Top Ten Armies: 06/28/15

As we draw ever closer to the Legends Cup VI, we bring you yet another Top Ten. This week, we don’t see much movement, although one army enters the Top Ten for the first time in their history.

1. Dark Warriors [+0] [91.14]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [81.17]

3. Doritos [-1] [77.02]

4. Light Troops [+1] [74.50]

5. Nachos [-1] [72.40]

6. Ice Warriors [+0] [68.40]

7. Army of CP [+2] [68.18]

8. Marines [+0] [60.50]

9. Water Vikings [+1] [50.05]

10. Snow Ninjas [NEW!] [48.67]

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Point Deductions:

  • LT – 5 points (Extensive Bot Recruiting)


1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors stayed active this week with seven events. They started off with an unscheduled UK training session, maxing about 30. Next, they had a practice battle with the Nachos and reached around 60 troops online, their best size of the week. Next, DW maxed 45 at both a war training and an event commemorating the fake departure of Toy and Freezie. They invaded White House from ACP and peaked at roughly 47 troops. The Dark Warriors had a turnout of approximately 50 for their Spec Ops Mission. To wrap things up, they held an AUSIA recruiting session and maxed 28.   

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF continued their war with LT this week, putting in six events. They kicked it off with an invasion of LT, storming Ice Box with a top size of 32. Next, their UK invaded the server Migrator and reached 44 troops during the effort. The following day, RPF found themselves defending Migrator from a no-show LT, maxing 32. Their next outing was an unopposed invasion of Yeti, where they peaked at 35. The Rebel Penguin Federation continued their invasions by marching on Breeze with 30 troops. They ended the week with another battle against the Light Troops, maxing 35. 

3. Doritos: The Doritos had a busy week with twelve events from all divisions. Their AUSIA division got the ball rolling with an unscheduled U-Lead, during which they maxed 17. Their UK began by raiding the Nachos’ server Fjord, reaching 26. DCP’s US division concluded the first day of the week with a patrol of Summit, maxing 35. Their AUSIA reached 24, its top size of the week, at its next training session. Their UK followed up with a training session, topping off at 35. At an AUSIA practice battle against ACP, the Doritos maxed 15. Next, DCP faced IW in a practice battle, and reached a top size of 32. To end the week, the UK held a U-Lead and maxed 45, their best size.

4. Light Troops: The Light Troops had a pretty light week, starting on Sunday with a patrol with sizes of 32. In an unnamed battle with RPF, LT averaged 20. Their next event wasn’t until Friday, a battle against RPF for Northern Lights, where they claimed victory with 35 soldiers. Saturday, they faced RPF again in the defense of Thermal with sizes of 50.

5. Nachos: The Nachos had a total of six events this week, starting with a rubber ducky raid at which they maxed 35. Next, they had a practice battle with the Dark Warriors and reached 30 troops online. At their next training session, the Nachos were raided by bots and again topped off at 30. They got their top size of the week, 37, during a practice battle against ACP. For a patrol of Fjord, the Nachos had 31 troops online. They ended the week by raiding Ahmed’s retirement event, maxing 27. 

6. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors started off the week with an AUSIA training session averaging 14. On Monday they had a UK training session averaging 30. Later in the day they had a US training session averaging 20. The next day, they had a training session averaging 20. Later on they had another training session on Sub Zero averaging 25. On Wednesday they had an AUSIA PB against ACP where they averaged 8. Later on they had a UK training session averaging 17. On Thursday they had a U-Lead event where they averaged 30. Later on they had a US PB against DCP where they averaged 20. On Friday they had a UK training Session averaging 28. On Saturday they finished the week with a U-Lead averaging 20

7. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin started the week with a US training session on breeze averaging 21. On Wednesday they had an AUSIA practice battle with the Ice Warriors, where they averaged 11. Later that day, they had a UK training session and averaged 13. The next day they had an AUSIA fun meet with DCP averaging 14. Later on they had a UK PB with the Nachos averaging 16. Friday they had a UK PB with WV, averaging 12. Later, they had a US training session on Breeze averaging 17. On Saturday they celebrated Ahmed’s last event, a UK/US PB against the Nachos averaging 36. Later in the day they had a US training session averaging 27.

8. Marines: The Marines started off the week with a devastating blow, losing Ganger, Dom, and several owners. In response, they established the “Proud Era” with Joshua and Maria being promoted to leader. In the opening event, they averaged 17 during a US training session. On Wednesday they had another US training session where they again averaged 17. The next day they had a UK training session, the first one of the Proud Era where they averaged 13. Later, they had yet another training session on their capital, Frozen, averaging 19. On Friday they had a UK training session averaging 13. Saturday they had a UK practice battle with the Chaos, averaging 14. Later, they had a US training session averaging 15.

9. Water Vikings: Starting the week off with a UK/US Training in which they attained sizes of 15, the Water Vikings proceeded to an unscheduled UK event in which they maxed 16. The following day saw the return of their AUSIA, where they managed to get 9 on Club Penguin. Following the unexpected retirement of second-in-command Braveboy124, the Water Vikings ended the week with sizes of 20 in a PB against ACP.

10. Snow Ninjas: The Snow Ninjas began their eventful week with an unscheduled US training session in which they maxed and averaged 5, and then maxed 10 and averaged 11 at a UK unscheduled event. The Snow Ninjas then reached sizes of 5 at an unscheduled US training session, then held an AUSIA unscheduled training session where the Snow Ninjas maxed 9 and averaged 8, and then held a UK training session where they maxed and averaged 7. The Snow Ninjas then held a practice battle with the ACP in which the army maxed and averaged 6 and 5 (respectively) and then reached sizes of 6 at an unscheduled US training session. To conclude their week, the Snow Ninjas held a UK unscheduled training session in which the army maxed 13 and averaged 12.


weekly poll

Over the past six months, CPA Central has held a plethora of special events, ranging from tournaments, Legends Inductions, scavenger hunts, and other various things. This week, we asked you what your favorite events were. The large majority of you (23.73%) said that your favorite was the series coordinated by yours truly, the Top 30 Armies of All Time. Tied for second with 11.08% of the vote was both the CPA Central Gala and the Top Ten Assembly, both of which were strikingly successful. In third, with 8.23%, was the CPAC 25. Other events that were voted on were both Legends Inductions, the Three Million Hits Scavenger Hunt, the CPAWM Egg Hunt, the CPAC Chat Revival Project, the CPAC Viewer Survey, and the Alpha Conference.

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Following the Top Ten Assembly, which was a huge success, we were able to massively overhaul our old formula and replace it with a shiny new one, which so far seems to be satisfying to many. However, we still get many questions about how the formula works, how much something counts for, etc. Due to all these questions, we’ve decided it was high time that we renovate our old “How the Top Ten Works” page. This page will be fixed up to explain our new formula. In the spirit of making it somewhat of a FAQ, we ask you all to either comment with your personal questions about the Top Ten or contact me (Zakster) or one of my fellow staff members on xat. If all goes well, the page should be renovated and published by Tuesday, June 30th. We thank you for your continued viewership, and we hope that this page serves its purpose well.


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment below with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPAWM Representative

61 Responses

  1. everyone below me sucks


  2. SMAP _#1 and CPAC _#10?


  3. I think if 10-11 gets number 10. We should get 11.


  4. Good Job DCP, We will do better next week 🙂


  5. DW 1ST and we didnt put our full effort in wow! dw is amazing


  6. Awesome Top 10. Congrats WV, Snow Ninjas, and Nachos 😀


  7. The top ten is now too sized based. An army can have only a couple of events, hyped up getting 40-50+ and do nothing for the rest of the week. For example, the Light Troops did nothing for most of the week but had 1 or 2 good events and got way above what they deserved.


  8. completely irrelevant, but heres a yuri pic in order to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in the USA

    my yuri girls can live happily ever after now

    but in all seriousness let’s go acp! make this a summer you’ll never forget!


  9. Great Job, Water Vikings!


  10. ayfk ;-;


  11. “If all goes will” That’s located somewhere in the top 10 announcement.

    That is such a fail in managing typos that it calls for this sound effect from The Price is Right


  12. Keep it up, Marines.


  13. Criminals, Al Queda, ISIS, other terrorists, + bad people (including in this community too) ruin Christians or religious people’s lives because they think their way of life’s only way + are too deluded to see theres many ways of good living whether religious, gay, bisexual, or not nmw your beliefs are and everyone (almost) should be treated and must be treated as equal #HumanRightsCampaignAndEquality4LifePeople


  14. This top 10 is accurate just about


  15. Prove it.


  16. These mad people be retarding


  17. Nachos bot recruit just like Light Troops do. Literally all servers are taken up by recruiting bots. That goes to show how weak and foolish those armies are, why don’t you just autotype like the rest of us? I hope Club Penguin patches all of these bots soon.


  18. Gj Nachos. We can do better. :mrgreen:


  19. BURN THE LIGHT!! :mrgreen:


  20. Good job, Dark Warriors.
    We have completed our mission by protecting Club Penguin, and still continue to do it today.
    Enlist yourself today!


  21. Bias.


  22. NACHOS keep it up lets rise to like number 3


  23. DCP we got faith. I know we can do better. We have our ups and downs but seriously, do we really have to lie about our size? Its not right.


  24. iw should be 5th, aww


  25. Can you provide some evidence that LT has been ”excessive” bot recruiting last week? Jayden and DW showed some images of DCP using 7 bots to auto type yet you don’t do anything to them (nor the Nachos) and continue deducting points off LT? If you’re going to keep deducting points from LT for something we aren’t doing then we’ll ACTUALLY start excessive bot recruiting.


  26. Decided too get on some big server on club penguin.
    Found this.


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