Marines and Rebel Penguin Federation Current War Coverage

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FROZEN, Marines Capital – With the Marines declaring war on the Rebel Penguin Federation just under 4 days ago (which you can read about by clicking HERE), they have already went through copious battles. Press Continue reading to view the current war coverage.

Invasion of Tuxedo(Marines)

To commence the onslaught, the Marines, showing no leniency, attacked the Rebel Penguin Federations’ Capital server, facing no opposition, grabbing the server and adding it to their Empire. However, it wouldn’t go overlooked that the Rebel Penguin Federation had already mentioned the reasoning behind their absence in their defense, claiming the invasion was without a 24-hour notice, and for this, they deemed the Marine’s invasion as invalid. The Marines then responded to the Rebel Penguin Federations’ claims, providing evidence that they posted the invasion schedule 24 hours before their official log on time.

RPF leader, Abhinhav not acknowledging the invasion as valid.

In this invasion, the Marines attained an overall average of 25 penguins online, deploying and shifting their soldiers around the Town, IceBerg, and Stadium. Finally, they executed their final tactic and, in the eyes of the Marines, successfully claimed the server. You may see a picture of the event below:

Invasion of Sleet (Rebel Penguin Federation)

It was the 27th of April when we saw the Rebel Penguin Federation start off their side of the war by invading Marines’ server, Sleet. Since this was an AUSIA-based invasion, it could be deemed invalid by the Marines as they have no official AUSIA division(due to the Mammoth Convention), therefore making it impossible for them to combat the Rebel Penguins. Because of this, the Marines could not show up to defend their server, leaving the Rebels a path to victory.

In this invasion, the Rebel Penguin Federation moved through most notable rooms such as the the Iceberg, and Forts to ensure that there are no marines wandering around the server. For this invasion, 18 penguins logged off chanting victory and the Rebels took the server to add it to their nation. You may see RPF doing a J tactic (in formation) below:

Invasion of Tundra (Marines)

The Marines, canceling their second war event of the week, quickly improvised and held their next invasion on the Rebels’ sever, Tundra. Unfortunately, yet again, the Rebel Penguin Federation had not showed up to defend a part of their empire; this time, they had not claimed it to be an invalid invasion.

In this event, the Marines maxed a tantamount size to their previous invasion, accumulating up to 25 soldiers online. The Marines initiated their attack from the Town and executed fast-paced tactics. They then veered their soldiers to the IceBerg, quickly gathering them and building an X-like formation. With no signs of Rebel Penguin Federation soldiers, the Marines dismissed the server with a confident spirit and successfully equipped their empire with a fresh server. To taunt their enemies, the Marines posted two pieces of propaganda to take the lead even further. You may see a picture of the event below:

Invasion of Ice Box(Rebel Penguin Federation)

Afterwards, the Rebel Penguin Federation used their AUSIA division once again to invade Marines’ server, Ice Box. In this event, no Marines showed up, thus giving the Rebel Penguin Federation the automatic win. In this event, the Rebels maxed a rather feeble size in comparison to their previous invasion – a max of ten soldiers.

Re-claiming Tuxedo(Rebel Penguin Federation)

On the same day, April 29th, a few moments after their invasion of Ice Box, the Rebel Penguin Federation invaded their former capital, Tuxedo. Something that completely blanched everyone was that the Rebel Penguin Federation re-invaded their capital as if they never claimed Marine’s invasion to be invalid.

In this AUSIA invasion, the marines, once again, did not show up. The Rebel Penguin Federation maxed a size of 11 and reclaimed their server, logging off happily.


I managed to grab a quick interview with Marines leader, Jack, about future intentions regarding the war and the reasoning behind their declaration of war.

Chip – Red

Jack – Blue


Chip: What was the main reason that prompted the Marines to declare war on the Rebel Penguin Federation?

Jack: Just to finish off what LT started.


Chip: Although both armies are around the early stage of war, do you think a treaty will spring up sooner or later? If so, do you think the treaty will largely favour the Marines, or will it be neutral for both armies?

Jack: If/when there is a treaty it will certainly favour us.


Chip: Do you have any comments to add?

Jack: Join Marines.


With five war events already taken place in four days, leaving both armies nearly dead even in terms of war results, only time will tell what army will stand victorious.

So what do YOU think?

Who do YOU think is currently winning the war? Who will win the war? Do YOU think  the war will continue or will there will be a treaty set in place in the near future? Will the Rebel Penguin Federation be able to defend Marine’s re-invasion of Tuxedo today?

Here at CP Army Central, we value YOUR opinion(s)! Comment it/them below and make sure you vote on the poll!

~ Chip

CP Army Central Reporter

(am bak xd)




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  1. The Marines Will Win For Sure!


  2. Have they actually fought each other yet


  3. dnt vote, its the CPAC ip logger!!!


  4. Well who knows…


  5. I pray both sides will agree to a draw and no harm done…but it’s not going to be easy :(.


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