Trader’s Tales Episode 1: CPA Leader Meets Police

New York, Trader’s Home – It seemed like a normal afternoon during the Summer of 2015 for Trader. Trader was given information that a certain somebody, known as Phin, was giving out pictures for Xats. Continue to read the story..

Trader, being the amazing prankster that he is, didn’t believe this story. He went and gathered a team to test this rumor that he had heard. After gathering the best team in the community, Chip, Lord West and Trader himself, they started off the long and crazy adventure.

This team was given certain jobs to do while they were in duty. Chip was “The Virus”, we called him this because he spread the information like a virus spreads. Lord West was the “I’m only here because I have nothing else to do”, title explains itself. I, the mastermind behind the operation was known as the “I’m only doing this because I have no friends and It’s summer, so i’m inside all day”.

It all started when Phin was going around begging for powers, when “The Team” asked what she would do to get powers, she suggested some things that nobody would of thought someone like Phin would say. Chip, being one of the richest in the community on xats, was targeted first by Phin. She would beg him day and night for powers and kept saying she would do anything for xats.

After a week of back and fourth talking between The Team and Phin, Phin started to send pictures to members of The Team. The Team, being completely unprepared for this, stopped all communication with Phin afterwards, nobody wanted to be apart of it.

Soon after this, all of the drama died down between Phin and The Team, but something made it come back. Trader, thinking he was untouchable from the outside world behind his computer, messaged the mother of Phin saying he was a 40 year old and was dating Phin in real life. After a few hours of back and fourth talk between Trader and the mother of Phin, she stopped replying. Trader thought it was over..what a good prank he thought.

A few months go by, nobody is talking about Phin anymore and it all died down. It started off a normal Monday in November, woke up, went to school, go to all my classes. After 3 periods go by, I got a text message that I never thought I’d see.

” T***, there are 9 cops here looking for someone named ****** *****, do you know who that is?  Call me right now.”

After receiving the text message, I was worried and confused. 9 cops were in my house over Club Penguin and I couldn’t do anything about it. I responded playing dumb acting like I didn’t know what was going on, which I clearly did.

“Who’s ****** *****, I can’t call you i’m in Science Class”

Playing dumb and hoping the cops would just leave my house without taking anything didn’t work well for me. Next I received this.

“Come home after school right away, we’re not mad at you we need to talk. They’re looking at your computers.”

This is where I began to sweat because my computer was full of Club Penguin and It was overall embarrassing. I also hadn’t cleared my search history in month. After coming back home, I was surprised to see no cops at my house. Apparently they had left and would be coming back the next morning. This gave me time to think about what I was going to say.

The next day came along and I woke up around 9:00 AM EST, when I walked down stairs in my spider man pajamas to make some coffee, I was greeted to see a 6’5 probably 280 pound man with a gun attached to his side. After a few minutes of a poor conversation with him with all my answers being “Y-yes” “I-I U-understand” “W-w-w-won’t happen a-again.”, I was told that they had copied my hard drives and were looking through them, to this day I have no idea if they found anything, I always wonder if they will show up again.

Is Phin the real victim? Did Trader deserve to be raided? Will the cops ever return?

Tell us in the comments!


Editor in Chief

38 Responses

  1. It was just a prank tho, amirite




  3. Rip


  4. They found your porn stash, bruh


  5. Trader, you’re the most biased CPAC reporter in all of CPA. If you think this is funny, you’re wrong. This was a stupid move. I really hope something knocks you senseless because you obviously lack common sense. None of that was even true, no matter how “real” it was. I know the real story, and I know everything that happened. You take sh*t too seriously. Just because someone sends edited pics, doesn’t mean it was them. I don’t care how many downvotes this comment gets either. I’m simply making a point, or at least attempting to get it through your fat head. Once you gain your chromosomes, and gain some common sense, let me know. I really don’t care what this community thinks anyways, as Club Penguin is for 10 year olds. I didn’t know you were so interested in CP Armies. You’re 15. Grow up and get a life.

    The pics weren’t even real. All of it was me attempting to manipulate Trader into giving me xats and going about my business. I was wrong. This kid thought he was funny and decided to make it a big deal. You know damn well they were edited. Stop lying to everybody and fess up kid.

    I will probably get downvotes and a bunch of responses saying “LOL BULLSH*T!!” Do I really care? Nah. I don’t even bother checking this site anymore. Trader was all “Phin, did you see my latest CPAC post?” Why do I care? I don’t. Anyone who plays Club Penguin and is over the age of 12 needs to kill themselves, as they have no life and literally nobody at all. Thank you for your time. Grow up kids.


  6. lol


  7. Trader i remember that phone call late at night lmfao. We couldn’t stop laughing


  8. WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO DANG RUDE? It’s just a poor obese 13 year old whale trying to get herself some quick xats!


  9. Trader…WTF?


  10. Mercy


  11. I remember the rumors about all this. Bits and pieces I saw. Now reading the whole thing it makes sense. Gg Trader, West and Chip XD


  12. Four years later coming back to this post because I was stupid enough to check my old WordPress account. I was 14 and didn’t really know what I was doing. Easily fooled. What hurt the most was how people constantly gave me shit over it when they should’ve moved on when it happened. Name one person who hasn’t sent nudes… Either way, I didn’t beg for powers, if I recall I remember Zuke manipulating me and he kept nagging me to show tits on tinychat and I kept telling him no. The one time it happened was super late at night and again, I was 14 and didn’t understand what I was doing and actually trusted people easily.

    Moving on. Later I got a PC from a toon saying Trey wants me to go to a site and they asked me for my Facebook. Stupidly, I gave it to them. Yeah sure powers sounded cool at the time but I also didn’t know the real worth of powers in $$$ so here I am the idiot 14 year old being used and manipulated. I got in a ton of trouble with law as well believe it or not. Even if I did mess up, what was the point in carrying it on for years?

    Well, it’s been 5 years since the incident and reading some of these old posts makes me sad because people were real jerks to me over some god damn pictures. Needless to say the constant body shaming pretty much destroyed my self esteem and confidence and I fell into a massive depression. Believe me I wish I could go back in time and say “no screw that” to those idiots so I wouldn’t be dealing with these issues in 2020.

    I am no longer associated with xat as of today and I’m only sticking around in the community for the reunion, as I said, I stupidly logged into this old WP account and found this post. I’ve learned a huge lesson though, you do one dumb thing and it follows you for the rest of your life. I’ve been pretty miserable since the depression hit around 2016-2017 and have been struggling with that, hence me disappearing after a while.

    Thanks Trey for the experience, I’ve always wondered what it was like to suffer.


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