Dark Warriors Announce Permanent Shutdown

FROSTY, Former Dark Warriors Nation – This is far from the first time the Dark Warriors has decided to close its doors. However, this is the first time the Dark Warriors announce a permanent shutdown without a single legend at the helm.

This shutdown was spearheaded by two DW legends, Freezie66 and Toysoldier. Their decision originated from a growing discontent with the performance of the Dark Warriors after their last departure. On December 19th, Toy released a post expressing his discontent and offering the current Dark Warriors Administration an ultimatum. You can view an excerpt from his post below.

Ever since we were revived, I knew there would be a problem. The Dark Warriors are proving themselves to be reliant on former leaders & legends in order to be at the top of the leaderboards.

I am giving the Dark Warriors exactly one week to rebuild themselves to a state I find pleasing. This is your only and final chance to prove yourselves worthy.

– Toysoldier, DW legend


It’s far from a secret that the Dark Warriors has had their fair share of troubles in recent months. Despite the best efforts of the many who have held the title of DW Leader in recent months, the Dark Warriors still found themselves consistently placing near the bottom of the Top Ten, and struggling to get over sizes of 20+.


Most Recent DW Event Posted On Site

However, on the same day as Toysoldier posted an ultimatum, a decision was reached. The Dark Warriors have officially shut down. You can view an excerpt from Toysoldiers post announcing the shut down, or view the full post on the Dark Warriors site here.

In early 2015, the Dark Warriors were marked as dead by xiunknown, and DW creator Ambrosha. I was one of the many to stand up, and I was one of the few to not sit back down. Many people today agree with my decisions, and many people today look up to them. However, the Dark Warriors should have remained as they were, and I sincerely wish I was not included with the revival of the Dark Warriors.

we officially put the Dark Warriors to an end. Our legacy however, remains.

– Toysoldier, DW legend

This, understandably, set the Dark Warriors chat aflame. Some in full support of Toys decision, others vehemently arguing against. Toysoldier quickly sought out to pacify the chat, and declare his decision final.

Screenshot at Dec 29 21-07-54

It wasn’t too long after the chat erupt that another DW legend arrived on chat to stand with Toy in unity of his decision to close down the Dark Warriors.

Screenshot at Dec 29 21-05-07


Freezie also declared his stance in unity by following up Toysoldiers post with a post of his own. Half message to the current DW generation, have homage to the generations of the past, you can view an excerpt from Freezies post below or view the full post on the Dark Warriors site here.

I may have multi-logged for 10 minutes, but the Dark Warriors have hogged the 9th or 10th spot for consecutive months, and for our army of our stature; that simply isn’t good enough.

– Freezie, DW Legend

We want to know what YOU think! Will the Dark Warriors shut down last, or will they be revived once again? Is Goblin extremely tired when finishing this post at 1 AM? Leave YOUR opinions in the comments below! 


CPA Central Consigliere






56 Responses

  1. Your not too tired to hang around dcp chat and talk to west.


  2. Pathetic move, really. Every single Dark Warriors has put great amounts of effort in keeping the army alive for MONTHS, then two legends come and shut it down? All the hard work for the past few months for what? For nothing? Horrible decision.


  3. if you close an army, that’s an incredibly selfish thing to do. if your army does bad, then you allow things to work themselves out with time and see if the new leaders can solve their problems. you obviously have no care for the army if you treat it like a toy you can turn on and off again and that it should be subservient to you by right.


  4. Bullshit.

    I hope those two legends are happy with themselves, shutting down an army everyone has worked hard on.


  5. I understand why Freezie and Toy shutdown DW, despite everyone working hard in the army, they were unable to come anywhere close to the success that previous leaders had.

    RPF’s doors are open to Dw troops who will get the same, or a similar rank.


  6. “Permanent.” Yeah, see you in a month…


  7. Goblin is a lazy depressed fuck who is tired at 1 am. This isn’t the first time that CPAC has posted on a Dark Warriors faked death and it won’t be the last


  8. DW already made a new army after those faggots closed it down luckily.


  9. Dark Warriors are now Night Rebels



  10. I didn’t see any issues based on the obvious


  11. Does Ambrosha know this? I think hes gonna be upset for this.


  12. We know this is BS but most of the old DW is now the Night Rebels, website is in process of being made when im saying this, will reply when its open


  13. B U L L S H I T.




  15. It’ll be back in a week


  16. DW, please back to live… I’m crying! Why this epic army is closed? Why DW, not Nachos? WHY!?


  17. I can’t do it anymore! Come back. I am crying so much. This is so emotional.


    PRAY TO:


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