The Top Ten Armies of 2015

After what has been one of the most eventful, difficult, and scandalous years in army history, we look back at the performance of armies throughout 2015. This year has been more competitive than 2014 and, statistically, a slight improvement. We have compiled a statistical total for every single army to be in both CPA Central and SM Army Press’ Top Tens, which we call the “Top Ten Armies of 2015”. Read on for more.

After what we affectionately refer to as the “Second Golden Age”, otherwise known as 2013, armies dropped back into reality in 2014. Panic and pessimism spread about our ability to survive and adapt as a community, which effectively spread into 2015. Looking back, however, we have improved over the past year. While yes, 2015 was still not the greatest year, it was not the dumpster fire that many seemed to perceive it was.

One thing that marked 2014 was the sheer dominance of the Dark Warriors throughout the second half of the year, as 2014’s top army of the year was first in the Top Ten in twenty out of the last twenty-six weeks of the year. This was preceded by strong showings from the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation, the latter of which still was dominant from 2013. 2015, however, was more competitive and much closer than 2014 was. Due to this competitiveness, the top spots were highly contested right until the end. Without further adieu, I bring you the Top Ten Armies of 2015.


The Top Ten Armies of 2015

1. Doritos [+6] [880] [2.54]

2. Ice Warriors [+1] [861] [2.72]

3. Army of CP [-1] [786] [3.44]

4. Water Vikings [+6] [740] [3.88]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [729] [3.99]

6. Dark Warriors [-5] [711] [4.16]

7. Nachos [-1] [649] [4.76]

8. Light Troops [-4] [555] [5.66]

9. Army Republic [NEW!] [353] [7.61]

10. Special Weapons & Tactics [+1] [286] [8.25]


For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press, as they will be posting about numbers 11-25.


The year began with the Dark Warriors’ dominance from 2014 bleeding into 2015. The same could be said for the Light Troops, who contested with the Dark Warriors throughout the first two months of 2015. In March, however, the Ice Warriors rose to power, followed closely behind by the Doritos, both of which would go on to become the title armies of 2015. The Dark Warriors were able to take power away from both armies at the end of May following their return as they, along with the Ice Warriors, Doritos, and Rebel Penguin Federation, would become one of the strongest forces of the summer. The Doritos asserted their own dominance at the end of the summer, as they became the top army for seven weeks in a row. The power would shift to the Water Vikings for a short time span in the fall as they, after reaching first for the first time in their history in February, found themselves on top for five out of six weeks, interrupted only by the sudden re-emergence of SWAT. The year ended with the return of the Light Troops, who have been on top for the last two weeks of 2015.

As you can assume, the number of change next to an army’s name ([+6], in the case of the Doritos) indicates the change in placement from the Top Ten Armies of 2014. It functions the same way as our regular Top Tens, just over a much longer span of time.

The next number is the army’s total score, which was calculated based on a scale of 20 — meaning 20 points was given for first place, 19 points for second, etc. What has changed since last time is the scale, as last year’s Top Ten was based on a scale of 10. We used a scale of 20 in order to incorporate the SM Army Press Top Tens as well, meaning 10 points was rewarded for first on SMAP’s Top Ten.

The third number is the army’s average ranking. This number was found by dividing the total score by 2 and dividing that score by 52, then taking the quotient of that and subtracting it from 11. The number at the end is the average ranking. For example, 880/2 = 440, 440/52 = 8.46, 11 – 8.46 = 2.54.


Whereas the regular Top Ten is calculated through an excel spreadsheet by plugging in numbers, this Top Ten was completely calculated by use of a calculator. Above is the spreadsheet that details the armies and their corresponding numbers, as well as how many times each army reached first, was in the top three, or was in the top five. You may notice how an army like the Army of Club Penguin, who was only inside the top three five times, is above an army like the Water Vikings, who were inside the top three twenty-three times. This is due to their consistency, as the Army of Club Penguin managed to be one of the only armies this year to be in either a CPA Central Top Ten or a SM Army Press Top Ten all fifty-two weeks of the year. Other armies who displayed dominance, like the Dark Warriors, Water Vikings, or Light Troops, all were dead for a part of 2015, which is why they are lower than some other armies.

Top Scores of 2015

Performance varies throughout armies based on the army, its situation, and the time of year. Sometimes, armies as a whole can be in such a poor state that the top army may not even have a score of 65, as evidenced in early February when the top army had a score in the 64’s. Sometimes, however, certain armies can be particularly dominant, reaching scores into the 90’s, which we consider to be extremely strong. Each year, we compile a list of the top scores in any CPA Central top ten that year. Below is a list of the Top Scores of 2015.

1. Doritos [97.20] [September 6th]

2. Ice Warriors [96.71] [July 26th]

3. Dark Warriors [94.67] [May 24th]

4. Doritos [94.50] [August 23rd]

5. Dark Warriors [94.47] [June 21st]

6. Dark Warriors [94.17] [July 26th]

7. Dark Warriors [92.50] [August 9th]

8. Dark Warriors [91.64] [January 4th]

9. Dark Warriors [91.33] [July 12th]

10. Doritos [91.26] [June 14th]

It seems fitting that the Doritos, the top army of 2015, received the top score, but what is surprising is that the Dark Warriors, rated sixth in our Top Ten, had six of the ten top scores of the year. One thing to note that is a very high achievement for any army is that the Dark Warriors’ highest score of the year, which is third overall in our rankings, was the week they were revived after their temporary death in the spring.


First Place Calendar

Like last year, we here at CPA Central have compiled a graphic that displays who received first by the month, which can be telling of who was the most dominant during each time frame. Below is that graphic, which we call our “First Place Calendar”.



And so, 2015 continues to come to a close. It has been a truly spectacular year, with all its ups and downs included. I look forward to seeing us grow as a community throughout the coming new year, and as always, thank you for reading CPA Central.

So, what do YOU think? Were you surprised about this year’s total Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central CEO

53 Responses

  1. Like

  2. Well done WV, 4th and that is with the middle part of the year not in the top ten.


  3. Every army has their ups and downs. RPF had their downs, and now, it is time for them to have their ups. Fight the Good Fight.


  4. +6 fucking go go go go sonic


  5. GO IW


  6. every DW legend pretty much stopped caring about armies after except Toy and I in the Summer

    still this year was a complete joke so you cant blame them


  7. 9th place with only two periods of activity in the whole year? May not look too impressive, but hell, I’ll take it.

    Nice job AR and everyone else who actually worked for their success.


    • we all worked for it or we wouldnt be here!


    • did you know that multilogging actually takes more effort than cp recruiting!
      What is cp recruiting? All u need to do is gather a couple of ur buddies and bam u have 45 people off to go.
      What if multilogging? The challenge of juggling 40 penguins at once, making sure that ur nulls dont sign out, making sure your nulls arent banned, making sure that theyre legit, making new penguins all the time.
      It’s safe to say that multilogging requires MORE work than raising an inferior army of cp recruits


  8. Sexy


  9. AR’s still sexy in 2015


  10. Great job DCP 🙂


  11. You guys really had to put deductions for multilogging…


  12. Good job, Ice Warriors (WARY)


  13. Go DCP!


  14. Go DCP


  15. Although we had a rough start to this year and spent 2 months in SMAP, we were able to pull ourselves out of our depression. 2016 will be a great year, Nachos.


  16. big must ee


  17. ayy lmao


  18. cpac needs to make more posts


  19. look at all those armies that were disdaining dcp and had to cry multilogs because they wernt good enough to defeat us! Bwahahaha ill make sure to stick around maybe ill get a refill on my bucket of tears


  20. If it isn’t too much to ask how close was WN to being in this top 10?


  21. So much has changed! I can remember when it was ACP or Nachos at number 1 ALL year then, randomly Ice Warriors would get number 1 at least once or twice a year.


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