Editorial: The New 3D Club Penguin? Is this the end?

Klondike, DrMatt’s Desk – Hello, welcome back to another editorial. Are we doomed? This just in that in 2016 Club Penguin will be changing entirely. What could this mean for armies? Click read more to follow on.

This week it was announced that in 2016, Club Penguin will be changing. This is all that we feared. I guess it’s safe to say time to hit the panic button. WERE ALL DOOMED!


Spike Hike was the one who recently announced that Club Penguin will be changing into a new dimension. As I’ve said previously he expects it to be launched in 2016. No one exactly knows when and he has given us very little information. He calls this the “Project Top Secret”


We all know it’s 100% going to be Club Penguin. As we see the migrator and the beach are included in the picture above. But this all looks so cramped. It basically looks like another toontown. Ew, that’s disgusting if Club Penguin will turn into Toontown. But in all honesty what does this mean for us?

Could our recruiting be cut off? Could it be the end of bot recruiting for us? If so then this is really the end of armies. This could mean we are in our final months of armies. Which is scary because this just hit us like a tidal wave. But in all honesty, at the same time could it honestly be good?


I don’t really know along with everyone else. What if we could still bot recruit? That’d be good but what if this change solves multilogging? That would be amazing and the curse of multilogging would finally be gone and we would finally see armies in their true form.

But now imagine, what if all this doesn’t happen and that we can’t battle on the new Club Penguin nor recruit. Where would we go? Armies would have to forcefully change platforms. But what platform would we go too? There has been a lot of saying about Roblox or Minecraft or League Of Legends.

But which is better out of all 3 of them? Personally I think Roblox is and if you haven’t seen my Roblox Conception then make sure to go read it HERE. Or maybe we’d switch to a platform we’d never have a thought about going too.

So could this really be the end? Be sure to comment how you feel about this change in the comments. Do you really think that this change could be for the better or for the worst? Who knows only the future will tell! I’ll be releasing more posts about this when much more information is given.

What do YOU think! Is it time for armies to end? Which platform do you wanna go too? YOU Decide! Comment YOUR opinion!


CP Army Central Editor in Chief


62 Responses

  1. What’s with the gif of Mach having a spaz attack?


  2. Good post. The 3D model will bring a wave full of lag, anarchy and other things… The server jump thing can maybe make the difference


  3. I’m glad you made this post, this discussion needed to be opened up. I’ll just start with my personal opinion, it will end our modern efforts of recruiting, and with increased lag deter our “alternative” motives, but I believe it’s beneficial for everyone, heres why:

    1) Club Penguin is taking a necessary step to 3D, in a modern world where 2D virtual worlds simply wont cut it. This will increase the amount of players and temporarily have a reviving effect on CP.

    2) The pesky bot recruiters (this in the eyes of the kids who play CP as well as the staff) will be deterred, as the difficulty to do so would be too much.

    3) Multilogging would be exponentially difficult, as a 3D engine can be laggy enough for one person already, and the movement and battle is more engaged, so it’s more difficult to do stuff per penguin.

    4) Combat will be more fun: joke bombs and emoticons will be outsourced for the original method, throwing snowballs, moving around with your forces, chasing opponents down and such, the possibilities are more fun.

    5) Club Penguin will make more money this way, as the interesting aspect that will draw in all those kiddos will generate increased purchasing of memberships. I’d rather play a “new” game than an “old” one in most circumstances.

    6) CP Private servers will prosper: with those who are deterred from the new 3D CP flock away, CPPSes will be there to service more and more 2D fans, thus making everyone more of a profit. Also, CP Armies ourselves have CPAS, a CP Army dedicated CPPS with 100% up time and decently trained staff.

    There are certainly negatives, and I’m not 100% pro-3D CP, it does look pretty silly, but these are just some positives to keep in mind before you guys all spin into a panic.


  4. No, we cannot change platforms. Seriously, even if it does come to CP (which is unlikely in the first place) it will not have a huge effect on CP armies, if any at all.


  5. If we do have to change, Matt’s right, Roblox is the best option.

    From what I know, Roblox is free? (Don’t quote me if I’m wrong) and Minecraft is like what? 20$? I know I’m not spending money on this game. (Anyone else?)
    And, God knows what LoL is like.


  6. I know for a fact that if we try to change platforms that not everyone will agree. I for one love minecraft but it costs money and is download. same with roblox about the download which will really disapoint people like me who use chromebooks. I think the obvious solution would be to go to our cpa based private server. And I think at this point we really need some form of government to help make these kinds of choices. Im not saying it has to be cpawm but I fell some kind of government is needed. And we might not be able to bot recruit which is the only thing I see being a problem. As for multilogging, if this really does work then it will attract more recruits therefore it might not be as essential for survial of certain armies. I’m not saying I like this anymore than u guys but we gotta count pros and cons


  7. I would change to something like Town of Salem. Some people don’t know the game but i really like it. As for the recruiting stuff, I don’t bot recruit or auto type. One time i auto typed and it got one of my penguins banned in 2 seconds legit. As for multilogging, I think stopping multilogging would be awesome. We can stop people accusing people of multi logging. Take SWAT for example, people thought they multilogging (which they did in in one of the generations i was in) and there were so many people accusing them. Personally i would like a 3D Club penguin if it didnt mean the end of CP armies.


  8. I personally enjoy that this new platform will rapidly decrease multiloggers causing an extinction but if the community and the platform don’t work out we still have CPAS, like Mach said. The only thing I find wrong with that is that there could be extremely bias moderators/staff linked with CPAC.


  9. I don’t see any problem


  10. I think there is a reason why CPPS are there.


  11. Maybe they’ll make snowball rifles and turn CP into a first person shooter. That would be great for armies.


  12. I’m planning my retirement in advance to make sure this crap doesn’t happen


  13. Switch to Clash of Clans and replace xat with Chattingler.
    Playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wChattingler


  14. cp won’t change, it will be just another world, i have talked with spike hike, club penguin will still be like it was before


  15. rip in pieces cpnext
    “cpnext will kill armies”


  16. Why does nobody in this community understand that we can’t move to any game, especially not roblox or minecraft, we have our own warfare and things work like they work only here on club penguin, when cp goes to 3D we probably won’t be able to keep up with it, but we won’t move to a new game also.

    It’s like this, you are playing LOL with your team for 5 years now but they said the game will end in 2016, so the entire community of LOL decides to move to a new game like COD, doesn’t make sense, why would they do that.

    I hope someone understand what I’m trying to say here.


  17. What about CPNext?


  18. Nah im not a fan of 3D games like this after 2D, its a big different and l dont want to change my memories on that. It works the best as of now…


  19. This could actually be a good thing. It might bring a lot of new players and shit. We’re still not sure what this will be like, other than the fact that it’s in 3d. Don’t scream out “HOLY SHIT WE’RE ALL DED I CRI” if you haven’t even tried the final product. Judging something off of a few pictures just isn’t right bb. This could be great for armies.




  21. i agree with tobercold. i think we’re all gonna get super hyped up about this shit, then nothing is gonna happen. or if it does, nothing will change too much.


  22. good i hope it does kill us all off


  23. moneybags my savoir please buy off cp so we dont have to be in this community


  24. We’re still waiting on CPNext. 3D club penguin? It sounds like a pet project that’ll get scrapped. If it doesn’t though, might kill what little original club penguin vide theres still left and our armies might just get bored with it and move on, not, mind you to another platform, but with life.


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