Marines Reopen & Declare War on RPF

Frozen, Marines Capital – The Club Penguin Marines, who died in late 2015, recently opened their doors. The army is being led by Tot and Epic Master, former Light Troops owners.

After the recent shutdown of the Light Troops, the loyal Light Troops owners have decided to reopen another army, this army is the Marines. In a post written by Sidie, Marines advisor and guardian, he states that the Marines are dead and won’t be reopen until he changes his mind.

The Marines held their first event on April 25th 2016. During this event they were able to reach sizes up to 20+, which is more than the Marines had last generation. Below is a statement from the Marines leader, Tot.

Today we had our return event which went better than expected, we maxed up to 20 and had few decent tactics (didn’t get many pics soz fam). This was a very good event as we only had a few hours to prepare and hype for this event, thank you to those who came, memberships will be posted later on. This is only the start.


With the Marines being mainly former Light Troops which have recently closed, still at war with the Rebel Penguin Federation, it’s not a surprise that the Marines have scheduled invasions on the Rebel Penguin Federation themselves. Neither army has posted an official post to the war itself, besides invasions and defenses. Only one post was found by the Rebel Penguin Federation which was titled, Marines Have Sentenced Death Upon Themselves. Only a few words are found in this post.

The Marines have declared war on the RPF. 

So far there is little information on the war, but it seems the sizes of Marines and the Rebel Penguin Federation are pretty even, making the war an interesting one to watch. Instead of mainly size, it will be based on tactics, which is always good to see who can come out on top. With little information so far, we went to the Rebel Penguin Federation advisor, Lord Pain.

Trader: Why do you think Marines declared war on RPF?

Lord Pain: They want to be destroyed, obviously.

Trader: With the Light Troops closing and some people moving to the Marines, do you believe this will be easier for the RPF to win?

Lord Pain: RPF will win at all costs, Waterkid was weak and since they followed him they are even weaker. The Marines signed their death warrant.

Trader: What are your thoughts on the current issue with Waterkid tricking his troops and fellow community members to download RAT’s.

Lord Pain: Waterkid is a piece of scum he has no honor. He didn’t deserve to lead the Light Troops, he tainted their great legacy with his vile deeds. A figure such as Waterkid promoting hacking is a great threat to the security of this community.

Trader: How do you believe RPF will do during this war? Are they prepared?

Lord Pain: Marines are mice running straight to the cheese which then will only trigger the trap. It is their destiny to die and for RPF to continue being the mighty empire that it is. RPF is always ready to destroy its enemies.

Trader: Any last comments?

Lord Pain: Join RPF.

From the interview with Lord Pain, the RPF advisor, it looks like the RPF is ready for this war. He states that the Marines don’t know what they’re getting themselves into and they’re falling for the “trap”.

Personally, it’s hard to tell who will come out on top in this war. Will the Light Troops former troops all go to Marines, and the Marines gain the strength and size that the Light Troops had, or will they crash like the Blue Miners once did?

Who will come out on top in this war? Will the Marines survive? 

Comment your opinion below!


Editor in Chief

8 Responses

  1. Lol Marines might not survive… RPF may win this.


  2. “Any Last Comments?”
    “Join RPF”
    True Story, 11/10, mlg, swag and more… .


  3. RPF might stand a chance if they keep calling their NR buddies to their events 🙂


  4. Good luck to both armies


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