Dark Warriors Announce Official Return

Flippers, Dark Warriors Capital – The Dark Warriors, a legendary army have announced their return this week. Will the Dark Warriors be able to reclaim the glory they once had?

The Dark Warriors are known to be one of the greatest Club Penguin armies ever to be created. One of the major reasons for it closing a few months ago, was the block of many lines, which made it hard to recruit troops to the army. Nearing the end of the Dark Warrior army, they were able to reach decent sizes and were consistent, but the Dark Warriors legend, Toysoldier, didn’t believe it was good enough, shutting down the army.


Dark Warriors in Snow Forts during a former generation.

This week the Dark Warriors have announced their return to the community and have big plans. The Dark Warriors site can be found HERE. One of the first posts found on the Dark Warriors site announcing their return was written on April 18th 2016.

Now we have separated the weak from the strong and the force that is the Dark Warriors will soon rise up to reclaim the throne.


After taking a look at the current Dark Warriors rankings, the current leaders of this generation are Axel, Jack, Badboy and Miyls Jack and Miyls are known for their recent work in the Golds army, although Jack has also led the Dark Warriors many times. Badboy is known for his work in many armies such as SWAT, DW and many others. Though his leadership style is sometimes questionable, his success in these armies is still great. Below is another post from the Dark Warriors leader, Jack. In this post he explains a few ideas he has for the army. Some of these ideas include, a new ranking system, how they plan to get first and tournament ideas.

Flippers, Temporary Capital – As we march further towards our official opening many preparations and events are taking place within the army to ensure a stable launch and a bright future.

So far, it looks like the Dark Warriors have been planning their return for a long while. It seems that the leaders are ready and are expecting great success in their generation of the Dark Warriors. Personally, I believe that the Dark Warriors will get back to the top, it might not be automatically, but they’ll get there. For more information we went to Axel, the Dark Warriors leader.

Interview with Axel, Dark Warriors Leader

Trader: What are your current plans for the Dark Warriors?

Axel: Me and the other leaders plan to mass recruit and get very high consistent sizes. We plan to rise the Dark Warriors to heights in which they haven’t seen in a very long time. It’s time to bring the former world power back to the top.

Trader: Do you have any armies you plan to go to war with?

Axel: Not currently, but we are not afraid to go to war with any army. We’ll always be ready for a fight.

Trader: How do you plan to get past the recruiting issues that ultimately killed the last generation?

Axel: We’ve already gotten past that issue, different recruiting lines linking to our site have been successful so far, and will be throughout the generation. If we run into an issue we’ll just solve it like we did with this one.

Trader: Any last comments?

Axel: We’re coming.

During the interview with the Dark Warriors leader, Axel, he tells us that the Dark Warriors will be officially returning very soon. He says that they have fixed the issues with recruiting and they are prepared for war if anybody attacks them.

What do you think about the Dark Warriors opening? Do you believe they will reach the size they once achieved? 

Tell us in the comments!


Editor in Chief

9 Responses

  1. The dank warriors are back at it again




  3. True Dark Warriors leaders is – Tirodoragon, Verum, Cargo, Crazy, Red and more.
    True Dark Warriors capital is Frosty, no Flippers.
    The True Dark Warriors has been killed by Toysoldier. I don’t belive to this generation, but.. who know that? Hm… nevermind, but welcome back Dark Warriors 🙂 I’m not 50% sure to you, but… meh, we will see in future.

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  4. TraderPAC


  5. Welcome back, DW. Hope to see you rise once again


  6. Im almost the only DW vet that has been in DW for years, besides Jack. Only me and him are the only vet left and everyone else retired… Rip


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