Madhav Achieves SP Leader

Ice Breaker, Smart Penguins Capital – Madhav2 has been welcomed as a leader of the Smart Penguins. How will this turn out?

Already starting to plan schedules, Madhav has begun his carrier as leader of the red army. Right now, the average sizes of SP are close to 15, with a very strong ausia division and very well performed tactics.

After some time ending a war with the Rebel Penguin Federation, a new leader has appeared, this could mean a big change for the army, it may become stronger than it is now. Only time will tell the answer. But now lets analyze a bit deeper the SP performance after Madhav joining.

In August 15th, the new leader made a post, which reads:

Hey SP,

So this army called “Saints” have started invading us but we won’t let that happen as we are gonna defend our servers with pride and joy. They have no servers on the world map and for some reason they want to take ours.  Personally, I want to see the world map to get reset to prove who the real champion is. But anyway, here are the defenses : *

*The rest are schedules

It seems like a war has begun already, between Saints and SP. It was in response to the Saint’s attacks, reason why Madhav decided to interfere. The invasions were scheduled and can be seen in their website.

I managed to get an interview with Madhav, to see what are his views for SP future.

CPAC (Bayleef): What are your views for SP future?

Madhav: They are seeing SP in a Top 3 Role. And our US division is improving.

CPAC: What will you do to improve SP?

Madhav: I am currently in charge of the US division so I will hire new US troops and probably another leader to lead beside me

CPAC: Do you have anything planned for the future?

Madhav: Yes, being the best all around army ever

CPAC: Anything to add?

Madhav: Help making history by joining SP.

Madhav gave us a good impression as a leader. His plans, as you can read, are hiring more US staff, to improve that division, as their Ausia and UK are good enough. Also, their goal is to reach top 3, and the dream that every single leader wants: leading your own army to be the best army ever.

With the first event with the new SP leader as a sucess, we can expect good leading from him. Good luck, Madhav.

Now, what do YOU think? Will SP be boosted? Will this mean a big change in the Smart Penguins? Comment what do you think below!



3 Responses

  1. *licks post*


  2. It’s Madhav not MadHav but good post anyway bro


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