Top Ten Armies: 10/04/15

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In the first Top Ten of October, we see a new army take the top spot, as well as an old Top Five army making a return after their first week of their new generation. We also see an army suffer from an astonishing 10 point deduction.

1. Ice Warriors [+4] [75.50]

2. Doritos [-1] [72.50] *

3. Water Vikings [-1] [72.33]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [67.50]

5. Dark Warriors [-2] [66.80]

6. United Troops [NEW!] [52.96]

7. Army of CP [-1] [51.43]

8. Cobras [+1] [48.00]

9. Nachos [+1] [47.17]

10. Underground Mafias Army [-2] [45.78]

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Green = Exaggerated Sizes

* The Doritos have been deducted 10 points – a CPAC Special Report will be released later regarding this matter.


1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors began their action-packed week with a USA cleanse of Mammoth with claimed sizes of 40 on Monday, followed by a USA training session the next day, in which they achieved sizes of 30+. On October 1st, they executed a maximum size of 38 in another training session for the USA division. After the October Promotions were released, they finished their week with their Champions Cup battle yesterday against the Armed Forces, who failed to show up. Due to this, the Ice Warriors took an auto-win while hitting sizes of 35.

2. Doritos: The Doritos started off their week hosting a training session on their Capital Summit. The Doritos had maxed sizes of 39 and averaging 35 at this event. Next, they did another training session with a top size of 40. Following their training session, they defended off Summit from the Rebel Penguin Federation maxing sizes of 50 and averaging 45. To top off their week, the Doritos held a retirement event for their leader Lord West whilst maxing sizes of 40 online.

3. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings started their week with a patrol of their capital server Frostbite, with acclaimed sizes of 32. On Monday, they accumulated a size of 27 at their UK training session and on Tuesday, they hit sizes of 23 and yet another UK training. October 1st saw Lord Jay retire from the army and October 2nd saw the Water Vikings max 26 at another UK training. Finally, to end their week, the army maxed 39 at a training preparation for the Champion Cup battle today.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation: This week saw the Rebel Penguin Federation have 3 events, alongside the return of legends Elmikey and Silverburg to the leadership. The first of these events was a Practice Battle against the Doritos on Wednesday 30th, in which they claim to have maxed a size of 25. The second was a training event on Saturday, in which they maxed 30. Finally, they successfully defeated the Snow Ninjas in the first round of the Champions Cup, this seeing them take home 3 points.

5. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors kicked off their week holding an AUSIA training where they maxed 10 and averaged 8. The following day the Dark Warriors held a UK event where they maxed 16 and averaged 14. Then they faced off the ACP in a practice battle where they maxed 17 and averaged 14. Also they held an unscheduled AUSIA training session where they maxed 14 and averaged 12. The Dark Warriors prepared themselves for the Champions Cup holding a training where they maxed 25 and averaged 23. The Dark Warriors then ended off their week holding a practice battle with the ACP maxing sizes of 15 and averaging 12.

6. United Troops Army: This week saw the former Top Five army return to the community with a UK training session on Monday, where they maxed 15. The next day they hit a size of 14 at an unscheduled UK event and later that day hit 14 at another event, this time where they battled some bots. On Wednesday they two events an AUSIA and US, in which they maxed 9 at both. October 1st saw another AUSIA event with a size of 9 and a size of 18 at another UK event. They then suffered from a site deface and this lead them to a change in website.

7. Army of CP: ACP started their week with a recruiting session on White Out. They maxed 23, which ended up being their best size for the week. Their next event was a training session, during which they reached 12 online. A couple days later, ACP trained again, this time maxing 21. Their AUSIA division did a recruiting/training session and peaked at 14. ACP faced the Dark Warriors in a UK practice battle, topping off at 11. They maxed 11 again at another recruiting session that ended their week.

8. Cobras: The Cobras started off big this week, maxing 25 at Brigade3’s retirement event. They followed up with a UK training session with 9 troops. At their last event, a US recruiting/training session, the Cobras reached a top size of 9 again. 

9. Nachos: On Sunday, the Nachos kick-started their week by hitting sizes of 8 in a Practice Battle with the Dark Warriors. This was soon followed by a recruiting session on Monday, which saw them max a size of 14. Another recruiting session on Thursday meant they achieved sizes of 10+. That same day, they held a ‘speed training’ event which saw them max 9 and average 7. They ended their week with the first Champions Cup battle, which saw them make a surprise defeat against the Doritos, who failed to make an appearance. This battle was their highlight of the week, and saw them achieve a max of 18 troops.

10. Underground Mafias Army: UMA’s first event for the week was an AUSIA “dance off”, during which the army maxed 12. Next. they did an unscheduled AUSIA training and reached 11 online. In their first battle in the Champions Cup IV, UMA beat the Matricz, maxing 11 again.


Mister Max

CPA Central Vice President


CPA Central CEO

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

67 Responses

  1. Nice Max




  3. Comments below this means you support child slavery




  5. Who cares?


  6. Go ACP! Attend the super important Champions Cup today at 2:30 EST @ 😀


  7. gg iw




  9. I remember down with phin crew.. there should be a down with dcp crew.. fuck sakes they ruin this community


  10.  photo 1416083745336_wps_65_Jihadi_John_Alan_Henning_zpsf2hx4tyk.jpg

    this just became so much more relevant


  11. UTA 6. I am happy that my cope had a result and I wish UTA will continue like that even without me, after the whole thing with the deface I never did. Good job UTA.


  12. I am a bit surprised and not at the same time


  13. How does one get 6th on CPAC and 1st on SMAC at the same time


  14. Awesome Job IW! Let’s keep it up! 🙂


  15. GG mustapha. Thanks to Zak and CPAC for handling the situation correctly and deducting points, me and the rest of SWAT really appreciate it.


  16. All blue armies are cancerous, shit munching, foreskin grubbing faggots.


  17. Great job IW! :O 😀 😉


  18. Yay RPF! Staying up there in the top 5 🙂




  20. Why do armies talk smack so much. I understand some but this has gone too far. No army deserves the hate that everyone is giving dcp right now so what gives? All armies deserve to be treated as equals in this community so please stop the hate. If you are going to say something mean than at least get your facts straight. So what dcp got deducted 10 points. It´s not the end of the world. Club penguin is supposed to be kid friendly and cp armeis arent here to ruin all that. So next time you insult an army or one of their members, think about it before u do. Is this something that they really deserve? Give all armys and leaders a chance. If they blow it, thats a different story


  21. Also congrats IW for getting number one 🙂 I expect you guys to do great things.


  22. I find it funny that DCP is still allowed in the top 10…


  23. Congratulations Musta


  24. Keep it up WV. 🙂


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