Night Warriors Declare War on Nachos

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – Following another impressive Top Ten placement, the Night Warriors have declared war upon the newly crowned March Madness Champions, the Nachos. With dirt flying everywhere, and many other conflicts currently boiling, the sparks of war have progressed even further.

After receiving a second place on this weeks Top Ten, the Night Warriors announced that they will be declaring war on the Nachos for several reasons. Drake announced the declaration of war, along with their reasons. In addition, Drake posted a quick but meaningful speech to his fellow troops in regards to Nachos as of recent. An excerpt from his post can be seen below:

You can not hide anymore, Nachos. Our generosity has been taken advantage of the moment you couldn’t take a fair loss at March Madness. Our win we earned transformed into “redemption rounds” “redos redos redos” “new judges”. Going even as far as to commit foul play to earn a trophy that is meaningless for your “army.” You proceeded to gloat underneath the covers of allies. And now NW is bringing you out right into the open. What good did that cheated trophy ever do for you? Look at yourselves now.

-Drake, NW Commander

From the looks of things, Drake implies that the main motive for the declaration against Nachos was due to the previous March Madness Finals that took place between the two armies where the Nachos continued to spark some bad blood for battling “unprofessionally” along with their leadership being “cowards” by hiding behind allies. Afterwards, Drake reveals their planned invasions of the Nachos Capital along with several vital Nacho servers. Below is a picture from NW’s most recent event;

NWs invasion of Northern Lights

Current Nacho Leader, Kevin, aka B Batman, was able to make a quick and meaningful response calling all of the Nacho Empire to arms. He described Nachos current state of affairs and dire situation along with addressing Nachos part in others involvement. In his post which can be seen below, Kevin writes an inspirational speech to his fellow soldiers to encourage them.

Guys, The Night Warriors declared war on us about 30 minutes ago. They’re taking a cheap shot at us basically. Don’t feel sorry for yourselves, we knew this war coming. They’re quite salty from the loss they experienced at march madness. They even had it rigged in their favor. It’s how the game works. They’re pissed they lost, they see we’re at war with their ally, so now they declare war.

They will justify this with the fact that, “Well Nachos took a cheap shot at ACP!!!!” Well, we declared our individual war on ACP and we’ve been fighting them for about 2 weeks now. The Golds and the Water Vikings recently declared war on ACP, and we didn’t at all request them to do that. If they have beef with ACP, I’m cool with that. ACP’s an easy army to have beef with. We didn’t personally plead to WV or the Golds to declare war, they did it on their own accord. Well, now we’re faced with being surrounded on all sides.

-Kevin, Nacho Commander

Based on the efficient response, Kevin implies that the war against Night Warriors was inevitable and partly due to the previous March Madness Finals that took place between the two armies. He then goes on to justify Nachos reasoning along with their allies recent act of war against the Army of Club Penguin. Afterwards Kevin goes further in detail and reveals their plan to be defensive based for now and requests that all fellow Nachos stand up. Below is a picture from Nachos most recent event;


Nachos invasion of Bean Bag

With Night Warriors marching on with impressive sizes, and Nachos ongoing war with ACP along following their big championship win – this war is bound to get more heated and much more interesting. While Nachos and their leaders seem to have taken the defensive for now, no one can tell exactly how this war will turn out. Tune into CPAC for more exclusive coverage of the upcoming situation!


I think this will be a interesting conflict to keep checking in on! With quick inspirational posts and heated debates this can only get more entertaining . Lets hope both armies can meet up for a few confrontations soon!

But it doesn’t matter what I think!

What do YOU think about Night Warriors declaring war on Nachos? What do YOU think about Nachos response? What do YOU think I look like naked?


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

Bad-Grammar Machine

18 Responses



  2. Well, I would say “was it necessary for you to post? ” but as I went through the post I realised you weren’t SO biased. Gg XD


  3. Oh the irony


  4. Nachos….
    I don’t like you, but i don’t hate you too.
    But because NW haves Drake/Toy in leadership, WIN THIS.
    Greetings to you, B Batman.
    “Drake, Toy, Fake NW, will be ready and wait to death… .


  5. The reason why WV decided to join the War was to help the nachos,WV you made a mistake. WV you led NW into helping ACP casing the Power alliance.

    the worst possible moves to lead to a Woorld war is to put AR/LT/RPF in it. So really, Right now it’s wall builders(ACP/NW) Vs the Rebellion(NACHOS/WV)


  6. The Nachos need to go back to their side of Donald Trump’s wall


  7. -pulls out nachos- Im ready to defend my nation


  8. wawawawwwaawawwa


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