Putting Fuel on the Fire

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – When it comes to war, there are many different ways it can ignite. Whether it’s a hate crime, showing another army that they’re wrong, a never ending rivalry, or a small loss in an event taken too seriously, there are many ways to make it much worse than it has to be.

Club Penguin is a flash game for those who are supposed to be between the ages of 6 and 14; however, it is for all ages, which is why those younger and older than the age recommendation stick around in this community.

The CP army community looks like something made up by children on the outside, but when one has the key to unlock the doors that allow them into the community, they soon realize that they were completely wrong. Due to the fact that the majority of the community are teenagers, there are more things that are done everyday to either make the community better or worse for every member, but why? We want something that appeals, we want to feel the same involvement in things as we felt as neophytes, so we propose ideas to make things better or worse for all of us.

In this case, war is one of the biggest things that can be easily made worse. The only reason why war is taken so seriously is the fact that according to psychological observations for the past four years, there’s the  inevitable conclusion that the internet is treated as a second home by a majority of users, it is taken so seriously because this is essentially a second life. That fact had to go out of the way because some readers may want to ask:

“Chris, why do we take this so seriously? Why should war be taken as a threat?”

Now that the scientific stuff is out of the way, the real question can be of focus: During a war, what fuel is added to the fire to constantly make a war worse?

There are so many answers.. so many..

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.47.32 PM

To begin, let’s look at technological ways to get back at an enemy, Distributed Denial of Service has been used more than once in the past to boot troops and owners offline.

Why go so far as to use DDOS attacks? Nobody realizes that those attacks are not permanent 100% of the time, and the users will come back most of the time. When those troops and owners return from having their internet down, the war will only get worse. When push comes to shove, what comes around goes around, and you never know, the army one decides to DDOS may know how to do the same thing.

Using DOX attacks may make things worse as well, but why? DOX attacks consist of going into one’s mainframe to gain unauthorized access to one’s information and broadcasting it, perhaps blackmailing could be a tactic to end the war? Sorry, but that’s only going to make things worse for you, anyone can DOX, so if you plan on going into a war with somebody and broadcasting each other’s information.. then… what the f**k are you doing with your life?

Multi-logging.. oh my gosh.. do I have to keep stressing this? 2015 was basically the year of the multi log, and if one thinks 2016 will be any better, it will end up being the same thing with constant multi-logging, but who knows? A lot can happen in 365 (technically 366, 2016 is a leap year) days, right? Using cheating to win a war won’t make anything better, it will actually cost the army the victory, and may motivate the opponent to take out the army that is cheating with a “one hit KO” if you will.

Defacing is a serious crime as well, if caught defacing an army’s website or chat, it can mean huge trouble for the accused. As one can see, a deface can knock out an army for quite some time while they’re re-stabilizing the chat/website that was compromised, and once they’re finished.. they might go into war with more power than usual, they may even wait for the right time to strike again.

This kind of stuff does not just take fuel and put it on the already burning fire, but it’s finding ways to take the war outside of the real battlefield.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.00.52 PM

And these flame wars on WordPress blogs, chats, and other places in our community can take place in any mainframe in the world…


“Chris, there are some ways to make a war worse that don’t require the actions of hacking or using cheating methods”

Of course there is, and I can come up with two big ones right here. Depending on the rules of a war, if the “No allies allowed” rule does not appear in a list of rules, then it is assumed ok to bring in some friends to help you.

Allies in the Club Penguin army community are essential, it’s tough on anyone [psychologically] to fight a battle they might be fighting alone, so bring in some allies! That action; however, can be faced with.. backfire.

Bringing in allies can cause an alliance war, which can make a war increasingly difficult, since if anyone was to bring allies to a battle, what reason is there for the opposition to not do the same? Allies are to be used as a last resort if one really needs them, don’t be the final cause of seemingly endless batting all because you brought in one army to help you.

Allies can also make the war worse by affecting one psychologically, having the other army tell the army using the allies first that they’re a weak army and need their friends to help them get out of tough situations. Personally, I see nothing here that is wrong with bringing allies except for these two problems.

Use allies only when necessary.

Onto the final topic of making war worse…. flame posting. Flame posting has always been around, and it gets annoying after a while since the flame of a war is raging constantly, being fueled by hatred and resentment seen in flame posts on websites aimed at the other army. After four years, it can be said that this writer has seen the ins and outs of a flame post.

Flame posting can go from “Oh my gosh you guys multi logged we should be winning you dumbasses!” to “We just hate you, just cus ^_^” or the old “Wow -user- you’re wrong on this one!”

“Chris, the community practically survives on war, why not make the battle more intense?”

The more intense a war, the more chances of armies dying and the community getting smaller.


Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinions! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Central Philosopher/Historian 


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  4. this post basically describes the dcp nwo war rn -wary-


  5. June 6, 2016.


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