Top Ten Armies: 12/27/15

In the final Top Ten of 2015, we see a couple of changes in the Top Ten, including a Top Three army dropping outside the Top Five for the first time in a while, as well as a new army appearing in the Top Ten for the first time in its history.

1. Light Troops [+0] [90.00]

2. Doritos [+0] [78.50]

3. Army Republic [-1] [73.90]

4. Army of CP [+3] [69.13]

5. Nachos [+0] [56.75]

6. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [55.65]

7T. Water Vikings [-5] [54.50]

7T. Ice Warriors [NEW!] [54.50]

9. Dark Warriors [-1] [42.50]

10. Time Lords [NEW!] [34.50]

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1. Light Troops: The Light Troops welcome another Top 10 in the top spot after having an eventful week. Their week started with a training event on Ice Box in which they reached sizes of 50, shortly after announcing their war. DrMatt returned to lead LT in invasions of Frostbite and Sabertooth, with sizes of almost 50 at each. Followed by an invasion of Slippers, maxing 45, and an invasion of ACP’s beloved capital, Breeze, with sizes of 38. LT completed their week with a smaller event on Summit, maxing 30.


2. Doritos: The Doritos livened up this week, maxing 28 at their re-opening event. A UK event followed, where DCP maxed sizes of 40. They then had an unscheduled raid, where they reached sizes of 50. On Christmas Eve, they finished their week with a UK event where they maxed 42. DCP has had multi-logging accusations from around the community this week, though the legitimacy of these claims remains yet to be decided.


3. Army Republic: AR have had an active week, starting it off with a defense of Frosty and sizes of 20. They signed a treaty with Dark Warriors, and followed their first event with a max of 35 in a battle against DCP. They continued their week on the offensive, invading Bobsled, Slushy and Summit, reaching sizes of 38, 32 and 19 respectively.


4. Army of CP: This week the ACP climbed their way to the Top 5. First, they secured Northern Lights from DW with their AUSIA division, managing sizes of 24. This event may have influenced the peace treaty that quickly followed. After this, they held a UK U-Lead with sizes of 25, and a US U-Lead with sizes of 14. ACP continued to prove their AUSIA division’s strength as they maxed 20 at their next U-Lead. The same day their UK division maxed 15 in a training event. Following this was a fun AUSIA raid of an IW server with 24 troops online. Afterwards, LT declared war on ACP. Three more events were held in the remainder of the week, including an AUSIA re-invasion of Breeze with sizes of 23 and a UK training event with 10. ACP saw much success between their UK and AUSIA divisions this week, leaving their US division lagging behind.


5. Nachos: Nachos have maintained their Top 5 position this week, starting their week with a victory at CPAC’s Christmas Chaos Semi-Final against Water Vikings. They later defended Blizzard and re-took Fjord from RPF with their UK division, maxing 25 and 7. Their fourth event of the day was a successful invasion of Yeti in which they maxed 22. Shortly after this, RPF agreed to a peace treaty with them. Their busy day was followed by just one event, a cleansing of Aurora which saw sizes of 20.


6. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF began their week with a Christmas Chaos battle against Ice Warriors, maxing 28. The same day, they ended their war with Nachos. They welcomed in a new leader, who quickly went on leave. Despite this, they were able to max 11 at an AUSIA event, and 23 at a training event afterwards. They have put most of their effort into preparing for the Christmas Chaos Final today.


7T. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings have had a slow week, only holding 2 events – bringing them to a tie with the Ice Warriors, 5 places lower than last week. They maxed 27 at a US training event, followed by a max of 22 at another training the next day. On a more positive note, they secured peace treaties with the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, lasting until March 1st. Despite their apparent love for peace, however, WV posted a large cache of alleged multi-logging evidence against the Doritos.

7T. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors, similar to the army they tie with, have had a slow week. They started with talk of getting active again, but have only held 2 events. The first, a UK training event, saw sizes of 19. They followed that up with another UK training where they managed to reach sizes of 25.


9. Dark Warriors: With a slight fall from their previous spot, the Dark Warriors held an event on Wednesday, reaching sizes of 16 with their UK division. Their US division proved less successful, as the army had no other events this week. DW hired a new leader, Red, so next week may see more success.


 10. Time Lords: Our newest addition to the Top 10 managed to pump out 3 events this week, despite a site deface. Their first, a training event on Snow Plow, saw them reach sizes of just 3. Their leader’s determination paid off, however, and they grew to sizes of 7 and later 9 in their next events.




CPA Central CEO

Sir Pj

CPA Central Associate Producer

100 Responses

  1. good job nachos, ar, and acp. soon wv will be back at the top with us and things will be good.


  2. third


  3. Good job RPF! We will do better next week!


  4. Holidays always make slow weeks. We’ll be back at the top soon. 🙂


  5. WV will return, unlike some armies we gave our troops most of the week off.


    • Stop lying. You guys had an event every day except for Christmas, but most were cancelled due to your low size. Just face it, the Light Troops won. WV are no longer #1 in the community.


      • WV had no events scheduled for Christmas Eve (Thursday), Christmas Day (Friday), Boxing Day (Saturday), which is almost half of the week to allow for people to spend time with their families rather than on Club Penguin. We had 2 events over the other 4 days, which yes is less than I would like. Only One event was cancelled due to poor size.


  6. R.I.P WV


  7. Yes of course, write in our description about the multilogging claims. Not like ANY OTHER ARMY was accused recently. Obviously some people have yet to look at Mach’s post, but yeah just say shit about us. WV creator intensifies


    • I honestly couldn’t have put it any other way without ignoring an important piece of news.

      “DCP has had multi-logging accusations from around the community this week, though the legitimacy of these claims remains yet to be decided.”

      It is a fact that several armies have made claims against DCP, and I felt that was an important fact as it shows that DCP’s relationship with those armies is less than perfect.

      I made sure it was obvious that these claims are nothing more than claims right now, so would you rather I pretended it didn’t happen?

      P.S. As for your comment about Zak (“WV creator intensifies”), had you read the first comment you may have worked out that I did the descriptions, as I was the one asking if there were any mistakes people noticed.


      • For one, why would you feel the need to include multilogging accusations. When yourself was destroyed because you, multilog. If I go around bitching about people you’ll say they multilog? You’re 100% Retarded and need to get your shit straight. You did a terrible job. Bias cock like everybody else.


        • I was “destroyed”? K.

          I included the multi-logging accusations, as I already explained, to show that tensions were building (particularly evident in the fact that several armies have re-posted WV’s claims). And if you go around bitching about people multi-logging, I would probably write a short sentence to report that you have been making unverified claims, precisely like I did in this situation.

          If you want to continue this… discussion, get you shit, straight and trie, to Talk Properly.


      • CPAC continues to single out DCP and put them on blast for something literally every army is doing. Did you not see Mach’s post. We arent the only ones with accusations so why only put it in our description. Not to mention that there hasn’t really been any notable mentions in the descriptions of armies who have been involved with multilogging in prior weeks. Not even SWAT, who received two special reports, had it written in the description that they received accusations. I just find it funny how CPAC continuously belittles DCP and makes sure we look bad any chance they get. But you can deny what was written in the description wasn’t intentional when it was. CPAC can keep hating on DCP but just know we will stand strong and continue to be the best. These accusations mean nothing.

        And funny CPAC would let you, of all people, have ANY say in multilog discussion. Lol.


        • DCP was the only army that was accused of multi-logging this week, I’m sorry that I didn’t feel it was necessary to report on things that have absolutely nothing to do with this week. I agree, it’s probably best if the Top 10 reports on all multi-logging accusations going back a month, rather than just the week that Top 10 is about.

          And yeah, a short sentence which contained no opinion whatsoever was too much say in something for me.

          And tell me again, what did I say these accusations meant? It was added just to show that tensions were building even higher.


          • Lol look at Pj, acting all tough. I remember the days when you were elm’s pet in RPF, not having to be responsible for anything. Now you’re some big time CPAC guy, who feeds just as much nonsense as the rest of them. To sum this little argument up, if you don’t have the proof, then dont mention it in the description. By doing this, you, on CPAC’s behalf are sending mixed messages about DCP, and we don’t appreciate it.


            • I agree (0 sarcasm this time) that if I had said DCP were caught multi-logging in the description, then it would be unfair. Not only would I be sending mixed messages, I would be lying.

              All I did was add a short note that DCP had been accused of it this week, as it’s relevant to a short summary of DCP’s week. If you’d like me to expand on that and say “suggesting that tensions are building with several armies” so it’s more obvious what I’m implying with it, feel free to ask.


              • Damn bro you sound like spoc in star trek rn all im saying is just dont mention shit unless you got proof or unless a special report is released


                • You do realise that CPAC has made entire posts in the past when one army has been accused of multi-logging, even though the claims were unverified (and CPAC did stress that), and not one person bitched about it?

                  A whole post and nobody complains. Here I write one sentence and you’re acting like it’s the end of the world. Now would you like that edit or not, because that was my attempt at ending this argument?


  8. btw wheres that 50 point deduction mach promised??? This disappoints me!!1111


  9. DCP did not hit 50 in their ‘unscheduled’ event. They hit around 38, exaggerating to 50. I think you should honestly count the penguins rather than post what the armies claim they have gotten.


  10. Hey look- DCP are multilogging again.


  11. DCP multilogging xP


  12. Look at this community acting so childish^ lolololol. Good luck to every cpac army. Fear the shield.


  13. Not too bad Doritos. We will try to get 1st again like that other time when we were and I helped out for that to be in the great ownership. And for those who think we multilog.. I DONT CARE CAUSE IM NOT THE ONE WHOS MULTILOGGING I NEVER DO. PLUS IT MAKES ME SICK TO KEEP HEARING ABOUT IT! ITS TABLOID JUNK!


  14. I must say I am happily surprised at some of these changes. I am referring to ACP as well as the Time Lords placing. ACP got to 4th place which is an admirable and envied position. What I don’t understand is how TLCP became a part of the CPAC top ten while maxing 9. I suppose that the commenters above are correct – holidays always produce slow weeks were armies don’t max as well as they should. I sincerely hope that TLCP can keep its place and if not, to rise to it when it is ready. Good luck everyone!

    ~Tamiyami, ACP 5ic and TLCP Leader


  15. ouch wv dropped


  16. phin you suck


  17. I’ve become a certified whale hunter; Watch out Phin.


  18. Dcp Multiloggers !


  19. Love to see the community unite to fight against the real issue and enemy.
    That’s right, hiding the food from Phin’s obese body.


  20. Who is this autistic Phin kid everyone has been talking about




  22. Congratulations to all armies here on this top ten


  23. Whatever


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