Editorial: The Community’s Moral Vicissitude

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It is part of human nature to change and progress, but progression comes at a price. This community is constantly losing more and more of it’s integrity and we’re now resorting to methods that were previously outlawed and looked down on in the community. In this editorial, I will be talking about the moral vicissitude, or in more simple terms, the natural change of morality, so we can try and achieve more success.

Before I begin this post, I want to address the situation this community is in. This community is falling, people are retiring and cheating is rife in the community. Many veterans and respected figures have debated why the community is falling for a long time and blame different people for our fall. Some blame Elmikey, some blame Waterkid and some blame the media. The real reason the community is dying is because of ourselves and how our morals are constantly changing. In this post, I will take a look at the parallels of the present generation and the people who came before us, how the fall of ACP affected the community’s morals, the rise of Messiah’s like Elmikey and Waterkid and how our ego has eaten us alive.

Table of Contents

I. Parallels of the Present and the Past 

II. The Guardians of Integrity

III. The False Messiah’s

IV. A Time For Unity

I. Parallels of the Present and the Past

Bot recruiting has become an essential recruiting method since Waterkid first introduced it last summer. It was the successor of autotyping and rose many armies, for a while. Bot recruiting is similar to alcohol, you have a few drinks, everything is seeming great and you’re having a great time, but then you notice you’re sick and started to throw up, then you wake up the next morning feeling awful. Bot recruiting provided us with the same results, the community was thriving until all our lines and army names got censored. Here is an excerpt from a post by Bluesockwa1 in 2012.

The issue of ACP using bots to recruit was brought to my attention this morning on ACP chat, where members were talking about bots.  Curious, I asked what happened.  All of the answers said the same thing:  ACP was using bots to recruit, thinking it was legal, and not telling any of the soldiers.  This was used by the “ACPRR”, or Army of Club Penguin Recruiting Regiment, a part of ACP that focuses on, well, recruiting.   Newly promoted ACP 3ic Snaily and ACP leader Ant came up with the idea, ACP leader Funks promotes it, and Obama controls the bots.  Later, I was linked to the Pirates website, which had a post from yesterday on it about the bots.

Here we can see that bot recruiting was first attempted by the Army of Club Penguin. Snaily and Antman used a program to bot recruit in 2012, but Flipper and Mchappy soon closed down the Army of Club Penguin Recruiting Regiment and the community was annoyed about the bot recruiting. The full post by Bluesockwa1 can be read Here. Now, I would like to focus your attention on May, 2015, when bot recruiting was introduced as the cure to the community’s problem in 2015. At first, there was deductions, but then the community began to start to share Waterkid’s view. Ice Warriors and Doritos began to bot recruit as well which ended up with three armies vying for control of rooms and having the most bots on. Armies having 5 bot recruiters on, led to 20 bots in one room. Club Penguin began to counter this problem with censoring the words; army, warriors and troops. People continued recruiting even after this and now the majority of phrases are blocked on Club Penguin.


Light Troop’s bot recruiting.

The first known example of multilogging was in 2012 by 122344a, Burritodaily and Vinny. During this time, Army Republic multilogged about 2-4 penguins at most, but when they were exposed, the public outrage was massive. People were outraged and annoyed at Army Republic. The perpetrators apologized and haven’t multilogged since, but then SWAT began multilogging and Ganger90 was exposed. The armies that continued to multilog weren’t very successful, they were either exposed because in order to mass multilog, they needed a lot of people to help them do it, or they just multilogged four penguins, which didn’t really make a difference.

Fast forward to 2015 and we’ve seen a far worse epidemic. In Summer 2015, we were introduced to Opera, Opera was used in private by Doritos, but then in the gravest mistake of my career, I joined SWAT and showed them how to multilog. This led to multilogging becoming an epidemic and while armies publicly condemned it, people were doing it in secret. Evidence emerged of Dark Warriors, the Army of Club Penguin and various other armies. Instead of uniting to combat this threat, we ended up becoming more divided than ever.

The reason that these parallels in the community are important is that it shows the division between the present and the past. In the past, we would have taken more action against bot recruiting and multilogging, but because of the state armies are in, we’ve accepted it. The rise of these two methods can be compared with the rise of Fascism in Germany. In Germany, the economy was awful, people were unemployed and starving in the streets. Hitler came along and promised a new way that would bring better results. Armies were falling and it was evident, so people came along and promised a new way to solve this crisis similarly to Hitler. I will touch on this topic later in the editorial. Armies have been falling since 2012, all autotyping and bot recruiting did was slow it down and dig us a bigger hole to climb out of.

II. The Guardians of Integrity

The Army of Club Penguin has always set themselves up as the good guys. The people who would stand for honor and integrity and would stand up against the evil in Club Penguin Armies. I’m pretty sure everyone here knows the history of ACP and how they shaped the community, but if you don’t, then here’s a brief synopsis. ACP was founded in 2007 by Oagalthorp and was the first organised Club Penguin Army. They maintained their success all the way up to 2012. Boomer20 led them to sizes of over 100 in CPAC’s Decades End tournament and produced great leaders like Kenneth10, Flipper, Boomer, Mchappy and Shab. They were seen as the guardians of integrity and many armies despised them like the Light Troops. The Light Troops were the polar opposite of ACP, they were led by Ioio and were successful in leading various war campaigns. They were controversial because of how they put a dead ACP penguin on their avatar and got suspended because of it.

Light Troops were very anti-establishment and hated CPA Central, they made posts mocking ACP and were the successor to the Underground Mafias Army in the terms of despising ACP. The two armies fought each other right up to the death of the Light Troops in 2016. The conflict between these two armies can be described as the biggest rivalry in CP Armies. One of the reasons that I brought up this conflict was because of the Black Alliance. The Black Alliance consisted of armies who wanted to stand up against the Army of Club Penguin, CPA Central and the CP Army Council. Light Troops, Dark Warriors, SWAT and Pirates pioneered the Black Alliance and the White Alliance was made up of the Army of Club Penguin, Army Republic, Ice Warriors and Nachos.

Eventually the Black Alliance lost and dissolved and Pirates died. After the retirement of Flen, ACP soon began to fall and was kept stable by Mchappy in early 2013, but soon Capncook and Tori took the helm. After this, ACP lost it’s place at the top of Club Penguin Armies and the community began to change again. The Army of Club Penguin was pivotal to the community because of their veterans. People like Boomer and Shab tried to change the community when multilogging came in and revert it back to the warfare we saw before 2012, but were unsuccessful. The reason people followed what ACP did wasn’t because of their past, it was because they were at the top and they copied what ACP did to try to emulate their success. ACP was like the popular kid in the school yard, people want to try to be like them and popular, so they befriend them and join in their groups.

Eventually, ACP succumbed to the very thing that they sworn to protect. Under the triumvirate of Flipmoo, Sercan and Jerry, the Army of Club Penguin were multilogging and editing pictures. Here is an excerpt from Waterkid’s post exposing the multilogging within the triumvirate.

Sercan and his 10spartacus account

You see, xat has this thing where when you click on someone in your friendlist their OLD name shows and then their NEW one appears. I added Sercan’s old account ages ago (I think in December 2012 when GT returned) and he used that account. Sercan then changed it to be the account of 10spartacus, one of his multi logs.

-Waterkid100, Light Troops Leader, April 5, 2014

Eventually, Skyfish who was a trusted owner, exposed the Army of Club Penguin and the majority of their owners were multilogging. The multilogging was organised and perpetrated by Sercan and Jerry, but they didn’t inform Flipmoo who was unaware because of his timezone. ACP played an important role in armies because they commanded power and respect within the community. They used their influence to set up the CP Army Council and implement rules to stop cheating along with other important armies including Nachos and Ice Warriors. After this, armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation and Light Troops took over ACP’s position. They brought new methods of recruiting which are blamed for the community’s current predicament. Doritos then took over their position and started mass multilogging, which created the current multilogging epidemic.

III. The False Messiah’s

After the fall of the Army of Club Penguin, several false Messiah’s introduced themselves as the savior’s of Club Penguin Armies. In 2013 a man came along called Elmikey, he claimed to be a former RPF 2ic under Commando in 2007 and became leader. He introduced a new method called autotyping and started openly preaching it. At first, Elmikey tried to get Nachos banned for using it, but adopted the method for himself and began rising the Rebel Penguin Federation. RPF rose from an army on the verge of death to maxing 60 at events. With RPF’s recent boost of sizes, his ego also took a massive boost and he declared war on Nachos. He led a campaign which involved diapers being sent, leaders being ddosed and RPF trying to take the moral high ground and call Puckley evil. The rise of Elmikey can be compared to the rise of political figures like Hitler, Mussolini and Donald Trump. Elmikey came into the army when it was dying and people were desperate for a leader who would bring them back to success similarly to Germany after World War 2.

Autotyping seemed great at first until CP started censoring our recruiting lines and it started to annoy potential recruits. Penguins started to get banned for recruiting and veterans detested it. It was like the older brother of bot recruiting and it wasn’t nearly as bad as bot recruiting, but if we continued to autotype for long enough the results would have been the same. The problem with Elmikey was his brainwashing of recruits and his anti-cpawm rhetoric. Elmikey constantly banished troops and anyone who disagreed with him was banished from armies. Eventually, RPF turned against him and fired him. He said it was an inside job by the CPAWM who were the illuminati and controlling Club Penguin Armies. Normally, people would ignore someone like this, but he brought in ten-year old troops and brainwashed him.

Elmikey was compared to dictators and was removed from the majority of his leaderships because of his brainwashing and constant banning. His support has mostly faded and only a select few inside the Rebel Penguin Federation still think he is a God, but he isn’t the only false Messiah. Waterkid is the new face of fighting against the establishment and being the bad boy of Club Penguin Armies. He doesn’t claim to be a God like Elmikey, but he still has a ton of followers. Waterkid was hated in armies up until 2015 when he introduced bot recruiting. Bot recruiting isn’t new and was already used by Antman and Snaily in ACP before it got shot down, but people were so desperate for armies to rise that they followed him. Waterkid rose Light Troops to 50 in a matter of days and people started to look at bot recruiting as the new autotyping.

Waterkid then started to expose armies like DCP who were multilogging and began to gain respect because his army was actually legitimate. Then CP started to ban the names of nearly every Club Penguin army, the players who we tried to recruit began to turn against us and CP started IP banning our penguins. Waterkid’s method worked in the short-term, but eventually failed. He got elected as a CPA Legend, but then started to RAT troops. The problem with Waterkid was how he abused his position as CPA Legend and use it to his own gain and advantage. He also adopted Elmikey’s view of how CPAC’s Top Ten is ruining the community and transformed himself into the new Pink Mafias of CP Armies. He was like one of them Messiah’s who eventually get everyone killed. The reason Waterkid was respected was because of how the community has a lack or morals now.

Light Troops under Waterkid’s leadership.

IV. A Time For Unity

This isn’t the first time that armies have went through trouble. We’ve been falling since 2012, but people have used different short-term methods to try to keep us alive. The fact is that armies will never die, even if we’re all maxing 5, armies won’t die unless Club Penguin does. What we need to do is united to solve this problem of recruiting and find a long-term method that will work. We’ve been through a lot, so we are now in a time when making a council is possible. The only way we can solve this is to unite and exile the perpetrators of cheating because while they’re around, people will resort to multilogging. Multilogging hurts the community because it doesn’t bring in a flow of recruits and just presents a false image. What can we do to stop this?

We can unite like we have with the coalition. We need to define the rules of the community and start working together. Recruiting as a community won’t work, but there are plenty of recruiting methods we can use. Recruiting Sessions worked and brought in recruits because they were intrigued by watching us having events on 5 bars. We’re now resorting to lying to our recruits which is the reason we don’t keep recruits. Even Waterkid said that he’d recruit 50 troops and have to recruit 50 more the next day. It’s the reason we’re not able to reach sizes seen under Boomer20 and Mchappy in ACP because we can’t keep the recruits.

Another problem is we don’t really have a purpose, hopefully, the server map can add purpose to the community, so we can fight over servers. If we organize and implement rules into the community and achieving success is possible. If you believe in change, then I urge you to unite and participate in the coalition.

What do YOU think? Do you think I’m speaking utter crap? Do you think the coalition will fail, or work? Do you think we’re falling because we’re losing our morals? Comment Your Opinion Below!

Lord Verum

CP Army Central Editor-In-Chief

17 Responses

  1. This took me 3 hours so enjoy.


  2. The fact of the matter is that Club Penguin as a platform is not viable for long term health of this community. It may have been up until 2013 when bot recruiting and scripts became prevalent. The fact is you all abused something that CP did not like. And besides, although there is no recent data that I could find to quantify,the lay offs from last year seems to suggest something is going on with the viability of Club Penguin.


    You guys will have to face the inevitable, that Club Penguin as a platform may not stay. The game itself is 11 years old, that’s pretty old of an online game.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh looky here, another post explaining how we must change our ways in order to save this already dead community! Face it guys, if you all wanted to save this thing you would’ve done so a loooong time ago. The only viable options are to: 1) Get the hell off of Club Penguin and move on to some other game like Minecraft, 2) Change warfare from emoji stand-offs to something more practical like a mixture of snowball and tactic warfare (this was how warfare worked from 2009 to 2010 from what I remember), or 3) give up and lay this community to rest. As far as I can see, 2 seems like the best option as people are too stubborn to change the way CP Warfare operates.


  4. “The rise of Elmikey can be compared to the rise of political figures like Hitler, Mussolini and Donald Trump.”


  5. Preach Verum, PREACH!! Nice post.


  6. Good post, good post. Some parts annoyed me some had me thinking deeply. I do agree with what someone said before me about going back to an older form of fighting. My only hope about the server map is that it will be continuously updated.


  7. I know nobody wants to hear it, but I think its time that the community pool its resources together and makes a game like CPm3 (I think that’s what it was called) or just find a new game to move to,

    Disney is cutting back on CP and their user number seems to be slowly decreasing.

    There are alot of very talented people in this community, with the right motivation, we could make a game that is like clubpenguin but allows us to fight and what not.

    At the end of the day CP is ancient by f2p game standards. Sooner or later the community needs to figure out something to do.

    This community taught me proper grammar, typing, and how to handle the internet correctly, especially since I was 9 back in 07, and it was a relatively new game/community. What I learned in this community helped me throughout middle and high school, and even now in college, word structure and grammar skills I acquired from this community has helped me pass essays and whatnot.

    It would be a damn shame if this community just keels over and dies.

    At the very least a contingency plan needs to be made. And a detailed one, not just “go to new game”. One with guidelines and fallbacks.

    This community has helped alot of people, regardless of the occasional idiots that try to screw it over.

    Also, a quick search through YT and watching Clubpenguin youtubers, the general consensus about CP armies is that we are little more then spammers who take up room space.

    That might be why recruiting has stagnated, thanks to the rise of youtube, and more aware CP users.

    Being thought of as just “room spammers” is not a good image guys, its not. We used to be thought of as like a random event in CP; like the ninjas. Where a person could be playing and all of a sudden be thrust into a battle with tens of people on each side. We all used to be looked upon with awe; Whether you like ACP or not, they were an easily recognizable symbol of clubpenguin for the majority of users. The fact that we have gone from being something people got excited about to people groaning about us being people who just fill up servers is very regrettable, to say the least.

    I mean now? We’re little better then hackers. Or at least the CP youtuber and general user community seems to think so.

    I do think its time we figure out our next move.

    Or failing that, this site should be turned into a museum for all of CP armies and the history of this wonderous community, as well as having a timeline of the CP armies community.

    And then maybe a RIP CP armies, 2005-20XX .

    That’s depressing, but at least it lets people know that we were here, and that we made an imprint on the internet, and on a game that was so awesome until it got bogged down Disney’s uncaring decisions, who made CP parties less about holidays in addition to the CP birthday, and more about being glorified advertisements about whatever crappy live action TV show or movie they’re trying to shove down our throats.

    CP’s days are numbered, and this community needs to decide whether they want to survive and carry on the legacy by going to a new game, or go out with dignity.

    Its no secret that for every year that passes, the less recruits that join from each generation.

    I mean heck, most of the people here are 6th(2012) or 7th (2013) generation community members. Something needs to be done. This community has made alot of children happy, and has helped alot of kids go from being children to teenagers. When you have highschool seniors or people in college having to come back to armies to make sure they don’t die or fall, there is a problem. The lack of future generation recruits makes it harder to pass on the mantle of leading armies like Nachos, ACP, UMA, Night Warriors, etc.

    I’m sure whatever yall do, you’ll do it for the benefit of the community and the benefit of the legacy this community has made for themselves.

    TL:DR ; We should make a backup plan in case CP goes down the toilet, this community has affected and helped too many kids (many of which are now teenagers or adults) to just keel over and die.

    -Spiff, 3rd year member. (2007)

    Sorry for the long post, btw. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  8. If you actually think our “multilogging” accusations were the first known events of this occurring, then your ignorance is worse than your bland, repetitive “editorial” posts.

    I also find it funny you choose to condemn this community in such a moral upright position seeing as I’ve seen you stand by and support many of the same filth that destroy it.


    • How????????????????????????


    • Really? How do I support multioggers? Stop getting so pissy because I acknowledged that AR did multilog and I even said that you haven’t done so since.


      • That wasn’t the point of my comment. You know just as well as I, that many of the leaders you’ve served both with and under even very recently are major contributors to some of this communities vices that you discussed in this post.


  9. This isn’t really an editorial, more a repetitive recounting of previous events. You didn’t really add anything unique to the conversation, not that it was poorly made, but you could’ve included new insight or something to differentiate it from all the previous posts made on this topic. Also, cute Hitler analogy, I’m glad you have at least a basic understanding of the man you and your friends like to associate yourselves with.


  10. […] ‘The Community’s Moral Vicissitude’ by Verum, CPAC (2016) […]


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