Tirodoragon Promoted Into DW Leadership

Frosty, DW Empire – After witnessing the retirement of one their most highly decorated leaders, DW looks to their 2ic for their next leader. 

His introduction into the incumbency was first announced on July 26th, with a post being made on the DW site. In his post, Tirodoragon expresses his optimism going into the Legend Cup, and discusses his plans for replenishing the UK division during his leadership. You can see an excerpt from Tirodoragons post, or read the full post on the DW site here.

I’m your new leader. I will replace Freezie, because he retired today. I promise that I will work hard to make DW the best. I’m leading an UK division. From tomorrow we start doing UK events again. I hope that my leadership here in DW will be fruitful. Soon Legends Cup tournament will begin and we need to ensure a victory in it. Let’s do it for our leader Toy, who will retire after that tournament. Alright, that’s all for now. See you on the battlefield.

-Tirodoragon, DW leader

Tirodoragons career first started in August of 2012 when he was recruited into the Pirates army by Waterkid100. Tirodoragon stayed loyal to the Pirates, earning ownership in a matter of months, until their subsequent shut down in 2013. After the Pirates shut down, Tiro took a break from CP armies until October where he was welcomed into the Light Troops as a 4ic. As he did in Pirates, Tirodoragon remained loyal and active in the Light Troops. After LT legends Roberto and Waterkid decided to retire after the Summer of 2013, the hegemony was granted to Tirodoragon where he led alongside Cargo, and Konrad. After Cargo and Konrad were ousted not too long after, Tirodoragon was expected to lead solo for the first time in his career. After suffering constant verbal abuse from Waterkid100 due to LT falling entirely off the Top Ten, Tirodoragon decided to leave the Light Troops, finding refuge in the Dark Warriors in September 2014. Arguably one of the Light Troops biggest rivals. Maintaining his pattern, Tirodoragon remained loyal and active in the Dark Warriors until earning 2ic in November 2014.

I conducted an interview with Tirodoragon to discuss his plans for the army.

Interview with Tirodoragon, DW Leader

Goblin: How do you feel stepping into the DW leadership for the first time in your career? 

Tirodoragon: I feel good, I think that I’ll lead DW well. 

Goblin: What are your plans for the army heading into the future?

Tirodoragon: Winning Legends Cup is our most important goal right now.

Goblin: How do you feel about the current state of DW?

Tirodoragon: DW is doing great at the moment, however, it isnt our final form. We expect DW to rise more for the Legends Cup.

Goblin: Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Tirodoragon: BURN THE LIGHT 

The Dark Warriors have been relentless in maintaining their status as a World Power as of late, the Dark Warriors have been consistent competitors for first in our weekly Top Ten, and have retained solid placement in the upper half of the Top Ten for months. While not currently engaged in war, the Dark Warriors have kept their focus directed at winning the Legends Cup. Despite having recently seen the retirement of Freezie66 and currently facing the imminent retirement of Toysoldier, the Dark Warriors still retain consistent sizes of 35+, and remain optimistic for the future of the army.


We want to know what YOU think! Will Tiro be able to lead DW into another golden era? Will the Dark Warriors reign victorious in the ongoing Legends Cup? Will DW be able to retain its size with Freezie retiring, and Toys departure imminent? #TeamMinaj or #TeamSwift? Voice your opinions in the comments below! 


CP Army Central Vice President

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  1. #teamswift
    Just because I hate Nanak.


  2. Weak .


  3. All the mcdonalds woman wanted was chicken nuggets. She was going to assume her final form too. Maybe you guys could call her in.


  4. why the fuck is this comment section just random shit instead of stuff actually relating to the post -_-


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