Nachos End War With Night Warriors; Controversy Follows Suit

Fjord, Nachos Capital – The Nachos Army has recently signed a treaty with the Night Warriors to end their war. There is a twist to the story though, even though the Nachos signed the treaty, they had a surprise in store for the Night Warriors.

 The war between Night Warriors and Nachos has been ongoing for over a week. The Night Warriors. As the war progressed, signs of strain began to appear in both armies, which caused the formation of a treaty.

A few days ago Toysoldier, NW leader, released a post about Nachos surrendering. (The post can be seen HERE). In this post, Toysoldier links a few pictures confirming that Dan101 signed a treaty and also a list of the servers NW acquired from the treaty.


Nacho Leader Dan101, signing the treaty.


Toysoldier and Dan101 changing the treaty from 5/9/2016 to 6/9/2016

Later on that day, the Nachos Leader Dan101 made a post on Nachos site claiming that the surrender was invalid because the other 2 leaders were not there to sign it alongside him. He claims that the Nachos didn’t actually give away any of their servers and that they still own all of them. (The post can be found HERE)

They made a treaty I was to quick so I agreed after i re-read it i saw that we didn’t get our lost servers back so i took back my word. None of the leader were there (Kevin & Stone to agree) so we still continue  the war until there is a fair treaty . We still own our nation, the war isn’t over don’t listen to any NW or visit their site it’s filled with lies and pro NW. There is not point commenting on their site (they can get you’re IP address).

After this post was released, the Night Warriors leader, Toysoldier, fired back with a response post to the Nachos. In the post he explains that the Nachos can not go back from a treaty that they signed. They agreed to the terms and they have to follow the consequences that stem from it.

You agreed, mate. There’s no going back. If you didn’t want to agree, you wouldn’t have. Everybody who is intelligent will tell you exactly what I’m about to:

You agreed to these terms.. what did you expect? You lead the Nachos, it does not matter if you had nobody backing you or if you did. You hold the power to make these changes, and you accepted and agreed to the terms which allowed you to do so..

We’re smarter than you. NW is superior in any & every way possible. We tore you up on the battlefield, and when you thought it was over, we tore you up mentally.

Our friends over at SMAC recently released a news report covering the return of the Nachos SS. You can find the post by clicking here. In a post released by Kevin, Nachos Leader, he says that having the Nachos SS declare war on NW follows the terms of the treaty and isn’t illegal. He even challenges Toysoldier to find a flaw that makes it invalid.

NW said that we cannot invade them or deliberately participate in any invasions against them. They said we can’t help any other army get our servers back, but they didn’t say another army can’t get our servers back. Well, The SS declared itself independent.

The SS declared independence yesterday, about 26 hours before the invasions.

In one day, the Nachos SS invaded back all the servers they lost from the treaty. All of the servers combined came out as a total of of of 30+ servers. Shortly after, the Nachos SS transfered all of the servers back to Nachos. The Night Warriors claim that these invasions were invalid because the Nachos didn’t give the Night Warriors any notice for them. To clear up some confusion about what has been going on, we went to Toysoldier to find some answers.

Interview with Toysoldier, Night Warriors Leader

Trader: “The Nachos claim that they have all 30+ servers back because they used the Nachos SS to invade them, what is your response to this?”

Toysoldier: “NW still claims every single one of their servers. The great Reich will not give in to their Jewry. Nachos have failed yet again.”

Trader: “How have the Nachos failed? What did they do that makes the invasions invalid?”

Toysoldier: “NW is the greatest army to ever exist. If I say the invasions are invalid, they’re invalid.”

Trader: “Does Night Warriors plan to keep attacking the Nachos, or is the war over?”

Toysoldier: “There is a ceasefire. As soon as it expires, we will attack the last of their empire. We will give no mercy. When they signed that treaty they were at my knees and kissing my feet, that will not happen again.”

Trader: “Any last comments?”

Toysoldier: “The Nachos, 5-man-army.”

It seems that a lot is going on in this war between the Night Warriors and the Nachos. Both sides have good points and it’s hard to decide who the actual winner is of this war. From the interview with Toysoldier it looks like we can expect another war like this one after the treaty expires.

Who do you think is the true winner of the war? Were he invasions invalid? After the treaty is up, who do you think will win the next war?

Tell us in the comments!


CPAC Editor-in-Chief

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  2. NW= Salt Lake City


  3. Trader: “How have the Nachos failed? What did they do that makes the invasions invalid?”

    Toysoldier: “NW is the greatest army to ever exist. If I say the invasions are invalid, they’re invalid.”

    The heck kind of argument is that? Toy must be freaking 5 because that is something a five year old could say. The NW leaders must be so stupid that they can’t comprehend that we outsmarted their dumb treaty in every way.


  4. Bias post! Trader+Nachos= No…


  5. Who would I contact to suggest a story? Today’s armies are beginning to forget the anti-hacking bill of 2011, and I feel that that’s a very important issue to address.


  6. So pretty much that interview just said “There’s not really an reasons its invalid but its still invalid because I said so, dont question it”.


  7. No terms were broken as far as I can see.


  8. lol wow armies are fucking sad is there any point in treaties anymore then? Is there any point of even having a war if a army is just going to cheat the system and reinvade with the exact same people (even if they “quit” and went to a independent army) this is saddening lol
    You know its wrong when funks “sees no problem with it”






    I may be a Nacho but, my opinion remains unbias. Although some people might say differently. I see no flaws in what SS has done. You stated what you wanted. The Nachos just happened to outsmart it. Just to say that comment about “it being invalid because I said so” basically shows that you have found no way to say this is invalid. You said on your website “we tore you mentally” well buddy, the Nachos mentality seems very intact about the smartness of finding the flaws. The SS was independent, 24 hr notice ect. All seems to be correct. I think the SS thought this out. I can see no faults. If you find a fault then that’s that. Thank you for reading.


  11. Oh I also forgot your comment on “NW is the greatest army to exist” now, the best armies in my opinion were ACP & Nachos in golden age. So… Yeah anyone agree?


  12. I believe that NW gave no reason for the Nacho SS’ invasion to be invalid. The only reason I see is (and I quote) “NW is the greatest army to ever exist. If I say the invasions are invalid, they’re invalid.” WOW. That is (NOT) a reason. That reason is only something someone with the brains of a 4 yr old could think up. That’s like saying “I’m older, so I’m always right.” There is no logic, no support, so can it even be called a reason? No, no it can’t.


    • Also Light Troops are the #1 army, so TECHNICALLY you aren’t even the greatest army, if going by the Top 10. You are the second.



      • Also, Drake has commented that Nacho SS was not an official army, for it was not in the top 10 and didn’t have two servers. First, Nacho SS did have at least two servers (Shiver and Arctic) and second of all, an army does not have to be in the top 10 to be qualified as an army. For example, Night Rebels are not in the top 10, but they are still an army. Sorry (not sorry), but keep trying to find a nonexistent flaw.


  13. I’m pretty sure there is a rule or a unspoken agreement that you can’t capture 30 servers in one day. Maybe 4, but not 30. Plus, the Nachos broke the ceasefire rule be invading NW servers. Now you may say, “The Nacho SS is different from the Nacho empire”. The thing is, all Nacho SS leaders/troops are either mods or owners on main Nacho chat. I’m pretty certain you can call the Nacho Empire and Nacho SS the same nation. To be different from another army, you need to give away your owner positions (mainly because if you let the other army keep them, what is to say they get against you later and disrupt one of your events by banning mods and members). Have your falsehood. I’ll stick to my truth.


    • They did give away their ownership and moderation positions for the entire time they invaded to the time they gave the servers back, then they went back to the Nachos.

      Okay, now then, can somebody please link me the actual text of the Nacho/NW peace treaty so I can review it and find a flaw? There definitely is a flaw in there somewhere and while it may not cover it I do believe there is a reason that these invasions were invalid. I cannot confirm my hypothesis until I am shown the full text of the treaty however so it’s important that the terms of the treaty are given to me.


    • We didn’t invade any server. The Nacho SS invaded the servers. We are not the Nacho SS, we are the Nacho Army. We abided by every single thing the NW gave us. 1) No one may help another army invade one each other. The soldiers of the SS were not Nachos at the time of the SS invasions. They were renow erred hours after, but they weren’t Nachos. No rule against having them on chat. 2) invasions were 26 hour (not even 24 hour, but even more). 3) Nacho SS is independent from us, they have been before and it certainly can be that way under any circumstance. There’s no unspoken agreement you can’t capture 30 servers in one day. Look at the invasion of Canada in 2008……the fullness of the treaty is on our site in 2 pcs between Toysoldier and Dan101. Every rule discussed in those pictures, the Nacho Army abided by. The Nacho SS a separate army was not included. Just because NW doesn’t want them to be valid doesn’t mean they’re not valid. It happened! We lost a war and tons of servers out of miscommunication and we got them back. Interview a Nacho for the full story next time.


  14. I don’t care how brilliant the Nachos move was. It was a asshole backstabbing move that shouldn’t exist. If you have a event on one of our servers, we will send back to cp army hell where you belong. And this little loophole will be shut tight


  15. whata buncha dorks those night hoodlums


  16. Good Job on reclaiming all servers.NATION RESTORED!

    To NW: Your a real good army BUT YOU MADE One Mistake. You complained on my NACHOs/Nachoz. (Especially you Xxtoysoldier.)


  17. Good job Trader. Because you forgot to add my response, all the Nachos are in the comments section now screaming for evidence. Nacho Fail # 2. Go read it and enlighten yourselves, Nachos. Maybe then you can be an honorable army instead of attempting to pull a cowardly act like that.

    Your juicy evidence is all there. Let your morale sink even lower as you realize you spent hours on club penguin for nothing. Then turn back and look at your army that has been reduced to nothing but crumbs.


    • ur only evidence is toy just saying its invalid


      • You’re an idiot. You forgot to establish Nacho SS as an actual army recognized on the top ten before invading. Two servers are needed by an army but you just claimed the ones owned by NW at random. Nachos were seen helping at the invasions. Again, read the website. Those who just read the CPAC website without doing any research before commenting should refrain from making an opinion at all.

        The interviews are obviously satire but a Nacho only has so much brain capacity to determine otherwise.


        • firth of all u don’t need to be in top10 to be an army. ss declared independence . and every nacho had quit during time o invasion. tho we get den servs u leak so dumb cuz u just played urself with ur own treaty lel u can’t even touch and we just takin servers


    • and its not a nacho fail its ur allies fail


  18. Drake,Xxtoysoldier, and other NW ppl in the Leadership. The Nachos never Did Join commando’s council. WHICH IS WHY we can Invade as many times as needed.
    CPAC Do not Trust NW cuz they are 100% WRONG. also In the TREATY it said the NACHOS ARMY can’t invade until june. BUT THE TREATY DIDN’T SAY Separate armies couldn’t invade it and transfer it to NACHOS. ALSO NO MEMBERS FROM THE NACHO ARMY was preparing for 31 server attack.



  19. Dramalama


  20. Not cool at all, this is why we cant have nice things- attempting to abuse the system is stupid AF – situations like this make all wars seem utterly pointless – please stop being trash


    • Coming from the nigga who ignores half the wars ACP partakes in. GTFO.


      • Coming from the half baked legend who got his sizes from big PUCK- lets not also mention how nachos have been clinging onto the nacho SS for the past year and half since its creation – theoretically making Shiver the best of the past 7 nacho leaders


  21. In my opinion, all leaders from both sides should’ve been present at the signing and agreement of the treaty, not just one leader from each army. In a way, I do agree with Toy on this one.


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