DW Demotes Everyone To Member

FROSTY, DW Nation – Yesterday we saw the grand reopening event of the new Dark Warriors’ generation. However today, in a bold move, the Dark Warriors demote the majority of their ownership/moderators in an effort to restructure even further.

Just a single day after their grand reopening, which saw less-than-grand sizes of 25+, signs of turbulence begin to mount in the Dark Warriors’. Spi101, DW leader, made a post titled “Everyone Is Demoted To Member”. You can find the full post on the Dark Warriors site here, or read an excerpt from the post below.

All mods and members are demoted to member except for the following people:

Perry, Lenore, Simi, kevintruewolf

If you want to earn your ranks back, you have to attend Saturday’s event. Slacking off is not an excuse. I can’t do things alone at all. Just because I’m here doesn’t mean things are magic.

We faced a shut down, Badboy ruined things for us and you guys think It’s okay just to skip events all because I’m there and things will go okay? This is a teamwork effort. If you can’t fulfill that team effort then you don’t deserve your rank.

– Spi101, Dark Warriors Leader

This all came the day following the Dark Warriors return event. Their event earned DW sizes of 25+, which fell short of typical return events from armies of this caliber. You can find the entire post regarding their return event on the Dark Warriors site here. The post concluded with the words “We did alright for a return event, but we will do much better in our future events.”

DW during their gran reopening event

DW during their grand reopening event


The Dark Warriors’ have been in the headlines often this past week. First, due to the hand of Ambrosha who was unhappy with the ownership, DW was declared dead. You can find our coverage of DWs’ shut down here.

The Dark Warriors were revived with the blessing of Xiunknown, DW legend, with a total regime shift that saw the return of current leader Spi. You can view our coverage of the Dark Warriors’ return here.

Dark Warriors also made headlines when Cargo, former DW owner, left from the Dark Warriors to reconcile with the Ice Warriors.

Now we want to know what YOU think! Will this decision benefit DW, or hurt their chances of rising? Can the Dark Warriors reach World Power status under the new leadership? Let us know what YOU think in the comments down below!



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34 Responses

  1. this makes me laugh….


  2. You guys are f*cking pathetic. Stop blaming me for your problems. Me and 11 were removed and just because your troops are inactive thats somehow my fault? They didn’t attend events for me either, so get used to it. Im sick and tired of you fools giving me shit when obviously you havent been able to function correctly with out me. Yea say I killed DW twice, say DW doesn’t need me, that may have been the case the first time, but it sure as hell wont be this time. You’re all deluded, you may think I “killed” DW, but in reality im the Donald Trump of CP armies. I go there and fix shit up, and if you dont like what I do, then you cant afford me. shape up DW, and start taking responsibility for YOUR OWN problems


    • Idk, but the same problems that occurred the first time you led DW reappeared the second time. In all fairness, DW declined when you and 11 became leaders. It’s only been a few days after the turbulence that occurred in the army, and of course it’s going to take a little while to build the army back up again. I also think it’s pretty obvious that the transition between the previous leadership and your own leadership was smooth in comparison to the transition from your leadership to Spi’s. To be considerate, this “re-opening” event that got only a day’s hype still managed to match the sizes of your events. DW doesn’t even have a legit USA leader atm, and they’re still managing to do somewhat decent. My point is that although you are not to blame for all of DW’s problems, perhaps you could have done something to fix the problems that occurred when you were leading. You were definitely removed for a reason, even if you don’t deserve to become a scapegoat, you can’t argue that you are not at fault. Of course DW can function properly without you, DW even functioned properly without people like Toy, Freezie, and Drake. I understand your anger, but I just had to point this out.


      • I understand where you’re coming from, we all make mistakes, we’re human. You’re referring to March when you say “the first time I led”, but I also led in October and won the champions cup. The same problems did not occur. If anything, it was a much easier situation, because last time one of my leaders quit and the other went half inactive, leaving everything to fall back on me, and leaving me to blame if the army declined. DW did not decline with me and 11 as leaders. If anything I brought more energy to the army, bringing my hatred of WV from SWAT to DW, getting us involved in a full scale war, that got us some more land on the map, and hyped the entire army and made things exciting. Yes, I’ll admit the flame posts weren’t the best idea, and I said I wouldn’t do it this time around, but honestly we were at war, and WV was bashing us, so why shouldn’t I do the same? Why should we be the pussies to let them shit on us like that? You say “Oh, beat them on the battlefield not in a post”. We were smashing them without anyone’s help basically taking them on 1 v 1 since they ignored the entire alliance except for us. Yes, the army has suffered some huge losses, removing their two best leaders, but who’s fault was that? You’re going to blame me or 11 for being the air to DW? If we were that important, and you needed us that much not to struggle the way you are now, then you should’ve kept us, it’s really not my problem any longer. The transition from my leadership to Spi’s shouldn’t be part of this discussion. Being the legend that he is, he shouldn’t have any problem rebuilding DW, and most certainly not max 20 in an event that was hyped for 4 days. This didn’t get only a day hype, I don’t know what you’re saying it was longer than that, and they had plenty of time to prepare. And even if that was the case, then why is Spi membering everyone and stripping the ranks because there is barely anyone on? Explain that. Does that have anything to do with this “one day hype” you speak of? lol bro, DW’s sizes the other day matched me and 11’s sizes at my events? Are you blind, or do you not receive an education that includes going to math? We were breaking 30-35 every event until Amb started stirring up shit, and turning people against me behind the scenes. He deliberately put together an inside job to keep admin from me and 11, which automatically split the leadership in half and once the owners got wind of it, that’s when we started falling. That’s on Amb, no one else. If he really cared about the army he wouldve solved this like a man, considering he is 21 lol, and spoke to me and 11 about the comments and worked out something. The advisors and the creator are whats solely wrong with the community we live in today. They get in the way of the leaders and look for trouble when there is none. And whether you know it or not, this isn’t just in DW, it’s in EVERY ARMY. Where there’s advisors and “overseers”, no army can move on, and it is and always will be that way. And again, you don’t have a US leader, because you fired two of the most capable individuals in the community to lead a US division in a major army. It isn’t my problem. What could I have done to fix the army’s problems? You want to know the real problem, the thing that held me and 11 back almost completely? Ambrosha. He thought he had me and 11 on a leash, and the REAL reason he removed us was not because of Freezie and our comments about his irl situation, but because he was afraid to face the truth. The truth that hes a washed up 21 year old nolife who still lets his life be consumed by this game. HES the reason DW is in the state it is. Not saying I’m God himself and that with me not there DW won’t get over 10, because that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is, in this community in THIS YEAR, not 2007 when Ambrosha was actually relevant, leaders dont lead on a leash. I’m not a dog, or any animal for that matter, but he seemed to think I was his personal pet. I do what I FEEL is best for the army, not what he thinks. So to respond to your question, the problem was going to be fixed. When we got admin, Ambrosha was going to be relieved and Freezie was going to be given his position. Yes, I was removed for a reason. Because I made a couple flame posts, and the creator can’t get a life. That’s the reason, nothing more, nothing less to it. I am at fault for what? Making a couple jokes and raging at the army we were at war with??? Big fucking woop. If you can’t handle that without shitting yourself, you need to either grow a pair fast, or save yourself the time and step away from this game. If DW can function correctly without me or 11, then why aren’t they? Spi’s a DW legend, Haroon and Tiro were chosen as Amb’s pets to run the army, so why aren’t they doing good? There’s no possible explanation you can give me other than “we’re rebuilding”, which really doesn’t take long if you’re DW, and I have the past to back that up. And for the record, DW never functioned correctly without Freezie, he was always there, he started the agents era, he is the heart and soul of that army, and is the sole reason they were event relevant in 2014 and up to now. And yet you lose complete respect for him because he made a couple jokes. Give me a fucking break. Good, I’m glad you understand my anger, and you can get to understand it more pretty soon. Next time you feel like “pointing something out”, when in fact I don’t even really have any idea who you are, then make sure you know exactly what you’re talking about, because you, along wit a lot of other people who have spoken to me about this, have no knowledge of what REALLY happened and the ACTUAL reason DW is falling. If I we’re you I’d spend less time focusing on the past, and look to improve for the future, because right now, it isn’t looking so bright. 😦


      • DW got 35+ with me as leader. I hired bad a week after I got leader, get your facts right please.


    • Exactly! You’re like Donald Trump… because noody likes you and your ugly as hell!!


    • Okay, lets see how absurd everything you said is. “I carried DW”, explain where you were during Agents, Tanks, and Dragons? “I fix shit up”.”I’m the Donald Trump of CP armies”, Donald Trump owns corporations while you’re a 3ic in Doritos. Please stop talking bullshit.


  3. Like

  4. So EVERYONE is demoted to member? Everyone is including the leaders. So, the DW are leaderless.


  5. Every mod*


  6. Spi is a ridiculous excuse for a human being. Who the fudge demotes everyone In the army except a few people?


  7. Guys, it’s just Club Penguin and get over yourselves LMFAO


  8. Have to say I have to agree with DW acp should follow dws example as well Dont take offense sidie But however DW is doing whats best for its army every army should do the same


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