RPF Undergoes Mass Hiring

UPDATE: Jester has now switched to the position of RPF Advisor 
TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Nation – Fresh off of a spectacular victory at the Christmas Chaos V Finals, the Rebel Penguin Federation seek to capitalize on their success by welcoming in some not-so-familiar faces into the RPF ownership ranks.

 The Rebel Penguin Federation is doubtlessly one of the most legendary armies in the community, both historically speaking and modernly speaking. However, it is no secret that the RPF has had its fair share of struggle as of late, remaining in the bottom half of the Top Ten for a matter of months now. Some attribute this to the shrinking presence of Silverburg and Elmikey, RPF legends.

Despite RPFs current standing in the Top Tens, none can deny their force at the Christmas Chaos Tournament where the RPF overpowered the Nachos to win the tournament. Many have speculated that this victory very well may be exactly the kind of morale booster the Rebel Penguin Federation needed to reestablish themselves as a World Power. You can view an image of the RPFs performance at the tournament below.


In an effort to propel themselves even further, the Rebel Penguin Federation has decided to make some new additions to their owner ranks, hiring a number of prominent veterans and veteran leaders.

Jester announced his arrival as RPF leader on December 28th. You can view an excerpt from his introductory post below.

Most of this community already knows who I am by what I’ve done in Doritos and Light Troops. Both reigns were undoubtedly golden ages for both armies. In RPF, I plan to do the same thing: to rise RPF to a powerhouse that cannot be stopped.

– Jester, RPF Leader

Jester is most notable with his work in the Doritos and the Light Troops. Jester has led under countless administrations within the Doritos and has doubtlessly established himself as a legend for the army. During the Summer of 2014, Jester served as leader with the Light Troops contributing to one of their most legendary generations.

Prior to the hiring of Jester, a number of former Water Vikings found themselves integrated into the RPF ranks as well.
Lord Jay is a veteran in this community, his most recent work was with the Water Vikings, assisting them in their most successful generation to date. Lord Jay was hired into the RPF as a 3rd-in-Command.
Chip is also most notable for his work with the Water Vikings. Although we was only a Leader-in-Training at the time of his departure from WV, Chip has doubtlessly left his mark on the army. Chip is also notable for being one of the spearheading founders and advocates for the New World Order Alliance, which formed to combat Multilogging.


Why was RPF your first choice when deciding what army to join next?

Jester: RPF has a rich history and I want to continue writing history for them, I’ve also worked with elmikey in the past during my LT Leadership with him.

Chip: The main reason to why I picked RPF over any other army was because RPF never multilogged. I had enough of being in an army that kept receiving multilogging accusations. 

Jay: I’ve been in WV for a few years now. It’s a great army and every soldier in it is as great troop and friend. I decided to leave because I needed a change from WV. Many people had left the army already for RPF and I thought a place with of my friends was a good place to be, but defiantly a new experience 


After winning the Christmas Chaos Tournament, what’s next for the RPF? What’s your focus on right now?
Jester: Right now, we’re focusing on working together, me being new and all. I still have to build chemistry with my team as of now this week will be special, a lot to look forward to. 
Chip: As you may already see, the Rebel Penguin Federation has been performing outstandingly lately. My goal for the RPF is to get them back to where they used to be – the prestigious days where they maxed 40 at their lowest. 
Jay: Our main focus at the moment is to keep our nation intact. Grow stronger as an army, and not just an army, a unit perhaps. What more does one ask then to grow larger in size and position on the top ten without cheating?
Anything else you’d like to add? 
Jester: Fight the Good Fight! 
Chip: Expect a rise and fight the good fight. 
Jay: Fight The Good Fight 
As you can see from the comments from three of RPF’s new staff, they all appear to be making a main focus that of working together to take the Rebel Penguin Federation to new heights. Aside from an inability to not say “fight the good fight”, all three members are very serious in terms of being at the forefront of a rise from the Rebel Penguin Federation. The question now however, is whether this goal will become a reality.
CPAC Person
Zing King To
CP Army Central Executive Producer

6 Responses

  1. Yeah! Rebel Penguin Federation ftw.


  2. something


  3. “Hiring” is a funny way to word it. Snyper, Mila, and Robot were the only people I personally asked to rejoin RPF. Chip, Jack, Jay, Jester? They all came to us asking to join. It’s not like we’re going out on the streets putting up signs saying “RPF IS HIRING OWNERS” or somethin like that. They’re coming to us, I’m not gonna deny someone the right to join RPF. If they will be most beneficial to the army in an owner position, then an owner position they will receive.

    RPF has a stronger ownership now, so I won’t complain. Whatever benefits the army.


    • Well said. I joined RPF without anyone asking me to. Infact, I already planned on choosing RPF a long time ago if anything went wrong with WV. Jay and jack both joined after me without me asking to join them, so please, don’t throw false accusations saying I stole them.


  4. mass hiring = wv plucking


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