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The title of “Person of the Year” is one of the greatest honors in Club Penguin warfare. The title is an indicator of community-wide influence by the year, and in a community of so many people, it has quite a bit of weight. We began this year with a list of twenty-one candidates, which after much deliberation and many changes occurring well into the process, was narrowed down to one winner and nine runner-ups. Several highly influential people did not make the final cut this year but were considered, such as Badboy00923, who made a large number of headlines for his leadership in the Dark Warriors and the Special Weapons and Tactics, as well as Iceyfeet1234, whose role in the Ice Warriors continued to be sizable despite his tenure in warfare. We also considered DrMatt for his role in several armies this year, Elmikey for his continued influence inside the Rebel Penguin Federation, and Change for his prolific leadership inside the Water Vikings. These people, and more, should also be credited for their influence this year.

One thing about the title of “Person of the Year” that should be noted is its connotation. The title is not exclusive to those who have made only good contributions — but rather to those who have many any contributions, good or bad. In the past, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, among many other infamous historical figures, have received TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year award, simply because of how much they shaped the year. It isn’t about who was necessarily the best at something, but rather who made the most impact.

If you look back on 2015, you can see that it has been one of the most, for lack of a better word, “headline-y” years in recent history, which is why I refer to it as the “Year of Controversy”. In such a year, so many people leave their mark that it can be difficult to decide who deserves the Person of the Year award. I cannot stress enough how difficult this list was to decide, as the list was only finalized hours before the release of this post. We at CPA Central believe that while these ten were far from the sole sources of this year’s happenings, their contributions shaped the year more than anybody else.


The Universal Adversary

While I was on the CPA Central administration under Bluesockwa1, I studied the job of the Chief Executive Officer in the hopes that I would one day assume the position. One large part of the job was coming across many people who wanted your head. For Bluesockwa1, that was Waterkid, Elmikey, and a couple of other people throughout his couple of years as a CEO. For the large majority of my time as a CEO, my largest opposition came from 2015’s Person of the Year, Mustapha10. At the helm of the Doritos throughout 2015, Mustapha10 made a large number of headlines, and in correspondence to his position of power, a large number of enemies.

It’s fair to say there has not been a more polarizing figure in armies this year than Mustapha10. From late winter this year and onward, his leadership of the Doritos garnered praise for its results, as well as criticism for some of the controversies that arose from it. He was at the head of the largest war of 2015, which was the war between the Doritos and the Ice Warriors, this year’s two most powerful armies. During the war, the Doritos became plagued with scandals, yet they remained as strong as ever. A common thread between armies this year was that following a special report concerning them, they proceeded to fall out and suffer heavily. The Doritos were not one of those armies, as evidenced by their sheer dominance this year.

It is no secret that Mustapha and I did not get along. Yet, when we weren’t at each other’s throats, we were friends. He, at times, has shown a different side of himself to me that makes me believe he’s more than just a leader. To me, it seems obvious that there’s a reason his army has been able to remain so dominant throughout the year — himself as a person. While yes, I have wanted to murder him several times, as did many others in the community, I would have to be a fool to ignore the indelible mark he has made on the community this year. His title, the “Universal Adversary”, reflects his controversial nature and his tendency to make more enemies than friends, which usually marks doom for an army. However, his ability as a leader and as a person have allowed the Doritos to thrive as the top army of 2015, hence why he has been named 2015’s Person of the Year.

— Zakster, CPA Central CEO


The King of Controversy

Known as a leader who expects the best and will not take otherwise, Andrew24 has gone to all length to make the Ice Warriors successful under his leaderships and has embraced much controversy along the way. It is well documented that I had a fight for power with Andrew for the position as Ice Warriors Leader and it is this struggle that eventually saw my army, the Water Vikings, go to war with his army later on in the year. We tried to act against his controversy and what was seen as dictatorship of the IW, but it was this way of leading that arguably saw him gain so much success.

Andrew achieved some of the biggest sizes of the year and was a formidable opponent for me. While I disagreed with his methods of leading and his firebrand attitude, it can not be disputed that he achieved so much in the Ice Warriors and deserves to be credited for the hugely successful year the army had. His main notable achievement came in March when he won the first tournament of 2015, the March Madness tournament, by beating the Water Vikings in the Semi-Finals and the Doritos in the Final. He achieved success in his time at the Ice Warriors by stepping up Bot Recruiting, a staple of his leadership, to rapidly increase the amount of recruits the army received. Despite accusations of multilogging and nulling from retired owners, Andrew remained focused on continuing to build a stronger army and this determination resulted in the army being listed as the Second Best Army of 2015. The Ice Warriors were an unstoppable force under Andrew and dominated the Top Ten throughout.

The hiring of Andrew as leader signified the Ice Warriors’ movement into the new era of Armies. The Ice Warriors had never previously hired someone from outside the army straight into the Leader spot and his controversial style was something that Iceyfeet had never been associated with. It is surely a compliment of how good Andrew is that he was hired straight into the heart of the army and relied upon to bring success that Icey and the army demands on a yearly basis. His title, the “King of Controversy”, is fitting for the person who flipped the narrative on “Career Leaders” completely. While his attitude resulted in several owners to follow me to the Water Vikings, his ability to replace them was remarkable and he will forever be remembered as not just a controversial figure, but an amazing leader.

— Kingfunks4, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC  CEO


The War-Torn Emissary

I have never been able to picture Zakster as much else than a general on the battlefield. Perhaps this picture that I have conjured is due to the many positions he held and accolades he collected prior to dedicating his time to army media; while Zak worked off and on for CPAC over a great number of years, he was largely focused on armies for most of his career, creating the Water Vikings and leading the Underground Mafias Army and the Nachos, among others. However, I have never been satisfied with that explanation.

Zakster was appointed to CPAC CEO alongside what was to be army media’s first-ever triumvirate, alongside Kingfunks4, a former CEO, and 78562cool, my Executive Producer. In the week that passed between my retirement and Bluesockwa2’s retirement, 78562cool decided that he, as well, would retire, leaving Funks and Zakster to assume to leadership role together. Since this unexpected retirement, a large piece of the balanced triumvirate that I pictured has been missing, and this was only amplified by the retirement of Kingfunks4 a few months later.

The most important goal of my successor was to carry the banner of my administration, which carried the banner of administrations past. We all learn from each other, most notably our predecessors, and so it was only expected that Zakster tried to transplant my CPA Central. He faced major opposition, becoming caricatured as virulent, condescending and off-putting, and I have never been one to think that the public can misconstrue a figurehead. If the consensus is there, the consensus is right. The consensus about Zak stemmed from the great frustration he felt with trying to implement a CPAC based on intellectualism in a warfare community that no longer would welcome a site of that sort. Zakster was caught between trying to prosecute multiloggers in a world where that meant prosecuting almost everyone, caught between an old precedent of idealism and hope in a wold where nothing told him there was reason for it. He was a pragmatist, but one that sorely missed the old ways of army media, and for that his perception suffered.

There is a great line in a book I once read, ironically about a general, where the military leader in question says: “I have no friends, and if I do have any left it won’t be for long.” Throughout his leadership of CPAC, and often as a hallmark of it, Zakster suffered from wild unpopularity and a failure to establish close alliances with the armies of the day. As for what he will be remembered, I’m not sure I can say, but a general that sacrificed it all in favor of carrying a pure ideology is just fine in my book. I can only hope he will be painted the same way in the history of army warfare.

— Bluesockwa1, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO


The Grand Saboteur

Waterkid100 has been one of the strongest and most successful leaders of the modern era, with his strong recruiting program and leadership style steering both the Pirates and Light Troops to success. His personality has resulted in him gaining a lot more enemies than allies, but this continues to drive him on.

Water has proved himself to be a legendary leader for many years now and this was confirmed when he was placed on the CPA Central Legends Page earlier this year. He is one of the most successful UK Leaders ever and his division has been unmatched. As a fellow UK Leader, I have many times been an enemy of Waterkid and his armies, during my time in many armies including the Army of CP, Ice Warriors and Water Vikings. He is a strong competitor as he combines his ability to build a strong army with his tactical ability to outdo his opponent. It is easy for me to say that he is one of the best leaders that I have faced. Despite facing accusations involving multilogging and what many see as an abusive persona, he has shown that an army in 2015 can grow and prosper through the use of recruiting both on CP and CPPS. While many other armies have faltered later on this year, he has propelled the Light Troops to success and sizes that are so far going unmatched.

While leading the Light Troops this year, he helped to revolutionize the way in which armies recruited, by introducing Bot Recruiting into Armies with great effect. Even though the use of Bots to recruit is questioned by many, a large proportion of the Armies that reached the top made it there via the use of such techniques. It was Water that introduced this into Armies and this was key as it replaced the now ineffective autotyping. He also used membership generators to entice new recruits into joining and then staying in the army and these membership generators are also used by most of the successful armies in the Top Ten. Water’s recruiting techniques have helped to not only build his own armies, but to grow and sustain other armies around him.

He has now been included on the Person Of the Year list three times since it begun in 2012 and the original winner continues to show the impact he has on the Army Community. The arrival of the Light Troops later on in the year, with the growth almost solely down to him, has sparked many armies into revival as they try to act against his army. Despite his questionable attitude and the controversial actions he may take, there is no doubt that he is still one of the top leaders in CP Armies.

— Kingfunks4, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO


The Populist

Silverburg is an enigma of the warfare community, one whom I had great trouble understanding for the majority of my career and even after his retirement. I feel the majority of the controversy surrounding Silver stems from the two major arguments that can be made against him: that he was simply a crony of Elmikey’s, carrying the remnants of his army, or that for all his talk, he never proved the success in the Rebel Penguin Federation that he so often claimed was coming. Both of these arguments have some level of merit, but I do not believe either of them are for what Silverburg should be remembered.

Silver has proven himself to be a capable leader, most notably in the Dark Warriors and during some of his leadership stints in the Rebel Penguin Federation. But though he did, in some ways, carry on the ideology of his recruiter, Elmikey, he also shaped that ideology into a very different animal, I would know. Elmikey’s ideology had its greatest flaw in being hell-bent on fighting the establishment, while downplaying the troops whose greater interests he claimed to support. This fallacy in his argument made Elmikey very easy to out-logic for his opponents, but Silverburg’s ideology, for which I hope he will be most remembered, was very different.

The ideology of Silverburg that definitely evolved from Elmikey’s anti-establishment, tribal mentality rhetoric was a surprisingly populist one. Silverburg was not a huge supporter of the establishment either, and he did like to keep the Rebel Penguin Federation in an Ice Warriors-esque state of isolation, but it was for a different reason than before. While Elmikey liked to keep his troops isolated for fear that different ideals would pervade their minds, Silverburg aimed to isolate his troops because for all the army leaders that disregarded their troops, Silver never did.

It is my hope that, whether one likes the rest of what he stood for or not, Silverburg will be remembered as one of the great populists of CP Armies. Above all else, his philosophy was based in extolling every single troop and fighting for their common interests. If that meant taking on the establishment that made their warfare experience less interesting, he was willing to do that. If that meant being mocked, ridiculed and isolated from the greater community, Silverburg still moved forward with his ideology, perhaps because he understood a truth more quickly than many of 2015’s figureheads did; that recruits were trickling out, and fast, and something had to be done before nothing could be done.

— Bluesockwa1, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO


The Relentless Survivor

This past year, Xxtoysoldier has left a meaningful mark in the army community, leading the charge in two separate revivals of the Dark Warriors, both of which met great success. Leading the Dark Warriors with his full effort, as well as the effort of his peers, Toy gave his army one last run before it met its most recent death.

Toy’s year with the Dark Warriors started out with a successful beginning. Through the whole month of January, he managed to hold on to first place on the Top Ten with a tight grip. After having to make readjustments in the army’s ranks due to the loss of some key owners, Toy managed to keep the Dark Warriors up as best as he could. They remained as a Top Three army until coming to a close in the beginning of the month of March. After a two month hiatus in army activity, Toy once again brought the army back together with Freezie66, another Dark Warriors legend. Under their leadership, they managed to have a successful end of the spring season, characterized by their reaching first in their first week of returning. After the spring months came to a close, the success of the Dark Warriors was then followed up by an even more successful summer for the army. Over the summer, the Dark Warriors didn’t make it to the Legends Cup Finals, but they were recognized as the second most powerful army of the summer of 2015. Once the summer came to an end, the Dark Warriors found themselves slowly deteriorating. Through the Autumn months, up until December, the force that the Dark Warriors once were over the summer had dwindled down excessively. After failing to accept a recent ultimatum that was issued by Toy to the army, he, along with a number of other legends, unanimously came to the decision to shut down the Dark Warriors, becoming a similar presence to xiUnknown, who initiated the shutdown of the Dark Warriors early in the year.

Throughout his career with the Dark Warriors, Toysoldier was the true heart and soul of the army. Whenever his army was dead, he would return to breathe new life into it each time. He would refuse to give up on his home army, being there for the Dark Warriors as a backbone when he needed to be. Time after time he has risen to the occasion of fixing up the Dark Warriors until he was satisfied with its results. It is also imperative to recognize that Toy is one of the last of his breed. It is no mistake to say that out community has lost a majority of its life force, putting us in a time where we face multiple dillemas. He is among the few remaining leaders who are considered to be one of our community’s greats, which appropriately grants him the name “The Relentless Survivor.”

— Lord West, CPA Central Vice President


The Loyalist

When I started the Water Vikings in late 2010, I didn’t envision it succeeding in the way it has this year. When it first began, it had a minimal number of troops. One of those troops was Bepboy9, who now after five years continues to be at the heart of the Water Vikings. He and I were successful together as co-leaders from 2012 to 2014, but contrary to what I expected, he has been much more successful without me. Under his leadership, the Water Vikings were one of the title armies of 2015, regularly reaching heights I had only dreamed about as a twelve year old when I first led the Water Vikings.

I recall the beginning of the year, when the Dark Warriors were still in power after a dominant 2014. Bepboy told me that this was going to be their year, that he could sense domination around the corner. It was only a few weeks later that the Water Vikings achieved first on the Top Ten for the first time in their history, albeit with the lowest score of all time. Under his leadership, the Water Vikings thrived as a consistently powerful force, constantly finding themselves in the top five or top three. Faced with a great fall in the spring, however, Bepboy decided to temporarily end the Water Vikings in order to rebuild, re-assemble, and prepare for a great summer run. The decision certainly was questionable, but it paid dividends — against all odds, the Water Vikings made the finals of the Legends Cup VI, narrowly losing to the Rebel Penguin Federation. Despite the loss, it became clear that Bepboy had managed to create a force that would remain relevant in armies for quite some time. This came to fruition in November, when the Water Vikings managed to be the strongest army of that month.

There’s been an argument that Bepboy just cashes in on the talents of his fellow leaders. This argument should be considered moot, as Bepboy has continued to provide himself with more success than many thought possible of him. He has managed the army in a masterful way, building an ownership that respects him and his vision. Through five years, Bepboy has never lost sight of the vision I first had when I created the army — that of a future of honesty and success — and has only carried it forward. “The Loyalist”, as he is titled, is a reflection of his unwavering dedication to his home army, a dedication that has finally paid off.

— Zakster, CPA Central CEO


The Stalwart

Kingfunks4 can be called something like a “Jack of all Trades”. As the only person to ever hold the position of CPA Central CEO twice, he’s been well acquainted with the media, and his role as a prolific leader in several armies has given him one hell of a legacy. As the only person in Club Penguin warfare to be on the Person of the Year ballot for all four years, his influence has certainly been felt over a wide margin. Yet, it’s how he continues to deliver that makes him such a mysterious case. As my co-CEO during the first quarter of the year, Funks gave me a veteran presence to rely on while I was still feeling my way out as CEO. Following his abrupt resignation, he found a home yet again inside armies, where he proceeded to be one of the centerpieces in what likely was the largest internal struggle of the year.

As the leader of the Ice Warriors, Kingfunks4 struggled for control against Andrew24, as the latter represented a large change in culture for the Ice Warriors while Funks pushed for the old philosophy and methods of the Ice Warriors, which created much less controversy than Andrew’s methods. Despite the struggles, Kingfunks still found great success in the Ice Warriors, keeping them as one of the strongest forces of the summer. Following his departure from the Ice Warriors, Funks re-united with the Water Vikings, where he proceeded to lead an unprecedented rise from fourteenth on the SM Army Press Top Ten to first on CPA Central’s Top Ten, landing second place in the Legends Cup VI while doing it. While he did this, he proceeded to lay a foundation for the army so that they would not just be a summer army, but a year-round army — which has evidently succeeded, judging by the Water Vikings’ success this past fall.

Kingfunks4’s success as a figure in armies has been well documented, and after his inauguration as an army legend in 2014, he has only strengthened his resume. Wherever Kingfunks goes, he always seems to find success. The definition of a “stalwart” is someone who is loyal, reliable, and hardworking. Throughout his career, Kingfunks has exemplified these qualities, hence his title, “The Stalwart”. Looking towards 2016, we can now wonder if Kingfunks will continue his tradition of success yet again.

— Zakster, CPA Central CEO


The Callous Incendiary

Bam117 is a leader who can make any army flourish if given the necessary resources. Since the beginning of 2015 and up until its final days, Bam has served as a leader in some army or another. He had multiple leadership reigns in the Doritos, and his success not only remained in his home army, but has also reached armies such as Light Troops, Army of CP and Underground Mafias Army.

Bam began his year by joining the Light Troops leadership. Through the month of February, he helped to keep the Light Troops in a strong position. After leaving the army, he was quick to rejoin the Doritos leadership. This reign in the Doritos was short-lived, however, and it wasn’t until long he became the victim of a coup d’état. Quickly after being ousted, he sought refuge in ACP, where he joined the army for an owner position, starting off as a Third in Command. ACP’s sizes quickly sprouted with this new addition to their army. After serving as an owner for a few months, he was appointed as the army’s leader in the month of May. Throughout his leadership in ACP, he consistently held the army in a Top 5 position. At one point during the summer, they even waged war against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

During the time of the Legends Cup, Bam gave up his leadership role. He then rejoined the Doritos leadership with hopes of helping the army to win the tournament. Although DCP faltered to BMA during the tourney, he still helped Doritos earn recognition as the top army during the summer of 2015. However, his efforts weren’t purely deposited into the Doritos. Bam also recreated UMA during the summer of 2015. Many spectators argued this UMA generation’s legitimacy, but despite the negative feedback it received from some of the community, Bam used the army to wage war against a number of armies, including the Dark Warriors, Water Vikings, and even the Ice Warriors.

Bam is a character who should never be underestimated. As someone who has worked close with him over many years, I have personally witnessed him turn nothing into something time and time again. He is not afraid to speak his mind about what he is thinking at any given time. Whether he is writing a post on an army’s website, or he is being interviewed for a CPAC report, he will always speak his mind. Through all of the conflict that Bam incited during this year, he never allowed his naysayers to affect him or even touch him, leading to him being named “The Callous Incendiary” this year.

— Lord West, CPA Central Vice President


The Failed Visionary

Held in heavy contrast to his fellow CEO, I will be the first one to admit that Mach was appointed largely because of his vision. And truly, his rise to success in the media was one of the most controversial and uncanny that I had ever seen, and my rise in this corner of the community was nothing normal either. I chose Mach, because of our long partnership in the Underground Mafias Army, to advise Bluesockwa2 and myself on the CPA World Media Board. He began as an advisory member, a rank held by many of our old allies in the community, but eventually became an intricate part of the machine that was CPAWM.

Mach was appointed special prosecutor (or, as we jokingly called it, babysitter) to SM Army Press during a long string of administrative conflicts that stemmed largely from Mchappy’s successor, Gar101. He successfully worked to diffuse a great number of conflicts at SMAP, preventing them from being elevated to the highest levels of CPAWM when we had larger issues on our hands at CPA Central. After serving as Board Deputy, he was considered, alongside Albaro Lord, to assume the role of site CEO following Kingfunks4’s departure. And truly, one of the largest reasons that Mach was almost unanimously elected to assume Funks’s former position was his great vision.

Allow me to be clear, I do not call Mach a failed visionary because Mach is a failure. I still believe in Mach’s vision for warfare as much as I did when I confirmed his appointment to CPAWM Advisor, Board Deputy, and finally CPAC CEO. It is a vision that has its roots in the pioneers of army media and councils through all ages; names like Woton, Sklooperis, Iasgae56, Mr. Deedledoo, Boomer 20, the Bluesockwa Brothers, Commando717, Iceyfeet1234 and so many others. It is this great cooperation that Mach hoped to achieve through army media, and it failed not because of him, but because he could not buffer against the tides.

Warfare has changed. The climate of intellectualism in which I thrived and flourished is now being driven out the door by a culture of cronyism and obsession. And though Mach will retire thinking of himself as a failure, and though he will be painted for years to come as an ineffective leader of CPAC, let the final record be etched tonight from one who knows the game, and played the game for many years: Mach failed, not because of who he was, but because he was a visionary fit for an era long gone.

— Bluesockwa1, CP Army Legend, Former CPAC CEO


And so the Person of the Year 2015, as well as 2015 itself, comes to a close. After a couple of late nights and hours of arguing and deliberating, we at CPA Central came up with this list of ten people who we believe shaped 2015 more than anybody else; from leading armies to unprecedented success, to revolutionizing recruiting efforts, to creating controversy after controversy. This year has been enough of a challenge, but now 2016 lies just hours away. We now have to face new challenges with steadfastness and unity, not as separate entities, but as one large community. The challenge of the true CPNext is coming to fruition, one which will create the largest challenge we as a community have ever faced: complete adaptation. We won’t go anywhere as a broken community, but we can go everywhere as a unified one.

It’s time to flip the narrative. Bring on 2016.


CPA Central CEO


Former CPA Central CEO

Lord West

CPA Central Vice President


CPA World Media Chairman

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  1. Okay i’m sorry but i’m going to be a major dick here.

    Someone like Bepboy shouldn’t be on that list. Bep has done nothing to make this list. The rise of WV were all because of Funks and Change mainly. Without funks and Change, Bep couldn’t have even been able to get WV up to 15+ on Club Penguin. Bep needs to be carried constantly, without him getting carried WV falls. The only smart thing bep has done in his career is get rid of that cross dresser named stromae. Otherwise he shouldn’t deserve to be on the POTY. Change should really be up there, not bep. Having Bep up there makes it fair to have someone like Phin up there.

    Call me butthurt call me what you want but i’m stating pure facts. I don’t care about POTY too much. Yes in the start of it I did but now I don’t care.


  2. I should be the only person on this list. For I am GREAT! For I am ME! I am Absolute and Righteous! All who defy me are FOOLS! I am Grand and Perfect! I am God!

    All Hail Me! All Hail Victory! ALL HAIL NACHONNIA!


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    Mustapha/DCP have been exposed for multilogging since the beginning of this year. Yet he still gets Person of The Year? Also I’m almost positive IW beat DCP at the start of the year when it was Andrew24 vs Mustapha.

    Why is Zak and Mach even on this? They suck.


  13. Yo u guys roasted the shit outta me a day before i leave. How the hell you violating the ceo of ur own site the day before he retires. rip mach 12/31/2015.


  14. Putting aside the common, yet natural and unsurprising remarks of criticism, I’d like to simply commend the POTY of 2016.

    so, congratulations Mustapha.


  15. How much do I have to multilog this year to get considered?

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  16. Change should’ve been here,

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  17. “The Grand Saboteur” “The War-Torn Emissary” “The Universal Adversary” “The Relentless Survivor”

    They’re some pretty bold titles for a community that logs on to a virtual world for 10 year olds.

    You’re teenagers/grown men playing a disney game for kids, stop acting like you’re fucking war veterans.

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    • Stop acting so edgy. If you hate this community so much, go join some other circlejerk.


      • I’m the edgy one? This is coming from CPAC, with a header that has jew jokes and illuminati jokes and Faze clan symbols.

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        • that’s not edgy kid
          if it’s edgy, your definition’s fucked up

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          • Jew jokes hilarious XDD!!!!
            Using the “if you don’t like it, don’t *insert relevant verb* it then” argument, are we? By that argument, I wouldn’t be able to criticise anything. That argument sadly can’t be applied to the real world.

            Furthermore, criticising CPA for taking itself too seriously is not grounds for me to leave the CPA community.

            PS: CPA isn’t a circlejerk.

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          • Might I add that condescendingly calling me a “kid” for no reason makes *you* the child here.

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            • i mean, if that’s your scapegoat, then so be it, even though it’s kinda weak

              but the point is, if all you’re gonna do is continuously make cynical comments, why are you even here in the first place? you shouldn’t be.


              • I don’t see your point. I’m not using a scapegoat at all, because “scapegoating” involves blaming my problems on something else, which is not what I’m doing.

                What you’re basically saying is “I don’t like your comments so you shouldn’t be here”. Sadly, that’s not how the real world works

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                • I never said that’s how the real world works.
                  I’m simply pointing out the fact that all you ever do is comment cynical thoughts time and time again. You can criticize the community for playing Club Penguin, but keep in mind you’re still here too.

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                  • You’re using the typical arguments “if you dont like it dont do it” and “if u dont like it then u shouldnt be here”

                    You’re completely missing the point of my comments. I criticised that armies take themselves too seriously given that this whole community is built on a game for children. I did NOT at any point say that playing club penguin is a bad thing. Do not use the “if u dont like it why u here” argument because it makes no sense in this context.

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                    • You’re correct, I misread it.

                      In that case, still, I don’t really see your point in us taking this too seriously because of a few titles on Person of the Year. Armies as a whole? Sure, but this is a pretty piss poor thing to base that argument off of.

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                    • Using titles like “Relentless Survivor” is in fact taking itself too seriously. Describing Toysoldier as some kind of War Veteran or some kind of “relentless survivor” is extremely hyperbolic and absurd. He managed to convince 20 kids to log on to Club Penguin, he did not survive some atrocity or fight in a horrific war. I am not basing my entire argument on this one post as you seem to imply, because there are many other scenarios wherein armies take themselves too seriously. Go on any army website and you’ll find stupid flame posts and you’ll notice that each army tries to present themselves as some kind of military organisation

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              • Regularly I would agree with you about people in this 50 percent arsed community but you’re wrong about this guy my good buddy pal


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  23. […] To summarize CPACentral’s Person of the year post, they awarded me the honorary title because in situations that marked doom for armies, my leadership and personality allowed the army to thrive and become the army of the year. (FULL post here) […]


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