Underground Mafias Army Enters Lockdown

MAMMOTH, UMA Empire – After achieving first on the most recent Top Ten, the Underground Mafias Army has decided to go into lock down until the 7th of April. What does this mean for the Underground Mafias Army?

UMA have undergone a lot of changes in the past couple of weeks. Joseph who was the Premier of UMA which is essentially dictator and Viper who has been in UMA since 2009 have both retired. Trader has left UMA for Leader in the Army of Club Penguin and Waterkid has made threats to the Power League which UMA is a part of. It seems a combination of retirements and multilogging allegations have caused the army to enter temporary lock down until April.

Here is a post Joseph released earlier this week announcing the temporary lock down of the Underground Mafias Army.

UMA will be back on the 7th of April.

Most of us got caught up with s*** in real life and that caused the army to drop in activity. We’ll be back. We just don’t feel like playing Club Penguin right now. Chat is a hangout, though. So feel free to drop by.

Joseph starts off being saying that the whole leadership has caught up with issues in real life and that the army is going inactive because of it. UMA have a strong leadership with Legends like Niceguy09, Step, Mach and Wurburt. Joseph and Matthew have also announced that they might return to the army during April because of a the possibility of a World War.

UMA haven’t had an event since Josephs retirement a week ago and due to the multilogging allegations put against them by Waterkid, B Batman3 and Chip, it is unlikely they will even get a position in this weeks Top Ten. UMA have recently been having a “war of words” with DrFlen and are currently blaming him for multilogging and they’ve released emails that back up their allegations. Retired UMA Veterans have also released B Batman3’s and Drflen’s dox which both of them say are not real.


UMA’s most recent event.

Here is the post Waterkid released which he claims “exposes” the Underground Mafias Army. Here is an excerpt from his post and you can read the full post here.

As you can see, this is from the new UMA site. They barely get even over 1,000 views, yet they can get 30+ at AUSIA events and 40+ at UK/USA events? Seems a bit fishy. I decided to keep digging around UMA site. I noticed that there was a lot of comments on the UMA site, but something wasn’t right. All these comments were from retired people who have nothing to do with the community, and most of these guys have the same IP.

Here Waterkid claims that UMA barely get over 1000 views and that it’s unlikely an army gets 40 at events and doesn’t even get over 1000 views. Here is another excerpt.





Notice how some of these comments are from retirees (Pungy, NP3000, Trick, etc.) and they all have the same IP? And how these comments are like 1 – 5 minutes apart from each other? After I released these pictures on ACP chat, the UMA quickly changed the IP addresses of these comments and claimed I ”edited” them. If you know me, you will know I have no editing skills whatsoever. These pictures are real. Unfortunately for the UMA, they did this trick on a recent UMA post about Joseph (who is Max43810) retiring.

Here he gives evidence that all the “veterans” who commented on Josephs retirement post had all the same IP. UMA said that the pictures were edited, but Waterkid says that UMA changed the IP’s after he released a picture of it on ACP chat. He also claims that Joseph is in fact Max43810, who has been caught multilogging in Doritos and the Army of Club Penguin. Although that it’s unlikely Joseph is Max43810, the other evidence can be seen as credible.

Waterkid also released more images of UMA’s Join Applications.

Here he shows pictures of UMA’s recent join applications which there is only two of. If this picture wasn’t edited then how come UMA are maxing 40 but averaging a join application every two days? If these pictures are not edited which could have happened, then this could explain why UMA suddenly went into lock down.I think UMA will reopen in April, but they will lose the hype they had when they first reopened. UMA’s future is uncertain and if anymore multilogging evidence emerges then it could ruin UMA’s credibility.


CP Army Central AP

9 Responses

  1. lets not forget mc swagger, the goku, flyers404, waffles98886, ginger554, flippers9046, lukas5746, liam898, and ski0842. (;


  2. ???????????????????????????????????

    im joesph now?!!!!!

    first i’ve heard


  3. multiloggers retired


  4. Hah.
    UMA enters lockdown?
    Greetings from RPF!
    And… UMA, you’re dead again. Lol. XD


  5. I hope they stay like that. UMA had its time, now it’s others’ turn.


  6. If Kevin’s dox is fake, I wouldn’t be banned on nachos for ‘leaking his IG’ Nice try (:


  7. Drama


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