CPAC Special Report: Everyone Multilogs

Note: Part III is a collective and thus acts to catalog evidence, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all originally written, as most of the evidence and statements come from external sources, that is why they are in a collection.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In a society, any for that matter, not just our community, not just during our time period, there is a desire for order, and this order is only achieved by one, unanimous pact: law. Club Penguin Armies, an escape from organized society and the seriousness of real life issues, has struggled in the past, as well as with modern times, in ever being able to set anything in stone, and abiding by it. If the Council were to outlaw cheating, the Council would be ignored; if CPAC were to deduct for cheating, CPAC would be boycotted. However, the topic of this post is the fact; a theory, if you dare plead innocent, that just about every army engages or has engaged in multilogging, and that there is so much ignorance in this community, that the issue may very well never be solved.

Table of Contents

I. “The Rapid Depopulation of Club Penguin”

II. Prelude: “The Cheater’s Repertoire”

III. “The Collectivism of Multilogging”

IV. “Small Armies and Their Presence in the Spectrum”

V. Interviews with the Community’s Brightest Minds



When I first joined this community, as an innocent kiddo back in 2009, I enlisted in the then great and powerful Army of Club Penguin, the force that could make even the strongest of competitors tremble, and at a time where one core army thrived, and the competition was for prevalence, and the ability to be compared to the ACP. The times of this community changes many times, with each change more striking than the last. This little back story, while basically common knowledge, is good to keep in your head for the rest of this post. Why? I believe at the end of this post, you’ll be able to answer that question for yourself.

I shall begin with an analysis of Club Penguin itself, in order to explain why it’s been declining, and why the community is legitimately declining with it, and how it is basically impossible for Armies to be the same sizes, especially during the school year. Back on April 7, 2014, I did a special investigative report where I looked into the decline of Club Penguin, it displayed how the amount of players, views, and visitors had fallen drastically, and Disney’s formerly profitable paradise lost it’s edge. Here is a segment of that post, which you can view here, that shows the data from back then, 19 months ago.

As many have seen, there have been sharp decreases in things around us. But we have yet to look at the source. Even though it is getting a pretty picture painted of it, this is not the case. Last month, Club Penguin’s daily revenue was estimated to be around $700 USD. As of today, it is estimated at around $511 USD. But what do all of these things mean?

This information is, obviously, no longer correct. As of December 4th, 2015, the most recently available information, Club Penguin only makes $353 USD a day, which is lower than the amount made by Minecraft servers. This is not all, the post from back then had some “shocking” information on the drop in relevance of Club Penguin:

  • Club Penguin’s Alexa rank in July 2013 was #3,019. As of today, it is #4,368. This means that Club Penguin dropped over 1,300 positions in 9 months.
  • Another stunning fact is that back in July 2013, the site had an estimated worth of $504,030 USD. The estimated worth as of today is $363,065 USD. Where does $200,000 of a sites value go in such a short period of time?
  • During July 2013 the average loading speed for was 0.45 seconds. On, it ranks CP as slow, stating “(2.105 Seconds), 63% of sites are faster.”
  • Only 89.16% of Club Penguins total visitors actually access (which means 10% of people don’t even play the game).
  • 1.7% of all Club Penguin users are from Russia. Sounds like a lot, but is actually down from 2.3% in 2013.
  • In July of 2013, the average amount of daily visitors was 236,634. As of today, we see another big decrease, with the current number at 170,453.

This was interesting data back then, but nearly two years later, we have even more information to add-on. To start, instead of Club Penguin sitting at an Alexa rank of #4,368, it is now at #5,963. Also, the website value, instead of being upwards of $360,000 USD is now a sad $250,494 USD. Along with this, the loading speed is now 0.46 seconds, and Club Penguin only sees a total of 117,603 views to its site a day, but even this is a rough estimate, as in the number is much, much lower. If you’d like to take a look at the website I used to find this information, you can click here, or view this screenshot of the website:

Click to enlarge

Along with this information, I was also able to collect that, with the usage of Google Trends, the search rate for Club Penguin and the prominence of the actual game has dropped extremely low, and hasn’t even seen half of its peak performance since the start of the Recruiting Era in the Summer of 2013. Here is a general chart of the public interest in Club Penguin, and it will be followed by the information from the peak, and what the score is at today.

Click to enlarge

As seen in this first diagram, between 2006 to the present, you can see a line graph that goes on a scale from 0-100. At first sight it may not be clear the exact digits, but you can tell in perspective that there are differences back then, and differences now. In fact, Club Penguin has only been less popular when it was first started in 2006, and the trend for the past few years has been a saddening descent.

Click to enlarge

In this second graph, you can see that in December 2010, during the big Christmas Party, New Years Party, first Coins for Change, along with the last of the wave of popularity from the Golden Ages of 2009-2010, Club Penguin hit its peak in public interest. The interest stayed around for a while longer, but the fall came faster and steeper than expected.

Click to enlarge

This last diagram shows the partial data for this month, which has a “positive” outlook that Club Penguin will be able to move up about 1-2 points, even though the score now is extremely low compared to how it was only a year before, and a year before that. The chain is clear, fewer people play Club Penguin, they make less money. Because of this factual evidence, it is only common sense that there should be fewer people able to join Armies, but for some reason, armies are still getting the same sizes.


The leaders of today’s Club Penguin armies have arsenals of dirty tactics and tricks up their sleeves in order to maintain their precious spot on the weekly Top Ten. The things that desperate people do to stay on the top are more than obvious within our community, we see the desire for dominance playing out every single day, and they think that CPAC and their troops are unaware, and that they’re getting away with it. However, they won’t be getting away with it for much longer. Here are just a few of the many things leaders and owners of armies do to make their army’s the best, no matter the moral cost.

  • Bot Recruiting
  • Troop stealing
  • Purchasing troops
  • “Nulling” chat
  • Brainwashing
  • Picture Editing
  • Hacking/DDosing/Doxing

In the past, I have written about most of these topics, but each has been covered extensively throughout the history of CP Army Central, and this community. For this reason, I’ll quickly bring in segments of posts about these topics, and provide analysis that relates with the present time. Let’s start with a segment from my old post “Desperation for Recruits,” which you can see here, that will be referenced multiple times throughout this post.

The bot script, as we’ve all seen in action over the past few months, has been another maniacal act of desperation that has crippled the community we’re attempting to recruit. We’ve flooded 5 bars to the point where CP users no longer want to hang out with friends on the 5 bars, and have grown a strong animosity towards CP Armies. Every day, we are flooding the rooms that these children wanted to play in with disgustingly desperate phrases such as “JOIN FOR PRIZES AND TONS OF FREE MEMBERSHIPS” with so many penguins that you can’t even tell what room you’re in. Actually, only the person botting knows, because they inserted the room in the script:

People, despite the obviousness of their botting, like to deny that they use the bot script. We all know what the bot script is, and we all understand the concept of it, and we also can come to the realization that a sizable amount of armies have the script, but the issue is that nobody wants to confess. However, there are leaders out there who either have it or want it, and this is their time to shine. Firstly, we see Burr, AR leader asking for some assistance on the Rile5 forums, with a response from the known script user and distributor, Sprite.

Click to enlarge


This post, while written several months ago, still has some significance today, and basically maintains the same purpose. The post at it’s time was a controversial exposé of the community’s desperate motives, and we still see the same thing happening now, or at least, “happening” now. In actuality, there is barely anyone actually recruited into CP armies, and while armies claim to get “200 join comments a day,” their size has yet to increase, and their events are glorified with the same faces as usual. Despite all these sprees of money and time spent, and the illusion of developing the community, it’s all a front: nobody new is entering, because there is nobody new to enter.

Another form of pathetic involvement by members of this community is troop stealing, which was briefly summed up by CPAC’s Head Philosopher, Christohper1, in her post “What Is Your Excuse For Cheating?,” which you can read by clicking here. In this excerpt, she writes that while there are multiple crimes, troop stealing cannot be overlooked:

Outside of picture editing, multi logging, and other things that have to do with real battles, what about troop stealing? Troop stealing has been around ever since the start of chat rooms, but were never really brought to awareness until 2012-13, and it remains aware to a large amount of the community to this day. Troop stealing is not only a form of cheating, but it works somewhat differently in this manner: It brings up the cheater’s troop size and deprives the affected army[ies] by decreasing their troop count, and this form of cheating isn’t really sneaky at all since the troops actually have the ability to tell the ownership what is happening and ban the troop stealers. Ok, so if you’re going to get caught easily and banned from the other chat, there’s no point in trying to hide your actions! While troop stealing isn’t necessarily a punishable offense, it’s an open invitation to war declarations and having an army’s reputation decreased exponentially.

While the segment is short, the concept is clearly defined, and while it isn’t a “punishable offense,” it’s a shameful one that many army leaders have taken a shot at throughout the years in order to expand their ranks with actual human beings that would attend events. Once more in my “Desperation for Recruits” post, we see the idea of people “purchasing” troops, in the sense of buying advertisements from CP bloggers and YouTubers, like in the infamous case of “moneybags” DrMatt.

The use of real life currency for digital success isn’t something rare, and it’s encouraged in those pay 2 win games we all know and love… to hate. What comes to mind is the purchasing of adspace on CPPSes, among other things, in order to encourage said viewers to join their army. Today we’ll be looking at the prime contributor to this sect of desperation, DrMatt. The following, I’d like to preface, is in no way meant to express any “anger,” “jealousy,” or “bias” against Matt, but the evidence is killer. Today I was told about a video made by the CP YouTuber, CPWorld, which was on the “subject” of CP Armies. Coincidentally, the video was on, of all armies, BMA. He didn’t choose the biggest armies, the oldest armies, or even the “Army of Club Penguin,” but he chose the army owned by, you guessed it, DrMatt.

In the video, which I don’t want to share due to giving a clear sell-out extra views, the commentator plays it off like he was naturally recommended this army, and that was the reason for doing them. I wasn’t suspicious until he decided to go through their entire site, give their links in the description, and not give mention to any other armies. I had been wondering at the same time why these things connected, and then it all finally made sense. So of course I decided to do a little bit of research, and here is what I was able to track down:

Obviously, the only thing a YouTuber with over 40k subscribers could get from somebody like DrMatt is money, but the term “great offer” seems pretty loose. Also, this is just 1 tweet, and it isn’t connected to anything else… right? You see, had it only been just the one tweet I would’ve figured that maybe he just convinced him and he really didn’t have desperate intentions.

The situation was quite comical, and DrMatt later disclosed he had only paid around $100 for the video featuring CP Armies, or more specifically, his very own Blue Miners Army. The taboo idea of actually spending real money to try expanding your army was barely mentioned, and it was equally interesting when he post continued with the following scenario:

Then I scrolled down…

But wait, there’s more!

After seeing all of these tweets, all to famous CP bloggers and twitter users it was pretty obvious that our good old friend “Matt Moneybags” wanted to throw some cash around for the sake of taking the Blue Miners Army to the top. Now a lot of people do similar things, they wire funds to get an advertisement on CP websites, so that those viewers can click on over and hopefully join.

Other crimes of the community include the concept of “bringing nulls on chat,” as well as brainwashing owners and troops, as well as allies and neutral members of the community. One example is in the case of the Doritos, who while being well-known for it, are far from being the only army that does it:

Here is a photograph from the Doritos’ massive cheating scandal from fairly recently.

The concept of nulling is fairly self-explanatory, and as well as brainwashing, which is the daily propaganda that can be summed up in this one example photograph, taken from an old post about the Dark Warriors:

Picture editing, yet another crime, can be done in a multitude of ways. For someone who is as knowledgeable on Google Chrome as I, Inspect Element is one of the options used, as well as Photoshop. In fact, as I was once shown by Monsoon, you can even edit what people say in a chat room using MS Paint, the default Windows drawing tool. It’s extremely easy to edit photographs, and it has happened many times, but of course the most famous incident is that of Jerry and Sercan during their leadership of the ACP, and the legendary “ACP Enigma.” Here is just an example photograph from the piece.

The last on this brief list of crimes, which could easily be expanded to categories such as corruption and blackmail, is that of hacking, ddosing, and doxing. Usually as an act of anger, revenge, or sabotage, the infiltration of people’s computers, the revealing of their private information, the defacement of their websites and accounts, and the denial of access to their own internet servers, which they or their families paid for, have long plagued our community, and have been attacked on multiple occasions, including the “Anti-Hacking Bill,” which ultimately failed after people stopped listen to the Army Council.

Everyone in this community is a criminal in heart, but since we are all too sick and evil to control ourselves, only few are guilty on paper.


water vikings

The Water Viking, who have remained relatively untouched by any allegations from CP Army Central, take front and center view as the entire community lines up for their chance in the spotlight. We see a multitude of evidence against the Water Vikings from various sources; allow us to start with some older evidence, and progress to the newer, more recent evidence. Firstly, here is a post sharing some accounts with generic names used at WV events.

Why you always lyinnn????

Penguins with generic names – use their full username excluding numbers as pass
eg. Princess97, princess
Penguins with names relating to Pokemon – pass will always be pokemon
eg. Mewtwo45, pokemon
Note – There could be more multilogs but some penguin names are blocked by emotes or the chat bar.
charizard21 – pokemon
India24 – india
princess97 – princess
mewtwo45 – pokemon
super23 – super
logan1999 – logan
charizard34 – pokemon
Arceus47 – pokemon
Soccer1111 – soccer
pikachu743 – pokemon
Superman2010 – superman
Paintboy57 – paintboy

The contents don’t shock anyone, it’s the traditional reveal that we’ve seen time and time again. However, very recently, we’ve seen yet another big report against the WV’s integrity, the army that the claims to be the “only non-multilogging army.”

Water Vikings claims to be the only army who doesn’t multilog. They claim to be strong and powerful and play fair.

I have caught Water Vikings in the act of cheating.

If CPAC don’t do anything it’s proof they are bias.

This is solid evidence.

Stop being so hypocritical WV, You finally got exposed but you run around making accusations against other armies.



DR Flen, one of the high ranking owners in Water Vikings was botting a SWAT event. But the penguins have weird names..

You can see Drflens pengs of course..but who is:

Hockey218 – Bottom

Pikachu52263 – Right Side

Verywet1 – Top

Hippogirl65 – Bottom

Puffles98883 – Right

Woytech – Middle

Sofiaqueen10 – left

Eastern2k15 – Left

Blooby1020 – Top

Before I move on I’d like to point out that these penguins are all on ranks, in the same order they are on here.


You’re making it to easy for me.

If these penguins alone are multilogs, imagine how many more WV could be hiding?

Thankfully we have stupid people like Dr Flen to help us out.


There are many more penguins with questionable names..but thats not it. I checked in events to see if these “Bots” attended any of them. Most of them attended this event, but they can be found in different ones easily. Estern2k15 Sofiaqueen10 Woytech Puffles9883 Hippogirl65 Verywet1 Pikachu52263 Hockey218 attend most if not all events.


During 2 different randomly chosen events I saw both of these “bots” attending. You could probably find more of the bots Dr Flen used in the picture I linked above. Use these events as references.

Verywet1, Hockey218 and Pikachu52263 and a lot more attended.

This goes to show that WV is NOT clean. They can say they are as much as they want.

I want to hear this excuse.

Good Luck,

PS: According to CPAC, Usernames same as Passwords matter so….

User: Hockey218 Pass: Hockey 😉

Lastly, we even have a quote from a recent post on the Ice Warriors site which details infamous figures multilogging on behalf of the WV, stating that the WV attempted to “disown” the multilogs once caught, but still didn’t mind their presence:

“I’d also like to mention that Change one of many Water Viking leaders alerted the IW leadership that both Sprite and Trader were multilogging on a few penguins. He told us to ignore them, however you can’t really ignore something that’s in a room especially when your troops are trying to get in to battle you. Not to mention several DCP were helping which is quite unfair i must say? Oh well not gonna complain. Regardless even tho WV warned us about Trader and Sprite multilogging, they still cheated (unfortunately). Both of them were on WV chat helping with tactics and getting people to come help. They did not seem to care about them logging on extra penguins.”

Take that as you may.



The Doritos, who back during their prime were faced with the “Dorito Dissection,” basically fell apart as they fell down the ranks of the Top Ten, following the saddening leave of Mustapha10, and the aggressive anti-multilogging fervor from their longtime enemies, the Ice Warriors and the Water Vikings. However fairly recently, Chip, along with several other significant figures from the WV, complied a list of evidence as to why the Doritos are back at it again.

I decided I’d make a pastebin regarding DCP’S corruption in the community. Now the following screenshots may prove a lot and may prove barely anything, however, added up together it will be a shit ton!
Thank you to all the people that exposed DCP. Credits go to everyone – Change, Chip, Sir Pj, Lord Jay, and more…

Concrete evidence is marked with ***CRITICAL EVIDENCE*
Weak evidence is marked with ***WEAK EVIDENCE***
Mild evidence is marked with ***MILD EVIDENCE***
Decent evidence is marked with ***DECENT EVIDENCE***

Read all of it as some are mild evidence and some are critical evidence which is extremely worth reading.
Before I start, let’s hear Change’s amazing rap bout Dee Cee Pee!

This first part is essentially the introduction, but what follows cannot go unnoticed, it shows significant evidence against the Doritos that can almost certainly validate the WV’s multilogging claims.

Blue marked penguins = Not on ranks/unknown penguins
Green marked penguins = On ranks/known penguins
Black marked penguins = Indistinguishable


Event 1: 23/40 not on ranks 55% not on ranks

Event 2: 26/40 not on ranks 60% not on ranks

Event 3: 50% not on ranks 1:1 ratio

Event 4: almost 1:1 ratio 50% not on ranks, unknown.

Event 5: 60% not on ranks

Event 6: 75% not on ranks

Event 7: 70% not on ranks

Event 8: 55% not on ranks

Event 9: LOL 85-90% not on ranks

Event 10: 90% not on ranks
Proof (2) ***CRITICAL EVIDENCE*** Brad is the Culprit for this, confirmed.

West retires – various penguins stop attending West in DCP – not retired West retired – old pengs not spotted West retired – old pengs not spotted West retired – old pengs not spotted West retired – old pengs not spotted West retired – old pengs not spotted West retired – old pengs not spotted West retired – old pengs not spotted West retired – old pengs not spotted
West getting caught Quinn exposing West multilogging 14 by taking a screenshot from PC With ip as well
Acp penguins attending ACP events under Bam’s leadership. However, they were spotted attending DCP events as of late! Please note that these specific penguins have NO stamps and are not on ranks.

SPRITE MULTILOGGING AUSIA EVENTS << Video explained in 1 pic

DCP owner chat recruiting in WV chat recruiting chat recruiting
Trader is DCP’S little dog. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him use DCP multilogs at ACP events! Notice: Gary524, Danthemancp1, and Jr123456. (Could be more but this is all for now) Notice:Gary524, Danthemancp1, and Jr123456. (Could be more but this is all for now) DCP NULLED CHAT DCP NULLED CHAT CONFIRMED MULTILOGS Sidie admitting
DCP brings in random nulls out of nowhere to boost up chat size and fake events
Proof (10) ***CRITICAL EVIDENCE***
Former DCP leader, and as of now, Current DCP leader, Jester multilogs
Proof (11) ***CRITICAL EVIDENCE***
DCP is such a small army that they were thinking of merging to DCP

Proof (12) ***CRITICAL EVIDENCE***
Proof (13)***CRTICIAL EVIDENCE* << Stamp pages on every single penguin attending the previous 2 DCP events <

Proof (14)***MILD EVIDENCE***
Musta ddoses people in events

Proof (15) ***MILD EVIDENCE***
DCP’S chat size is all FAKE

Proof (16) ***MILD EVIDENCE***
Musta is known for posting on DCP under others peoples names. He posts to make hype for the army and whatnot.
For example posting under ‘s name. I’ll show you proof later.

Proof (17) ***WEAK EVIDENCE***
West uses horrible sentence structure which could lead to many doubts.
Proof (18) ***MILD EVIDENCE***
Former DCP leader, Cul, got fired and stripped off of his position of Leader. He knew about Brad’s null before and he pced the fake account pretending to be Musta (this was during Musta’s retirement) and Brad being the idiot he is actually responded in the PC.

Proof (19) ***MILD EVIDENCE***
Caught at a DCP event, were SWAT’S former multilogs. Could someone in DCP have gotten access to SWAT multilogs?

Proof (20) ***WEAK EVIDENCE***
DCP multilogs caught standing beside each other in various events, along with West standing right beside them?

Proof (21) ***MILD EVIDENCE***
Get a null on chat? LOL musta
Proof (22) ***DECENT EVIDENCE*** Faking chat size Possible way of faking Possible way of faking Possible way of faking
Proof (23) *DECENT EVIDENCE* because taken with Camera
West using other leader penguins

Proof (24) ***DECENT EVIDENCE***
West & Agent 11 going AFK in the middle of an event – hmm 11 multlilogs
Proof (25) ***WEAK EVIDENCE***
DCP legend, and Current temp-leader exposed for his past actions, which could lead to his current achieved sizes under question
Proof (26) ***NOT EVIDENCE***
Even Woton acknowledges the corruption in DCP

Proof (27) ***NOT EVIDENCE*** Wrap up, deducted 10 rip dcp
Proof (28) ***CRITICAL EVIDENCE***
The following penguins were DCP multilogs, and later ACP multilogs.
These penguins are proved to be google/youtube penguins where their passwords were all exposed by Chip (2 of the penguins changed the passwords)
Baker1 – Baker < pass
Lolly17 – Lolly < pass 3
Soccer853 – Soccer < pass
Rookie12345 – Rookie < pass
Butterfree – Pokemon < pass
Ski0842 – Skiski < pass
Proof (29) Two penguins spotted on Google attending DCP events
Grant05 (thanks change)
Skitty – password = Pokemon (thanks jack/king hazard)
Proof (30) A sign of corruption could easily be seen through not only refusing to admit defeat but to claim victory.
DCP claimed victory in this battle WV 31 DCP 17 WV 31 DCP 21

The evidence provided by the Water Vikings, while simultaneously hypocritical, is a testament to how people can never seem to avoid going back to their roots. By this point, we’ve seen evidence that incriminates both the WV and the DCP, but this post certainly isn’t stopping there.


special weapons & tactics

Special Weapons & Tactics, or quite simply, SWAT, have an extremely long and infamous history of multilogging, cheating, and blatant lying. Recently, they were caught under a scandal that included solid evidence on their activities, leading to not only a deduction, but also a tournament disqualification, which is now beginning to set a trend, as it certainly won’t be the last time any army gets deducted. He is just a simple excerpt from the post, written by CPAC CEO, Zakster:

Invasion of Sleet (11/17/15)

Screenshot at Nov 17 19-49-25

As you can see from the picture above, a penguin named “Cows12347” takes  a picture which is used in the results post.


Private on ranks? A private is taking a picture? How come no leaders/owners were able to take a picture of the tactic? Hmm…

Screenshot at Nov 17 19-58-21

In the SAME event, a different penguin named “Stevey Guyy6” takes a picture which is used in the results post.


Oh, also a private on ranks. So I guess SWAT just relies on their active hard-working privates to take pics of all the tactics! I bet the leaders/owners just took poor quality pics and these recruits’ pics were much better. Yep, that must be it!


March on Mammoth (11/14/15)

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-12-32

Again, no leaders/owners took pics of the event? Oh no! Wait a sec- don’t worry- SWAT Colonel took pics of the event!! We’re saved<3

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-14-25

Not on ranks, how unfortunate. Also nice name by the way, very unique!


Invasion of Cream Soda (11/14/15)

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-16-16

Yet again, the picture is posted by a random penguin named “Myth135”.

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-21-09

Not on ranks… not surprising…. A penguin not on ranks taking pics for the event? Weird.


Invasion of Flurry (11/11/15)

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-24-32

I’m starting to think that something is preventing these leaders from taking pics. Lack of skill/knowledge or perhaps their computers are lagging so bad from having multiple CP tabs open at a time that they can’t snatch the pic in time.

Screenshot at Nov 17 20-32-01

In the SAME event, a different penguin, called “Willthepeng” took the picture. Weird, this penguin isn’t on ranks either.

Now I could go on and on and show you the same stuff for each event of this gen, but it’s getting too redundant. A good question to ask is why does every penguin have their CP on low resolution graphics? Do they all have bad computers that lag from one CP tab? Or perhaps one person who has multiple tabs on and has this setting on to reduce lag…

Along with this, Zing King To conducted his own research, and went in depth interrogating Ganger90, the well known multilogger and leader of SWAT. Here is the segment of the aforementioned post that discusses this specific topic:

Recently, CP Army Central Executive Producer Zing King To was able to speak to Badboy in order to get his reasoning for the fact that SWAT often gets a higher Club Penguin size, then it does chat size during events. Badboy informed Zing that this is due to the fact that he leads on a separate, CPPS chat while Ganger/Apollo would lead on the original SWAT chat. He sited “protecting the secrecy of the CPPS so that everyone doesn’t use it” as the reason for why he did this.


The complications with Badboy’s excuse arrived in the form of a Private Chat with Ganger90. While Badboy admitted to a larger CP Size, and gave us a reason as to why this is – Ganger denied a larger CP Size. Clearly, Ganger and Badboy haven’t got their stories straight as both parties are saying the exact opposite of what the other is saying.

One of the things that SWAT do, is for each of their event posts, they also post the chat size that the army had during the event – people who have attended SWAT events talk about how a wide number of unregistered users come online – something that SWAT obviously puts down to multilogging. I asked Ganger why his account went offline as soon as a null was banned in which he responded by saying it was due to him going to unban the troop…


…the problem with his unbanning the troop excuse is that there would have to have been a delay in the time the troop got banned, and then Ganger leaving the pool. This occurred at the exact same time. As you can see in the picture above, upon the null being banned – Ganger disappears straight away. This experiment was then classed as “Not happening” by Ganger.


In the above post by DCP, clearly visible is a gif that shows a SWAT null being banned and at the exact same instant, Badboy also got removed from the chat. I decided to speak to Ganger to see what his reasoning for this is – but once again, he just denied that it even happened.


While Ganger denied that SWAT owners put null accounts on chat, he then realised that the evidence certainly doesn’t agree with Ganger and therefore decided to change his story claiming that SWAT do indeed but nulls on chat with the intention of catching chat recruiters.


One has to wonder why Ganger decided to lie about leaders putting null accounts online and then less than two minutes later – change story to say that the leaders do indeed put null accounts online the chat. There is nothing wrong with putting null accounts online – so why did Ganger try to hide this at the beginning of our chat?


Ganger then further admitted that SWAT do indeed put nulls on chat – despite earlier saying that this “doesn’t happen.” Ganger then blamed Zing for being the reason that he got confused and changed his story – something that you’d only do if you were indeed lying.

Lying indeed. Lying, indeed.


rebel penguin federation

In an old battle with the Army Republic, which was recorded by Doctor Mine Turtle, video footage was logged showing multiple suspicious accounts in rapid succession. This video, which will be linked below, begins showing all of the suspicious accounts at around 10:50, and involves their stamp books, as well as fairly amusing music playing in the background. Here is the video:

While the video just shows speculation, here is an anonymous statement from a former RPF owner regarding the alleged cheating that takes place within the Rebel Penguin Federation, a speculation that to this very day still hasn’t been too well proven, due to RPF’s exclusion from public attention, and their history of being highly effective recruiters:

It is without a doubt, without a question in anyone’s mind, that the Rebel Penguin Federation, the army that I used to call my home army, multilogged then, and still multilogs now. Silverburg and Elmikey have to be credited for their hard work, but it goes without saying that they have been in the act for so long, and they had us all fooled into believing we were going to rid the community of the other cheaters, but what I didn’t know was that for my whole career, I served under cheaters.

Twitchy aka Serpent was another big cheater, he once contacted me and even encouraged their actions, when I complained to him he once told me that if I were ever to say anything about my suspicions to them, they would kill me, and while I don’t know how he felt, I’m certain that he knew, and knows now. As for the whole lot of them, I worked alongside Tompenguin, who was another multilogger, and he also did the work of bringing nulls on the chat.

Once even I myself multilogged, it came a point where we all had to.

Along with this, the AR also showed evidence of some other penguins which seemed fairly odd to them, and stood out to the common eye:

Invasion Of Big Foot (RPF Defending) 11/23/2015

While it isn’t much, and they didn’t further investigate from there, it is worth keeping in mind that there is some interesting context there. This however, again, is not much evidence, and would call for little more than a small deduction, it just shows that nobody is above suspicion.


ice warriors

The Ice Warriors, commonly known as one of the most legendary armies, the only army to ever have the same leader hold position for a career spanning our community’s nearly entire existence, experienced the stain that couldn’t be removed by the bleach of the out criers. Under the Drew Crew, as well as Tax, and Kingfunks, the Ice Warriors have on multiple occasions engaged in the act of multilogging, all under the unfortunate and apologetic hand of Iceyfeet1234, one of CP armies’ founding fathers.

In late September, during a post that would foster the backlash of the IW titans, and the eventual collapse of their structure, the post “Ice Warriors: As the Pillars Fall” had a controversial sixth portion which set the scene for multilogging allegations that would follow the remainder of 2015, here is an excerpt of this portion:

6. The Questionable Actions of the New Regime

Under the leadership of Tax1, a man who has been able to bring several armies to the top throughout his career, while simultaneously being able to work at CPA Central, once achieving the rank of Executive Producer, the Ice Warriors have had the odds stacked against them. But the pillars have become unstable, and what we’ve seen at the Ice Warriors’ latest event shows that this leadership may very well be purposely attempting to exploit the Top Ten, along with exaggerating size and possibly multilogging.

Here we see IW attempting to gain some head to head points.

While they made the nice effort to say they “maxed 40+” at this “practice battle,” without even saying who it was against, they also were able to “average” 37+, which normally would seem like something very reasonable, especially for an army like the Ice Warriors. Except, here is a photograph of the IW after several minutes in the Dock:

They moved again from there to the Cove, with pictures that unfortunately did not make it into the final results post. However, in this photograph you can see some fairly “interesting” penguins that, while they do not solidify anything, hint at possible multilogging within the army.

However, this information was elaborated on in great detail by my co-CEO, Zakster, in a post that intensely shook the foundations of the CP Army community. Here is the post in it’s full glory, a testament to the corruption and desperation to get to the top of the CPAC Top Ten, and defeat opponents:

One of the powerhouses of the year so far, the Ice Warriors have managed to grab multiple headlines, ranging from their hiring of the infamous “Drew Crew” to their claims that the Doritos were multilogging heavily, some of which were confirmed by CPA Central. In contrast to their willingness to call others out of multilogging, however, it has now been discovered that they are guilty of the act themselves, and in decent capacity.

The report that brought this case back into the light was a post on the Doritos’ website that called Sprite/Sorbet a “letharguc multilogger”. This post has Sprite claiming that “Neo”, an Ice Warriors owner, was actually Xxtoysoldier, and that Toy multilogged for the Ice Warriors on a frequent basis.

Following these pictures, Spikey gave a testimony to Badboy stating that Sprite multilogged in the Ice Warriors himself, also stating that himself and Tax did not multilog. That claim will be addressed later.


Above is a testimony from former Ice Warriors leader, Kingfunks4. He states that the Ice Warriors began multilogging once Andrew24 was given leader, which occurred back in February of 2015. What he also claimed that was not included in the picture is that Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors creator, pushed the Ice Warriors ownership to multilog, which contradicts Iceyfeet’s claimed stance against multilogging. This report has been backed up by Mortico Kale, a former Ice Warriors owner, as well.


Above is the testimony from Mortico Kale, who states that Iceyfeet endorsed multilogging. He even states that he was demoted for not multilogging enough, and states that Andrew24 and Final Chaser were the main culprits of heavy multilogging during a time of dominance for the Ice Warriors. There is far more to the story than this, however.

Aside from testimonies from former members of the army, a large dump of evidence was gathered by the CPA Central team with help from outside sources. This evidence includes pictures of the Ice Warriors leaders/owners talking about multilogging within the army, as well as a list of penguins used by the Ice Warriors with proof of their use. The first of the pictures are below.

The above pictures are from the Kik conversation titled “IW Arsenal”. These were some of the first pictures that we received. In this conversation we see Tax, Ice Warriors leader, overtly state that he’s capable of reaching up to 21 multilogs on Club Penguin at one time, directly contradicting Spikey’s claim that Tax is innocent. We then see Sprite state that he is tired of having to fake events.

Perhaps the most damning evidence is what follows this paragraph, which is a list of Ice Warriors multilog penguins straight from the IW Arsenal website. A couple of my associates and I tested a majority of these penguins out, and while a few did not work, almost every single one of them did. Using the lists I have seen, I looked back at recent Ice Warriors events. I discovered that their UK event, held on October 29th, consisted entirely of multilogged penguins.

In the above picture, every penguin whose name can be seen is included on the list of forty-five multilog penguins that we uncovered. After looking at several other events, we found these same penguins used across all of them. Below are several pictures of events with the multilogs pointed out. Every event shown, including the one above, is from last week, where the Ice Warriors reached 2nd in the Top Ten.

While none of them compare to the twenty-six multilogs from the UK event, they all consist of multilogged penguins. The sheer magnitude of this seems unlikely, yet all evidence supports it being true. Below is the aforementioned list of forty-five accounts that the Ice Warriors use for multilogging, complete with passwords. While not all of them have been tested by us, a good amount have been, and most of the around twenty-five that we’ve checked have worked.

small iw collage

If you look back, you’ll see a large majority of the penguins from the first picture used in the event pictures that were shown, especially in the infamous UK event. I’ve personally received reports that these events are not uncommon, and that sometimes the Ice Warriors fabricate entire events for the purpose of boosting their Top Ten score. After the list of the penguins is a dump of pictures from the IW Arsenal Kik group about the multilogs.


Shown above is a large amount of pictures from the IW Arsenal Kik group, each picture revolving around multilogging within the army. One interesting thing that caught my eye is Iceyfeet talking about adding stamps to all of the penguins, as well as Tax talking about adding items to them. When I logged into all of the penguins, most had a fair amount of stamps and a large amount of items, pins, and backgrounds, but one thing I noticed about all of them is that they had not yet completed the three basic tasks given once you create a new penguin (those tasks being to visit the puffle shop, gift shop, and your igloo). While it wasn’t in much doubt to begin with, that fact almost certainly confirms those two statements to be true. For an army with a history of honor and innocence like the Ice Warriors, this has to be considered a crushing blow.

A mockery of our community, the hard work put into developing a system for such a disgusting crime.


dark warriors

The Dark Warriors, who only needed one person to be caught to set off media attention, had a post written about them early in December when DW legend Freezie66 had been caught multilogging for the Dark Warriors at CPAC tournament battles, as well as other events. The evidence, which had been posted by CPAC’s own DrMatt, showed evidence first of a discussion regarding the accounts, and then actual evidence of their usage. Here is some of the post:

Below you will see a discussion I’ve had with a very close friend of mine. This message was on imessage and the person wishes to stay completely anonymous. Due to the person’s name having no significant influence to this case, we have kept the name out of it.

[Had to crop out for other reasons]


img_5004-1Above, you could see my friend confirming that Freezie66 has used her two accounts for multilogging. Now to support that statement. She has allowed me to use both passwords and to log onto their club penguin accounts. So of course that is what I had done. The first penguin I logged on was Ooodledoodle . Further more Ooodledoodle was dressed in DW uniform certainly suggesting that the account had indeed been used by the Dark Warriors in order to make their army appear significantly bigger than they actually are.


Then I have logged onto the second account. The second account is named “Dotty lolo”. Logged onto that account as well to only find that Dotty lolo has been also dressed in Dark Warrior uniform. Once again, the Dark Warriors uniform being on the penguin strongly suggests that they were intended to make the Dark Warriors appear bigger.


As I looked even further, while investigating the first account. I have found both Freeze66 and Ooodledoodle at the Christmas Chaos Tournament last weekend. This further supports the idea of Freezie using the multilogging account due to it logging onto the Dark Warriors events only when Freezie does.


It’s a common practice to add troops, especially new recruits that you want to make feel welcome to the ranks page in a certain position of the leaders choosing, funnily enough – due to this accounts being for multilogging when Freezie’s avaliable and not actual troops – they weren’t added to the ranks page.


Shortly after, I have logged onto DW chat to speak with current DW Leader, Verum. Below you will see the discussion I’ve had with Verum.


Above you see Verum saying that both Dotty lolo and ooodledoodle are new recruits. In the photos above, you clearly see my friend confirm that both Dotty and Ooodle are both her accounts. Verum clearly credited the accounts as being new recruits – but this is not true as my friend at no point in time joined the Dark Warriors, nor was she logged into Club Penguin.

Also below, will show proof that my friend had once used Ooodledoodle in 2013, on a youtube channel.


So now, it is confirmed that both accounts aren’t the accounts of new recruits and they are indeed both my friend’s account and accounts used to multilog, by Freezie66. Upon showing the proof to Verum, I decided to see what his explanation for this would be.


First off, the conversation was taken off of Imessage. He had kept repeating the fact that both accounts were recruits. Even after there has been proof of her confirming that it was both of her accounts.  Even by showing a youtube account made for ooodledoodle.


Verum, keeps coming up with excuses by saying that Freezie doesn’t even have a good enough computer to even log on. This of course leads us to ask the question of how Freezie managed to attend the Champions Cup battle. Clearly, this wasn’t a thought out excuse by Verum as apparently Freezie couldn’t log on, but was logged on?


He decided to ignore the points I made and went in favour of banning me on the Dark Warriors chat in order to avoid punishment. He also attempted to switch the issue onto Water Vikings possibly multilogging but this was clearly a desperate attempt to divert attention away from his obvious lies.

Without doubt, multilogging has occurred in the Dark Warriors. This is a statement that the CP Army Central administration all in turn agrees with. Due to this, fitting punishments will be put into play by CP Army Central involving things such as our Top Ten and our tournaments. While right now, only Freezie is in the frame for the multilogging, Verum’s obvious lying suggests that he was also trying to hide something.

And all of this, only shows just what one guy did. How much did all of them together do?


army of cp

The Army of Club Penguin, perhaps the most legendary army of them all, having defeated Pink Mafias and held control of the community for many years, and still to this day hanging on, though in all fairness by a thread, were just as low as the others, and it was even more sad seeing the ACP stoop to the level all the armies it helped inspire the creations of. Here is the post below, maintained in full do it both it’s immense popularity, and deep meaning; that if the Army of Club Penguin cheated, there is no lawlessness.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Army of Club Penguin will go down in history as one of the best armies to ever grace the community with their presence, over the last couple of months however – under the leadership of Trader, the army has been exposed to several claims of multilogging which led to the eventual retirement of Maxy777.

The multilogging claims really first started to appear in the community when Maxy777 leaked several photos of meetings and private chats between ACP owners, including himself about the idea of multilogging.


In the first leaked picture of a Maxy777 + Lord Trader conversation, Maxy asked about the possibility of a multilogging future for the ACP in which Trader openly suggested that the possibility of doing this is there. Upon the conversation getting heated, Trader switched to “ninja mode” which is when discussion is continued on null accounts to try to limit screenshots being taken.


The conversation as you can see above then continued on null accounts in which Maxy and Trader continued talking about multilogging. Knowing that multilogging is wrong and that CPAC investigates it – they spoke about how they would hide it from us, something that they have evidentially failed to accomplish.


It seems apparent that multilogging came out of an act of desperation for the Army of Club Penguin who were seeing smaller and smaller sizes under Trader’s controversial leadership. While it wasn’t seen as the best route to take the army – Multilogging was apparently deemed the only route in which ACP could take to advance on the Top Ten.


Maxy then enquired to Trader whether or not he’d be the only one doing the multilogging due to it not feeling right. Trader responded that while Maxy would be using some accounts to multilog – temporary ACP Leader, Max43810 and himself would also be committing the crime. This further solidifies the claims that it is only Max and Trader who have been multilogging – and not the other ACP owners.

With any mulitlogging investigation, eyes are cast onto an armies recent events. Due to this, owners from both the SWAT and Water Vikings chat have been sitting on the ACP chat – which is perfectly legal for them to do – and have gathered some evidence. Typically in events, you will end up with having a higher chat size than you will attendance rate. This however, was not the case.


Pictured above is an Army of Club Penguin event that saw 28 troops online. The problem? The ACP chat only had 26 people on. While two troops could always been counted as rogues, you then have to take into account the fact that you had people on the chat who were simply there to watch, or away from their keyboards at the time. Due to this, there wouldn’t have been 26 active troops on the chat – but there was a total of 26 people on the chat.


This isn’t the first time this happened however, there are two documented times in which Goldenchippy discovered more troops online the armies chat, then there was on Club Penguin.

Chip and Ryan however decided to test the theory that Max was indeed multilogging due to the fact that there were five strange null accounts on the XAT chat that only appear when Max is online. This test saw Ryan, an ACP second in command give moderator power to “Noob” which allowed him to ban one of the null accounts.

Due to the way that XAT is run, if two accounts or more share the same IP Address, meaning they are in the same house hold, and one account gets banned – so do all other accounts connected to that IP. Upon Chip banning the account, the suspect owner, Max along with four other null accounts went offline.


Above you can see Ryan and Chip discussing the plan and then laughing in a private chat between each other when the results of their test came back positive. As you can clearly see from the above, even an ACP owner bared witness to an owner going off the chat as a result of the five null accounts that he had placed on the chat in order to make the chat size appear bigger – being removed.

That wasn’t the only experiment done to see if multilogs could be detected. While on the Water Viking chat, it was discovered that there was a common theme between the accounts suspected of multilogging – their passwords matched their usernames but with the numbers removed. The accounts were then tested by several members of the community.

Typical Event

Circled above are several accounts that have been expected of multilogging – including that of Lolly 17 who is supposedly the ACP third in command “Elsa” – someone who managed to get an owner position despite not being very well-known at all. The passwords of some of the above counts were tested under the rule that the numbers should be removed – (with a few exceptions) and here is what was found:

  1. Baker1 – Baker < pass
  2. Lolly17 – Lolly < pass
  3. Soccer853 – Soccer < pass
  4. Rookie12345 – Rookie < pass
  5. Butterfree – Pokemon < pass
  6. Ski0842 – Skiski < pass

Six examples of where this rule was true. If these are indeed the accounts of multilogs, it makes complete sense why the passwords were so simplistic. If you have many accounts that you are the owner of – you need simplistic passwords in order to remember the passwords and to log them on fast.

Immediately after learning this information, I went to the Army of Club Penguin chat room in order to speak to Trader. Upon multilogging rumours being made about your army – the natural thing for an innocent party to do is to argue against these allegations. Instead, clearly struggling to meet my questions with plausible answers, Trader decided to change the subject.

1. Password Invasion

Instead of defending himself and the Army of Club Penguin from the multilogging investigations – Trader used all his efforts to desperately divert my attention onto the Special Weapons and Tactics army that was recently exposed for multilogging by Zakster, CP Army Central CEO.

2. Password Invasion

Not willing to let my attention be diverted, I instead made use of tunnel vision to press Trader on the issues at hand. When pressed on the matter of the simplistic passwords of troops only appearing at the events he’s part of – Trader decided to do the only thing that he could do to stop me asking questions.


Clearly attempting to hide the multilogging and get out of answering questions that I put to him and other owners of the Army of Club Penguin – Trader decides to ban me. Trader then exclaimed that the banishment was the sole reason for this post being created – once again failing to address the actual evidence at hand.

As mentioned already in the post, Captain Ryan believes that Max has been multilogging for the Army of Club Penguin in which he decided that an experiment was needed. Ryan however isn’t the only person who has expressed concern that the Army of Club Penguin may have been multilogging under the leadership of Trader.


Even someone held in such high regard that they had been trusted with owner, Zoomey, has reason to believe that multilogging had occurred in the army. As you can see from the above private chat between Chip and Zoomey – Zoomey believes mutlilogging occurred, but didn’t take any responsibility as the person who was doing it.


Following the Army of Club Penguin Champion Cup battle with the Water Vikings, Zoomey felt the need to apologise on behalf of the Army of Club Penguin while expressing the fact that they aren’t sure whether multilogging occurred in their own army. Interestingly enough, Max remained silent throughout this.


Noka also serves as an owner in the Army of Club Penguin who also called the army out for cheating following the chat size investigation completed by Chip. Noka then admitted that someone was multilogging – while he didn’t state a name of a potential multilogger – he knew mutlilogging was indeed happening in the Army of Club Penguin.

Following the accusations made, I approached Fluffyboy who is also an owner in the ACP. Fluffyboy, rather defencelessly, then stated that he had told other owners in the ACP not to multilog – something he would only need to say if the possibility of mutlilogging did indeed exist. He then presented my with a photo from the Army of Club Penguin kik chat which further backed up his claims that he tried to stop the multilogging.



We apologise for the swearing in the above image but felt it was necessary to include in order to present the level of rejection to the idea of multilogging presented by Fluffyboy.

Presented in the article above, you see clear proof of multilogging by the Army of Club Penguin – whether this be confessions from owners, or simply experiments done by both ACP owners and members of the community. It appears apparent that not all owners of the Army of Club Penguin are guilty of multilogging and therefore not owners should be treated as such. The spotlight remains on Trader, Max43810 and the new third in command, Elsa – also known as Lolly.

Disappointment is only one of the many words that comes to mind.


Multilogging is not only a major army problem; it has leaked down into the innocent and decreasing Small Army population. They’ve been tainted and corrupted, they now believe that multilogging is the only way they can ever manage to compete with the aforementioned powers who either definitively or may multilog, and thus they have turned to cheating, and in an embarrassing way as well. As written by former SMAP CEO Zing King To, the following accurately depicts the situation down in Small Armies:

Although it may be hard to believe, the majority of multilogging doesn’t take place in Major Armies, but actually the Smaller Armies in our community. Whether this be in order to desperately climb up the ranks in order to achieve CP Army Central Top Ten status – or just generally because the army is that of a “Troll Army”. Multilogging happens a lot in SM Armies – and this is one of the main attributes to making the SM Army Community so bad.

When armies, that max small sizes of less than 7 multilog, it’s a joke. It’s pathetic. Armies shouldn’t have to show off to anyone by multilogging but for some reason – they still do. This is what helps to make the SM Army Community so laughable. It’s not even about respectable army leaders building up an army from scratch, fairly and getting that huge sense of achievement after being so good at it – It’s about racing to the CPAC Top Ten any means necessary, even if that is cheating.

It’s obvious that multilogging happens – and SM Army Press reports on it upon finding it, cementing our legacy as the Number One News Site for the SM Army Community as we do not condone it. I ask that all small and medium army leaders try to bring some respect back into this community by not multilogging. I’d love to see what we can accomplish fairly – and the sense of achievement by doing this would be far far better.

Zing, inspired by the anti-multilogging fervor that has swept the masses in recent weeks, had not too long ago decided to officially act on the ever-growing multilogging issue, by issuing a multilogging “constitution” of sorts, and clearly defining the act and punishments of multilogging:

What is Classed as Multilogging?

Multilogging is the act of logging into Club Penguin at one time with multiple penguins on the game. If, at any point in time you are logged into Club Penguin on more than one Internet browser, then you are committing multilogging.

As Chief Executive Officer, I understand that people have different reasons for multilogging. Some do this so that they can test out to see if lines show on Club Penguin, some do it for recruiting purposes, and some do it for tactic demonstrations (placing penguins where they should be in a formation to show troops what it should look like).

Due to this, SM Army Press will use the following definition in order to sort what multilogging innocently is, from multilogging with intent to cheat.

The act in which you log onto a session of Club Penguin with more than one penguin online in an attempt to make your army seem bigger than it actually is effectively trying to cheat systems such as the Top Ten.

The Eight Consequences

If you are caught multilogging following this post being created:

  • Your IP will be blacklisted on SM Army Press.
  • You will never be eligible for Legend Status here.
  • If already legend, it will automatically be terminated.
  • You won’t be allowed to take part in contests and giveaways.
  • Your army will be included on the Top Ten with 0.0001 Points
  • Your army will be banned from two tournaments *unless fired*
  • You must f**k the police coming straight from the under- Wait…
  • Armies you create will be ignored should they multilog

SM Army Press is not the government, we aren’t banning people from armies – we aren’t forcing armies to ban these users but things such as OUR TOP TEN, and OUR TOURNAMENTS and OUR GIVEAWAYS – we control them, and therefore we can act as WE choose fit, and this – is how we see fit.

Major armies are not the only ones affected by the constant manipulation and dishonesty projected from today’s desperate leaders, the small armies that model themselves to one day becoming a world power are told the story of how multilogs bring success, and they themselves could one day become legends following this dark path.

Follow the leader?


The following is a section compiling the comments and views of some of this community’s greatest minds and legends of all time, people who are revered by most, if not all, of our members.

Multilogging has become a major part of today’s modern era of Club Penguin Armies. In fact, as displayed in recent weeks, nearly every army is involved with this despicable act. Do you feel that multilogging has become an essential element to the system of armies, and why or why not?

122344a (AR Creator) Multilogging itself is not essential to keep armies alive as we know it. However, multilogging is becoming an efficient and easy way to  gain appeal for armies as well as intimidate other armies with their ‘large’ sizes, and of course benefit them in the CPAC/SMAC Top 10 if they aren’t caught. You must ask yourself, is a baseball player still able to play baseball without steroids? Yes he is, the steroids just enhanced their performance, but without them he is still able to play baseball, but not as well. Does that make it right? No.

Teh Pie (UMA Legend) – The foundations of multilogging have become far worse over the past year or so. I believe that it’s become the norm for the majority of armies to play the multilogging card in order to boost their sizes so that they can maintain a high position in the top ten. In all honesty the only army I see currently that doesn’t multilog, contrary to what others may think, is the Light Troops. I believe that Waterkid is the poster boy for leading an army with actual troops rather than having some sort of system in place where the armies owners are forced to multilog (DCP, SWAT, ETC).

Iceyfeet1234 (IW Creator)  I feel as though it has unfortunately become an essential element for modern-day armies. I think one of the main reasons is because it is so easy to do it, but there are also other factors that are to some extent forcing people to multilog. After armies botted away over the summer, many army names were blocked, as well as almost all of our recruiting phrases. With a limited number of recruits to recruit from, and with very few phrases remaining, practically all armies gave up on recruiting. I don’t think army leaders understand that an army can’t survive with just multi logged penguins. Eventually they’ll just make more penguins to replace their retired troops, and then sooner or later there will be more multi logged penguins than actual troops.

DrMatt (BMA/LT Legend) – I feel like it has. Since armies are slowly dying that people have no choice. It’s almost like an addiction. Once you start you can’t stop.

Akabob (Nachos Legend) – Multi-logging is not an essential element, but a perversion of the system behind it. People multi for a lot of reasons, but the two main ones I run into are a) Because they can, and b) Because armies who don’t are having a hard time keeping up with those that do. From there begins a spiral of hopelessness as people see armies with huge sizes being rewarded as the most visible representatives of the community by placing high in a Top Ten, and when nothing changes to stop these people, thats how you convince the next guy to multi. Its a horrid cycle.

Antonio (Golds Legend) – I don’t think its an essential element to the system of armies because its just cheating their way up to make their ego stronger, but to other people I guess it might be essential.

Is it possible to somehow, someway, conquer the increasingly steep hill that is the multilogging issue, and if so, do you think that it could be done quickly enough to spare armies from our own selves?

122344a (AR Creator) What I’ve seen in multitudes of comments on CPAC is the incessant desire for CPAC to harshly punish armies who multilog and even remove them from the top 10 as a whole. This would not ruin the army itself, something as simple as removing an army from published statistical data  won’t kill them. It would most likely anger the leaders greatly, but the army itself would still remain alive and could continue to go to war and act as an army without acknowledging the top 10. If something drastic would be needed to halt this form of cheating, armies would have to refuse to judge the wars with the acclaimed multilogging army as credible, and the community would basically have to ignore their existence. It’s a long stretch, but their troops would grow bored eventually and they’d see no point in continuing to cheat if the army has no purpose.

Teh Pie (UMA Legend) – No. It’s too far down the rabbit hole for one to crawl back out and patch it over. Multilogging won’t ever cease to exist. Once something has started it won’t stop, much like pi.

Iceyfeet1234 (IW Creator)  I think there are some ways to conquer and utilize multilogging to some extent. Many other legends and I have a plan for next year, and hopefully if all goes well it can revolutionize CP armies. But in all honesty, the way things are looking armies don’t have much time left. Without being able to recruit armies will become smaller and smaller until we can somehow find new methods to recruit. About a year ago CP removed the multiple login error, which was an orange box that didn’t allow people to log onto more than 1 penguin per computer. If they readd this feature, multi logging will end, and armies will take an extreme fall. But even if we fall, it’ll wake people up and force them to do something about our sizes. Hopefully at that point it isn’t too late.

DrMatt (BMA/LT Legend) – Honestly, There is no way that multilogging will end once and for all. If we really wanted to conquer it and abolish it. We’d have to change to a different platform like Roblox or something. Because otherwise it’s gonna continue no matter what.

Akabob (Nachos Legend) – It is possible, but difficult. People have to first be shown that this isn’t something that is right, and then behind it they have to have competent leaders whom follow through with the rhetoric. In a community of kids and teenagers, its hard to find people whom will bite the bullet and make a stand for something they truly believe in, no matter what the consequences. If the community really wishes for Club Penguin Warfare and not 8 guys on 5 accounts each, then this CAN be achieved; its just a matter of the right people coming together and making it happen rather than sitting by in apathy.

Antonio (Golds Legend) – It’s possible if the majority of the community are willing to help end this, but I guess to most people it looks “optional.”

In all honesty, do you believe the army or armies you have been associated with throughout your career have been involved in multilogging, or may possibly be doing it now? If yes, do you feel that by answering in the affirmative, you’ve betrayed this or those army/armies?

122344a (AR Creator) There have been so many scandals and so many directions in which the evidence lies. I’ve seen practically every CP army criticized of multilogging, including all armies I have been affiliated with in the past, and there is strong evidence to back that criticism, but also strong evidence against it. When it comes to a delicate situation such as this, there is no possible way to determine what the right answer is, or denounce any armies for any claims without firm backing and support, which is what the community lacks since it is so split on this controversy.

Teh Pie (UMA Legend) – No.

Iceyfeet1234 (IW Creator)  Yes, I believe every army multi logs to some extent. About a month ago IW was involved in a multi logging scandal. Although I knew about it I honestly didn’t care that much since I was too focused with school at the time and I knew other armies were multilogging far worse than IW. I think the faked picture of me talking in the group chat was supposed to be “icing on the cake” to show that even I agreed with IW multilogging. Although I never really agreed with it, multilogging didn’t bother me as much as it did before. But unfortunately this caused IW to fall. I though to myself, “Why should I care if IW multilogs? Everyone else does it”. Unfortunately once IW was caught and the multilogging stopped, I saw the true state of IW. Multilogs puts a fake image in leaders minds to make them think their army is still thriving, when in reality they’re just prolonging their own destruction.

DrMatt (BMA/LT Legend) – I’m gonna be honest here, I know that two past armies I have been in are multilogging. I really do not feel comfortable with saying the names of both but It doesn’t make me feel betrayed. It pisses me off because one of the armies are being huge hypocrites because they say they hate multilogging and want to abolish it but they still do it as well.

Akabob (Nachos Legend) – Of course! I have no doubt I am surrounded by people who lie to my face every single day that I am here for their own benefit. I am not betraying armies in any of this. I am not loyal to leaders, but to the sanctity of the community at large. There will be people that use people like me for their own wants, as Brutus did with Caeser and Harold Cole did to the Allies. Its sad, but I can’t physically stop people from lying to me. I can, however, stop these people from being associated with the movement, and as soon as I am made aware of their presence they will be gone.

Antonio (Golds Legend) –  I do believe and know for a fact that in some of the armies I’ve worked in have been involved with multilogging, but I’ve never support it or done it specially when I’m the one leading. I don’t feel as if I’ve betrayed those armies, I’ve done it for the best.

If you could say anything to people who multilog on a large scale every single day, and are in constant denial about it, what would you tell them? Do you understand the fact that they probably won’t care, and why do you think they should or shouldn’t care?

122344a (AR Creator) If all the alleged multiloggers simply stop multilogging, and I mean all of them in every single army, the competition won’t be as harsh and they won’t need to try as hard to be bigger than another army. Let’s say Team A has 35+ with multilogs, and Team B has 50+ with multilogs, but without multilogs they both have 30+. If they both were to stop multilogging, Team A wouldn’t have to strive so hard to compete with Team B, and they wouldn’t need to put in nearly as much effort in order to have a proper fair war. People in this community spend more time and effort arguing and trying to ruin another army’s reputation, than the time it’d take them to have a fair war. I understand they won’t care, and that’s the thing, they shouldn’t care. If you don’t care about this, why are you caring so much about a game? All  across armies it hasn’t even been a game to you in recent times. Many people in armies have treated it like a way of life, refusing to acknowledge that this is all for fun, built and structured for our own amusement, not to threaten and treat others negatively. Ruining your reputation and trying to hurt others in posts isn’t worth it for something as simple as a game that won’t matter at all 10 years from now. 

Teh Pie (UMA Legend) – Fuck you all.

Iceyfeet1234 (IW Creator) – Eventually multilogging will catch up to you, no matter how badly you believe you can get away with it. The entire community knows a few armies that multilog hardcore, and even if they don’t get punished enough, we know who the true large armies are. If armies stop recruiting and multilog 100% of the time, then they WILL kill themselves eventually.

DrMatt (BMA/LT Legend) – Honestly first off, you have way to much time on your hands to multilog. Your just ruining the game for yourselves. Club penguin armies used to be fun but now there all about who’s the best. I don’t care if they care of not but I surely hope Karma bites them in the ass.

Akabob (Nachos Legend) – In an age of armies where we need every person possible to make this community work, is it not enough that you can spam bots on a server all day and gain thousands of hits and a top spot on a leadership board of sorts, and not be able to accept that you (being the multi-loggers) just aren’t as effective as a leader as someone else to retain these people? If I can accept being a worse leader than Person, being overthrown and reviled throughout the community, come back for 1/4th of a year with nobody but Nachos supporting me, and come out of it as a matured and disciplined leader able to stand up for what I believe in (while making many friends+enemies), then why can’t you? On top of that, even if you disagree or dislike me, can you really look a couple years in the future past this and say that this is how you want to be remembered?

Antonio (Golds Legend) – I’d tell them to fuck up already if they want to actually enjoy this place like it was ‘before’. I do understand that they probably wouldn’t care and its because they will most likely keep denying things.

Has their ever been any crime within Club Penguin armies more daunting and detrimental than multilogging? If so, has it been eliminated, or can you say with certainty that we have trouble solving our problems?

122344a (AR Creator) I’d say the crime of doxing and DDoSing is worse than multilogging in terms of the impression of the community as a whole. Over the years the rate in which people doxed or DDoSed eachother has gone down severely but hasn’t vanished from the community. It’s still around, and that crime has scared many people, to the point where they didn’t even want to be in armies anymore. However, in terms of playing the game fairly, I would say botting during battles would be severely detrimental to armies; however it isn’t done that often. Armies have a fair amount of trouble solving their issues because once they feel they have brought the illegal action down enough, it’s not as bad because it isn’t as noticed; yet it’s still there. The community struggles to comprehend the difference in denouncing a crime, and eliminating it as a whole. If they want to prevent crimes such as this from reiterating themselves they need to eliminate them entirely, not just rule that it’s wrong and move on.

Teh Pie (UMA Legend) – The only reason we have trouble solving the whole multilogging problem is because CPAC won’t pull their cocks out of the sand and ban the armies that do it from the top ten.

Iceyfeet1234 (IW Creator)  Long ago botting used to be a crime within CP armies, and people were afraid to do it. Now people don’t care anymore since everyone is desperate to help their armies survive, which I don’t blame them. Back then CP’s population was FAR greater than it is today, which gave us a massive player base to recruit from. On top of that we had the best lines to use to recruit. Unfortunately overtime those recruiting lines were abused, and CP’s population declined rapidly over the years. With very few recruiting lines and fewer people to recruit from, CP armies don’t have many tricks up their sleeves to reach sizes like we did years ago.

To sum everything up: In the future, there will be a time where we will be unable to use Club Penguin as our means our warfare. When this day comes, I am 100% certain everyone will NOT jump to the same game. Because of this, we need to be prepared and coordinate ourselves to salvage whatever we have left of this community. Different groups of people will want to play different games, and will break off from their old armies. When this day comes, hopefully everyone is mature enough to forget about their passed wars with each other, and can work together to face whatever challenges are ahead of them in their new game.

DrMatt (BMA/LT Legend) – Definitely, there has been doxing,ddosing,defacing etc. These crimes do still happen today but not as often. We will most likely continue to struggle with these crimes no matter what. People won’t ever stop these crimes.

Akabob (Nachos Legend) – Like a stone in the Colorado river, I’ll stand in the middle of the current and defiantly try to hold the river back until the water erodes everything around me or it pushes me downstream. Its up to everyone reading this if you will stand with me and solve the problem by throwing enough REAL bodies at the problem. Maybe we’ll never get rid of multis, Mach. But I’m not going to abandon my position this far in.

Antonio (Golds Legend) – Well there has been lots of ‘crimes’ as you stated before multilogging became this ‘famous’ again, one of which was bot recruiting that made CP ‘angrier’ or DDos threats to fear off the smaller members in this community. Things like this will still continue but the difference is how effective it becomes from time to time in the community until it dies.

These are you legends, your creators, your heroes: disowning every last one of you.




CPA Central CEO

96 Responses

  1. check meat


  2. DAMN MACH, LONG ASS POST BRUH…….. Must of took u a week to write this


  3. The Multilog; as an idea, a concept, and an object, has dominated the year of 2015. The aim of this post is to display that, to prove that multilogging has quite literally taken our community by storm.

    Let’s hope 2016 is a different story. And a better one.


  4. I got the main idea but i like it. that oodledoodle thing was a one time thing. if i catch anybody cheating in any form under my leadership they will be fired and banned forever


  5. the only thing i saw in this post was musty fucking bad


  6. “Twitchy aka Serpent was another big cheater, he once contacted me and even encouraged their actions, when I complained to him he once told me that if I were ever to say anything about my suspicions to them, they would kill me, and while I don’t know how he felt, I’m certain that he knew, and knows now.”

    I warned you. Now you and your entire family will perish.

    The 11th of March. Mark it on your calendar.


  7. Who’s the stud who made that video where RPF multilogged.

    He seems hot.


  8. #shutdowncpa


  9. Most of the penguins that are supposedly multilogs are troops that come to our chat daily.


  10. rip


  11. a tl;dr for this shit would still be like 1k words wtf!


  12. Can I just say, Mach has been working on this post for months and months now xD


  13. Anyone can come on RPF chat and see that RPF doesn’t mutlilog. That’s why we are maxing 15-25 at events.


  14. Sweet. It’s as if there was a whole little section dedicated to me. You can all thank WV for their tireless efforts to spend that much time on me. It’s an honor guys ❤


  15. although this post could have done without quoting every multi-logging post in detail, it was still a good read. a lot of effort went into it to sum up 2015 overall, and for that it makes for an easy reference point for people rather than searching up and reading every individual special report.

    everyone knows my opinion on the issue, but its good to see someone outing people on every side of the issue and showing the hypocrisy for what it is. good job mach.


  16. When literally everything on WV was either proven wrong or was a joke. Smh


  17. Great post Mach, took me a while to finish but great job. BTW, It would be cool if there was some great End-Of-The-Year event where all the armies would go on the origin server Mammoth and have a big-ass event there, everyone who comes at the same time in peace. Personally, I think that Mammoth is like that holy site that shouldn’t be part of any army but should rather be a free spot that everyone can come to but no one can claim. But that’s just my opinion. End the multilogging my friends; better to die with honor than live with disgrace.

    ~Tamiyami, TLCP leader and ACP Lt. Colonel


  18. if you remove all the quotes it only comes down by 10,000 words.

    he may have wrote a long post about a topic that isnt important to you (you read it anyway), but you made wordpress blogs about me and come on nacho chat daily to try and attack me and the others on it (including threats of doxing, ddosing, and saying you’d pay a hitman to come to my house and kill me[???]), so its up to the public at large to decide whom is more pathetic, lol.


  19. I don’t cheat, RPF doesn’t cheat. Whoever said that is mad. Fight the good fight. RPF is the only legit army. Some ask why we don’t have stamps on our penguins? It’s cause most of our army actively recruits on Club Penguin resulting in their account being banned forever each day so they have to make new penguins . GG


    • EXACTLY! My account RPFJason101 was actually my recruiting penguin that I was surprised didn’t get banned yet and I used it for the battle. I wasn’t on my main account whatsoever named “Junie17125” and if you couldn’t find a penguin with exactly that name, then you know I haven’t multilogged. Anyways, I used RPFJason101 becasue I feared of getting banned by Club Penguin for attending a battle.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. lets hope 2016 this wont happen again


  21. Chris is a girl?!


  22. Oh my god.
    What happened?
    We went from a community that only autotyped, and never multilogged or bot recruited, to never autotyping, multilogging, and bot recruiting. I don’t fucking care what any of you “legit” armies say, you ALL multilog.
    Lets be honest, with CP’s population being as low as ACP in the Top Ten, you can’t say that your sizes are “legit”. In all honestly, all armies should be maxing 15-20, but somehow we’re getting “30-40+”. You’re all fake as hell and you all multilog. This is why I left this bastardized community in the first place. I don’t care how much any of you say you’re legit, you’re all fake and you multilog no matter how good you hide it. This is pathetic and I don’t understand why all of you let this happen to the community, considering it started with only like what, 1 or 2? Yeah, pretty sad.
    This is why I’m not in an army nor plan on joining one. I know most armies are fake and so I will not join any. This community will die, and it’ll be because of all the cheating we have put in. It’s basically too late to be alive + being legit now. If you don’t believe this community is dying, you’re one of the cheaters in the community for damn sure. We’re going to die as fast as Krypton from Man of Steel.


  23. Lord Jesus, what happened to this community?
    We all used to be legit and now we all cheat and deceive 24/7. What is it about you all that made you want to cheat?
    Lets be honest, none of you big armies are legit. You’re all fake. With CP’s population being as small as ACP, it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get 30-40+ now. If you don’t believe me, you’re delusional and are probably one of the cheaters in the community.
    I don’t care if you think you’re “legit”, you’re NOT. Don’t fool yourselves or be fooled. You can feel just from the atmosphere of being on an army’s chat, the corruption, the deceiving, the cheating. It’s pretty sad, I never felt this in any army chat until this year. This is the worst year of armies I’ve ever seen. I don’t care if you were “big”, your sizes were probably fake. Don’t make excuses anymore, you know you all do it. Don’t lie to yourselves or your troops anymore. This is exactly why I left this community. It’s so corrupted it’s unbearable, there’s no wonder CP doesn’t like is, no matter how much they claim they do.
    Lets be real here: Most of CP’s population is CP army members and multilogs.
    If I didn’t feel this way, I would’ve probably joined 5 armies by now, but I’m so done. Unless you all actually be legit and start accepting the bad sizes you get instead of trying to make yourself look good, you’ll slowly see this community fall apart and destroy itself like Krypton from Man of Steel.


    • “Most of CP’s population is CP army members and multilogs.” Completely false statement. Only a tiny portion of people who actually play cp are in armies and has been that way for a long time.


  24. Could someone please change the title to “CPAC Special Report: Everyone Multilogs Except Nachos and AR”


    • And AR? burrito , Vinny and their creator A were all exposed by shaboomboom long ago- look it up before commenting
      Lets also not mention how nachos arent holy (they kept the autotyper secret for personal gain and pretty much started the whole “botting” thing + person was no saint he was notoriously known for his multilogging in RBAA
      get your dick out of your ass kid


      • “exposed”

        This post came a day after we fired Boomer’s girlfriend, Theory. They accused me of multilogging on Lord Pain’s only account. Vinny of multilogging on his personal account, Gre165, while claiming that Vinny’s main account was Razr, which was Candy’s.

        Not to mention, we were accused of 3 to 4 penguins. DCP has been accused of well over 30 before. 3 of your leaders have been accused/caught multilogging for well over 20 penguins. 7 out of your 8 man leadership have been caught multilogging.. 8 out of 8 have been accused if you count your little stint in UMA.

        What more? There are people within your ownership that have been caught as well. You guys are literally going out and seeking multiloggers to help DCP “rise.”


        • Lmao cry me a river burr, the amount of excuses you pussies use is AMAZING LMAO. you and your little crew were caught multiloggig DURING THE GOLDEN AGE LOL
          i cant IMAGINE what your doing now considering the drastic drop this year.
          and you mentioned UMA? You mean the army that has more history and legit troops than your amount of allies and multilogs COMBINED? go beg for more nachos to attend your battles LMAO Your killing me


          • UMA does have history… Wg’s UMA, Daniel’s UMA, anyone else’s UMA. Your UMA? It was a joke rejected by its former leaders and legends .Nice try buddy.

            How about that chat size of 50+ the other week though! Weird how you could only manage 25 on CP, that is, until we left the room and gave you guys time to sit there the entire battle and load them on.


            • No idea i probably wasn’t there, but you speak about “My UMA” as if the former leaders rejected — the only ones that “rejected” it weren’t ever in UMA or were sorry ass leaders (coolster for example) I had the consent of REAL LEGENDS and even got my own site rolling in respects to the original site.

              And i wish WV would have an event soon they keep spending all their time helping AR and getting ass raped by LT they havent done much this past week lmaooo

              KKK NOT TODAY BURR


      • “Get your dick out of your ass”



    • Don’t flatter yourself.


    • nachos and ar are nobodies


  25. best post i have ever seen


  26. “Above is a testimony from former Ice Warriors leader, Kingfunks4. He states that the Ice Warriors began multilogging once Andrew24 was given leader, which occurred back in February of 2015.”

    You couldn’t even open more than 1 tab in February…Kingfunks4 just like Mortico was just hella butthurt i kicked them from IW with the rest of the “Veterans”. Of course they were gonna create a very false rumor and say i multilog.. yet they never came up with any proof? Lol ok.

    Yes the Ice Warriors DID multilog just not during my leadership or anyone in my “crew”. Sprite, Tax and many others were caught doing it. No one from the IW inner circle knew about this which is why the leadership at the time got either removed/demoted or fired.

    There’s no proof against me or Ghost, Spy, Final. So i don’t even know why we’re added into this post considering the “testimony” you have is from someone who was CLEARLY bias against us.

    All of the armies I led before IW were very successful too (Golds,Dw, Lt, Pirates, Dcp) and that’s when multilogging wasn’t even happening.. so I don’t know how you think just because IW maxed high sizes Before and during summer automatically means we multilogged (Not including Sprite and Tax’s leadership.)

    The title of the post should be changed to “Every ARMY has multilogged” not “everyone multilogs” because that’s terribly INVALID.


    • Apparently if somebody multilogs, even if it’s just for 10 minutes (when everybody else in the community is doing it), it means every leader in history in that army has multlogged.


    • The idea that you can take someones “word” as testimony for evidence is ridiculous


      • This is CPAC after all.

        Honestly Freezie i don’t think those 2 penguins changed the battle vs IW in any all truth IW lost that battle because we weren’t prepared not because you brought extra penguins that didn’t even make it to the battle rooms. They were just looking for a new army to bash.

        I love how they act like Multilogging has become a bigger problem than bot recruiting is. Considering that’s actually the problem that is actually tearing CP down and this community together.


  27. I appreciate motive and objectives this post has set out, but please, get your facts correct.

    I multi-logged once, one time. That DW tournament event was the 2nd or 3rd event I had attended since I retired in July, and it was one penguin for 10 minutes prebattle. (It was not present in the actual battle against IW) Considering DW had 40+ on regardless of me and my multilog, I don’t really see how you can include DW alongside the mass multilogging. It was one penguin, every other army has been caught for much worse.

    Where is your evidence of me multilogging past that tournament battle? There is none. So do not use tournament battles as a plural, or other events, because it did not happen. Oodledoodle was owned by Anna, and she hates me now so she’ll say anything against me.

    To have the audacity to accuse other legends in DW for doing the same thing as I did is laughable. I have gotten sizes of 60+ many times with no evidence of multilogging against me. So too have many others before and after me.


  28. Great post. I could be deemed hypocritical, I could be deemed ignorant and a blatant liar, but believe it or not, while I explained every one of those accusation posts directed at WV, I was NEVER aware that Ioioluk along with his crew actually multilogged for WV. All the evidence provided on here is fake, however, Ioioluk and bloodline indeed multilogged for WV when we passed SWAT even at the point where they multilogged to 40+.

    On a side note, FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT ~ Christmas chaos here we come.


  29. Took you morons long enough to realize everyone multilogs…..


  30. Seems like you just interviewed anyone and called them one of the brightest minds in the community.


  31. A combination of Poor Advertising, a Pay2Win system, and ourselves have damned this community. Disney doesn’t advertise this game anymore because it has better ways of making money then this old system. Why advertise a dying game, when stuff such as Minecraft and Disney Infinity are doing so much better. Why bother? People need memberships to have fun, but having a membership means nothing to this game. What the hell will people do with membership? Play games that lag? No fuck that. And then the big one, us. We have spent so much time advertising and botting that it has pissed off the entire community. We are hated, and we do not stop for if we do, people may not join. We are despised by the mods for our bots and ads, we are hated by members because we spam the server with our bots and make no effort to take in consideration what the general public wants. Face it, we are the Cancer to Club Penguin. We are killing it in an effort to keep our precious system alive. And the harsh reality of it all? We can’t fix it. We stop botting, we die. We keep botting? Club Penguin will die and take us with it.


  32. Great post, but I do think it’s unfair that DW was lumped in with all the others when all that can be proven is that one retired person multilogged one penguin for one event completely on their own accord. Aside from one incident, the rest of the case against DW is pure speculation, whereas there’s hard evidence against every other army.


  33. yeah but. nachos dont multilog. lol


  34. This post was outright genius the most of it anyways lols


  35. […] Click Here to read one of the most beloved post of mach. […]


  36. […] 2015, CP Army Central CEO, Mach, published a special report which included all aspects of multi-logging during those times. Due to the decline of […]


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