, averaged 8 at another US training session. The army then held an AUSIA training session wherein they maxed 12 and averaged 8, then held a US invasion of Zipline whilst maxing 20 and averaging 15. The Wild Ninjas then held a US training session in preparation to invade another army whilst maxing 8 and averaging 6, then ended the week with a US invasion of Down Under whilst maxing 11 and averaging 8.

8. Nachos: To start off Nacho’s week they invaded Fiesta maxing 5. Next, they had a recruiting session maxing a total of 11. Their next event was another recruiting session where this time they maxed 20. Their next event was the invasion of Fjord where they maxed 10.

9. Army of Club Penguin: To start of their week ACP defended Breeze, maxing 15. Their next event was a war training event which was interrupted by bots. However, they managed to max 15. They then had another event which was also bot raided. They still however, managed to max 13.

25th august 2016 uk 4

10. Doritos: The Doritos had a relatively short week, starting off with a US battle against an unlisted opponent (that failed to make their presence) whilst maxing and averaging approximately 12, then held an unscheduled US training session whilst maxing and averaging 17. Even though the Doritos had a short week, they aim to become more active as they dive into the next week.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 5.22.49 PM


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42 Responses

  1. It’s been a honour working here at CPAWM, and I’m glad I got to make both Top Tens one more time before I left.

    If any of you like me enough to want to read my retirement post, the link is:


  2. TEUTONS!!!!!!




  4. Keep working hard, WV. And good job, Teutons!




  6. I’m not in dcp


  7. Armies have been going through a rough time but congratulations to AR, Teutons, and Golds for making some great gains, and also its nice to see Wild Ninjas back on the top ten. RPF and WV I’m sure will be getting back into rhythm now that the tournament is over and they can resume as normal. With that being said, not everyone can climb back to the top right away, but we managed it.

    UMA Style

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  9. New Teutons record!



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  11. For the first time, WV was actually robbed of first. UMA clearly multilogs and some retards dont see that lmao.


    • *Looks at latest Omegas generation* You were saying..?


    • Hey Epic, I managed to find your comment extremely cute! Here are some of the things I would like to make note to you, since you clearly fail to grasp the position you’re cramming yourself into. The comment “UMA clearly multilogs” is extremely uneducated, for the simple fact that if UMA “clearly multilogged,” there would already be mountains of evidence and deductions. The only thing that is clear here is that you’re just one of Waterkid’s jealous step stools, who couldn’t succeed on their own without him because they needed his Camelogical clan, Oldcp sponsorship, and tons of owners and legends to keep returning, all to multilog for sizes of 100 which CPAC didn’t even add to the top ten… because THAT was where there was a situation in which an army clearly multilogs.

      I fail to see why you have any credibility to make a comment like that, because the last person who made a petty remark without providing detailed evidence and making valid points, got their ass handed to *cough cough Kingfunks cough* and while I would write a rant about you, you don’t have any significant career achievements or any high ranks for me to tear down from you, besides the fact that you were some forgettable owner rank in Light Troops. Also, anyone who has their profile picture either as a joke or seriously thinks his image is a good way to promote yourself is an actual “retard,” not the people who don’t see UMA “clearly multilogging.” If you provided at least some evidence, no matter how minor, to back up your claims, that would’ve been fine for a comment, but you honestly fucked yourself up.

      I decided to quickly give your name a search on the CPAC archives because I know little to nothing about your irrelevant ass, but I managed to find that you led some small army called Omegas and merged them… into SWAT. (Post here for proof: Need I remind you that SWAT is one of the few armies, like Doritos for example, that have been exposed for cheating in some form in every single fucking generation, and that is an attribute of “clear” multilogging, not an army getting high sizes and you being jealous because you suspect cheating but don’t have the brain capacity to actually do some evaluation and come up with your own evidence.

      I also found a post about you getting overthrown in Marines. What was the reason? YOU WERE FUCKING CAUGHT TRYING TO CHEAT. (Post here for proof: And by the way before you say “Wow you got so salty you spent 10 hours writing this comment,” it has taken me about 5 minutes so far and already I found you being a hypocrite twice on the first search of your name. In the post which I linked above, Revan said: “He was caught attempting to cheat by faking events and when confronted, he was discovered trying to create a new army with two of our mods, which later failed.” The only interesting part of your career, at least according to you in your retirement post, which barely anyone gave a shit about, by the way, (Post here for proof:, was when you were in the multilogging Light Troops who got 100, and you claim to this day anyone who calls out the fact that all the penguins were brand new which is odd for people trying to get memberships, or that OldCP itself couldn’t even carry that many people on their own game itself, and keeping in mind that it wasn’t even during the summer time, you’re a major hypocrite, and your opinion isn’t worth shit.

      So yeah, tl;dr, fuck off.

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    • so did LT xd


      • good fucking book man, i didnt read it but i understand you’re mad that you need to multilog to be relevant and i understand you’re jelous of the glorious light troops’ sizes. If we multilogged we would’ve been caught, like you guys have been already (lol) so don’t cry mach (or step) that UMA cheats to be cool.


        • also, we didnt have OldCP in the Easter, we only had an ad on OldCP. We didnt link our chat or anything on the game, just because we were the only army to give REAL memberships & get REAL troops doesn’t mean you need to be mad. Also answer this; During easter & christmas waterkid was already a CPA legend, why would he need to multilog over 70 penguins to be relevant? lol? He’s not trader or you, you lowlife cunt still leading club penguin armies to this day and cheating at them just to be cool & relevant. get a life.


        • why would i try to be cool in a club penguin community lmfao


  12. lol uma multilogs, people are just dumb to see it. ROAST ME MACH U .. U… U…. MEANIE HEAD


  13. UMA rad, others mad.


  14. UMA shut down for multilogging…. oops….


    • UMA shut down because of an argument… nice try buddy. Ask ANYONE in our inner circle we’ve had internal problems this week


    • the issue with UMA had nothing to do with multilogging. we simply had an internal beef & consensus said it was better to shut down.

      For the single remaining CEO of what it supposed to be a reliable source of news, I’d figure you’d be better at checking your facts.


      • Daniel was ranting on chat about multilogging at AUSIA events in particular. So…


        • you werent very precise in your comment

          chip and mach multilogged for AUSIA lol


          • :^) i wuz only at 1 ausia fam


          • There’s no need to bring UMA’s good name into this drama, the reason you closed down UMA was because of internal issues and nothing further. Honestly I don’t even want to get into spreading any of the beef and feuding, I just want to move on, and hope that everyone else moves on from it as well, so I’d rather you not trash on the rep of something that all of us poured our hearts into. With that being said, quit satiating the hungry UMA haters just because you want nothing to do with me.

            If you really wanted nothing to do with me, you wouldn’t go out of your way to make underhanded remarks and unnecessary comments, when I have not been doing the same thing whatsoever. Also, at Kingfunks, I can confirm exactly what Step and Goblin said regarding the closure of UMA. Eyes, I’d really like to let everything go, as once again I’ll say you made it very clear you didn’t want any association with me, so why drag this on? I have no beef with you, otherwise I’d be doing the same exact thing.


            • You say you have no beef with funks yet you have a whole post ranting about him AND you went out of your way to put “the kingfunks rant” in your name. Not to mention having it as your xat homepage. Someone is obsessed.


              • When I said “I have no beef with you,” the comment was directed towards Daniel, as anyone who knows how to properly read would be able to tell, as the most recently mentioned proper noun (aka the person the comment would be grammatically attributed to) was Eyes (as in Eyes521, Daniel’s username). I never said I didn’t have beef with Funks, please read more closely before critiquing.


              • As for your “obsessed” comment, the only remotely valid point you had was the rant post itself: putting it in my name and homepage was simply a means of promoting the post that I’d made, obsession would be constantly continuing on that series by, for example, writing even more posts about him. I wrote the one post, covered the points I wanted to, and was satisfied with the work I did. Writing “the kingfunks rant” and copy-pasting a url into my home page is by no means “going out of my way,” especially when I wrote an essay, and even that didn’t take me very much time or effort.


  15. this comment section is cancer


  16. how funny, ceo intelligence beats me every time


  17. Kings Of Club Penguin new site our events are there


  18. All of Kings Of CP events this week are here i just changed the site url


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