Bot Recruiting – How It Destroyed the Community

Klondike, CPAC Headquarters – Today, I will be talking about how this community has changed in the last 6 months from bot recruiting. I will be going into detail at how it mainly destroyed and corrupted the community.

How It Started

In early May, almost 6 months ago Waterkid101 former LT leader was the one who discovered bot recruiting. I personally remember the day he first told me about bot recruiting. LT was low during the time and we were considering closing it until late June, It was only until he had approached me on Skype and told me that he found the cure to LT’s slump and that cure was bot recruiting.

When we were still auto typing, a lot of people remember seeing Water’s bots all over CP constantly flooding “LIGHT TROOPS CP”. A lot of us were angry and a lot of us found it unfair but in less than a month, all armies had begun bot recruiting. It started with the Ice Warriors and then onto the Doritos and then onto all armies.


The start of bot recruiting, Light troops bot recruiting way back in May 2015.

At first bot recruiting had seemed to not be outrageous but then it had taken a wrong turn quickly. At a meeting in early July, I remember they had said that there was only supposed to be 2 bots per room, now in the present day we see almost up to 5 bots per army in a room. All together in a room there has to be 20-25 or even more bots. The desperation for troops had become crazy.

Bot recruiting had first impacted the community greatly. A lot of armies especially LT were on the rise with almost 60+ at every event. We saw a great increase of sizes throughout the top ten that we have not seen before. Bot recruiting had seem to have a very positive impact until Club Penguin had began to block our lines.

CP armies had begun to overuse the bot recruiting and some armies especially LT and DCP had become out of control. Then it happened to be all armies going out of control with bot recruiting. The more the armies started to get more greedy with bot recruiting, the more Club Penguin cracked down on us.  Everyone wanted their army to be the very best and everyone wanted to have the fame with bot recruiting but little by little it has torn this community apart.

The Impact on Club Penguin

Now when I am talking about club penguin, I am talking about regular club penguin players. I am also talking about staff as well. We have truly ruined the game for a bunch of club penguin players with bot recruiting. We are constantly spamming every room, third-party advertising our armies.


Bot recruiters spamming town, 2k15, July

Nowadays a lot of club penguin recruits we get, normally say “please stop recruiting on cp”. Yes a lot of recruits do that and whats also disgusting is that we all lie to recruits and say “JOIN FOR MEMBERSHIP”. Now as I’m aware, all club penguin membership generators have been patched and we’ve truly been lying to them. Do we tell them that? No, because we don’t want them to run away. Recruits at this point are golden to us.

We spam town constantly with our lines and make it obnoxious for other club penguin players and we recruit really all over club penguin but town seems the place to be where everyone recruits.  We make it stressful for club penguin staff as they have to constantly kick us off the servers every day.

Club Penguin has definitely gone downhill since the start of bot recruiting. I’m very sure there has been a ton of players that have quit the game due to us bot recruiting and trust me Club Penguin is aware of us. I’ve even called before requesting to get the Light Troops named unblocked. They find it annoying and they will crack down on us for once and for all. They call it “third-party advertising”.

Bot Recruiting is Killing Us?

Yes, bot recruiting is truly killing us. In the last few months we’ve gotten so much blocked on CP that it’s almost impossible to even bot recruit anymore. Even if armies do bot recruit, it’s the stupidest lines. We are forced to say such things like “surf this up” or just a stupid way of saying our names without actually saying them.

With our lines being blocked, it has forced a plague on us. We are slowly dying and we don’t even care. Everyone in this community just continues to bot recruit and we don’t even get a lot of troops from recruiting. A lot of troops don’t even understand what were saying half the time.


Another example of outrageous bot recruiting.

How It Truly Destroyed the Community

Nowadays, it’s actually almost impossible to get 30+ on cp with real recruits and troops. Multilogging is most likely at its highest because bot recruiting isn’t even efficient anymore due to blocked lines. At this point multilogging isn’t even surprising to any of us anymore. In 2012 everyone would be all surprised but now, no one cares because everyone does it. Everyone also fights over recruiting, some recruit over other penguins to block other armies lines and all armies fight on which servers to recruit on.

This community even turned to hate. This community used to actually be once respectful and had order but now were honestly out of control. Everyone hates each other and all we do is scare away recruits with the type of language we use. We call each other, autistic,faggot,retarded, etc. We say that we are the nicest community and that were friendly but that’s the biggest lie. The biggest thing has to be the greed of armies.

Some armies go so far to be the best that they buy advertisements or they will multilog or they will bot at their events or literally do worse. Yes, I’m admitting I was a victim of the advertisements and I’ve been at fault for that for this entire summer. I probably won’t even ever do it again because I realized how outrageous and how try – hard that was.

Lets also not forget the fact that ddosing and doxing and all that other stuff has also been more popular. Everyone threatens each other and there is no real nice guy in this community.  The fact is we don’t even care what we do in this community anymore.

The Result of This Post

This post wasn’t really to change your opinion. I honestly made this post as a timeline of bot recruiting and how it effected us over the last few months. Will bot recruiting stop? No probably not and will people care? No. Everyone just wants their army to be the best at this point and as the end nears, we’ll do anything to get 30+ on cp. If your army claims to get 50+ at an event then I’m telling you right now, 50% of those penguins must be multilogs, sorry but its the truth. This plague will not end and maybe eventually in the future bot recruiting will end and hopefully it won’t end when we end. Hopefully it ends sooner or later. Thank you for reading this post.


CPA Central Reporter

47 Responses

  1. any comment below this mean the commenter supports child abuse and child slavery


  2. I can appreciate the effort and good intentions canvassed in this post, but I believe that I speak for the general reader when I say that I’m quite frankly surfeited by the substantial amount of ‘bring back old armies’ and ‘out with autotyping’ posts. This is supposed to be a news site, not a hub for opinionated editorials.


    • I could see where you are coming from, I really intended this post to be more of a timeline and I already stated somewhere in the post that it’s just to show how the community fell apart.


    • News is pretty dry right now, not really much war anyway. So why not?


    • CPAC and newspapers alike have hosted many opinion oriented posts that discuss pressing issues, and it’s one of our outlets of content that help entertain when there’s a lack of news or give a break from a long string of news.


    • ” I believe that I speak for the general reader when I say that I’m quite frankly surfeited by the substantial amount of ‘bring back old armies’ and ‘out with autotyping’ posts.”

      lol u think our general reader knows what surfeited and substantial means?


    • There is no hope for the community when all people can glean from several editorials about the same topic having been posted simultaneously is that “CPAC posts too many editorials!!” Consider that this would not be the case if you had took the post to heart. Icey’s editorial was certainly influential. Many other editorials hit the nail right on the head, some of them not even made this year. And we know that despite others’ having spoken out, no change has taken place. The options are that either people are not listening, or they do not understand the situation. For you to have commented solely to complain that there are too many editorials calling you out to change your ways shows that you have no grasp on just how dire the state of the community has become. Do you really appreciate that the post is well-written if you do not want to listen to its message simply because you have done so before? Please read the post again, and be the change you want to see coming.


  3. lol cp armies are ded. WEAK LOOOOL


  4. The Illuminati invented bot recruiting. Waterkid wanted to become a part of the Club Penguin Freemasons, so Boomer and Elmikey who are Master Freemasons ordered him to start bot recruiting so the dark age of 2015 can begin. And we can all see that the Illuminati succeded in their Master Plan.


    read my previous comments in which I exposed the Illuminati’s Master Plan:

    Master Plan:
    CPAC controlled by Illuminati:


  5. Nice philosophy! 😀


    • Philosophy and editorials thats what basically this site is nowdays. And this extraordianary… boring editorial is basicaly copy-past of silverburgs one. If i would read last 10 posts i bet that i would read “we ruined platform we play on ” or “armies are dying bec of bots” and ” desperate for recruits, leaders multilogg and get lines banned” all the time. Go write satires, interviews, battle reviews, do a competition, maybe even write an editorial or philosophy from time to time … but dont let your site be overflown with stupid boring editorials like it is now.


      • Well, excuse me. I tried making this very interesting and I think I did. I’m so sorry that this bores you i’ll make sure to change the whole post for you because you seem like your a know it all. Right now there is no wars or battles going on. It’s dry right now and also my post is about a different topic than silverburgs one. So please don’t act like you know it all when no one even knows you.


      • I only post once a week, all the other roles are full, and you have to wake up EARLY to get a report because everyone rushes to get a subject before me.


      • matt i am not a know it all i just wanted to warn you not to become editorial- full news site and the point of press is to DIG up news, when others cant find it


  6. Bot recruiting is a COMPLETE waste of time to be honest


  7. No offence but what’s the point of all these ‘bots destroyed us!!!’ posts if nobody’s gonna actually take action and stop using bots? Everyone’s talking the talk, but not walking the walk. The only way to address the root of this problem is by terminating bot usage in the first place. But nevertheless, good post.


    • I agree,but as you said these posts can be used to create an awareness and continuing “talking the talk”,then finally (with hopes) cpac would start taking action again,there should be point deductions for overusage of bot recruiting tbh.


  8. Don’t forget the fact that all the armies who tried recruiting sessions or autotyped couldn’t try to work with this situation.


  9. i covered this matt 😀


  10. Good post and bots forever.May they live long and starve this community to death.


  11. Armies havent changed in the slightest from the transition from Autotyping to Bot Recruiting.


    • I would say they really have changed. In some ways armies are still the same but in some ways they aren’t. Bot recruiting has just hurt the community recruiting wise due to lines being blocked and all that.


  12. Sad thing is that cpac writes about things like that in tons of posts and does nothing. When will we come from words to actually doing something. More of this boring editorials we read the more we hate community. Sadlly but if i was cp moderator i would just ban the names of every army in the cpac and smap.


  13. Listen, i’m sorry if this post seems to early to post with all these other posts going on with almost the same topic. I just had the idea in my head and just started typing away. I honestly put a lot of time and effort into this post which is why I posted it. Like Mach said above, the community is dry when it comes to CP army related stuff. There is no wars or anything happening.




  15. Agree completely.
    Botting and autotyping are, at their simplest, automated functions for the age-old method of going on Club Penguin with your friends and getting random kids to join your army so that you can throw snowballs at other people and have fun together.
    This is a thing of the past.
    Nowadays people recruit not because they want to have fun, but because they want to exploit the recruits gained from doing this to strengthen their own army. The only difference is that leaders and high ranking members are too lazy to do this manually, and they turn to automated functions as a crutch.
    The fact remains that recruiting kids to a third-party site through Club Penguin has always been a soft subject for the game’s administration, and I think that the only reason it wasn’t cracked down upon earlier was because it increased the traffic and daily players of the game. Now, with people deliberately using third party programs as well, Club Penguin has no shame in quashing their efforts to draw people into this community, and I more or less support their actions. Failure to keep new recruits means that senior players must remain here, and the shortcomings of their age come with vulgarity, savagery, and greed. Such qualities are unbecoming for a 9 year old fresh in the community, and it would be better overall for the community to leave the game alone, because you are choking it with the fumes of your sweat-shop style botting. The recruit learns nothing from joining, only that the people behind half of the Town’s population of penguins are 16 year olds that only at the very least tolerate you for the +1 in size that their army can receive until he leaves a week later.
    The community has become a remnant of what it used to be: a way for army groups and its roleplayers to communicate together. On the surface, leaders maintain that their army is the strongest and has the moral high ground, but look again. The penguins on the cover art have bags under their eyes, and troops of the army grow weary. An atmosphere of decadence has descended upon the community, and I urge those who can see through it to put their skills to better use by leaving.


  16. This was a well-put, concise post. Nice job, Matt.


  17. The funny part is that everyone who says bot recruiting is destroying the community is actually doing it themselves or shamelessly contributed to it.


  18. Cp armies is indeed falling apart, I’m thinking like Kenneth(or Silver) said several days ago, going back to warfare like in 2007-2008 would be worth the time and effort, but from this point, it seems too late. We have already destroyed CP.


  19. This Post makes sense and nothing should change people who bot recruit Makes CP hate us More and start to Ban us. Bot recruiting is Stupid and selfish its selfish yes because it wastes space of the cp rooms and some are bot clones Which means people quit cp and with no people in Cp no new recruits will join armies and Cp will block more words. Club penguins concerns are reasonable we are trying our best to find a way either than autotyping when autotyping is the only choice we Have But bot recruiting Makes cp focus on the bad side of us and then Ban us. We should try our Best to Stop doing this for the sake of Cps relationship to grow bigger and CP armies will be known as a group of penguins in Cp and have teams of different Colors we should Not let Bot recruiting show who we really are. we must let cp respect Us for our deeds not the Bots. Im saying this speech not because I like Cp armies its because i want you all to understand how this is effecting the cp community and new recruits. So We as a team as well as cpac will try to stop this from happening let cp lose hate of us and we will be known as the best cpac armies in history.

    Buggins will


  20. This post doesn’t make any sense..

    So let’s imagine bot recruiting never happened in armies. Before bot recruiting everyone auto typed in groups, right? So what would be the different between mass auto typing and bot recruiting? Nothing. Bot recruiting is the same as auto typing, it’s just an easier method. It doesn’t matter if we stopped bot recruiting, auto typing will cause the same thing. I remember people would come on LT chat (in 2014 before bot recruiting) and ask us about ”the advertising bots”. CP mods or players don’t know the difference between a moderator/owner auto typing or someone using a bot script.

    So to correct this post, you should change ”bot recruiting” to auto typing, because bot recruiting is just an easier way of auto typing.


  21. Fingers crossed the community will finally end.


  22. “Way back in May 2015”


  23. I’m not trying to sound like dick, but isn’t Pirates doing 4-5 bots per room, and you’re leading them?


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