Top Ten Armies: 7/3/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week… well, not a whole lot happened this week, except for a whole bunch of practice battles.

Top Ten

1. Water Vikings [75.42] [+0]

2. Night Rebels [66.87] [+2]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [61.00] [+3]

4. Golds [59.73] [+5]

5. Army Republic [59.00] [-2]

6. Army of Club Penguin [55.84] [+2]

7T. Nachos [49.00] [-2]

7T. Ice Warriors [49.00] [+2]

9. Wild Ninjas [46.67] [NEW!]

10. Night Warriors [40.50] [-3]

Full stats


Point Deductions

  • Ice Warriors: 15 points (multilogging)

1. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings commenced their week with a UK/US training session, which successfully saw heights of 26+. Their next event was an AUSIA recruiting session, which managed to reach a peak of around 24 penguins. Their next two events were Practice Battles, of which they ended as the victors of both, against the Army of the Republic and Golds. Continuing on with an AUSIA event, the army successfully maxed sizes of 18+. Once again holding two Practice Battles in a row, one versus the Nachos and the other a 3 way PB versus the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Water Vikings managed to attain sizes of 30+ throughout both events, including lockouts. They then held another AUSIA event, before finishing their week with an impressive UK/US training, maxing sizes of around 35.


2. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels kicked off their week with an unscheduled AUSIA training event, reaching sizes of 13. This was followed by a late UK training event, which managed to attain sizes of 22+ throughout. Their next event was of the same time zone, except reaching slightly higher sizes of 25+. With their next four events falling in size, ranging from between 15-18 penguins online, alongside being raided by bots during some events, the Night Rebels finished their week with an AUSIA training session, reaching sizes of 17+.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation commenced their week with what is being called Operation: Sunday Storm. In this, the RPF managed to see heights of 21+ penguins. They continued their week to raid the Ice Warriors’ capital, without any defence to the raid being shown. The army maxed sizes of 18+ throughout. Their next two events took place over the US/UK time zones, seeing sizes of 17+ in both. Followed by a US training event, maxing 13+, the RPF held a Practice Battle against the Water Vikings, seeing the same sizes of their previous event. To finish their week, the RPF held a US event, which is being called a North Pole Frenzy, once again reaching sizes of 13+.

4. Golds: This week, the Golds held 9 events in total, as their week consisted of 2 UK, 2 AUSIA and 5 US events. Their wee started with a Practice Battle against the Night Warriors, reaching sizes of 12+. Their next 3 events were also Practice Battles, one against the Army of Club Penguin, in which they maxed 15, their next the Water Vikings, for which the army is claiming sizes of 18, which was then followed by a PB versus the Army of the Republic; which saw sizes of 17. Taking a break from Practice Battles, the Golds’ next event was an AUSIA training session, maxing 13. The Golds held 3 more PB’s this week, with the best of those being against the Night Rebels, reaching heights of 20, alongside an AUSIA recruiting session which saw heights of 16+.


5. Army Republic: The Amy Republic commenced their week with a PB against the Water Vikings, maxing 12. Their next event was a training session/Find Four games night. In this, the AR managed to reach sizes of 15 throughout. In their next event, which was a US Practice Battle against the Night Rebels, which maxed sizes of 11. Following this was a Practice Battle against Golds, which averaged 12+ penguins. The next two events were training events, with one maxing sizes of 13 and the other 11. The Army Republic finished their week with another Practice Battle against the Golds, attaining sizes of 11.

6. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin begun their week with two AUSIA training events. In the first, the ACP saw around 15 penguins online, whilst with the other their size dropped a little, maxing 11. They continued their week with a UK Practice Battle on Flippers against the Golds, in which the army saw heights of 14. Later on in the week the ACP had another PB with the Golds, improving a little this time – reaching heights of 16. Alongside this, the Army of CP also held a US training session, maxing 13 and an AUSIA recruiting session which successfully reached 14+. They finished their week with an AUSIA U-Lead event, which saw around 9 penguins online.

7T. Nachos: Only holding 4 events this week, the Nachos began with a UK/US training session, maxing 13. Their next event was igloo raiding, during which they also saw sizes of 13. With the event that followed being a Practice Battle against the Water Vikings, the Nachos saw heights of 16. They finished their week with a North Pole Frenzy, reaching sizes of 11+.

7T. Ice Warriors: This week, the Ice Warriors kicked off with a US training session on Husky, maxing 24+. They went on to hold a US recruiting session on Blizzard, for which they are claiming to have maxed 40 penguins online. Their next event was a training event on Husky, maxing sizes of around 27. The Ice Warriors finished their week with a mining (recruiting) event, for which they claim sizes of 45.

9. Wild Ninjas: Returning to our Top Ten this week, the Wild Ninjas held two UK training events at the start of the week, maxing sizes of 5. This was followed by an AUSIA event, which attained the same sizes. Their next event was a training on South Pole, maxing 9. Their next two events saw heights of 5, before holding an event on Ice Cube which maxed 8 penguins online. They then held an event which maxed 2, before finishing their week with a training event which attained sizes of 6 throughout the entirety of their event.

10. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors started their week with a training on Fog in order to show new troops how they hold their events. In this, the NW maxed sizes of 8. Their next event was also a training on Fog, this time reaching sizes of 11. The NW finished their week with a recruiting event on Ice Berg, once again reaching sizes of 8.

Ice Warriors Statement

Only a couple weeks following their last deduction, the Ice Warriors are being penalized again for multilogging, this time at the hands of Trader. The evidence collected below (submitted to CPAC anonymously), along with confirmation from a couple of IW troops, proves that IW reached illegitimate sizes this week. They will be deducted points in this and the following week’s Top Ten.

Note: The following was submitted to CPAC anonymously, and was not written by CPAC staff.

The previous Romans generation, led by Badboy, Trader, and Serpent, seemingly came out of nowhere with sizes of 25+. This immediately raised suspicion throughout the community.

Here is a picture of a Romans event:
In this event, Trader’s and Serpent’s (Kunzzz) penguins are present. Badboy was not leading at the time, hence why Heisatrooper, his penguin, isn’t seen. Between the fact that the Romans’ rank page was entirely empty except for the leaders at the time, and that they did not even have a Xat chat group, it’s very unlikely that any of the penguins at this event were real troops.
This is an IW event from 2-3 days ago in which Trader was present; the circled penguins are the suspected multilogs.
Two of these penguings, Gerryzmodz and Serpent5555, were also at the aforementioned Romans event, wearing the same items:
Here is proof that Serpent5555 isn’t Serpent’s penguin:
Furthermore, IW held another event a few days later and Trader couldn’t attend this one, hence why Trader Cp is not present. Neither are Gerryzmodz, Serpent5555, or Godzilla.
Lorenzo Bean
CPA Central CEO
SMA Central CEO

69 Responses

  1. Keep it up, WV!!! ❤


  2. you forgot the continue reading button (ono)


  3. Reblogged this on CP Vikings and commented:
    First for a third week running, keep it up and well done to both UK and AUSIA divisions for being the biggest divisions around!! 😀


    • too bad ur 3 scared to declare war on my army xd poofeel worrior


    • Are there even any UK divisions over the summer? Because it looks like armies just hold times where UK and US timezones can both log on, so the armies that claim it as “UK” in reality are “UK and US”. And since thats the case (just for this week since next week might be differet) IW has a higher “UK” size as well as US?

      Maybe if UK events were held at like 7 am EST or earlier it would be its own division of itself, but now it seems like the 3 divisions are AUSIA, US/UK timezone overlap with no solo UK events, and US (after 6 pm or so), ever since TT formula stopped counting the UK as a curve which was like a year ago.


      • IW were deducted for multilogging so maybe I should have said biggest legitimate division. I agree there isnt really a distinct UK division, though.


        • If there were others than just Trader and his 2(?) multilogged accounts, then I would agree with you, but if he didn’t the points would remain higher, albeit much closer.

          I have no quarrel with WV and I am glad the multilogging was exposed and hopefully the IW leaders can try to bounce back from this, although I think your quarrel was with Trader and not IW as a whole, but I could be mistaken.


  4. I joined WV coz im an army hopping little faggot so its nice to see we came first


  5. Golds great job, congrats to Wv again.


  6. Nice work Golds. Nice work WV, 3rd straight week 😉


  7. someone declare a war, really


  8. Nice job to all armies this week ! 😀


  9. Nice job WV, Golds, AR and Nachos! Let’s keep up the great work guys.

    also GG IW


  10. Great job to the top 5 armies!


  11. I’m going to prove how retarded this is even though I’m retired and give 0 shits about if this is removed or not.

    “It is without a doubt that romans were ALL multilogs. It was a 3-man army. Badboy, Trader, and Serpent. Disclaimer: I’m not saying Serpent multilogged.”

    All events Badboy were in was removed. This is a retarded statement.

    “In this event, we see Trader’s penguin and Serpent’s penguin (kunzz) Badboy was not leading at the time, hence why heisatrooper, his penguin, was not present at this event. By this, we acknowledge that every single penguin here is a multilog of Traders. ”

    That’s not really proof, just bullshit.

    “Funny how in the IW picture, gerrymodz and serpent555 were standing RIGHT BESIDE trader.”

    Tell all troops to not stand by their leader, it’s suspicious, right?

    . “Lol this is too easy.”

    xd your mom is easy.

    None of this is proof it’s really just your opinion and doesn’t belong on the top 10? I don’t see pictures of other armies penguins not being there when a leader isn’t attending. This really makes no sense and I see no reason for this to be here. This makes CPAC look like a joke.


    • no you’re just a fucking dumbass who can’t cover their tracks. Sorry.


    • Can you explain why GerryModz and Serpent555 were in romans (100% multilog army) at at IW both times you were leading? They also weren’t online when you weren’t. Don’t go saying Romans weren’t fake. Come on bro, the proof is right, there was LITERALLY no chatbox.


      • chip, for people like trader it’s pointless to argue with them, we know that he is a multilog scumbag faggot retard it’s pointless to even talk to him


    • clearly it was easy enough to get points deducted from IW idk :/


  12. Send my condolences.


  13. we should take iw off and let some well deserved armies take there spot
    they multilog multilog and did I forget to mention they multilog


  14. Good job to all armies this week!


  15. So IW would’ve gotten a close second…..


  16. The only thing that’s happening is a whole bunch of PB’s because there’s no reason to have a war if the server map is gonna come and remove it all. Lmfao how about finishing the damn thing so summer in armies can finally kick off.
    Cause like if it’s not done soon Imma just no longer even recognize it as its ruining our summer waiting for the damn thing.
    Buncha communists


  17. Reblogged this on Night Rebels of Club Penguin and commented:
    Great job Night Rebels! We are 2nd! Keep it up the good work! AUSIA, and UK one of the biggest divisions around, as well as US! :mrgreen:


  18. NW sizes… nah.
    Keep it up RPF!


  19. Great Job Wild Ninjas 🙂 Top 9 in CPAC


  20. ▪On mobile▪
    Hello to all,
    Altho I’m retired and gone, I check CPAC tpday after like 3 weeks. I found Trader’s thingi going on ! Well, who gives a fuck? Everyone multilogs. Not o ly IW, Clan or WV, but every1

    I’ll be on xat tmrw
    -Flen on mobile


  21. Lol alright trader’s being put on blast again yet funks got exposed a week ago for multilogging and nothing happens lol this community is such a joke everyone should just kill themselves lol xd


    • Can I have proof that Funks multilogged? Don’t say he was booted offline with five other penguins. PROVE IT. Show a video or something. Also the reply to your second comment is: The proof was completely liable. Although sadly I can’t take credit for this exposure, I must say whoever exposed them did a fantastic job. Romans were 100% multilogs. Two of the 15 multilogs at the event were seen at IW events whenever Trader was online and when he wasn’t, they weren’t either.


      • Funks was hit off a week ago and five penguins did go off, so I will continue to say that. Just none of us are as obsessed or care enough to take videos and collect evidence for 6 hours a day like you and other faggots around this community who don’t have any self control. and i thought you were retired yet here you are continuing to nose around other people’s business. what else is new?? you weren’t involved in any of this so go piss off, it was much more peaceful the last week when you WEREN’T around.


        • Yeah sure of course I was LOL


        • bro im not gonna lie. id say the exact same thing if i had no evidence too 😦 but hey, the person went as far as finding funks’s ip and booting hm offline, why couldn’t he simply record a 10 second video? who knows bro! lol


      • Exactly ^ Now that Icey, Drew, Ghost and spy are gone, Trader thinks he owns IW lol!!


  22. also not to mention the fact that IW’s statement was written completely unprofessionally and just goes to show how much of a joke CPAC has come to be. first we’re banning people from armies for stupid shit now we’re publicly bashing them on top tens great job maintaining a professional environment. Armies think with this coalition shit they’ll be moving forward we’re just unraveling at the seams and this is a prime example of that


  23. Well ACP that is a bit if an improvement so let’s keep this, also nice work Holds lets keep this up.


  24. Lol @ the comments. Every pro-WV comment got +10 dislikes in the time span of 30 minutes and every anti anti-trader comment got +10 dislikes in 30 minutes. Trader, you’re just showing that you’re desperate and that you have no support. Let it be known, you have no supporters.


  25. Trader u dont even hv proof that funks multilogged. U just multilog like crazy bc u want to become 1st on top ten by always cheating. cant u try becoming 1st by not doing illegal things. Oh wait yea u cant bc thers no way u can get 1st. Wv is totally legit unlike u


  26. Nice job Golds.




  28. What’s the link for the CPAC top ten registrar?


  29. Epic


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