“Defacing and Hacking RPF Bought Me Joy,” Says Former Leader Xxtoysoldier

FOG, NW EMPIRE – In an exclusive interview with CP Army Central, Night Warriors Leader Xxtoysoldier talks about the recent Night Warriors success and several controversies that have surrounded the emergence of the army and his leadership team.

The Night Warriors were recreated on January 29th by Drake and Toysoldier, with permission from former leader Tomb. In the reopening post, former RPF Leader Drake said that ”NW’s history will remain untouched. I will ensure that the legacy of Tomb/Ven/Vince is remembered. But this is where I make my mark on club penguin armies. I will bring you the true Might of the Night”. With the new set of leaders and owners coming to the new generation of an army with rich history, many expected success and it quickly arrived.


With the assistance of Flen to help with recruiting efforts, in a similar role he held within the RPF previously before Elmikey removed the majority of leaders, the Night Warriors quickly rose and within days of reopening achieved 5th on the top ten. This success continued and this week, in a generally poor week for CP Armies, managed to get the top spot with a relatively low score of 64.04.

With the success came the usual questions. Many questioned if the success of the army was legitimate and claimed that many of these new troops were infact multi-logged penguins. In addition to this, the use of the old Dark Warriors website gave an uneasy feeling for many former troops, with the Night Warriors effectively taking over the mantle of the more historic Dark Warriors.


In addition to this, relations with the falling Rebel Penguin Federations have got worse with Toysoldier and Flen, former owners and leaders of the army, taking control of the chat and website. They also claimed that the army had merged into the Night Warriors and this attracted several troops to move from the RPF to the NW. Toysoldier was not forgiving, in what was seen largely as an act of revenge for Elmikey’s removal of him and his crew as leader. Since their removal, the RPF have tumbled completely out of the top ten. Below, in an interview with CPA Central, Toysoldier explains some of the points raised in recent weeks and talks about the success of the army.


Interview With Xxtoysoldier, NW Leader

Q: What is the key to the Night Warriors’ recent success? 

Toysoldier: Mainly the way we function, we have tried to make the NW exceptionally unique compared to others. We also, obviously, have implemented a very useful recruiting regiment that currently is the best in the community.

Q: What is your response to claims from some people that you may be multilogging, claims you also faced in the Ice Warriors?

Toysoldier: Our success derives from industry, not cheating. I’m one of the few people that can lawfully lead an army to the top. They’re false claims.

Q: Where is your recruitment source from, it seems the NW got a lot of new troops very quickly? 

Toysoldier: The source is from around 70% of our soldiers is from Club Penguin. The other 30% is PornHub as Vendetta purchased an ad for $400. Shoutout to PHub Katie.

Q: Do you think it was morally correct to hack the RPF chat and falsely claim that the Rebel Penguin Federation had merged? 

Toysoldier: Fuck the police.

So you say it was not a bad thing to do that to the Rebel Penguin Federation?

Toysoldier: It bought me joy so formally, fuck yes.

Q: It could be asked why you decided to shut down the Dark Warriors and then later move to three other armies in quick succession (IW, RPF & NW) when your loyalty could have been with the DW, what is your response to this? 

Toysoldier: When you come close to your inevitable end, you realize you don’t want to restrict anything. Strictly gratifying myself as DW leader, which I still do slightly, began to become boring. So the crew moved to the Ice Warriors with me, which turned into regret. We then moved to the RPF, which we planned on staying in until Elmikey carried out a coup on us. So here we are, and it’s going to stay that way.

To conclude, once you realize that the community is probably going to end soon, and our boredom for this game is only increasing, you will do whatever you can to squeeze out the last drops of fun.


Toysoldier outlines his reasons for leaving the Dark Warriors for other armies, stating that he moved to ”squeeze out the last drops of fun” and to get the best out of what is left out of a declining CP Army Community. He also outright rules out claims made that his army multilogs, stating that the NW have an extensive recruiting program that is run by Flen. He is also keen to point out that he is ”here to stay” and continue the success of the army for not just the short-term.

What do YOU think about this interview, and what will happen with the army? Make sure you comment YOUR opinions on the issues raised.


Former CPA Central CEO

23 Responses

  1. The Night Warriors will soon be crushed by the Redemption Force

    Long live the Queen Era


  2. Long live the Doritos!


  3. Edgy sex sex toy soldier


  4. lol.


  5. There was this one nigga that defaced Dummy Suckers once


  6. “Fuck the police.”
    “It bought me joy so formally, fuck yes.”
    Lmao Toy. You kill Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, but ”squeeze out the last drops of fun”?!
    You’re stupid idiot Toy. Kill DW and IW to fun. Two legendary armies! REALLY? You are guilty, and you say, that RPF is guilty? Use/buy better brain. *prepare AK-47* I’m going to you. Wait ready to me!
    And…oh wait, i have a joke to you!
    Why toy soldier have a limit of movement?
    Because It is made of wood!
    Yes, this isn’t be funny. Remember this post. REMEMBER!
    Oh and yes – i’m so waiting to your hates, dear guy, who ready this post. I have your negative opinion in nose.


  7. “Our success derives from industry, not cheating. I’m one of the few people that can lawfully lead an army to the top. They’re false claims.”

    “The source is from around 70% of our soldiers is from Club Penguin. The other 30% is PornHub as Vendetta purchased an ad for $400. Shoutout to PHub Katie.”

    “Fuck the police.”

    Can we please just stick with reality and stop trying to act like a God on a Club Penguin game? Thanks.
    No hate Toy, you’re chill but you’re just acting stupid now.


  8. We will be the best!GO NW!


  9. This is Tomb. I never gave permission.


  10. Badasses.


  11. […] “Defacing and Hacking RPF Bought Me Joy,” Says Former Leader Xxtoysoldier […]


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